Monarch Mind Control Programming

In working with a mind-controlled slave, we discovered one of the methods to get over the Wizard of Oz mazes was to fly with the Orks. However, an alter caught in the mazes was frightened to stay put by the demons that surrounded it. (This is so well portrayed in Labyrinth.)

This happens in real life to Monarch alters which stray into the mazes. They are lost and then they can’t come out and take the body. They are simply lost in the mind. The old hag gives her slippers! Slippers are important triggers or cues to go places internally. She is given a horsey and told she loves it. “Take back the child you have stolen.” A ferris wheel is shown. (Carrousels were used greatly in programming.) Then she breaks an hour glass. Hour glasses are internal clocks. Then she encounters levels, doors and tunnels. An Iron robot representing Thor comes out and bangs bangs bangs.

The banging is the split brain headaches that the internal Thor causes the victim’s mind to experience. A child is placed into the robot. Often during the programming, child alters are programmed to put on a robot like suit and serve with other children as clone solders in a clone army. (The sea divers of the Walt Disney movie “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” were used to program child alters into how they were to get into robot suits.) These child alters form armies that attack if an alter tries to fight the programming. These children alters are like children screaming–it is impossible to reason or talk to them. Armies of these alters are difficult to stop in the mind.

In the programming, the brave are told they are brave and vice-versa. The character says “I have no courage.” But is told

“You are a man of courage.” More clocks and a bell appears. A red and blue guardian appear. Perhaps these colors represent the color programming. Rocks and cannons represent the protectors and the earthquakes they cause internally in a Monarch’s mind. When she enters the castle it is a carbon copy of Esher’s drawing entitled

“Relativity.” (See The Graphic Work of MC. Esher, figure 67.) She runs up stairs and gets nowhere. Escher’s drawing, according to ex-programmers, are used for programming. The Master sings, “Everything I’ve done, I’ve done for you.” David appears everywhere from every angle. This is how the internal programmers, which are clones of the real programmers appear everywhere in the mind of the slave. He sings, “Just as I can be so cruel…look without your heart beat. ..I must live within you.”

She says, “Give me the child [the core]” and the programmer says, “I have been generous. ..but I can be so cruel …. I have reordered time…turned the world upside down…all for you.” The internal and external programmers can be cruel. The victim is trauma bonded to them. They are cruel and kind to the victim, just like Mengele was to his thousands of victims.

The internal worlds can be turned in a Monarch system, by turning the hour glasses which are on X, Y and Z axes. The hour glasses are turned with hand signals and codes that are similar to what pilots use to tell their degree positions in the sky. The programmer sings, “I ask for so little, just let me rule you, and you can have everything you want…just love me, fear me, and do as I say.” He tells her that her kingdom is great. Internally alters are given great titles, and are made queens, etc. Their internal worlds give them all they need, and that the real external world will never understand them. She is told repeatedly “Your kingdom is great.” “Bow down and worship me, and you get everything.” At this point she realizes she has dominion over the demons.

When one listens to the programming, it seems that it is powerful and in control. The movie does a good job of showing how a slave’s mind has both an internal and an external world. A hall appears with daisies. Daisies were used in programming. When she leaves the internal world, she finds that the internal world is right there with her in her external world. She is surrounded by internal cues. Then she embraces and accepts her internal world toward the ending of the movie. Many systems have an owl in their system which represents the master. In the movie, an owl representing the master appears at various times & then flies away at the end. Toward the end the Master sings, “Power of Voodoo…”

The internal world is full of goblins, dwarfs, worms, a hat, door knockers, Fury 1,2,3,4,5 and many other things. Ravens are in the movie. In real life, the programmers take alter fragments, which are splits which are not developed into full blown personalities and they program them to have a single task, for instance to think they are a raven and to bite the body when ever they take the body.

Whole flocks of demons which take the form of ravens may wait inside the mind waiting for their release to bite the body. When triggered by the internal programmers when an alter crosses the boundaries set down by the programming, a flock of ravens may come forward and “take the body” (as they say in MPD) of the slave and the Monarch slave will bite his or her flesh and viciously tear it with its teeth.

By watching the movie Labyrinth, and using this as a guide, the viewer will begin to understand the horror and control that the internal world holds over the alters of a Monarch slave. Few Monarch slaves ever tell other people what is going on in their minds, now you have been privileged to find out. To learn this much for a Monarch slave comes with a high price. The price is paid by reliving for a second time what has been done to them, fighting off the suicide programs that click on when the slave’s mind disobeys. The slave must also fight off torture memories that recycle. These torture memories are activated by the programming when an alter disobeys its programming. As one Monarch survivor described it to me, “This all can be wrapped up by defining it as the raping of the body, soul and spirit.”

The Structuring Done in Monarch Star Trek and Star Wars Programming

The original Monarch programming often used the Wizard of Oz books and film as the basic programming. The Alice and Wonderland story then was overlaid, along with many other fictional fairy tales to complete the Mind Control of a Monarch Mind-controlled slave. However, in recent years a superior story line has appeared. It has more flexibility and more secrecy. This is the Star Trek series.

In recent years, Star Trek is being used as a basis of programming. Those who are programmed with Star Trek programming can attend annual Star Trek Conventions which are held in New York City since 1972.

The child’s mind is tortured until the point they will accept anything. They are told to build certain structures in their mind. These structures may be castles, or rivers or submarines or airfields, etc. In the case of Star Trek programming they have detailed maps and diagrams that have been created to go along with the Star Trek program. (The real reason or the ulterior motive of these Star Trek maps was to create a blueprint for programming. Some pages of these are included for you to look at.)

Then particular alters are placed within these structures, and they are hypnotically given cues that will pull them to the front of the mind when the alpha-numeric cue is said. Many of the more secret alters can only be accessed by a combination of several different cues which go to different senses–such as the person must be in a corner contacting 3 points, a certain ring must be turned & a certain code said for the alter to come forth.

The advantages of the Star Trek story line is that

  1. almost any type of scenario can be fit into the programming script because the Star Trek characters in the series, encounter about anything imaginable,
  2. have holograms, which can serve as substitutes for mirror images in the programming,
  3. alien programming can be introduced in order to promote the mock alien invasion being planned by the Illuminati, and
  4. the Star Trek series has its own language which can be used for trigger codes, which Monarch slaves can study, and learn. The use of this klingon language will make it very difficult for ordinary people to break into the slave’s programming.
Michael Aquino, Satanist and Colonel in the U.S. army

Michael Aquino, Satanist and Colonel in the U.S. army, has enjoyed using Star Wars for programming. Aquino wrote his own version of the Star Wars, which he uses for programming. The programmer becomes Darth Vader, which then is reproduced as an alter within the victim. In the Star Trek series, Data was a dehumanized “person” who stored vast amounts of information. Monarch slaves are always created with libraries, and volumes of information. This information is stored in various ways and can be retrieved in a variety of ways. Data of Star Trek lends himself to become the model for an alter of a Monarch system to copy. In other words the child is shown Data, and is steered in the right direction to create an internal person named Data.

Any child if it is drugged, tortured, threatened with death if they don’t follow directions, with weakened and confused minds will get to the point where the child will create a Data alter in its mind, rather than die. Once in place, the Data alter will think of itself as the movie character. Every time the child sees Star Trek or pictures of Data, it will reinforce the programming. The transformer room technique of beaming in Star Trek is what magicians have tried to do for centuries and which has been called “bi-location-physical projection” as well as other things. This is said in magic to be mental control over the molecules of the body via demonic power. Whether magicians have ever done this, who knows, some certainly claim the power.

The Illuminist is a power structure placed into some Monarch slaves. It is constructed from parts of numerous demons, rather like a demonic Frankenstein, & is portrayed in Star Trek, the Next Gener. as the crystalline body. A cartoon series was created for Star Trek. In this series, children watch such things as Kirk in a magical universe of Megas-tu which has a Guardian of Forever. Two other spin-out shows were Deep Space Nine and S.T. Voyager. In other words, a child could watch 5 different Star Trek series. If the child’s parents had cable T.V. the child be virtually immersed into the various Star Trek shows. Unfortunately, some of the children who have been programmed with this are doing exactly that.

Fritz has personally worked with someone who has Star Trek programming. They sit for hours and immerse themselves totally into all kinds of Star Trek details. We have two Star Trek Technical Manuals. Fritz’s father is an engineer and designed quite a few things. Fritz himself has worked as a manual/computer draftsperson for the Federal Highway Administration as well as for his father off and on over the years. Based on that experience, he realizes the enormous amount of work that went into these Technical Manuals for the Star Trek series is simply mindboggling. One manual is 183 pages and the other is in the neighborhood of 250 pages. The amount of engineering and computer drafting that went into these manuals is astonishing. Why did someone go to such extremes?

These manuals are as good as if NASA were planning to build an Enterprise spaceship. The plans are done more professionally than engineering designs that we have seen groups like the United Nations drawing up. Why did all this engineering, design and drafting happen for a fictional T.V. show? To create a book to sell? The books.. could hardly be best sellers. One originally sold for $13

U.S. and the other for $6.95. One reason so much work and money was put into these Technical Manuals is that they are used for programming helpless victims of the Monarch Mind Control.

The Following are the Descriptions of Why the Exhibits Are Important To Programming. The Technical (or Training) Manual pages are coded.

Exhibit 1 Star Fleet Technical Order (TM:379260-1) This page show codes on the far left that are similar to the type of codes used in Monarch access codes. Alters are trained to take the body upon the proper access code. Also certain activities or programs can be triggered by codes also.

Exhibit 2 Uniform Color Code. (TM:379260-0) In creating a System within the slave’s mind, geometric shapes are used. Within these shapes a number of worlds or universes will be created. These worlds can be 3-D. That means when building them in the child’s mind they can have height, depth, and width. One system which I have seen several times in slaves has been a 13 x 13 x 13 cube. In order to give another dimension and to give the programmers the ability to tie different things in different parts of the system together–the programmers use color coding. Each alter will receive a color code. I am familiar with the standard color coding program, and how it is put into the child’s mind. Dr. Green (Mengele) used a box of colored scarfs and electroshock to program in the color coding into victim’s mind. Besides alters, other things in the system may be color coded also. Let’s say as Programmers we place hidden observers on each level, system or world. Then we can tie those isolated alters together by color coding them the same. During the programming, computers are built into the mind to operate the programming, and they send their signals according to color coding.

Exhibit 3 Milky Way Galaxy Map (TM379260-2) This is just one of a number of maps that go with the Star Trek programming. During the programming (which is sophisticated torture of all kinds backed up w/ drugs) the child’s mind will be encouraged to psychotically build worlds in his or her mind. These worlds are built with vortexes, mine fields, and in the case of Star Trek programming Radiation zones. If an alter would attempt to wander from its assigned spot in the mind, it will run into Radiation zones, walls, and other barriers. These zones are built into the mind, to insure that the multiple personalities do not contact each other. Aliens and holograms protect certain areas and prevent personalities from freely moving around in the mind. These “aliens” are placed into the victim’s mind by high level demonology–in other words they are not aliens–they are demons which have been brought in by high level rituals.

Exhibit 4 4.1 Computer System (p.50) The first thing created are the multiple personalities. Then these personalities are placed into a structured system. To operate that structured system and to insure compliance the Monarch programmer will put in what is called Omega programming. Omega programming consists of computers, wiring, conduits and cords. The most important part are the computers. These computers contain the instructions, and they are controlled by internal programmers who may be alters or who may be high level demons. The aliens (demons) who are placed strategically in the mind to keep the Omega programming intact are put in by sophisticated high level demonology. The high level demonology part of the programming is the most secret and it is termed Gamma programming. This is a diagram which could be used to help build into the child’s mind a computer. In the early programming, a little girl while being tortured would be shown a multi-roomed dollhouse. The rooms would each have a separate color. The rooms would be linked in the child’s mind to computers. In other words–the dollhouse structure was the structure the computers used. In the Star Trek programming, the modern child simply is given a multi-roomed computer like the one drawn.

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