Washington to Host Moderate Terrorists, Moderate Child Molesters Summit

Our exceptional White House press pool has yet to master the dictionary and look up the word "moderate."
Our exceptional White House press pool has yet to master the dictionary and look up the word “moderate.”

What’s the difference between a rebel and a ‘moderate’ rebel? a rebel is what you saw in the US Civil War, an actual soldier, but a ‘moderate’ rebel is a terrorist that beheads Christians and Muslims alike and not too long ago, was the enemy in Afghanistan and Iraq .

“We behead people with no less rigid a standard than Saudi Arabia, which is now on the UN Human Rights Council.”
Keynote Speaker Dick “Bring Your Own Dave Crockett Nuke” Cheney

This will be a key subject of discussion as ISIS, the American Coalition of Rapists, the American Society for the Appreciation of Chainsaw Massacres, the Serial Killers Support Network, The American Child Molesters Support League, and FOX and Friends, are scheduled to meet soon to celebrate their mainstream media acceptance via neo-con political spin and partisan media organs.

According to the event organizer, Rupert Murdoch, “we remain true to ourselves, and after celebrating the blatantly dismissive attitudes of our very nature by Washington officials, we intend to rape, behead and dismember every apologist reporter on the scene, including our own. We are that committed. Our pals at ISIS, or ‘Free Syrian Army,’ ha ha! well, they plan to go out with a big bang.”

Exxon-Speak the Language of Prostitutes

The world according to Exxon Mobile, BP, and their lackeys in Washington and London…

ISIS crucifies a child.

British Prime Minister David “Necropigliac” Cameron explains why he felt Saudi Arabia deserves to be on the UN Human Rights Council after being confronted on their plan to execute and crucify a teenager that was arrested at a protest.

The reporter, to his credit, dismisses Cameron’s account of Saudi Arabia helping in the battle against terrorism when their government consists of  people in the same fanatical Sunni religion, Wahhabism, as ISIS. But of course, Cameron services BP in a most impure manner, and his pandering to Saudi Arabia should surprise no one.




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