Be Wise as Serpents

Fritz Springmeier

Jesus told his disciples “BE WISE AS SERPENTS & HARMLESS AS DOVES”

BE Wise as Serpents is the history of the systematic destruction of Christianity and the building of a 1-world-religion. As you read this research based on

a. confidential interviews with participants within in the conspiracy,

b. interviews of unwitting participants within the conspiracy,

c. and historical documentation you will discover that there is great evidence for a history we have not been told, and a great struggle before mankind as the one-world-power/religion comes into focus.


Fritz Springmeier

SPECIAL PRE-PUBLICATION EDITION for private circulation only copyright 1991 by Fritz Springmeier


In 1990, I came out with The Watchtower & the Masons. That book connected the Jehovah’s Witnesses’ Watchtower Society with the Masons. Some of the chapters for Be Wise As Serpents were originally written for The Watchtower & the Masons, but were not used.

It was obvious as I wrote The Watchtower & the Masons that I could not go into depth in the book, and that the book would have to be followed up with an in depth work. For that reason its cover called it a “Preliminary Investigation.”

In 1990, I began looking for a publisher of Be Wise As Serpents because such a work deserved to be published properly by a well-known publisher. The months past by on the calendar, and the time clock continued ticking away on the New World Order’s agenda as I looked for a publisher. Because no person can have a total monopoly on the facts of a subject, I welcomed the help of others. I looked out for anyone who would team up with me, or appreciate my research. They would even be welcome by me to publish my research themselves under their own name. I didn’t find any takers. At this point it looks like I’m left to share this message that the Lord has given me by myself without the help of a co-author or publisher.

By the summertime of 1991 a publisher had been found. But the Lord laid it on my heart in December, 1991 that I would have to self-publish.

There is still research to be done. For instance, an ex-member of the Satanic Illuminati hierarchy revealed that the Russell family is one of the top 13 Satanic families that have generation after generation passed down their Satanic power. It would be nice to have the time to finish the genealogy work I began on Charles T. Russell’s family to see how they fit in with the other Russells.

So why publish an unfinished book? This information is very timely. 1992 is a major year for the Satanists to kick off a series of crises to bring the world under the Satan’s rule. I can not presume upon the future that there will be an opportunity to put out books like this. Marshall law under an emergency decree could come any time during the next few years.

If I could fight one thing with this book it would be fear. If we know what we are up against and are going to experience, I believe it will take away some of the fear of the unknown. The more we seek the Kingdom of God and his righteousness, and the more we love and obey God the less we fear. Christ warned, “Ye shall hear of wars and rumors of wars: see that ye be not troubled.” (Mt 24:6.) Christ also said, “Take no thought for your life…” (Mt 6:25), which is rephrased by the Holy Spirit, “Be anxious for nothing.” Phil 4:6.

The Christian will “commit thy way unto the Lord and trust also in Him.” (Ps 37:5)

We are unable to see how God will win a victory in all this. We know that it will be some kind of miraculous display of his power and glory. But we rejoice with the Lord always, and realize that today is the day that the Lord has made, we will take each day at a time, and rejoice in it This book is a call for people to face reality as it is today. I believe that if we are unable to face what the real situation is due to our fears, then the New World Order’s many tenticles will continue to wreck havoc with our lives, it will continue to sap our resources for its causes and diversions, and it will continue to deceive us. May God give you hope and a spirit of courage that only God can give as you read this.



The deaths of some of these people have been described as “accidents” and “suicides”, in some cases the circumstances of these supposed “suicides”, make suicide the last possibility. I will not give their murderers the consolation of downplaying their martyrdom. It is time to recognize these heroes for truth and freedom. Most of those on this list were killed by the Freemasons because they stood for truth or knew the truth. They were directly martyrs. But the reader may discover that organizations run by the Conspiracy Power have slaughtered millions. These millions were their sacrifices.)

  • Alexander, Czar of Russia- for prohibiting all Masonic Lodges
  • Giorgio Arabrosoli- His legal investigation into the P2 Masonic Lodge cost him his life.
  • Randall Baer- Christian, ex-New Age leader, for knowing and saying too much.
  • William Branham- Country preacher who learned how Illuminati- trained witches are infiltrating Christianity. Killed by an alcoholic, and false stories circulated to discredit him.
  • Sen. Bronson- Cutting critic of Roosevelt’s New Deal. His tampered with plane crashed.
  • Professor Charini- Murdered for trying to translate the Talmud
  • Tom Collins- Made an example of by the Illuminati for talking too much.
  • Laurence Duggen- Institute of International education, murdered
  • Vincent Forrestal-Sec. of Defense, he knew too much and failed to cooperate. Forced into a mental hospital and “fell” out of a window.
  • Boris Giuliano- Deputy superintendent of Palermo’s police force, uncovered evidence, received six shots in a crowded restaurant, no witnesses.
  • Princess Grace- It is believed she knew too much for their comfort.
  • Grand Duke of Tuscany- tried to outlaw Freemasonry
  • John F. Kennedy- This President ticked off nearly everyone in the One-World-Power system, and the details of his murder are one way for people to be introduced to what is happening.
  • Abraham Lincoln- This President also ticked off nearly everyone in the One-World-Power system, he was a great man. John Wilkes Booth was a member of the Carbonari (Haute Vente) a French Lodge system set up Masons. According to a relative of John Wilkes Booth he was also a Knights Templar Mason.
  • Prof. F.O. Matthiesen- Harvard Professor
  • William Morgan- His book and murder still have the Masons making excuses and lies. Some Masons honestly admit he was murdered.
  • Napoleon III- Broke his Masonic oath
  • Herbert Norman- Canadian diplomat
  • Mino Perorelli- murdered for exposing the CIA-P2 ties
  • Pope John Paul I- Even Popes can go if they rock the boat
  • George Polk- CBS newsman who was investigating the Greek elite, who have ties to Chase Manhattan, the Masons, and the CIA. Evidence suggests the CIA covered up the murder.
  • Rev. I.B. Pranaitis- A Christian murdered for exposing the Talmud
  • Samuel Pritchard- exposed Masonry, murdered in 1730
  • Sen. Schall- Critical of Roosevelt’s Jewish connections, killed by an unidentified hit and run driver.
  • Ellen Slade- murdered for not cooperating the Grand Lodge of IL. ‘s orders
  • Marvin Smith- murdered to keep his testimony from coming to court.
  • Noah Smith- opposed Masonry in 1798 in Manchester, VT
  • Didacus of Vilna- A Christian Jew who was cruelly murdered for revealing Jewish Plans for the world,
  • …David Brounlee, Oliver Gavit, Job Hunt, Artemus Kenedy, F.O. Mattheisen, William Michner, William Miller (of Belfast, Ir. in 1813), Ariel Murdock, and many others.



  • Who Built Your Frame of Reference 1
  • Pillars of Mystery 2
  • Progressive Light 3
  • A Rainbow of Dragons 4
  • Mysteries of the WT Society 5
  • The Emerald Island 6
  • God’s “Annointed Seed” 7
  • “To Have My Throat Cut” 8
  • A Blank Check 9
  • “Jehovah” 10
  • The Magical Watchtowers 11
  • The Channel of Angelic Redemption 12
  • Cult of the Double-Sexed God Jehovah 13
  • The New World Society 14
  • The WT’s Mein Kampf 15
  • The Mark of the Beast 16
  • Smokescreens 17


  • Assassinating 3 assassins 1
  • Capturing the Catholic Church 2
  • A Revolution in the Minds of Men 3
  • A Family Affair 4
  • The Golden Age 5
  • “The Healing Light” 6
  • Councils of Heresy 7
  • Mormons, Moonies, and Masons 8
  • Heresy interlocks with Power 9
  • Reviving the Mystery Religions 10
  • Comparing New Order Statements 11
  • The Second Tower of Babel 12


  • Preparing the Money System 1 Interest taking 2
  • Financial wizzards 3
  • Education 4
  • The Media and Communication 5
  • Concentrating Power 6
  • Scandals 7
  • Separating Church and State 8
  • America’s Concentration Camps 9
  • Where the Rubber Hits the Road 10
  • Author’s Introduction & Dedication


  • THE MAGICAL WATCHTOWERS -After initially introducing the reader to The Plan and the way it works, this series of chapters deals with the Watchtower Society and its connections to the New World Order.
  • Who Built Your Frame of Reference- An introduction to the book. Because the book covers such new material, it is important to assist people to initially grasp the subject. The chapter teaches how to use the book, and begins attempting to break the delusion that the public is under with photocopies from the conspirators own publications.
    Pillars of Mystery. The Masonic Lodge is everywhere; how the Masonic Lodge is to be one of the vehicles to create a One-World-Religion, and how the Masonic Mysteries are to become the New Age Religion. Learn about the many Masonic organizations.
  • Progressive Light. Revealing what the basic elements of a Gnostic religion are and how the various Gnostic cults are related.”
  • A Rainbow of Dragons. Examines the various New Age groups, including the Theosophical Society, and Church Universal & Triumphant. Learn who Lord Maitreya is. Learn some of the stock tools of the conspiracy.
    Mysteries of the WT Society. Three items of C.T. Russell, the Winged-Sun-Disk, Pyramids, and the Golden Age are exposed.
  • The Emerald Island. Are bloodlines still significant today? A look at Ulster, Ireland and the Russell family before C.T. Russell. The Scottish cultural seedbed of today’s global power is examined.
  • God’s “Annointed Seed . A close look at who C.T. Russell was.
  • “To have my throat cut”. C.T. Russell as a Freemason, his membership and how his membership is reflected in his beliefs and speeches.
  • A Blank Check. An expose of how the B’nai B’rith helped Russell’s organization get started, and why.
  • “Jehovah”. Uncovering the meanings behind the Watchtower’s symbology.
  • The Magical Watchtowers. Discovers the Masonic and Magical meaning to Watchtowers, puts forth a new hypothesis about what Watchtower means.
  • The Channel of Angelic Redemption. Explores J.F. Rutherford as a channeler who said he was helping redeeming demons.
  • Cult of the Double-Sexed God Jehovah. For centuries men have worshipped a double-sex God, explores the possible connection of this god with the rambant homosexuality of WT leadership.
  • The New World Society. A look at the Orwellian world of the Jehovah’s Witnesses and their battles and fixation with demons.
  • The WT’s Mein Kampf. What do they really say is in store for the world in “paradise.”
  • The Mark of the Beast. The WT Society is preparing their people to accept the New Age Initiation, the Mark of the Beast.
  • Smokescreens. Identifying some smokescreens and blowing them away.


  • Assassinating 3 assassins. Exposing the Masonic plot to destroy the church, nationalism, and the family.
  • Capturing the Catholic Church. Revealing the infiltration and capture of the great Catholic Church by the Conspiracy.
  • A Revolution in the Minds of Men. Reveals the close connection between Masonry and the Universalist/Unitarian church, and the Order.
  • A Family Affair. Discloses who the people are that started Mormonism. The occult, religious, and Masonic forces that created Mormonism are brought into clearer focus.
  • The Golden Age. Shows how the concept of the Millenium was introduced by the Masons through Communism, the Second Adventists JWs, Mormons, and others.
  • “The Healing Light”. Exposes the close connections between Christian Science, the Jews, and Masons.
  • Councils of Heresy. Find out who represents the Christians at the World Council of Churches. Find out how Masonry rules Christendom.
  • Mormons, Moonies, and Masons. Uncovers the connections and cooperation between the Mormons and other groups.
  • Heresy interlocks with power. Revealing the source and use of heresy’s power and contrasting it with Christianity.
  • Reviving the Mystery Religions. Find out what the occult is, why the Mystery Religions are being revived, and how these religions are resurfacing. You will learn the names of one of the most powerful bodies in the world, and more information to get you to take the Satanic threat of world domination seriously.
  • Comparing New Order Statements. Comparing the various plans that have surfaced from the various groups, and noticing the parallels between these various plans concerning the “Utopian” New Order.
  • The Second Tower of Babel. Examining the roles each group plays in the overall plot to create a New World and 1-World-Religion, and a 1-World-Government.


  • Preparing the Money System. Examines their economic plans, the World Money waiting in Canada for distribution orders, & the planned cashless society.
  • Interest taking. How the Conspiracy “bites” the world with interest and God’s secret Formula concerning money.
  • Financial Wizards, and Wealthy Cults. Find out about the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers and others, how they use the Federal Reserve, Interlocking Directories, a hereditary Aristocracy, and the World’s resources to maintain control.
  • Education. Reveals how controlled our history has been. The values and doctored history that the Conspiracy approves have been taught for many years.
  • The media and communication “improvements”. Exposes the evil role that the media and communication play.
  • Concentrating Power. Examines the continuing process of the centralization of all power.
  • Scandals. Examining scandals created to discredit Christianity.
  • Separating Church and State. The Masons devious efforts to insure that Christianity has no power at all.
  • America’s Concentration Camps. Are you ready for camp. They are ready for you, that is if you don’t want to enjoy the good life of a New Order slave.
  • Where the rubber hits the road. Coping in a Christ-like way with an overwhelming Satanic conspiracy. Seeing how Christ can win a victory under difficult circumstances.


My desire is to give you evidence. If you don’t have the patience for some introductory pages of explanations and can’t wait for the evidence, then turn to where the scouting report begins.

I have entitled the book “Be wise as serpents, and as harmless as doves.”

This allusion to the story of the serpent reminds us that the crafty serpent was a threat because Eve was naive. Wisdom is founded upon correct and significant knowledge. The serpent was wise, because he knew the issues at stake. Evil was out of Eve’s frame of reference. She didn ‘t know she was being seduced. She thought she was getting an apple. She and Adam didn’t know enough to feel a need to recognize issues. Something as simple as biting an apple meant the difference between adherence to goodness and its counterpart rebellion. The time for being naive ended with Eve. She got her apple.

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