Monarch Mind Control Programming

How Out-Of-Body Experiences (Astral Projection) Are Done

Another method of creating psychic phenomena with the aid of electronics is astral projection using sound waves. This method seems to work fairly consistently, although it is possible it wouldn't work for some people. It was discovered that astral projection occurs at a point that the body is asleep and the mind is awake.Focus 10 is the state of mind where the body is asleep and the mind is awake, and with the proper stimuli the mind can wander off into the astral plane. A few odd people get into the Focus 10 state by themselves, but it is rare. The brain works off of waves that are less than 16 hz. and the human ear can't hear anything below 30 hz. so at first it appears sound waves can't influence the brain. However, if one ear hears 100 hz. and the other ear hears 104 hz. the brain will hear a ghost beat of 4 hz. 4 hz happens to be a theta/delta frequency on the border of sleep and waking that can possibly launch an astral trip.

Focus 10 is just the starting point for astral travel. Focus 12, 15, 21 and beyond are the real trip. When a person astral projects it is said to change the BEG pattern to a special pattern called Alphoid. To stimulate someone to astral project they are induced into sleep, and then just as they lose consciousness, the mind is jolted awake with some high-frequency beta signals. The body remains asleep, and the mind is then free from the body to wander. A hemispheric synchronizer (which was patented in 1975) is used to get both hemispheres working together.Those who want to read more on this subject might start with Journeys Out of the Body by Robert A. Monroe, and Far Journeys, and D. Scott Rogo's Leaving the Body: A Complete Guide to Astral Projection, and A Traveller's Guide to the Astral Plane by Steve Richards.

Other Theta Controls

ELF (Extremely Low Frequency Waves) are being used to modify people thoughts, implant thoughts, and modify their emotions, such as make a person angry. ELF weapons are being used on civilian targets in the U.S. High pitched sounds, and helicopter flying with P7 mind control equipment are also augmenting the abilities of the Illuminati/Intelligence Agencies/NWO Network.


Essentially all Illuminati slaves have dark side alters who are taught to be telepathic. There will be differing opinions as to whether this is real or imagined. IF it is real, and we will work off of that assumption, then how do the Illuminati do it? Again there are varying opinions about how it mechanically works--it appears that it may involve all or part of the following components:

  1. The human nervous system is able to change the gravitational constant in a field surrounding a person. If the sender had a low field and the receiving party had a higher than normal field, thoughts can flow from the sender to the receiving party.
  2. Somehow altered states of consciousness influence telepathy. Experiments with two people who simultaneously hypnotize each other, have found that they enter a shared world in which they do not have to verbally speak to communicate.
  3. Demonic spirits provide insights to those who are involved in the occult world, as a method to further entrap the occultist. In other words, the person is cooperating with some other intelligence. Although the various occult groups have different ways of explaining telepathy, with Alice Bailey & Lucis Trust (and spin off groups like the I AM movement) it is explained that you are an ascended master. In some groups, telepathy is described as putting on energy and then controlling that energy. It is seldom in the occult world that telepathy is linked with demonology. However, those in the occult world who are skilled in demonology are fully aware that the "energy" that one controls to carry out telepathy are demons. In the occult, the telepathic person must control his demon and then send it to another person. The first person's demon must then control a kindred spirit in that person. High ranking demonology, such as in the high ranks of the Illuminati, would view telepathy as the ability to control demons.630
  4. An excess of negative ions in the atmosphere has significantly increased telepathic scores in experiments. When telepathy occurs, researchers have noted that the parasympathetic nervous system is activated, & this occurs along with an increased amount of acetyicholine in the brain.

According to the high levels in the occult, there are 7 points in the Auric Body. These points are not on the physical body, but are on what is called the etheric body (or the body's astral energy) whose location is approximately in the same locality as the physical body, except that it extends for a few inches beyond. The 7 points--(all important demonic portal points) are the top of the head, the third eye, the throat, the chest-heart area, the solar plexus, the lower abdomen, and the genital area. (The back of the head and the spleen make up 2 other points that are not considered as active. There are 21 minor centers, and 49 focal points found on the human body.)

Streams of energy called nadis carry the astral energy to where the sender's mind focuses to have the energy taken. The recipient feels this energy in the solar plexus. Another area that is said to be active during telepathy is the throat. The throat area on the etheric body is said to be able to transmit mental thoughts if the sender and receiver are in harmony and rapport, and are dissociated. Intuitional telepathy is said to be a function of the third eye and the throat areas working together to send thoughts.

In review, there are several different types of telepathy, all of which use different points of the etheric body. Whether therapists believe in telepathy or not, if they work with Illuminati slaves who feel comfortable to express themselves, then the therapists will find out that the deeper parts have been trained in mind reading and telepathy.

An Illuminati Monarch mind-control slave will be twinned with another Monarch. If these two persons are in the same room and send forth a glance of love toward each other, they will establish a connecting energy link that allows them to telepathically communicate. When two Multiple personality Systems meet, there will be communication going on dozens of levels as all types of alters seek out their counterparts and begin to communicate.

A drug containing alkaloids derived from the Ayahuasca vine in Brazil is said to place a person into the telepathic state. Canada outlawed it in 1947 after a company sold it publicly in 1946. The U.S. may also have outlawed the drug. Sodium amytal destroys psychic abilities, and caffeine enhances them. Also a positive intent by the receiver and the correct emotions of both parties helps.

Killing From A Distance

Various methods have been attempted by the military to give their warrior monks the ability to kill by psychic powers. One reported project in the late 1970s, which appears to have tried to link technology with some previous occult ideas, was called Dreamscan. When a person was in his dream state, waves matching brain waves are to be generated by some type of hardware, in order to cause the death of the sleeper. Some intelligence assets in AT&T were said to be involved in this.

In Quick Review

The military and the Illuminati are using telepathy, psychic warfare, astral projection and other occult sciences with their programmed slaves. The ability to carry out some of these occult sciences (psychic abilities) can be greatly enhanced by certain drugs, brain wave patterns, training, and demonology. Non-illuminati models may not have these abilities built in, but the deeper alters of Illuminati slaves generally have some alters who are trained in all these abilities.

The Philosopher's Stone

One of the major goals of Alchemy was "The preparation of aurum potabile, liquid gold, a sovereign remedy, because gold being itself perfect could produce peffection in the human frame." -quoted from The History of Chemistry as quoted by Manly P. Hall in his The Secret Teachings of All Ages, p. CLV.

Gold has long been called the metal of wisdom by the Illuminati. The Illuminati are well aware of the alchemical quest to create the correct type of gold which will bring enlightment to the world. The Rabbi's, who know the Cabala, have considered the secret of white powdered gold the greatest secret of all times. Somehow the Egyptian Pharaoh's had learned the secret of how to make white powdered gold which when seen up close is transparent--like the gold described in the Bible as making up the streets in heaven. This gold is monotonic (with molecules in a high spin state), and looks like baking flour. It greatly enhances the pineal gland, and a similar substance of iridium greatly enhances the pituitary gland. Regular yellow gold or gold salts will cause the hair of the subject to fall out, but white gold is safe to ingest.

After ingesting the white gold for over 9 months, a subject will become extremely psychic and disease free. The person's body will also glow. Whether the Illuminati discovered this white gold, and have been using it secretly when their adepts went into hiding for months of long training, or whether they were only playing with substitutes we cannot say. (By the way, some occult groups groom slaves in the craft for 24 hours a day for a year.)

At any rate, in recent years a man named David Hudson, who is of the Holy Blood line (13th Illuminati Bloodline, of the de Guise lineage), discovered and patented white gold. He named the white gold Ormus, which is the occult name for the Prieure de Sion. Ormus also pertains to gnosticism in the ancient world. Ormus is also the Hebrew words for "golden tree", which David finds appropriate since this white gold is the elixir of life that the sho-bread (& manna) was made from.

This is said to be the reason the Priest glowed when he came out of the Holy of Holies, after eating the sho-bread. David Hudson, told co-author Fritz that he was supportive of the cabalistic goal of Adam Kadmon. Because Hudson knew the cabala very well, it seems likely that he understands what Adam Kadmon is really all about. Monarch slaves of the House of Rothschild have revealed how the Illuminati are able to do what they call Proxying. This is a Mind-Spirit transfer, done by the twinning traumas, channeling, telepathic communication, and astral projection so that all slaves worldwide are being pulled into one single interlinked Demonic One World Mind.

We do not understand how white gold and iridium help the body become a semi-conductor so that the body is highly psychic, but it does. We hope to find out more. David Hudson has the patent (U.S. patent and some international patents) on white gold. There are a number of scientific studies on white gold which verify the power of white gold on the human body. When the co-author Fritz talked to David Hudson, he certainly knows the occult world exceptionally well, besides being skilled in the Cabala. He claims he has nothing to do with the occult world, and that he stays away from the Illuminati. He says that he took what was occult and turned it into science. The co-author's talk with him left many questions. David Hudson has given mankind the most important secret that has captivated the best minds of the occult world for centuries, the Quest for the Philosopher's Stone.

Further Spiritual Bondage Snares

There are a number of activities which are snares to entrap people, both Monarch slaves and people in particular, which are not commonly recognized as such. One has to view them in their overall context and the consequences of what these activities lead to. According to Biblical teachings, Satan is trying to develop man's hidden abilities as well as provide him some extraordinary supernatural power to encourage man's indepedence from God, as opposed to man's faith in, fellowship with and dependence upon his Creator.

As man developes these hidden powers that were part of Adam's natural mental, psychic, and physical abilities, mankind increasingly feels more godlike. Man's independence from his Creator Yahweh God, makes him more vulnerable and more dependent upon Satan. (Cf. verses in Scripture about the fall, 1 Cor. 15:4,5,46, how man is a combination of spirit, body, soul in 1 Thes. 5:23, and how Satan's system will do trade in the souls & the power of the souls of men, REV 18:11-13.)

Due to the corruption of man, God doesn't want to develop these abilities. For instance, atomic power may make man powerful, but man has not developed spiritually enough for these abilities to be used in a godly fashion. Mankind, according to the Bible, is not ready for these abilities, until mankind is on a higher spiritual walk with God. Today, mankind lacks the authority from God to use occult powers. Mankind's flirtation with occult powers, is similar to the teenage boy who is disobedient to his father's guidelines and uses his new sexual powers before he has learned responsibility and how to use his new power responsibly. We are not to be ignorant of Satan's devices. Understanding about these powers, just as the teenage boy understanding about sexuality in a constructive way, is not the same as the irresponsible use of these powers.

One of the most dangerous, ensnaring spirits, is the Spirit of Gambling. The Illuminati know that if they can get a man hooked on gambling, that gambling will bring in every evil spirit with it. When a man is hooked on gambling he will do anything. Gambling introduces covetiousness, greed and lust. A man with big gambling debts will murder, sell his children, lie, deceive, steal, etc. This is not simply the two authors' opinions, but the experience of the Illuminati in working with human nature. When the Illuminati want to destroy a lineage, they will purposefully try to get a man or woman in that lineage hooked on gambling. That will begin a cycle of evil spirits being passed down for generations. In order, to introduce the gambling spirit into society on a mass scale, they are working off of several traumas.

The rejection, abuse, lack of power and lack of respect that the American Indians received from the White man, has opened the American Indians up to accepting the lie that opening gambling institutions on their reservation lands is a good thing. The American Indian is gaining back some power and money, but their gambling operations will actually lead them into further bondage. The state governments are finding it hard to finance projects, and their manufactured hardship is also opening the door to state run gambling. Again we see the trauma, and the subsequent programming lie being done on a mass scale.

Once the gambling spirit is entrenched, it will continue to strengthen its control over people and society. These things are well-conceived spiritual operations that are blindsiding Americans because "evil" spirits are no longer politically correct to talk about. Illuminati Monarch slaves, such as a Mother of Darkness or Grande Master, are given occult powers. They are also frequently connected to

gambling--they will have alters who like to gamble. Rather than being activities of power and opportunity, occult power & gambling are really activities that ensnare people. The symbol that the Programmers use to symbolize the bondage loops that they construct is the infinity sign, the same sign that we saw on the front of Billy Graham's Decision magazine.

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