911 Reasons Rudy is an Asshole

The Onion is an Oracle. It was an amazing bit of prophecy. In February of 2007, before Rudy Giuliani’s campaign theme was known, The Onion, a satirical paper ran the following article: Giuliani To Run For President Of 9/11

“Hang on… my wife is calling…”

Six seconds into the video, the moment he announces the call is from his wife, the cell phone is still in his pocket. Yet he makes the psychic announcement it’s her before looking down at his pocket or cell display. The call was staged, just as it was at previous rallies when the same thing happened, apparently to soften his image from a fascist, biped pig to a fascist, caring biped pig. Later in the NRA speech he uses his wife Judith to allude to 9-11, yet again:

“And quite honestly, since Sept. 11, most of the time when we get on a plane, we talk to each other and just reaffirm the fact that we love each other.

Later, on October 4, 2007, after a heckler in a Giuliani mask held up a sign that read “Hold on.. my wife is calling”, he was asked if he’d continue accepting calls from his wife, and Giuliani took the opportunity to continue pimping 9-11:

“If I had chased all of these frivolous issues, I never would have turned around the deficit in New York City. I never would have reduced crime… welfare… and I wouldn’t have been able to handle Sept. 11.”

Let’s say the calls are real. Isn’t it comforting to know that on Sept.11, this yammering moose prick may have been taking calls from his wife instead of coordinating rescue efforts? “Hold on, my wife is calling… would you like to speak to the firemen, dear?”

911 Reasons Why Rudy Giuliani is an Asshole

“It was a hallowed day he would, time and time again, sully by exploiting over 3,000 dead, using their bodies as a platform for speeches and their ashes as confetti.”

Can a man so confused about his own sexuality instill admiration and loyalty in a largely homophobic military? Is the campaign backed by war profiteers and the prison industrial complex? Is his campaign a bid from those hungry to impose martial law? And is this how he plans to meet visiting dignitaries and heads of state?

Mr. and Sometimes Ms. Giuliani

In this video, we can observe “America’s Mayor” and “President 9/11” channeling cross-dressing FBI director J. Edgar Hoover. Rudy does it well too. Hoover also hated blacks, was a war hawk, and not only backed illegal domestic surveillance but practiced it (see COINTELPRO, Hoover’s covert action program against American citizens). Rudy’s push to expand the Patriot Act, which in and of itself dwarfs the actions of the COINTELPRO program, makes the parallels to Hoover complete. The only difference between these cross-dressing bigots, perhaps, is their taste in designers, the question of heels as opposed to stilettos, and gowns versus white robes.

“The Republican Party has won two elections on…Fear And Terrorism…[It’s] Going To Try Again…” GOP Nebraska Sen. Chuck Hagel

These are the surprisingly candid and prescient words of a Republican senator, and indeed Rudy Giuliani, above anyone else, is doing just that: sowing fear and terrorizing Americans while vowing to protect us from terrorists. After all, what is the goal of the terrorist? it is not to kill everyone. It is to sow fear. They commit symbolic acts of terror to subdue a people or cower them into acting against their interests because they have been blinded by fear. It is done to undermine confidence in the present system of government and convince people to surrender their rights for a false sense of security, to exchange liberty for martial law or dictatorship. Though the pundits on FOX and other networks on the propaganda payroll will say otherwise, and call the reality of the matter defeatist and only “helping the the terrorists”, I disagree. The following does not help FOX News or its prostituted ilk, it condemns them: any competent general can tell you the War on Terror cannot be won and is inherently indefinite, and akin to waging a war against war itself. It is inherently absurd. To wage war against terrorism is to wage war against a military tactic, such as psychological warfare, night attacks, suicide attacks, encirclement, hit and run tactics, etc.

The crashing of two jets into the World Trade Center on 9-11 was a terrorist act; it was not a military offensive or invasion but it was a tactic; it was psychological warfare in its most brutal form. Though 9-11was not an invasion or rebellion, it was unlawfully acted upon as such and the writ of habeas corpus was suspended indefinitely. Americans could now be terrorized into complacency by any administration henceforth, Democrat or Republican, because they could now be arrested without due process of law. With the “Patriot Act”, an attack against patriots began in earnest. So who gained from it? Osama Bin Laden, or a corrupt administration, bankrolled by oil interests and war profiteers, by a cabal of men hoping to terrorize citizens into surrendering the last legal protections preventing a police state or dictatorship? To wage war against terrorism is to engage in a war that will exist as long as war does, and the only winners will be war profiteers and those who rely on your fear of terrorism to stay in power. When politicians like Giuliani appeal to the fear of terrorism to make voters act irrationally and against their interests, it becomes the most vile form of manipulation because the politician then relies on more and more terrorism to sustain that fear which keeps him in office. This makes him no better than a suicide bomber, whom also relies on a terrorist act to effect or influence political change. Giuliani’s policies in regards to civil rights were so appalling even the New York City Police Department’s police union was repulsed. James Savage, then-president of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association, told the Daily News in reaction to Giuliani’s policies,

“If we don’t strike a balance between aggressive enforcement and common sense, it becomes a blueprint for a police state and tyranny.”

It is no wonder Giuliani is being forced down the throats of Republican voters. The man who terrorized New York City and casually disregarded the rights of its citizens, in the nation’s largest city, does have the experience and unspeakable immorality, perhaps, to do the same to an entire nation. When he says he will do the same for the nation as he did for New York City, that’s not pillow talk, it’s a threat. Rudy insinuating that a vote for a Democratic president would insure another terrorist attack and only he could prevent it, for example, is not an appeal to reason but fear. He knows a terrorist could strike under a Republican president as well, even under his administration. But presumably, unlike the other candidates, he would be prepared for such a tragedy. He is Mister 9/11, and he can save us all… Only he could protect us, you see, just like he protected the World Trade Center when he was mayor of New York City. Do you not recall? it was amazing.

Before anyone at Macy’s lingerie counter realized he forgot to take home his new wonder bra and wig, Rudy flew into the sky to intercept the planes about to hit the towers. His star spangled cape was a vision of near-angelic grace and power as he met the planes fearlessly. One by one, as he braced himself in midair, the planes exploded harmlessly into his giant pecs of steel, and the towers were saved. His blue and red tights with the white GOP logo were slightly torn, but no matter. And as he flew back down, landing gently on his feet, dusting his cape, onlookers were awed by the humble countenance of a man who, as he put it, “was only doing what any New Yorker would do”. Oh wait. No he didn’t. That must have been someone else, because upon inspection, I realize “America’s Mayor” didn’t do jack shit but promote himself and take credit for uniting America, which was like taking credit for rainbows and the earth’s orbit around the sun. It wasn’t compassion and good will that united Americans, no you fool! it was Rudy and his bullhorn. What an asshole. Regardless, this account may as well be his campaign press release of what actually happened on September 11, 2001. It was a hallowed day he would, time and time again, sully by exploiting over 3,000 dead, using their bodies as a platform for speeches and their ashes as confetti. He is not the only candidate who does, but he is the most shameless and proficient at it.

Is this how President Giuliani plans to meet visiting dignitaries and heads of state?

As we hear more and more about Rudy Giuliani’s campaign, the exploitation of the tragedy of 9/11 becomes clear. Jon Stewart calls it Rudy’s “9/11 Tourettes”, noting Rudy’s capacity to utter the phrase “9/11” in every public appearance with the socially inappropriate, involuntary outbursts of a Tourettes sufferer. But recently it was announced he’d hold a fund raiser and ask for $9.11 a person, and the public finally had enough. Seriously. I’m not kidding. Now the real challenge begins. Can he go one day without referring to his fictional heroics on 9/11? I wouldn’t count on it. It means he’d have to address the war, the economy, health care, etc., and sadly, it doesn’t look like he had a back-up plan should the “fear and terror” theme falter. The fact is this: if there is a terrorist attack before the election, it may unite Americans or it might not, but it certainly won’t make them rally around the GOP. They will rightfully be perceived as the party responsible for it; the party which provoked it by turning the entire world against us. Likewise, the Democrats will take fire for letting them after finally taking hold of both Houses.

Another reason he’s an asshole:

Mayor Giuliani – A Culture Of Bigotry In NYC

“In 1995, two young Puerto Rican men Anthony Rosario and Hilton Vega were shot in the back and killed by two New York City detectives in the Bronx. Evidence showed that when they were killed, they were laying face down on the floor and an independent autopsy revealed that Rosario was shot fourteen times in the back and Vega was shot eight times in the back. “One of the detectives, was Rudy Giuliani’s former bodyguard Patrick Brosnan. So what did Giuliani do? First, he had the audacity to call the police officers to commend them on their actions and then when Anthony Rosario’s mother Margarita called in to his radio show, Rudy talked over her, insisting that gunfire was exchanged and that her son had a criminal record. Both of these statements were lies. Giuliani also told the dead man’s mother that perhaps she should look at her parenting skills to help explain why her son died. Is this the kind of person we want as president?”

Video: Mayor Giuliani: A Culture Of Bigotry In NYC