Dictators Rig Elections: Hillary Now Greater Threat to Democracy Than Trump

Some bad spirits just won’t go away.
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The Libyan leader had already surrendered before his death but was led into an ambush by the CIA. He was sodomized, castrated and shot in the head. In the leadership vacuum that followed, Benghazi happened and ISIS exploded into being. The toppling of Gaddafi was advocated against by the Pentagon which predicted this eventuality, but overruled by Hillary. As it turns out, according to leaked cables, his real crime was trying to create a gold standard to challenge the petrodollar and French franc.

Wikileaks proves DNC rigged primaries, robbed donors, undermined democracy. In rigging this primary election, in her now proven control of the media, she has exhibited more criminality and danger than Trump.

For Sanders to support her he would literally be supporting the greater threat to democracy, a truly fascist state, as defined under the international standards regarding the absence of free elections. Perhaps he should go Green, contest, or pass the torch to someone else if the burden has become too heavy. Either way, as the DNC gets sued for defrauding donors of money by rigging the election for Hillary, Sanders needs to stop pretending there was no fraud lest further emails discredit him and loyalists as well. The absolute worst thing he can do, at this opportunity, is to bend a knee to the Clinton machine while hobbling the Greens or Libertarians hoping to create a lasting third party.

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We Hate When Trump is Right, Too. But He’s Right on This… Hillary Was Largely Responsible for ISIS

Hillary knew weapons were shipped from Benghazi, Libya to Syria, then arming ISIS. Because she intended for ISIS to to topple Syrian President Assad, this was not just condoned but encouraged. So ISIS grew.


[pullquote]Newly disclosed emails show that Libya’s plan to create a gold-backed currency to compete with the euro and dollar was a motive for NATO’s intervention. Jan 6,2016 Foreign Policy Journal[/pullquote]Trump didn’t steal your vote, Hillary did. She has the knife to throat of America, not Trump. The media is feeding you the line that Trump could possibly have dictatorial, unaccountable powers, but these are things that Hillary already has. She cites his incompetence as a threat, forgetting the incompetence she has already exhibited by letting staffers read classified emails and putting the nation’s national security at risk… all for the sake of donors to the Clinton Foundation. This is not an endorsement for Trump, but it is an appeal to vote your conscience and avoid the “lesser” evil, when you can choose neither and help build the foundation of a third party.


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