FNC: Snowden Busted!

snowden -arms-isis

From FOX News, new photographic evidence that Edward Snowden armed ISIS in 2013, helped develop their infrastructure and oil economy, conspired with Exxon and BP to smuggle stolen oil from Turkey for black market sales benefiting the Bush family and Bain Capitol, orchestrated the air drops to Iraqi units, and ordered US planes to dump bombs on empty targets. In addition to that, it is alleged that he, through neo-con puppets at his command, sponsored spending bills that ensured ISIS arms shipments through front “moderate” forces and other really mean and un-American stuff only someone like, say, a senator pardoned by Nixon for treason and obsessed with Syrian oil, personal profit, and regime change could pull.

DEAR FOX NEWS VIEWER: This is satire. Do not forward this to friends or representatives like it was real news. This is a spoof photograph of Snowden’s face on a complicit  and insane senator that, to the tune of a Beach Boys song, sings about bombing Iran on national television.

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