Monarch Mind Control Programming

Programmer Alters

Internal programming alters, which are “clone images” of the 3 primary external programmers will be placed into a Monarch system. Of course the programmers want to remain anonymous, so these programming alters are faceless & wear white robes. They are given vast power in the authority structure of a system, & can move wherever they need to move. When programming is discussed by a victim & therapist, they will appear.

Reporting Alters

These alters are programmed to record everything. They lack an overview of reality. They are child parts that only know their job. The reporting alters will be involved in the recontact cues. Recontact alters are alters which are unaware of the abuse. The programmers may promise these recontact alters favors if they “report to Daddy.” For years, many therapists have worked with clients and never realized that the secret and well hidden reporting alters were reporting everything back to the handler.

Scrambling Alters

This is one of the hardest type of programs for the victim to master. To make sure that the victim’s mind is very alert a drug is given which clouds the thinking. The alters must try exceptionally hard if they are to concentrate and learn what their job is. They will learn how to take something being said and scramble it. When alters are not supposed to hear something, these alters will be called up by the internal programmers & they will sit on top of other alters and scramble everything they hear. These alters are technicians who usually enjoy the mastery they have over their difficult assignment. Therapists can give them a new job scrambling incoming cult messages. Scrambling programs (linked to triggers for scrambling alters) have at times been given names such as “AC DC” & “FLIP FLOP.”

Sexual Alters

The early sexual trauma is designed to familiarize the child with sex, and to access the primal part of the mind. The torture and sexual abuse eventually becomes gratifying to the mind. The mind does a reversal, pain becomes pleasure. At any rate, the programmers are trying to get a type of nymphomaniac. They accomplish this on one level. The sexual alters have no feelings attached to what they do, and their masters never allow them to enjoy sex. They are not to have climaxes, although they may be coached how to fake it. (For punishment if a slave gives trouble, the programmers might even hypnotically or surgically sew up the clitoris to insure the slave receives no gratification. The arab sheiks of Saudi Arabia will cut off–destroy– the clitoris of their Monarch slaves in the same fashion that the Moslem world does with all their females.) The Programmers have been heard to program their slaves, “Don’t be a hustler and don’t pick up strays.”

The programmers must now ”groom” these alters. Little boys begin to be orally sexually molested when they are three. That is the standard age. Females (and some males) need to learn how to appear and act seductive. The programmers understand human nature. They understand that there is a spectrum of female sexuality, where on one end of the spectrum females guard their bodies with their minds, and on the other end they guard their emotions with their bodies. When a woman guards her emotions with her body–she is the type who craves sex for the physical pleasure of sex. There are an entire cluster of behavior traits that go with this type of personality, such as the way they walk, use their eyes, stare at men, the way they dress etc.

The sexual groomers and programmers will teach the sexual alters these clusters of behavior. The sexual alters will also pick up lots of expertise naturally during the years of having to sexually service hundreds of abusers in every fashion imaginable. When Roseanne Barr, a Monarch slave, in her recent T.V. interview with Barbara Walters said, “I’m been screwed every possible way,” she was not exaggerating. The Gumby Programming is to make the slave think their body is like Gumby and is flexible to move into any position. The slave is repeatedly threatened with their life, if they do not perform perfectly.

The sexual techniques of the world have been collected and improved upon by the Illuminati and their intelligence agencies such as MI6, & the CIA. There are techniques to use with old men, for porn movies etc. which the common people aren’t even aware of. The intelligence agencies and the military, when they use a male Monarch slave for covert activities, will find a female slave whose personality matches the male and pair them sexually during the period that the male slave is used on covert operations. This is done to ensure that the other side doesn’t take advantage of the male’s sexual desires. Subjects such as how to train alters for espionage & prostitution could be books in themselves.

The Illuminati have male instructors who teach small classes of females about the power of seduction & how the male brain shutdowns when their sexual organ gets involved. Finishing schools like at Youngstown, OH teach sexuality performance based on fear of death. The male & female sexual slaves usually are highly skilled technicians who don’t have emotions attached to what they do.


There are some examples in professional literature which will serve to illustrate how the alters in an Illuminati system are named. A therapist in a professional magazine provided the names of a client’s alters, which were Karen J, Karen Jo, Karen Ja, Baby Alpha, Middle Alpha, Adult Alpha. One of Frank Putnam’s clients, (who had PET scans done showing how different alters have vastly different PET brain scans, which are not exhibited by people who only pretend to have MPD), had a Pam 1, and a Pam 2. These three methods here are common methods for nomenclature. In a 13x13x13 grid of alters, the top 2 sections of 169 each will usually have a quite a number of duplicate names. Our hypothetical Mary, would have a Mary 1,2, 3…11, 12, 13. She might have Eves 1-13 also. On the charts these would be Eve A, Eve B, Eve C, etc. She could also have a George Ann, a Georgee, a Georgette, a plain George, and a little child George, and several alters attached to these who have no names. Sometimes alters will be set up with first names and a surname, so that a family of alters will all have the same last name (surname). Some alters are not named by their abusers, they must fend for themselves in figuring out what to call themselves. They only have access codes to pull them to the front of the mind.

There seems to be no end to the variety of names of alters. Some are named after the quality they have like a robot named Steel, or a crazy alter being named Dementia, or a animal alter being named Animal. However, a number of names keep popping up in System after System, so for what it’s worth here are some popular names that Fritz has seen occurring as alter names: the Adepts, Alexis (or Alex), Angel, Anna, Baker, Charlie (or Charles), Crystal, Death, Jezebel, Lilith, Queen, Sadie, and Samantha. This is not a scientific sampling at all, just an observation based on dozens of alter systems which have shared some of their alter’s names.

Boxes And Self-Abuse

We will now discuss one method of placing boxes into an alter system. Between the age of 4 and 4 1/2, an Illuminati child would be taken to Scotty’s castle, CA for programming. A cedar chest would be placed in front of a table. Two Illuminati children well into their programming would be assigned to guard the chest, which would be called the Doctor’s box. They would have “clean slate” alters who knew nothing but their hypnotic commands to guard the doctor’s boxes. Expendable children would be coached to come into the room and try to get into the box. The Illuminati children would be given strict orders to kill them if they tried to get into the box. If the children failed in their guard duty, they either got more programming or were in turn expended. The Illuminati children had sharp swords with which to guard the box, which had 3 seals on it. Internally, Mengele would then hypnotically program in countless boxes with 3 seals.

Locked up in the boxes would be self-mutilation and body programs, etc. Therapists should know that these boxes are deadly. After reaching the level of obedience where they would kill for the programmer, the Illuminati children would be placed in a deep well for a well-trauma, and then while deep in the well would be given various orders such as “cut yourself,” “probe yourself (electroshock oneself)” and other self-abusive things. The well torture would usually work at teaching the “clean slate” alters to abuse themselves.

During many programming sessions, the victim is told “you must pass a test, will you pass the test?” There is something that is more motivating in these words, than if the truth were said, “you must endure these traumas, for our enjoyment and to become a slave for And to quote a line from the film When Rabbit Howls, “The worse things got, the more of us showed up.” The mind keeps protecting itself by dissociating the overwhelming abuse.


Programming is layered in. Layer after layer of programming is put in. Each alter or alter fragment is used as if it were a component of a large system. The result is that no alter or fragment is the whole, only a cog in a great machine. Can a single cog rebel against the whole machine? It is very difficult for a single component of thousands of components to rebel against its abusers, when it doesn’t even have the ability to realize they are abusers and not the alter’s natural order giver.

Besides programs, items are placed into the mind too. Examples include vaults, safes and doors which need combinations & keys. The Illuminati Programmers see the layering in of programming as demonic. They feel the scripts, and movies are more “fronts” than the actual layering mechanism. They believe, as one ex-Programmer said,

“This programming involves an organization system, established by horrendous trauma, for the alter personalities involving internal mental imagery, which is driven by demons, who provide the power. Undoing it requires an understanding of the mental processes involved, the imagery or blueprint used, and the spiritual dynamics.”

(By the way, some readers will be ignoring this as Christian propaganda. However, this was said, not because this person is a Christian, which this person isn’t, but because this person wanted others to be set free. It’s also true that the Word of God, the Holy Bible, which was the foundation of Western civilization, does speak about spiritual warfare.)


Now we will go into the various systems that are programmed in. The Programmers place into their slaves a combination of the following standard systems to make up the victim’s programming:

  1. Cabalistic Tree of Life
  2. Carousel
  3. Castle
  4. Cave and well
  5. Chess Board
  6. Double Helix
  7. Flowers
  8. Helix
  9. Hour glass
  10. the Mensa system
  11. Pentagram
  12. Pool of Death
  13. Potter’s Wheel
  14. Puppet System
  15. Solemetric
  16. Spider Web
  17. Spiritual structuring
  18. Stairwell
  19. a Telescoping system
  20. Tornado System
  21. Umbrella

Also an internal timing clock (system) keeps time according to the rotation of ritual dates, which helps ‘justify” the SRA, for “it’s that time of the year.” Just a quick note: different programmers have different preferences for how they do things. It also may depend on what site they are using for the programming. Drugs and videos are frequently used to get the person to adopt the script they are to accept internally. However, harmonics and electronics are increasingly being used. Ritual and magical ceremonies may or may not have rigid scripts.


Cabalistic Tree of Life85025cb71d6fbb54e193972149649a4de730afe1

While the Cabalistic Tree of Life means little to most people, it is a very important–essential structure for Illuminati systems. Therefore, in describing how these systems are built it is important to describe this crucial magical tree. The reason all these following items such as Trees of Life and goddesses are placed into slaves is because THESE SLAVES ARE PART OF HIGH LEVEL SATANISM.The slaves are a reflection of the world view of their programmers. You and I wouldn’t bother with all this because we are not into magic. That we find ourselves reporting all this, does not mean we endorse any of this. We don’t. But the programmers didn’t ask us what to place into their slaves. If you have a low tolerance for understanding the Illuminati’s cabalism, skip on down to the Carousel system.

The Cabalistic Tree of Life is put into upper level Illuminati slaves. It is a very deep program laid in at about section (level) 11.The Cabala is the basis of

  • a. Freemasonry
  • b. The magic of the Illuminati Monarch programming
  • c. The key to the spiritual mysteries of the Scripture (according to Caballists).

Because the word Cabala is a word originating in the Middle East it can be spelled with a Q, a QU, a K and a C. All these spellings are O.K. It can be spelled with one b or two, etc. Golem in the Cabala are ancient medieval mind controlled slaves–are these precursors to what we have today? WHO liked to program this? Mengele, and Wheeler (Dr. Green & Dr. Black) were skilled in the Cabala, especially Dr. Green (Mengele). Some of the Rothschild programmers have been too.

madona_illuminatiMengele learned from the leading Jewish Kaballists, during concentration camp days–Mengele himself was an Ipsimus in Illuminati. Undoubtedly, it is standard programming and many other Illuminati programmers must be doing it too. WHAT is it? The Cabala is synonymous with Hermeticism or Hermetic magic. The Cabala was Jewish-Babylonian magic. The Jewish black magicians brought it to Europe. It began to get widespread notice in Europe after Enlightenment period. The great pyramid according to the occult is a symbol of the Cabalistic Tree of Life–the branches of the tree form the four streams or lines to the base of the pyramid. Because the Cabala is the basis of their hermetic magic, Illuminati systems will be fairly consistent in the make of a slave’s internal Tree of Life and Tree of Evil. A Maiden/Mother/Crone triad goddess will sit at the top of the structure and will be married to the Anti-Christ & Satan. The Cabalistic Tree of Life area of the System may have up to 12 other trees.

These are other magical trees. There are 10 circles or rooms which are joined by 22 lines that make up the Cabalistic Tree of Life called The Cabala for short. There are 4 worlds of the Cabala–3 pillars to the tree which are also given different names to these pillars at different times. As just mentioned, there are 10 spheres of the Tree of Life and they are joined by 22 paths. The

kabbalah_madonnaMother-of-Darkness alters (at least some of them) are placed in a Tree of Life, and they do what is called pathworking”. The spheres of the tree (also called rooms) are called “sephiroth” and they along with the 22 paths that join them are the “file drawers of this universal file cabinet.” Before the first sphere there are 3 veils of negative existence–the Ain, Ain Soph, and Ain Soph Aur. Alters in male and female systems in the Tree of Life will consider themselves to be gods or goddesses. Their names will often reflect god or goddess names. Chesed is a sphere which may be called a ”Hall of Masters” or the ”Sphere of the Adepts”. Geburah is called “Hall of Karma” or “Hall of Judgment”. The Illuminati alters of course believe in Karma. The center of the tree is called Tifareth which means Beauty or Harmony. Understanding of the mysteries of sacrifice may be attached here.

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