Monarch Mind Control Programming

The umbilical cords are "feeding" the alters from the black princess. The Kittens alters, most likely due to programming, will want to protect the core so they do not want to stop the process of control that the black princess is exerting over them. In other words, they will find it hard to save themselves. Internal Voodoo will come from a dollhouse, and only by dealing with inside the doll house can it be stopped. One option is to create shields to protect alters from the voodoo.

Christians have the shield of faith which really can function in real life, and an internal shield of faith has protected and shielded Christians from Voodoo. The darkness and what people (alters) call "walls" can be flooded with the blood of Jesus, which often drives back the darkness and can give freedom to work. The soul ties that are involved with the princess programming and the masks need to be broken and bound. The System may be able to find someone or some place to get wisdom or understanding about their System. The System also needs to cut their soul ties to their Illuminati programmers. The rebirthing program is also giving directions to the dark princess. There is an umbilical cord which ties the dark princess to the rebirthing program. The blood of Jesus can stop this tie.

Backup Programming

One of the backup programs is designed to deal with someone who has a good understanding of a system, and tries to take a system out via spiritual warfare. A camera is designed to reflect an image onto a mirror and the deprogrammer works with the mirror images. The deprogrammer has great success with the mirror images, because the camera can merely shift its view, and the things the deprogrammer is trying to get rid of disappear. However, since the alters that are collaborating with the deprogrammer see all the correct things happen, they sincerely think they are being deprogrammed. When the deprogrammer finishes the alters feel better, see their worlds come together, but the work has only been a sham. Other backup programs provide the deprogrammer with mirror images and sham alters to talk with. The deprogrammer never talks to the real human elements. If we try to give a summary of the different backup programs we could include

  1. each grid has programs attached to its grid no. and each section has a computer, as well as connecting computers between sections---both the programming and the computers have the power to reprogram themselves.
  2. the 4 elements of nature coming alive programs
  3. the princess program (based on Sleeping Beauty)
  4. a plutonium or atom bomb set up activated by lasers to protect the internal hierarchy.

The Monarch programming creates very complex systems that are as sophisticated as an Apollo spacecraft. There is no way all the possible in and outs can be covered. However, the reader can watch a movie "Labyrinth" to get a good idea of what the end product is like for the mind of the victim. The movie represents what the internal world is like for an alter who is trying to understand its mind. It would be worthwhile to finish this chapter on structuring by covering this movie which illustrates the end product. The bizarre movie Labyrinth may be shown again on HBO and is available from some video stores. In fact, the video stores have a hard time meeting customer demands for this popular video. One of the co-authors knows a girl who has watched "Labyrinth" twenty times.

"Labyrinth", A View of a Monarch's Internal World

In 1986, a movie called "Labyrinth" was produced by Cherry McFadden. The movie was Monty Python's "Terry Jones" scripted. The movie is a portrayal of what the internal world inside a Monarch mind-controlled slave looks like. The Monarch slave has an internal world built inside their mind in which the hundreds and thousands of alters must live in. The alters are given a psychotic world of fiction in which they must live in as reality.

An alter of a Monarch slave will have two worlds, the external world of reality, and their own internal world which, because of the programming, will seem more real than the real world. Hogel, a gnome, tells Sarah, "Things are not what they seem in this place." The internal worlds of the slave can be shifted and rearranged by the internal programmers. The internal programmers can change codes, eliminate alters, and carry out extensive deception to other parts of the System. As in the Monarch programming, the movie's castle reminds one of Emerald City. The movie Labyrinth seems weird and occultic. Gargoyle elves (similar to coven demons) dance magic and a sweet girl played by Jennifer Connelly moves from one weird scene to another, while an occasional shot gives us the hideous ruler of the Castle played by David Bowie. These demons also guard the baby that represents the innocent core.

Monarch slaves very frequently have castles built into their internal world. Some slaves will have a whole series of castles, some are King's castles, some are Queen's castles, and some are castle's shaped liked pyramids with all-seeing eyes in them. The story line of the movie Labyrinth is that the girl, Sarah, searches for her baby brother, Toby, who is captive in a castle in a dream world. Actually, this represents an alter searching for the innocent core from which it split off from. Often the core (the original innocent child personality which split off personalities in order to remain innocent is locked up in the castle by the programmer who serves as Master of the castle. Often in deprogramming, the core is taken to a castle dungeon in a terrible backup program called the princess program which was just described on a previous page.

The princess programming (which is a back up program) functions, when the regular programming goes down (which is rare). When the Princess back-up program kicks in the toad is kissed, the princess core is woke up, etc. etc. Parts of the Princess program seem portrayed towards the end of the movie. In the movie, David Bowie, who in real life was a satanist & a rock star who committed suicide, plays the part of the Master of the Castle. The girl soon goes into the dream world (internal world of her mind). She must go through a labyrinth if she wants to get to the castle.

Although the movie is fiction, it is close enough to how a Monarch's mind thinks, that an adult Monarch slave might well have his or her programming reinforced if they saw this film. It also would trigger many Monarch slaves and create fear in them. Monarch slaves have many clocks built into their systems. They have internal clock makers and internal clock keepers. In the movie, clocks pop up everywhere just like in a Monarch's mind.

Some Monarch slaves are programmed to see their internal world, and others are programmed not to be able to see their internal world. In other words, many Monarchs may not have the ability to see a great deal at first of this programming due to further programming, and yet these images work in the deep recesses of their minds to keep their minds within the confines of the programming. David Bowie has the magical ability to rearrange time on the clocks. The handlers often mess with the internal and external clocks of a slave, so that the slave is disoriented about what time it is.

Alters within a Monarch system are not allowed to stray from the path assigned to them. If they try to move out of their assigned spot in the mind, then they encounter traps, mazes, tunnels and demons just like in the movie Labyrinth. An internal world of a Monarch's mind will have brick walls, doors and vortex tunnels just like in the movie. When the girl falls into a vortex, she has magician hands all over her. Monarch victims speak of what vortexes are like and they often describe hands coming out of nowhere. The movie begins with an oak tree.

The oak tree is an important part of the Illuminati programming. The Master programmer in the castle, wearing a triangle medallion around his neck and looking veracious (David Bowie) sings, "Voodoo. ..Babes with the power.. .magic magic...slap that baby and make him magic, dance magic." Cobwebs are built into the Monarch minds, and when an alter goes where it shouldn't they often get cobwebbing over them. The tunnels in the movie are full of cobwebs.

As the girl moves forward toward the magic demon-invested Castle she comes across many things--all of which relate to internal items built into a Monarch slave's mind. Some of the things are slightly different in the movie than in a slave's mind--but the concepts are the same. For instance, the actual Thor figure looks like the Iron Man of the Wizard of Oz series rather than the iron robot that they portray. But the match is close enough for the imagery to portray what it is meant to represent.

During programming, bracelets with pieces will be given to the child to teach them how the alters are to revolve. A bracelet like this is owned by the girl. The girl encounters a dwarf. The dwarfs in the internal world "mine the jewels" (that is the programming). The Jewels are the particular programs that run a Monarch system of alters of an MPD (DID) mind. The dwarf in the movie is told by David Bowie (the Programmer) that he has "lost his Jewels"--that is that he has lost his programming! The dwarf in the movie decides to help the girl. In Monarch programming the dwarf helps an alter by bringing it programming! Some help! The goblin (demon) is asked by the girl to find a portal. The goblin opens a door and it appears to be a broom closet. He opens it again and it appears as a door. This is the exact way the programming is. Portals and doors in the internal world have cover stories. At first they look like one thing--but if the mind can get by the first look--they will turn out in reality to be something else.

There is cover programming over everything--so that the slave doesn't trust his own mind. For instance, besides lots of clocks undisguised, clocks are disguised in a System as any object, but they can be recognized by the trained observer because they are gold colored. In the movie, objects are constantly changing.

Many monarch's fear the rocks coming alive--just as they do in the movie Labyrinth. In the bottom of the slave's mind--put in at the deepest hypnotic levels possible are the hell pits. The movie shows the hell pit and even calls it the "hell pit." Notice that as she goes into this strange world that the clocks can be turned around. This is true in the programming. The clocks can be turned by the programmer so that the slave can be told it is January when it is December.

A cover program can be entered so that the slave has memory of what he was supposed to have done in December. These false memories are laid in with real torture memories and tied to emotions. The false memories lack certain characteristics of real memories--and yet still they can at times be difficult to separate from the true memories, especially if the mind-controlled slave is in programming.

The following is the story line of the movie as it happens in this bizarre movie. Early in the movie we see a witch with an hour glass. When the girl gets to the castle it is guarded by a mechanical monster that resembles in some ways Thor of the programming. Notice that portals and holes open up. When they open up another level, protectors attack them and they must run back down their tunnel to save themselves. The Monarch slave will get feelings of being crushed if an alter ventures where it shouldn't in the mind. When the girl asks the dwarf "How can I believe anything you say?" She is told, "What choice do you have?" Fire demons come out dancing. They take out their eyeballs and eat them. They say "Bad luck down the path." What the fire demons represent are the Gamma programming and the threats that the Gamma programming has upon the victim.

The programming tells an alter that it will lose its head or other horrible threat if it doesn't comply with the programming. "Let's take off her head" the fire demons say, as they act out the various programs--decapitation, delimbing, etc. They also want to throw her into the pit of eternal flames. They go down a chute into the eternal hell pit. It is even called the eternal pit in the movie! The hell pits of a slave will generally smell like sulfur--which is exactly what the movie's hell pit does. A guardian of the pit (looking like a dog) comes out. Guardians within the Monarch's mind are generally far more horrifying than this dog. The guardian must give permission for passage. Another trap appears--as the slave's internal world is filled with booby traps. The name of the dog the guardian rides on is Ambrosius, similar to Ambrosia. A peach with poison is given to the dwarf. The slave is programmed to fear poisoned fruit. (This is another fairy tale turned into programming.)

David Bowie is called an "adept" who creates dream bubbles. The slave's mind will have adepts who are the programmers. The movie s adept puts a princess in a bubble. Then she goes by memory back to when she was at a Satanic ball where people wear masks of birds, goats, and pigs.

Rothschild Ball 1972
Illuminati ceremonies include balls like this with masks. This Love story is reliving programming of the girl that she is a Queen, that she is married to Satan, and that this is a bonding ceremony.


Illuminati ceremonies include balls like this with masks. This Love story is reliving programming of the girl that she is a Queen, that she is married to Satan, and that this is a bonding ceremony. Everyone is grabbing her. People who have been to this Illuminati ceremony will recognize it. Next, she sees mirrors. When she shatters the mirrors (a no-no in the programming) she begins falling. Generally, if a slave shatters the mirrors in their mind--they fall into suicide programming. She falls into a junkyard. Then a satanic seed comes alive from her fruit. It is a worm. An old hag gives her a teddy bear. The programmers and parents of slaves frequently give stuffed animals. The teddy bear without hands represents to the victim their helplessness. The old hag says "like a little bunny rabbit...Don't you...Bitsy Boob" All this is Monarch programming stuff.

Then she sees a book about the labyrinth. The Monarch's mind has libraries and diagrams of their own system but these are kept guarded by the mirrors, the demons, and programming. The girl Sarah finds a book (the files) of how the labyrinth is built. Actually, you can too.

If the original programming was Wizard of Oz programming--then when you looked at the front of the Wizard of Oz series books you would find a map that helped build the internal world. Some of the items on that map will likely be found in your Monarch system (but not all). If your Monarch system has Star Trek programming it is possible they will have an internal world similar to the diagrams shown in this book where Star Trek programming is covered. In other words, there are books which do show the labyrinth, just as the movie Labyrinth has Sarah find a book showing the internal world. But if an alter finds a map, this does not mean the alter can travel freely in its system's mind!

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