Wikileaks DNC Emails: Rigged Primary and Media Collusion 100% Confirmed

DNC Secrets of Note

Elizabeth Warren tries to justify Hillary’s secret Goldman Sachs transcripts.


“She doesn’t want the people knowing about her relationship on Wall Street. She wants to achieve consistency and the best way to do that is to keep the people ignorant.”

1. DNC strategy to “capture” Hispanic millenials and their families for a generation

2. Internal DNC research: Hillary has a problem with white women & poor whites

3. DNC: “Use Comments on Race, Women, Inciting Violence to Make Trump Look Beyond the Pale.”

4. DNC leaks: PSYOP on  DNC’s “Dangerous Donald” Narrative


Media assets cannibalizing each other or spreading the DNC fear-mongering narrative? likely the latter.


5. This is what Debbie Wasserman Schultz had the NERVE to say about the mysterious death of DNC election staffer

6. The two best “discovery” threads on @Reddit

7. Constructing an anti-‘Bernie narrative’

8. RELEASE: 8,034 US DNC attachments including thousands of images, 891 documents & 175 spreadsheets


9. DNC knew of Clinton ‘paid troll factory’ fighting Sanders supporters

10. Trump may be right about Ted Cruz’s father & JFK kill — Comms head Luis Miranda

Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt is seen during a news conference at the main office of Google Korea in Seoul on November 8, 2011. Schmidt said that he has asked the South Korean president and top telecommunication regulator to take a cue from countries with more lax rules on the Internet. AFP PHOTO/JUNG YEON-JE (Photo credit should read JUNG YEON-JE/AFP/GettyImages)

11. Google head Eric Schmidt “maxed” out in donations to Dems NRSC & DSCC

12. Google now listing Wikileaks as a ‘dangerous’ site

13. Clinton campaign arranged call with editor to try and squash Victory Funds money laundering story

14. 167 Off The Record or Deep Background emails

15. RELEASE: 19,252 emails from the US Democratic National Committee

Luis Miranda, douche of the year
No mames, pendejo. Luis Miranda, DNC’s comm director and toxic gaping maw.

16. “Let’s get this out without attribution.”

17. DNC Dictates What CBS Polls Can Say

18. DNC Controls CNN

download (5)

19. Chuck Todd and the DNC scheming against Mika Brzezinski together

20. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz Admits Superdelegates Designed to Kill Grassroots Challenges

21. Washington Post & DNC joint unlisted fundraising party

22. Facebook is blocking #DNCLeak email links

CNN Admits They Help Hillary Clinton

MSNBC Admits They Help Hillary Clinton, Attempt to Suppress Vote, Tries to Justify It

23.Broadcasters implicated but so far not covering #DNCLeaks: MSNBC, CBS

— WikiLeaks (@wikileaks) July 23, 2016

24. 7/23/16 Fox News lifts Media Blackout on DNC Email

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