Gratuitous Impiety" data-lazyload="//" data-parallax="off" data-panzoom="d:10000;ss:120;se:100;" class="rev-slidebg" data-no-retina> Shark vaginas have the most pubic hair of any sea creature. Source: CNN Gratuitous Impiety" data-lazyload="//" data-bg="p:right center;" data-parallax="off" data-panzoom="d:10000;ss:200;se:100;" class="rev-slidebg" data-no-retina> Lampreys have developed a symbiotic relationship, and groom their hosts with pube braids. Source: NBC Gratuitous Impiety" data-lazyload="//" data-bg="p:center bottom;" data-parallax="off" data-panzoom="d:10000;ss:200;se:100;" class="rev-slidebg" data-no-retina> I'M WITH HER: Joy Behar plays follow the leader. Gratuitous Impiety" data-lazyload="//" data-bg="p:right bottom;" data-parallax="off" data-panzoom="d:12000;ss:200;se:100;" class="rev-slidebg" data-no-retina> A botched circumcision left George Soros with a ball sack for eyes. Embittered ever after, this created the greatest super villain ever known, Globalist Man. Source: CNN Scroll Down

MichaelMoore-640x480coffin" width="640" height="480" data-lazyload="//" class="rev-slidebg" data-no-retina> Doctors: Morbidly Obese Michael Moore May Not Make It Next Four Years February 10, 2017 "At over 300 lbs. the mortality rate in his age group is very high. Such individuals are at a high risk of heart disease and cardiac arrest. With a body mass index well over... KEEP READING download" width="1165" height="900" data-lazyload="//" class="rev-slidebg" data-no-retina> How to Make Delicious Predator Cookies May 13, 2018 Celebrate the upcoming release of The Predator with delicious cookies to blow your friends away. KEEP READING carville-gollum" width="279" height="188" data-lazyload="//" class="rev-slidebg" data-no-retina> "Gollum" Erdogan's American Twin January 6, 2015 Clinton adviser James Carville, Turkish dictator Recep "Gollum" Erdogan, and more miscreants separated at birth. KEEP READING mccain-isisn" width="1222" height="861" data-lazyload="//" class="rev-slidebg" data-no-retina> The Seeing Past Hands Syndrome or McCain's Dementia November 22, 2015 Hey McCain, remember when you helped create ISIS with Sen. Graham? It's kinda obvious. Well, there's a strange psychological defense system some call the Seeing Past Hands Syndrome where if you have your eyes covered with... KEEP READING kkk1-coulter-hannty" width="720" height="425" data-lazyload="//" class="rev-slidebg" data-no-retina> I am upset because... October 14, 2015 Complaints! A news personality butthurt most egregiously. KEEP READING craig_r_screensaver" width="120" height="90" data-lazyload="//" class="rev-slidebg" data-no-retina> Shits and Giggles with Craig Robinson March 11, 2013 One night, while with his girlfriend, she introduced him to something profound, something wonderful that forever changed his life. It can change yours too... that, and it's an awesome screen saver. KEEP READING foxse2" width="561" height="340" data-lazyload="//" class="rev-slidebg" data-no-retina> FOX News Bullshit February 28, 2013 FOX News Bullshit KEEP READING rush-book2" width="669" height="460" data-lazyload="//" class="rev-slidebg" data-no-retina> New Book from Rush Limbaugh's Mom August 18, 2014 Rush Limbaugh's mom discusses her new book, "Rush Limbaugh: the Case for Post-Natal Abortion." Regarding her son's legacy, she had this to say: "He is my ultimate shame. I should have swallowed. I should have bought the dog a condom. When... KEEP READING glennbeckonion" width="636" height="403" data-lazyload="//" class="rev-slidebg" data-no-retina> Victim In Fatal Car Accident Tragically Not Glenn Beck March 25, 2013 An honors student died in the crash today, leaving the nation to wonder why the grisly experience of burning alive was not reserved for Glenn Beck. KEEP READING yang_cal" width="189" height="329" data-lazyload="//" class="rev-slidebg" data-no-retina> The Incarnations of Yangil Kim: Caligula February 25, 2013 Suspected Incarnation of the Most High One, Yangil Kim (12-41), Roman emperor (37-41), born probably in Antium. His early life in military camps earned him the nickname "Caligula" (Latin, "Little Boot", or in vulgar... KEEP READING Prison-break-s1-intro" width="250" height="141" data-lazyload="//" class="rev-slidebg" data-no-retina> Prison Break's Funniest Moment March 10, 2013 This should have been tragic but wasn't. In fact, it was funny, and it got funnier inasmuch as the scene called for pathos. The character was so one-dimensional, her actions so predictably stupid and... KEEP READING Screenshot_1" width="984" height="670" data-lazyload="//" class="rev-slidebg" data-no-retina> L. Ron Hubbard Scientology Audio Proves he's Batshit Crazy April 15, 2013 Now this is Hubbard in his own words, his own lectures. They have not been tampered with and are consistent with member accounts. Video features artwork of L. Rick Vodicka and actual Hubbard audio... KEEP READING dowd" width="249" height="207" data-lazyload="//" class="rev-slidebg" data-no-retina> Maureen Dowd and Flag Pins Will Decide the Election March 21, 2013 Oh Maureen, Maureen! I thought I knew you! Gone now, are your glory days when you were the answer to my most pressing exigencies; when on a wall by my bed, affixed to a... KEEP READING BREAKING: Bibi Shuts the Fuck Up at the UN for 45 Seconds" width="1280" height="722" data-lazyload="//" class="rev-slidebg" data-no-retina> Netanyahu's Dramatic 45 Seconds of Silence at UN October 1, 2015 An interesting event indeed. In a dramatic gesture, Benjamin Netanyahu "mad dogs" the UN and seals his fate as one of the most notable speakers. Here's why. KEEP READING shakespeare_flip_ani" width="350" height="426" data-lazyload="//" class="rev-slidebg" data-no-retina> Rebuttal February 6, 2013 Rebuttals on select articles and issues. KEEP READING download_anonymous_2_by_paullus23-d6sq1x5" width="1131" height="707" data-lazyload="//" class="rev-slidebg" data-no-retina> On S January 15, 2014 Sam was a small and sad sociopath and stalker with a substandard sexual segment. Sam sought-after a student, and shop owner, some slandered as a slut. She was Sheri Summerset, a somewhat socially shy,... KEEP READING ann-coulter-with-giant-feet-_tufk-300×225" width="300" height="225" data-lazyload="//" class="rev-slidebg" data-no-retina> Celebrity Psycho Therapy March 23, 2014 My name is Dr. Hugh Janus and I am a psychologist. I have been commissioned to analyze the following celebrities with only their public behavior and writings to guide me through the twisted wreckage... KEEP READING drunkhistory-jenkirkman" width="468" height="263" data-lazyload="//" class="rev-slidebg" data-no-retina> Videos March 3, 2013 Please Don't View Donnie Hoyle's Secret Thu-- Let's Get Sexy with Craig Robinson College Humor: Oh baby, baby The Ultimate Revenge... KEEP READING Rowe" width="320" height="240" data-lazyload="//" class="rev-slidebg" data-no-retina> Equal Air Time for Child Molesters! October 1, 2014 Back in July of this year a Washington Post headline read "BBC admonished for giving climate change deniers equal air time." This isn't unique to the BBC, however, and the Washington Post itself hosts... KEEP READING SpayMsm-979872469975617536-20180330_170616-gif1" width="890" height="501" data-lazyload="//" class="rev-slidebg" data-no-retina> Boycott These CNN Advertisers. With Extreme Prejudice. March 31, 2018 The Children's Crusade didn't end well. And it won't end well this time, either. The script is simple. The network is promulgating a demagogue and crisis actor as we can see in this video... KEEP READING