Monarch Mind Control Programming

The Programmers will give the hearts to a queen mother alter for safekeeping. They may be hidden somewhere like in the Temple of Molech. The Temple of Molech in some survivors is used as a depository for memories of child sacrifices. It is not a place any alter could or would want to go in the internal world. In return, the Programmers give the victim stones, yes, hearts of stone. Stone-like protectors will stand guard in the background. Their voodoo doll appearance reflects the voodoo images that are built into Monarch Internal Worlds. By removing the victim's hearts, it removes any chance that dark alters would have a soft warm spot in their heart for anyone. They will be told that they are incapable of having friends or of loving others.

This is quite effective in separating these alters from others. That isolation is a part of the mind control. Because the alters believe they have no life source within themselves--that is no heart, they have to look to their master. If the master places his hand upon the victim's chest they may feel alive. Because people need a heart to feel, alters are programmed to believe that they are incapable of feeling and have no feelings. They can not cry during their own suffering, and are encouraged to feel incapable of caring for the suffering of others.

In spite of all the brutality and isolation of the programming, the alter's humanity will lay in the background, but whether alters will ever acknowledge that humanity is a big question. If people ask these heartless alters to give their hearts to Jesus, they may be told that they don't have one.

In all covenants, something is given to the cult. In this case the victim's hearts are (hypnotically) given to the satanic Master. There is a Keeper of the Seals who keeps the items given when a vow or covenant is made. If a person is a traitor to a vow, then the cult has an object to carry out voodoo or magic upon to punish the person. Monarch Mind-controlled slaves know their orders, and are locked into obedience.

Hypnotic Surgery

After the Programmers steal the deeper alters' hearts, their identities, their free will, their real families, and their faces and their humanity, they are kind enough to sew back into the victim's chest via hypnotic surgery black stones. They do all this surgery by hypnosis. Via hypnosis, the Programmers can heal the victim's wounds after they torture the victim. They can basically make or remake reality to be what they want.

Part D



The thing that stands out so vividly for those who have met victim's who are in therapy is the Spirit(s) of Fear that control them. Waves of paranoia roll back and forth through the alters. Everyone needs to bear in mind, that the programmers were sadists, and they didn't get satisfaction from their programming until they could see raw terror in their victims.

The primary vehicle for programming was the raw terror that is repeatedly instilled into the victim. To achieve total terror, the sadist programmer gains total control over every aspect of a person, their thoughts, their bowel movements, their life, even the power to commit suicide is stripped from the victim.

Nothing that originally belonged to the victim is left untouched. A realistic fear of most victims, is that they will never be believed. Indeed, many therapists are serving the final insult to these severely traumatized people by denying the authenticity of things the victim experienced himself and even wishes were not true. For a victim to overcome their fear to tell, after all the years of programming not to tell and threats not to tell is an enormous feat. Very few victims, ever get to this point. And yet, when they do overcome this enormous barrier, they must face disbelief.

Traditionally, the psychiatrists have treated these victims as if their abuse is nothing but psychotic nonsense. How many fleeing victims have been locked up and told they were Paranoid Schizophrenics?

The fear of losing one's identity within a coven or religious group, says the Church of Scientology, is balanced out by the structured framework that these groups have. Members identify with each other, because they participate in the same rituals and have given their allegiance to the same idealized master.

Part E

The Use Of Guilt, Shame, Ridicule And Anger

The Chinese and police agencies have been especially good at developing methods to solicit confessions. This is done by a variety of punishment and reward strategies, and the Mutt & Jeff routine. Confession and self-criticism have been used by religious groups, esp. the Jesuits as a method to convert persons to and then perpetuate a belief.

One of the things that the deeper alters will not be taught about is forgiveness. Because forgiveness of oneself and others is such an important spiritual dynamic, to not know about forgiveness cripples many deeper alters from healing from the deep spiritual wounds they have received. Forgiveness is an act of the will. Forgiveness of oneself is usually a major issue with deeper alters who generally don't know how to do this. However, the handlers and abusers will be sure to heap lots of guilt--whether deserved or not onto the poor mind-controlled victim. It is natural for a person to focus on himself--after all, if a person doesn't think for himself who will?

Often a person accepts their strengths, but focuses on their weaknesses hoping that that weakness will somehow be reduced by the focus that is placed upon it. The programmers know how to take advantage of that. They set impossible standards of perfection, and then demean the victim because they have failed to live up to the impossible standard of perfection.

Black and white thinking develops in the slave's mind. The programmers will not allow the victim to display natural feelings of anger, sadness or doubt. To do so means that one is a failure and weak. Of course they are natural feelings, so the slave has to do a great deal of repression and self-incrimination for having these natural feelings. The slave learns to turn his or her anger inward. Many of the male slaves end up committing suicide. They beat themselves up with subconscious & conscious guilt. Anything and everything wrong or bad in the slave's life is blamed upon him.

Of course not all things are meant to be remembered by the slave. Guilt can play a natural role in the forgetting of memories too. If the Monarch slave would remember something terrible, the religious front alters can be made to feel repentant for such terrible thoughts. Then the natural desire to forget can be reinforced by suggesting that the evil memory be removed from the mind. In other words, memories are forgotten because they don't conform to a person's moral code.

If good morals are programmed into the front alters, they will take the hypnotic suggestion not to remember what has really happened that they had to participate in. The front alters will only remember a sanitized version. The person may even want to think of the memory as "only a dream" because the guilt associated with believing the reality of it. If a person is hypnotized to have guilt about something that they didn't commit, then they can be gotten to believe that they did it.

For instance, a false implanted memory of the Monarch slave killing a child may be implanted with the command, if you do not obey we will kill more children and you then will be guilty for not just this child but others. People will tend to justify their abuse by saying "I was bad, I was evil." The programmers take advantage of this natural tendency. Nothing the slave does is good enough or worthy of praise. After they sexually please a customer, they are called "bitch" and "whore" to make the slave feel guilty, when all they have done is follow orders.

The whole situation causes the slave to work harder for approval which of course is very tentative and fleeting at best. The Master just keeps control, and sets the standards higher if the slave gets close to reaching perfection.

The Master must insure that the slave feels guilty and dirty. Many of the slaves endure a guilt that is common among soldiers and concentration camp survivors--the guilt of having survived when others died. "Why did I live and they die? I was no better than them?" Any desire on the part of deeper alters to want something for themselves is painted as "selfishness". They will be internally and externally punished for any pleasure. If a sexual alter enjoys a sexual encounter, she is programmed to internally feel some type of severe punishment program.

One standard punishment for a female slave who appears to have actually enjoyed a sexual act is to cut them from vagina to rectum, and sew them back up without anesthesia WHILE the slave is forced to watch her punishment in silence without tears or screams.

One form of tormenting a slave is to ridicule the slave as they have to carry out a wretched assignment. Many slaves lose their zest for humor because they end up the brunt of so many bad jokes. Comedians, because they are skilled with puns, and other words games, have often served as handlers or programmers.

Bob Hope is the best example of a Monarch slave handler who uses his verbal skills as both a handler and comedian. Bob Hope has a side to him that the public doesn't see. Over the years, Bob Hope has spent millions of dollars on his team of gag writers to keep him well supplied with gags.


The use of anger is not haphazard. The spiritual ramifications of anger are very well known to the programmers. They know that anger opens up spiritual portals for demonic activity. Remember, chapter 7 on structuring explained how the programmer purposefully push the victim almost to its breaking point to get angry alters.

The use of anger is seen in a number of different areas of programming. The Gatekeeper alters will be depressed and angry alters to insure that they remain good portals for demons. Gatekeeper alters function as Gatekeepers in several different capacities. Gatekeeper alters will be found to the whole system, often on the second level (section) down. Gatekeeper alters will also be found guarding important sections like the Carousel and Castle.

The Programmers and the Handlers are setting themselves up as gods, or Almighty God, or as a being from a superior race of aliens, such as Koldasians or Pleiadians. Interestingly, if one listens, these different alien races make conflicting claims for whatever good the earth has. However, those of us who have followed the Monarch programming know that these aliens are just men who do the Programming.

In review, Anger toward God, anger toward the outside world, and anger toward themselves are all built into a System. Where was God? Where was the outside world, when all these things were happening. Many, if not all, of the victims of Monarch turn their anger on themselves, which is the only safe place to vent it. Most of the deeper alters of a Monarch system will have very low self-esteem and will have lots of guilt and anger toward themselves.

The slave is victimized so much, that when their handlers give them the chance to victimize someone else, some victims find release in assaulting others. Of course the entire process of transference further entraps the victim, and provides more guilt and more debilitating spiritual dynamics. The slave may be given the power of life or death over others, as well as the power of deciding another person's eternal fate.


Sometimes this power is addictive. This addiction can be a trap that binds the slave to his source of power. The power that the Illuminati give their slaves is one of the major barriers preventing deeper alters from moving toward freedom when their systems have a chance. Slaves also turn a great deal of anger in on themselves. The self-image of most alters in a System is extremely low. The anger that alters have becomes a tool of the handler to insure that the slave never thinks highly enough of themselves to do anything about the control over them.

An example of this is Monarch slave Loretta Lynn. Loretta Lynn's handler is her husband Doolittle. Although Loretta has worked (slaved) very long hard hours she credits Doolittle for all her success. Her programming allows her only to give him credit for her successes. In her "autobiography" Loretta Lynn A Coal Miners Daughter, which was written by a professional writer who sat down and worked with her, Loretta says on page 63, "In a lot of ways, it was good for me to marry someone older than me [her husband Doo was a WW II vet/satanist who married her when she was 13], because I could learn from him. But, in another way, it wasn't so good because I went directly from Daddy to Doolittle without ever being on my own. Even today, men are telling me what to do. My husband, my lawyer, my accountant, my personal manager [Ken Riley, her road manager has been her mind-control handler, and Alex Houston & Reggie Maclaughlin have done some of her recent programming]. In a sense, I still don't have complete control over myself. Maybe I never will. But if it wasn't for Doo [her nickname for her husband & handler], we wouldn't have what we have today."

Pleiadian symbolism surprisingly Illuminist.
Pleiadian symbolism surprisingly Illuminist.

Anger within a System can be dangerous, when one alter directs its anger toward another alter. Sometimes one alter will try to kill another alter. Actually, this happens more often than one might imagine. If the alter succeeds of course, the body will be dead, with the resulting consequence that everyone dies.

The programmers enjoy seeing this type of drama, but they don't want it to be carried out to its final conclusion, so they generally, if not always, have alters who can step in and take the body and stop this. If the alter system can't, then alters who understand what is going on can call their master for help, and the master can once again show how dependent they are upon him for life. This is the "divide and conquer" strategy. The divide and conquer strategy is used repeatedly in constructing an alter system.

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Part F


Teaching That The Master Is God; The Programmers Set Themselves Up As Gods

In 1992, a book Exposing The Mystery of Iniquity was started by Fritz Springmeier showing the connections between so called "aliens" and "demons." Is it coincidence that the demon Sir John Dee conjured for his enochian magic looks just like a small grey alien pictured so often today? People who have participated in high level Illuminati ceremonies speak about guardians which are nephalim (half human-half demon) which are the offspring of mixing humans with demons, and who look like the variety of "aliens" that are so often reported... However, these nephalim guardians are perceived as real by Illuminati members, and they strike incalculable fear within the members of the Illuminati.

The Programmers and the Handlers are setting themselves up as gods, or Almighty God, or as a being from a superior race of aliens, such as Koldasians or Pleiadians. Interestingly, if one listens, these different alien races make conflicting claims for whatever good the earth has. However, those of us who have followed the Monarch programming know that these aliens are just men who do the Programming.

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