Impeachment Coup Against Trump Warned Paves The Path To Jail For Top Obama-Clinton Officials

Sorcha Faal

Interest by the United States in having Trump celebrate with President Putin and other world leaders the greatest wartime defeat of an enemy in modern history, clearly shows the impeachment coup against America’s leader is fully expected to be ended before this historic event takes place six months from now—an ending fast approaching after it was revealed yesterday that Mark Zaid, the leftist lawyer representing CIA whistleblower Eric Ciaramella, sent out a message upon Trump taking office in 2017 declaring “The Coup Has Started” while calling for “impeachment and rebellion”—followed by his sending out another message saying “We Will Get Rid Of Him”—vile messages handed to Trump a few hours ago before he took the stage before tens-of-thousands of his supporters, and upon reading them aloud, stunned and shocked all of them—but in spite of, still sees the Deep State mounting a full defense of this whistleblower in league with his attorney to overthrow Trump—a defense that even has Fox News ordering its hosts and contributors not to say the name of this anti-Trump whistleblower—but is a defense making no sense at all as CIA whistleblower Ciaramella requested his bio be stripped from a book review just days before he launched his attack against Trump—as well as deranged Trump impeachment coup leader US House Intel chairman Adam Schiff  having openly talked about Ciaramella during one of his secret basement hearings that he released the transcript of so everyone could read it—and whose insane absurdity of protecting the name of someone everyone in the world who cares to already knows, became too much for Trump’s son Donald Trump Jr., who Tweeted out Ciaramella’s name anyway—that was near immediately followed by former US Attorney Joe diGenova revealing where this entire coup plot is heading by his warning that the soon coming evidence against these plotters “Is Going to Be Devastating…It’s Going to Ruin Careers”—and his further affirming that top Obama-Clinton regime officials “WILL BE INDICTED”.  […]

2019 American Election Shows Deranged Democrats The Abyss Of Hell That Awaits Them In 2020

Sorcha Faal

A gripping new Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) report circulating in the Kremlin today displaying outrage, contempt and disgust towards the 11,000 demonic Western scientists who have now declared that their “Final Solution” to global warming is to just kill off billions of innocent people, says the American branch of these genocidal maniacs have turned themselves into a “Russiagate Cult” that comes complete with its own unquestionable doctrine, dissent-shaming, and an us-versus-them cosmology—all of whom have ensconced themselves in their nation’s radical-socialist Democrat Party—and whose latest example of derangement came just hours ago when they “claimed victory” over President Donald Trump due to the outcome results in their 2019 elections—the reality of which, however, saw Trump himself Tweeting the truth about in his election win congratulations to Republican Party candidates—two of the most important of whom were Attorney Daniel Cameron—who became the first Republican elected to be Kentucky Attorney General in more than 70 years and is the first African-American to ever be elected to the position in a State having a white population of over 87%–and Republican Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves who won the race for Mississippi governor by defeating Democratic Attorney General Jim Hood—and with the landslide of election of Reeve’s Republican lawmakers, too, now sees them in control of all statewide elected offices in Mississippi where they will rule by super-majority control of the Legislature—the first time since the 1865-1877 Reconstruction Period that Republicans will have total control over all statewide elected offices in Mississippi—and whom were aided in this stunning election victory by its over 37% African-American population who voted to throw the Democrats from power—both of which prove conclusively that white peoples will support black Republican candidates, and black peoples will support white Republican candidates—which are undeniable facts that now sees these deranged socialist Democrats facing next year’s 2020 US Presidential Election staring into the abyss of hell because without near 90% of the black vote, none of their candidates can beat Trump—and are black peoples flocking by the tens-of-millions to the side of one of their most celebrated Trump supporting music icons named Kanye West—who last week warned his nation’s black peoples they had been brainwashed by the Democrats who were forcing black babies to be killed their mothers’ wombs—and who, also, released his “Jesus Is King” album, every song of which made it to the Hot 100, with the song “Follow God” leading the way at number 7.   […]

Family Of US Senator Mitt Romney Massacred In Mexican Ambush—9 Infants And Children Sent To Heaven In Hail Of Bullets

Sorcha Faal

An absolutely horrific highly-classified “Of Special Importance” new Ministry of Defense (MoD) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that no less than 37 combat armed and surveillance drones under the control of their US Air Force operators located at Creech Air Force Base in Clark County-Nevada have now flooded the skies over the Mexican states of Chihuahua, Sonora and Sinaloa—the territories of which are home to the one of the most feared illegal drug organizations in the world known as the Sinaloa Cartel who just last month won a decisive battle against the Mexican Army—but whom also, in the past 12 hours, targeted for “extreme death” the family of United States Senator Mitt Romney—a family headed by Romney’s late father George Romney who was born in the Mexican state of Chihuahua—and whose current family members living there are powerful farmers residing in the hills of Casas Grandes in Chihuahua where they oversee their vast fields of peppers, peaches, pears and apples—and when a convoy of Romney family members were returning to their farms yesterday evening, saw them being brutally ambushed and massacred [English] with mothers being raped and babies being burnt alive—a coordinated massacre that killed two infants, seven children and three mothers when Sinaloa Cartel commandos interrupted all communications in the region while maintaining a security fence in the kill zone to avoid intervention of police forces [English]—did see several wounded children escaping and running for their lives into the mountains [English]—after which their farm community armed themselves to look for their missing children [English]—to which the Governor of Sonora Claudia Pavlovich Arellano could only declare in tearful anguish: “I don’t know what kind of monsters dare to hurt women and children”.   […]

Trump Throws Globalist Elites Inbetween Fortress America And New Twenty-First Century Third Reich

Sorcha Faal

The masterful moves being made by President Trump in this “New Great Game”, this report explains, shows him deliberately forcing China to rebuild Syria—a rebuilding that China can only undertake by moving in its own military forces to protect the valuable multi-billion-dollar construction projects it’s now signing contracts to build—which, in turn, will allow Trump to begin withdrawing US military forces from this region where they’ll no longer be needed—that will then make China, along with its own Middle East allies, the new protectors of peace in this region—a region that is actually well within China’s sphere of influence due to its over $900 billion Silk Road Project that will stretch from Asia to Europe—and whose oil and natural gas resources American soldiers having been dying by the thousands to protect over the past half century, are no longer needed by a United States who is now the world’s largest oil producer.    nb bbj […]



Cloak and Dagger

Pre-censored CBS News: San Bernadino shooters 3 white men in military attire

You’re certain that you saw three men?’ the news anchor asks.

‘Yeah,’ she replies, as she continues to describe the THREE WHITE MEN, their muscular build, etc.

After she leaves the line, the anchor insists ‘and of course we’ve just learned that one of the suspects was actually a woman.’” The same thing happened in Paris on November 13th. The shooters at La Belle Equipe restaurant were not brown-skinned Muslims; they were “white, clean shaven…They looked like soldiers or mercenaries and carried the whole thing out like a military operation.” […]

Gratuitous Impiety

News Management, Yang’s Cribnotes

The Mass Media are all businesses that need to satisfy their audiences, advertisers, and governments to further their goal, namely, making money. By breaking news items into small sound bites that the average person can sit through and by favoring news stories that cater to their audience’s prejudices and interests, Mass Media caters to an audience with little attention span and a desire to have information fed to them, rather than try to understand it themselves. […]

oh, hi mark!

Art Thou Worthy?

Fuck yeah I’m a conspiracy theorist: it’s mine badge of honor. Art thou not? Thou block, thou stone, thou worse than senseless thing, for whilst thou slept didst this become a feared and sacred badge of honor. Informed dissent shall always prevail, wherefore art thou worthy, or art thou this unwholesome fool in the group conformity experiment linked here?




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Hearst Boasted Fake News is the Enemy of the People, Causes Wars

Newspaper publisher William Randolph Hearst boasted in a cable to his photographer in Cuba "You furnish the pictures. I'll furnish the war." Sure enough, his papers started the Spanish-American War. Back in the day Fake News was called Yellow Journalism, but it is one and the same, The Enemy of the People.


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