ZIONISIS: Bullies as Victims

"Why can't you all be Bill Maher?"

Pseudo-intellectual, dogmatic people are predictable, and therefore easy to manipulate, as Bill Maher’s handlers will attest. If you know Maher will defend Israel right or wrong, for example, destroying him in a debate is simply a matter of knowing how to deflect his use of straw men and ad hominem attacks while forcing him back into defending indefensible positions and logical fallacies.  It’s not an accident Maher has a panel pre-selected to cover his ass on Real Time. One on one, he’s hopeless and frankly, pathetic. You ever see Jon Stewart debate with a panel beside him to tag-team with when intellectually outmatched? or John Oliver? 

[pullquote]genocidenoun 1. the policy of deliberately killing a nationality or ethnic group[/pullquote]Don’t play victim when you have the American military industrial complex fighting your battles, when you have the Senate, Congress, the US media, Hollywood, and intelligence agencies under your thumb. You’re a fucking bully, everyone knows it, and embarrassing yourself. That is, unless you are Benjamin Netanyahu. Nothing embarrasses a psychopath that gets off on Holocaust Porn. That is not a term I made up, and it has been around a while. Here is what it means:

Holocaust pornography, also known as Stalag porn,[1] is a type of pornography mostly made by and for people living in Israel and makes pornography out of real or fantasy events concerning The Holocaust.[2]

Netanyahu’s lost in his own perverse little psychodrama played out on the world stage where he gets to wear the jackboots and decide who is subhuman, and who isn’t, who lives and who dies. He’s living out his fantasy events where Arabs are the Jews and he’s Adolf Hitler out for Lebensraum, or “living space” on the rest of the land Palestinians have left. Bibi is of course, the dickless porn star and the actors kill for real.

You know what Maher sounds like lately, with all his talk about Islam being a religion of violence and going on rants about the threat Muslims present to the world and United States as opposed to other religions? As a militant atheist I thought he hated all religion, but perhaps some religions are “more equal than others” to paraphrase Orwell. He has literally become a caricature. Just a few years back The Onion News Network did a spoof segment on how Al-Qaeda planted 5 million patriotic, friendly decoy Muslims to make us think they were human, were threatening America and had to be stopped. Shelby Cross, the crackpot prosecutor and host modeled after Nancy Grace, suggests Americans shoot suspicious characters on sight, and “If they start crying out in Arabic as they die, you will know they were, in fact, Muslims.”

Netanyahu was doing the same shit, except he would attack every Palestinian around in case one of them belonged to HAMAS. If they had a rocket next to them then they knew they had a terrorist, and if not, well, tough shit. God gave this land to Israel. Nobody told you to be born an Arab.

But wait. Who else believes God gave some holy land for them to fight over? ISIS. Check out #JSIL.

So what was once absurd enough to be funny, the idea that no one who practices Islam can be trusted and the religion is inherently dangerous and violent; that within them a sleeping terrorist awaits us, that all is now something Bill Maher and his ilk promulgate desperately. It’s still an absurd proposition as it ever was, but he defends it being a malleable, predictable tool that can be counted on to defend a convenient geopolitical falsehood until his last breath. Why? because dammit, that’s his ego we’re talking about, and we wouldn’t want to see it bruised or tainted with the light of correction, would we?[easyrotator]erc_20_1425831189[/easyrotator]

It’s like behind the scenes the oligarchs are saying “let’s wind up this little monkey again; it’s just so fucking easy with militant atheists. Especially this guy. Just appeal to his vanity and intolerance of religion and watch the little fucker go– we could use him to gin up the old war machine and prop up the petrodollar in Syria and elsewhere. If he ever wises up and reforms maybe we can throw in a nose job, and get him to shut the fuck up.”

“Yeah. He may have come to accept that snotlocker. But we sure haven’t!”

“Ever hear how Bill Maher started out in comedy? Interesting story.”


“So it’s amateur night at some New York comedy Club. He gets on stage and freezes. Doesn’t say shit. But then everyone starts laughing. I mean, a little at first and then end up leaving in stitches. At the end of the show the owner goes around asking a customer what she enjoyed about that night, since she was laughing hardest. ‘That prop nose,’ she says, ‘it’s like he doesn’t even know he’s wearing it. Comedy genius!”

“So hey, Rupert, now what about your boy, that other stooge O’Reilly? Time to wind him up again, too, he hates Arabs as well.”

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