Shark vaginas have the most pubic hair of any sea creature. Source: CNN Lampreys have developed a symbiotic relationship, and groom their hosts with pube braids. Source: NBC I'M WITH HER: Joy Behar plays follow the leader. A botched circumcision left George Soros with a ball sack for eyes. Embittered ever after, this created the greatest super villain ever known, Globalist Man. Source: CNN Scroll Down

Coming Soon: Mike Wallace is Dead and So is 60 Minutes, So Fuck You Posers November 13, 2015 To call evil good, and good evil, that is complicity. To allow a killer to hide his weapons in your house, and then lie about what you saw, that is all complicity. Welcome to... KEEP READING In Defense of Apocalypto March 1, 2013 If our hands are bloody through needless wars and dehumanization, despite all our advances in science and human understanding, if our own sense of right and wrong is ambiguous as it was since man... KEEP READING On C's January 16, 2014 Collin consorted with a castrating cunt called Carrie. Carrie couldn’t conceal her contempt concerning Collin, her constant conniving, complaining, and calumny clearly cut Collin’s confidence. Clandestinely Carrie carried on a cabal with a creepy... KEEP READING 19th Century Romantic Gangsta Poetry March 1, 2013 And most importantly, have you ever wondered what 19th century Romantic poets like Lord Byron and John Keats would write like if they were gangsta rap stars? Admit it, we all have, so look... KEEP READING Washington to Host Moderate Terrorists, Moderate Child Molesters Summit November 25, 2015 What's the difference between a rebel and a 'moderate' rebel? a rebel is what you saw in the US Civil War, an actual soldier, but a 'moderate' rebel is a terrorist that beheads Christians and... KEEP READING Video Faves March 27, 2013 Video Favorites KEEP READING Let's Get Sexy with Craig Robinson March 17, 2013 Let's get sexy... KEEP READING Woman brings shotgun and nursing child to Obama health reform rally. March 2, 2013 Courtesy Why the fuck did you have a kid? KEEP READING I dumped my girlfriend over FOX News, and would do it again. April 3, 2013 I dumped my girlfriend Maureen over FOX News, and would do it again. In fact, I made up with her the next day just so I could break up with her again. KEEP READING Duck, Duck Goose February 25, 2013 The willingness of people in general to allow some individuals to fall through the cracks of societal acceptance in order to elevate their own position in the "grand scheme of things" Amazes me at... KEEP READING Robert Pattinson's Unibrow Walks Off Set September 30, 2013 Robert Pattinson of "Twilight" fame had no comment after his unibrow walked off the set in a bitter contract dispute with producers refusing to recognize it as autonomous and sentient. Presently filming his new... KEEP READING Bill O'Reilly's "Live Feed" from Moon Landing Questioned March 7, 2015 In O’Reilly’s latest salvo, this photo was released to prove once and for all that he would never lie about hitching a ride on the Apollo capsule to do a live feed from the moon. "I was... KEEP READING McCain Claims Russia Worse Than ISIS, Mumbles Obscenities, Shits Himself May 29, 2017 "I know, I helped create ISIS to topple Assad and bring down Iran. I'm tired of people saying I am senile, it is not fair. Do I sound ill to you? Not even my... KEEP READING Censored Brady Bunch Episodes September 13, 2013 Not every Brady Bunch episode made it past the zealous censors of 1970s television. Even this, the most innocent of shows, the most wholesome, managed to somehow offend the sensibilities of anal retentive network... KEEP READING On B's January 17, 2014 Boys in blue are a brigade of brigands with burnished badges brandishing batons beating bums and bringing blacks bereavement. Blatantly breaking the boundaries of bad behavior, they block blossoming businesses, and burn bridges in... KEEP READING Anti-Drug Ads Too Scary to Air February 11, 2013 And I thought meth was cool! Then along came this... This may well be the scariest anti-drug ad you will ever see. If there are children in the room, you are well-advised to ask them... KEEP READING Wiccan Faith Based Initiatives September 16, 2013 High Priestess Lilith Smegma's magic wand will be quite busy in the coming days, as it is to be used to feed millions and shelter the homeless to compete with Christians seeking federal assistance. KEEP READING IN BRIEF: Chelsea Handler Introduces Tube Sock Line Modeled After Her Breasts April 3, 2017 News in brief. KEEP READING Did Glenn Beck Rape and Kill a Young Girl in 1990? February 26, 2013 Tired of Beck’s idiotic, leading questions and wild allegations whose answer he knows full well is no, the favor was returned. This time the question was did Glen Beck rape and kill a young... KEEP READING 911 Reasons Rudy is an Asshole February 26, 2013 "Hang on... my wife is calling..." Six seconds into the video, the moment he announces the call is from his wife, the cell phone is still in his pocket. Yet he makes the psychic... KEEP READING