Real Life Journalists Speak the Truth About Paris Attack (and Syria)


Rare and precious as the sight of the winged horse Pegasus in flight, a skittish doe in mid-Manhattan, or Miley Cyrus with her tongue in her mouth, it’s nice to know we still have some real life journalists out there…


Here’s another one..

And here is a real life Congresswoman whose courage shames Congress speaking up for the truth, who served her country and knows exactly what is going on:

US Congresswoman Introduces Bill To Stop “Illegal” War On Syria to Oust Assad; Says CIA Ops Must Stop

The truth is, when the Devil reigns in America, and he does right now, all good leaders are evil, all evil leaders are good, and what is a lie right now, to the corporate media, was always truth…

And of course, let’s not forget a favorite real life journalist, Abby Martin

And a special mention…


Gaza, “Operation Protective Edge” 2014: the Palestinian boy who walked up to Swedish cameraman and  said “I am a journalist.” This iconic twitter image went viral.

For anyone who was watching the lopsided pro-Israeli coverage, it seemed a tacit understanding of  how even children needed and wanted to tell the unheard story about the true events in Gaza.

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