Monarch Mind Control Programming

The Illuminati/intelligence agencies realized when they started making slaves with photographic memories that they could create different parts of a slave's mind to operate on different languages. Illuminati hierarchy systems will employ foreign language alters for several purposes:

  • a. to facilitate the alter working in various situations, for example French is helpful to work with Catholics in Quebec, and with the Cambodian/Vietnamese criminal syndicate that the Illuminati set up in this nation. A high profile example of this is Bo Gritz, an officer of the Delta Force, who due to his photographic mind (created via brain stem scarring) can speak Mandarin Chinese. Mandarin Chinese is not normally an easy language for Americans.
  • b. to hide things in a system.Examples of this include code words attached to Greek and Hebrew letters for body programs. Another example is having latin phrases for accessing deeper parts. If an entire area of a system is put in a foreign language, and the system is not given any alters capable of translation, then you have very effectively isolated an entire section. For instance, systems are being created in their early teens which are sectioned off into 5 or more languages, say for instance, German, Spanish, French, Italian, and Arabic. Some of the Systems created in the late 1950s, already were employing some of this. Since the very best Illuminati programmer in the world is European, and speaks several languages you can expect to start to see more and more of this "Tower of Babel" programming(multi-language systems where parts can't communicate.) The reader realizes that such multi-language capabilities are always secret until the person starts breaking down the programming. The programmers tell alter systems that God wants this programming done, because God confounded all the languages & then spread people into the 4 corners of the world.

Gatekeeper Alters

The Gatekeeper alters are just that. They protect the gates or portals to all System levels. Infrequently, the programmers may also call them "doorkeepers", or "tollmen" & "toll women". The victim may refer to them as guards or blockers, although Gatekeepers are more than guards, they are an entrance or portal to something. Gatekeepers may often be the alter that was split to get a particular section. Each gatekeeper may be at a deeper level trance than the one before it. When a Gatekeeper is split it creates a natural link to the alters that are created from itself. Then the Gatekeepers are given programming not to see what they have created and what they are natural portals to. These steps create a natural portal for the deeper alters. One-way mirrors are usually installed between the Gatekeeper and the section they guard, so that the deeper alters can see out, but the Gatekeeper can't see in. Besides splitting off entire sections from the Gatekeepers, clown alters will be created from them to keep the Gatekeepers in line.The first row of doors in a system--which the front Gatekeepers protect are often set up as the "red door(s)". Deeper in the system, other Gatekeepers will be stationed in front of important systems, and these other doors will have a different color code than the first set of doors. To train gatekeeper alters, they are taken to a door and by behavior modification techniques (i.e. severe torture) they are taught not to go beyond the door. They are to hold their place and not step through the door. Then they are strongly programmed via hypnosis to forget the training session, but not the lesson. The first row of Gatekeepers can have no tie to the cult and no tie to the outside world. They are taught they are vagabonds. The only real tie they are allowed to have is themselves, and they are aren't allowed to know who they themselves are.

The standard programming for Gatekeepers is to mess them up with love-hate double binds. Gatekeepers are often very melancholic and if they go against their programming, they or the alters near them can easily commit suicide. The Gatekeepers always receive heavy programming and heavy trauma. Front line Gatekeepers may be near the front of a System, but due to their heavy programming, what they say should be taken with a big grain of salt. They usually provide outsiders with the lies the programmers have so skillfully convinced them to believe. Illuminati Gatekeeper alters are in 3 parts. The higher numbered gatekeepers have a pedestal which they are rotating on. A cat, a butterfly and a porcelain face are the three kinds of alters which are joined together and rotate. The deeper Gatekeepers on Illuminati models must be locked in place before conversation can ensue.

The Gatekeeper alters are non-sexual, and programmed not to see what is below their feet which are the sexual alters. A stacking mechanism has been created to call each gatekeeper alter out and stacked on each like a deck of cards. This command for some systems is "Stand in order according to rank & serial no. [said 3x]." Another stacking mechanism can be achieved to place them all on the potter's wheel according to order with "See no evil, Hear no evil, do no evil" which originally was accompanied by a hand movement of exposing cards. The NWO's Charismatic branch give their deeper gatekeepers Porcelain Face Programming. Sometimes, the frontline Gatekeepers also get Porcelain face programming. The movie Ghostbusters, which has been used for a programming script on some slaves, has a very strong demonic "Gatekeeper" in the show. Janus, the two-faced god, was a gatekeeper, & the 1st month which is the gate to the new yr. (January) is named after him. The Illum. Great Rite ritual has a Gatekeeper (male) and Keymaster (female) to produce an Anti-Christ child.

Hierarchy And Deeper Cult Alters

The deeper cult alters may be placed in a crystal ball and the Cabalistic Tree of Life. The Mother-of-Darkness alters will be set up on the Maiden-Mother-Crone trinity of the occult. Stormy alters, and there may be 60 or more deep level Stormy alters per system, are alters that are to be involved in all the man-made "natural disasters" that are planned for the period of anarchy. Sergeant alters418are deeper call back alters who will be commanders of programs for the Anti-Christ takeover. The deep front alters of theMother-of-Darkness, Grande Dames, or Grande Master alters will not be in a deep trance. They need to be fully alert for what they do for the Illuminati. However, since they are only out at special points in time, all they know is Illuminati life and philosophy. Illuminati philosophy will include such things as "Pain is strength. The pain we suffer will give us the strength to conquer.

"The Sisters of Light (the level before the Mothers of Darkness) will be under the leadership of a Queen Mother. She will direct them to abduct a handsome male for breeding purposes. After the handsome male is used for breeding to get a male child for sacrifice or a female to raise as a Sister of Light, then the handsome male will be sacrificed. The Sisters of Light wear white for this ceremony. Because these alters only know the traditional ways, they don't have a realization of what they are doing. An Illuminati multiple will carry on ritual functions at a number of different levels in the occult.

There will be different alters for different levels and different ritual dates. The back part of a hierarchy system will not be worked until a sealing ceremony involving Egyptian magic at the age of 19 in late Apr.-May. Three keys are given at the ceremony, which is tied to astrological events. The 19 also represents 9 + 10 doors in the system. Then the back (deeper hierarchy) alters will begin to be used. This back half of the System will be shaped by pathworkings of the Cabalistic Tree of Life. In the first levels of witchcraft, they will think they are worshipping a male & a female god.

By the third level they will be informed they are worshipping one god-Lucifer. Some Illuminati groups, which are Jewish, worship a female god at the coven levels. The secret Illuminati set of documents that the Bavarian government confiscated in 1784 and published as Die Originalschriften der Illuminatensekte, Munich has an accurate organizational chart on p. 32 of these reprinted Illuminati papers. There were 130 or levels. Six of these are419functional. Monarch slaves who have internal worlds with 13 levels, with 6 functional and 6 hidden are not much different than the actual hierarchy structure.

In the Illuminati covens, each coven will secretly have a copy of The Book of Ages, which is vellum, and is basically a Who's Who of the Illuminati, and a copy of The Book of Generations, which explains the 13 bloodlines and what belongs to what generation. A handwritten magickal Book of Shadows will also belong to the coven. Only the Keeper of the Books and the coven leader will know about these things. The coven will also have a Keeper of the Seals which pertains to vows and oaths. After Halloween, the coven leader (priest or priestess) will secretly send all the coven records to headquarters in Europe.

It is important to realize that the internal structuring of an Illuminati alter system will correspond to the external structures of the Illuminati. This may not be an exact one-to-one correspondence. Understanding the Illuminati hierarchy ranks, which by the way had remained secret until Fritz Springmeier's recent Newsletter From A Christian Ministry in Jan. '93, is important.

Within the male membership in the hierarchy you will find the following positions, Grande Druid, Grande Master, 5-star general (Servant of the Pentacle), Asmodeus, Ipsimus (or Royal Ipsimus), and Supreme Master. Bards are wise men within Druidism. Within the female side, are the Sisters of Light (9 grades), the Mothers of Darkness (11 grades), the Grande Mothers (13 grades), the Grande Dames, and the Queen Mother. Each of the 13 bloodlines have their own governing monarchies, upon which the numerous mob crime families are modelled.

This particular arrangement may have developed from Basque witchcraft rather than Druidism. Generational thrones (kings, princes, priests) are very important. The Kings are called Olympians. All of these bloodlines cooperate by having councils. Three groups have been identified as preserving the plans for the420world rule by the Anti-Christ, the Keepers of the Dawn, the Order of the Quest, and the Order of the Garter.

Egyptian Armies

The Egyptian armies are hundreds of fragments which have been programmed to have uniforms and to function as parts of an army. The main gods or spirits of Egyptian magic may be the names of the captains of the armies, such as the following names Isis, Osirus, Horus, Set and Ra. Thoth can be another name. In the Temple of Set, alters with Egyptian names abound, and aren't restricted to fragment armies. The armies are built to protect various internal structures.

The technique to make these armies are to torment the victim child in such a way that they make the child very angry. At the peak of the child's rage, they split the mind. The result is lots of child alter fragments which are angry. These are collected and shaped into an angry army of little children. When an adult Monarch slave, triggers a protective army the adult alter finds themselves with angry children alters who are like a large crowd of toddlers who are screaming their heads off. There is no way to reason with these child fragments. Imagine trying to reason with a little 2 year who is screaming. Without anyway to reason with them--the adult alter has little defense against such an army.

Flooding Alters

Flooding alters can be used as singles or as a group of alters. There is almost always a number of flooding alters in a system. They are developed by using drugs which lower dissociative barriers. The drugs were used when these alters held the body and the drugs caused all the dissociative walls to come down. These alters hold the memory of this flooding. Drugged alters in weird states can also be pulled up to make a system feeling crazy.


The Gem alters are early child splits. These alters are treated as bad as possible. They are literally defecated upon, and pissed upon. They are intentionally dehumanized and taught to think as little as possible about themselves. At some point, these alters who have no self-esteem are told that they are something precious as Satan's gems. But they are warned that if they ever talk to someone on the outside, bombs will go off. Various bomb mechanisms are constructed using other alters and imagery. If these bombs go off, these alters will be so dysfunctional, incoherent and in shock that the therapist will not be able to work with the System again. The Gems are then used to transmit the mind of Satan to the System. Beyond the gems, and the hour glass disciples, there may be a stage which has more memories hidden. If a therapist gets that far, see how to raise the curtain.

Looking Glass People

The "Looking Glass Images" is the Illuminati name for mirror image alters, who are split off of main alters in order to confuse everyone but the controller. Sometimes these alters can be spotted because an alter will say, "I don't know if I'm inside or outside, I think I'm inside." As previously mentioned, many alters also have shadow alters created from themselves to take their pain. It will be appropriate to discuss the overlays that the Illuminati place over real alters. The Illuminati will try to hide real alters with pseudo alters, mirror alters, mirror images and other tricks. Some alters are demons, and others are simply illusions of the mind. Shell alters prevent therapists from talking to the real alters.

Mirror ImagesMirror images are purpose fragments whose job is to confuse both victim and therapist. When an event happens, the abusers will fragment the alter who participated in the event, and create mirror images of that alter. This means that no one has the full memory. An alter doesn't know if the mirror image is itself or something else. It's very confusing. A triangle is formed by

  • a. an alter
  • b. its mirror images
  • c. demonic mirror images.

When an alter tries to recover a memory it goes round and round in a vicious cycle and finally concludes the memory is false. If one alter holds a memory, an alter close to it will have no feelings attached to the memory and will find it difficult to accept the memory as its own. It's like wearing someone else's coat, it may fit, but it just isn't your own. Mirror images, & pseudo-alters are layered in, so that it becomes perplexing to identify where an alter starts & where it ends. Therapists may think they have integrated alters, & actually only integrated their mirror images.

Looking Glass People are similar to the mirror images. The Programmers may create a looking glass alter by having a drugged alter(s) of the victim endure the trauma of seeing someone's face peeled. Then the victim's face is also pretended to be peeled--by pulling off something like elmer's glue which has formed a surface on the victim's face. Then the dead person's skin is placed over the victim being programmed. The Looking Glass People are charted on grids and contain lots of the programs. They are confusing to the regular alters, because they appear internally like mirror images.

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