The Seeing Past Hands Syndrome or McCain’s Dementia


Though this was covered in an earlier post it was decided to expand on the matter a little further…mccain-clinton-newer

There’s a strange psychological defense system some call the Seeing Past Hands Syndrome where if you have your eyes covered with your hand, you actually come to believe no one can see what you are doing. You can’t see anything yourself, so somehow the mind is tricked into believing you can’t be seen either.

It’s an extremely common affliction among politicians. Secret ISIS fan boy John McCain is such a notorious example that’s how the term was born. Another example, Hillary Clinton, is infamous for this and is now in the terminal stage. There is hope, however, and the poor fellow below bears witness to just how much they suffer when they are not making life shitty for the rest of us, too. The following video comes courtesy of Clickhole, albeit the subject seems to be one of the more innocuous, non-political persuasion.

America’s Got Talent: Songbird John McCain Sings for Vietcong

Source: National Archives of the United States

The best anti-terror crack down possible shouldn’t target just citizens but leaders who aid and abet them in the first place, no matter what the pretense, especially if it is a “regime change” to benefit multinational corporations, which in turn benefits themselves. It is not only illegal; it invites another country or aggrieved party to bring some unwelcome, and violent regime change here in retaliation.

It is the ultimate conceit, this idiotic notion of exceptionalism from people who are only exceptional at failing and script reading for multinational corporations. As for the DC press pool, for never asking the hard questions when facing authorities, for being that cowardly yellow beacon on the hill that warns aspiring journalists on what never to be if they have have any modicum of self-respect, it can truly be said that…

Remember the Mickey Mouse Club end theme? F-U-C… C, because we see right through you cock goblins.. K-Y-O-   O, because you’re oligarch butt plugs, U-G-U-Y-S…

We already know how John McCain helped create and arm ISIS in an attempt to topple Syrian President Assad. That said, let’s see ex-CIA Director James Woolsey call for McCain to be “hanged by the neck” for creating ISIS, thereby having blood on his hands for the Paris attacks, and countless other atrocities.

Here is John McCain with ISIS leaders…

The Bloodiest Hands Have the Loudest Mouths


It seems clear those with the bloodiest hands blame Edward Snowden for whistle-blowing on what courts later termed actual illegalities. They have the paper trail to prove it so that not one of them is unknown. Watch for the following…

  • If they call for a no-fly zone, for example, they’re complicit, as it shows they want a safety zone to protect ISIS fighters and/or advisers.
  • If they want to leave it to simple bombing runs that never worked and that don’t attack critical infrastructure like oil installations and tankers, trucks, etc, that’s another dead giveaway because it proves they just want the oil.
John McCain is literally no less guilty than this man.

How about a “no talk” zone for these donkey dicks taking honest American strategists for idiots? Because those aren’t military objectives or sensible geopolitical ones, they are personal and rooted in self-interest.

It’s a given many of the unwary, swayed by the MSM, will believe this nonsense about Snowden being responsible for everything from the Paris attacks to Michael Moore’s 15th chin. One should be very careful, therefore, about advocating the hanging of anyone by the neck because it just may come to pass that those responsible will pay for their role in this obscene imbroglio, and it won’t be Snowden but the people with actual blood on their hands; blood that can never, ever be washed in this life or the next.

What the No-Fly Zone Really Wanted to Avoid

Making the fight for Syria painful for the oil cartels/states funding ISIS…

These are Exxon Mobile tankers getting oil from Turkey. Two are on the record, two are off. Someone is making a lot of money  and you can bet they want “boots on the ground” in Syria and will, for a while to come as they have already, be staging terror attacks with terrorist mercenaries. This interest controls both parties in the United States and NATO.



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