Monarch Mind Control Programming

How The Olfactory Nerves Are Traumatized

Blood and perfume have been linked together in magic for thousands of years. The magical writings are full of the different concoctions created for ritual smells. Some of these over the centuries were smells which were discovered caused people to go into trance or dissociate. A common wretched smell at Satanic/Illuminati rituals is the smell of human flesh, as flesh is heated to make candles in wooden ritual cups. It is reported that the stench of human flesh burning can cause dissociation.

The power of scents was noticed in ancient China by Li Po. The alchemists studied scents very carefully. The case at Loudon, Fr. (written about in Chapt. 10, pp. 295-296), had nuns going into different dissociative states at the smell of different flowers. Cinnamon is a widespread scent used in programming deeper parts in a system. The smell of faeces & urine is a trauma to a small caged child. Interestingly, urine also contains An-alpha which is the scent element which triggers the human mind sexually. Moriah knows how to use the various scents, incenses etc. Astral magic uses various perfumes.

When Moonchild Traumas Miscarry

According to someone who has helped with the programming and Moon Child ceremonies, occasionally the child while in the womb when traumatized by the Moon Child rituals, retreats into its mind like a cocoon, and develops autism. Autism is an emotional problem where the child withdrawals from reality and goes into its own private world of altered states. The programmers for many years did not know why some children developed autism from the trauma rather MPD (DID), but in some cases it seems related to high 1.0. and genetics. The programmers are not able to reach such children, and essentially all were discarded into mental hospitals or used in rituals, until about 20 years ago when more and more of them were allowed to survive in public.

An article "Altered States", based on the Donna William's autobiographical book Somebody Somewhere seems to buttress that autism can be mind-control duds. Williams is both autistic & MPD. Her book reveals that autistic children have acute sensory perception (intelligence) rather than retardation. There are different types of autism, and the authors do not understand the topic well enough to write much more than this. It is quite possible autism may have several causes, some which do not relate to the failure to become MPD (DID), but may be the result of some other cause. However, the increase in autistic children is believed by the authors to be the result of increased trauma-based mind control. MS (multiple sclerosis) is another side effect, which can stem from brain stem scarring.

Ritual Torture Device

Several victims of Illuminati trauma, remember a special ritual torture device that is put inside a person and causes excruciating pain. It is made from only one kind of wood, a special wood, possibly myrtle. It has a painted spider on it, between two satanic symbols.


In review, the elements that make up a single whole personality--family history, personal history and memories of abilities, talents and one's self-image have all been stripped from the child when the mind divides itself up into sections walled off by amnesia walls. When the programmers work with each memory part, they have the option to give it all the elements of whatever personality they want it to have. They can even make it into an animal or an inanimate object, because that little fragment has no chance to contradict what it is being programmed to believe.

Although the memory part of the brain (which provides a person's personality) is divided, other parts of the brain function intact. Much of the elements of Monarch Mind Control are based on things that are observed in normal life--dissociation, mental & chemical dependence, denial, charisma, discipline, personality and torture which have been refined into skilled methodologies for controlling a person and then combined into a Group Package.

Understanding The Rituals and Trauma

Illuminati rituals are based upon the most ancient Mystery religions. The Rothschilds like the ancient Canaanite Mystery rituals, and use Akkadian-Hittite-Canaanite-Babylonian rituals. The rituals from ancient Egypt are also heavily used by the Illuminati. The Collins -Sinclairs-type Illuminati bloodlines and some of the other Illuminati families with a northern European/celtic background, are very much into Druid rituals. Understand that historically, the Druids gave up paganism for the truth of Christ, but that now neo-paganism would have people return to what the Celtic leadership gave up about two thousand years ago.

The drawings below were done by participants in high level satanic ritual.

Image_112The one participant drew several pictures of hearts which her coven placed into jars.

Some illustrations from the Egyptian Book of the Dead are included to show that the rituals of keeping hearts in a jar is straight from the Egyptian Book of the Dead.

The heart was placed in a jar for weighing it for judgment. The twin (mirror-image) goddess Maat at times stands beside the scales, and at the same time Maat is also placed onto one side of the scale. This is similar to Christ judging a person, while also being the standard against which a person is judged against.

In the Papyrus of Qenna the head of Anubis is on the beam and the ape, wearing disk and crescent, is seated upon a pylon-shaped pedestal beside the balance. Another picture shows Horus holding Maat in his hand, weighing the heart in the presence of the Maat goddesses, and anubis, who is holding the deceased by the hand, is presenting the heart to Osirus while Isis and Nephthys in the forms of apes sit nearby.

The drawing of the ritual stick shows what one type of stick used in Satanic rituals looks like.


Chapter 3


Science No. 3 The Use of Drugs

The science of Pharmacology (drugs) has given the Programmers a vast array of mind-altering and body-altering drugs. Some of the drugs are not used to directly alter the mind, but to change the body (make the skin burn), or make the person vomit, or some other reaction that can be harnessed to further their nefarious programming goals. If they want a little girl to develop breasts they might give her hormones. Neuroscientists are now familiar with chemicals which cause personality traits. If one wants to create raving paranoia, simply provide the brain with too much dopamine in the emotional centers of the brain and too little dopamine in the seat of reasoning area of the brain. Reduce serotonin in the person and the person will be unable to connect disagreeable consequences with what provoked them. In other words, they can't protect themselves from danger.


Thorazine was used regularly at the CIA's Jonestown, Guyana group control experiment. Survivors of Jonestown have testified as to its effectiveness. After this gruesome experiment in mind control came to its end with a massacre, large amounts of drugs were discovered. Just one footlocker at Jonestown alone contained 11,000 doses. The authorities prevented chemical autopsies of the bodies to insure secrecy of this sophisticated concentration camp which was used for medical and psychiatric experimentation by the CIA. An examination of the drugs that are used in mental hospitals to alter the minds of patients offers a clear indication of what is being used in the Monarch Mind Control programming.


Drugs Used for Mind Control

The CIA/Illuminati programming centers have more than 600-700 different drugs at their disposal. The following is a partial list of the drugs available for their mind-control (aka MK-Ultra Programming). They can make a person feel like he is in heaven, or burning in hell. The drugs are at times used with elaborate light, sound and motion shows that produce whatever effect the programmer wants to produce. They can make a person believe he is shrinking, or that he is double (with mirrors), or that he is dying. Before describing how drugs are used for programming & control, let us list a few which we know have been used. This list comes from CIA documents obtained from the Freedom of Information Act and from what Multiples used as Programmers remember. Many of the new synthetic drugs are known only to the Illuminati/Intelligence community.:

2-GB (aka CBR, this is a strong hallucinogenic which also helps telepathic communication)
2-CT2 (produces dark, earthy visual patterns)
Acetylcholine (for EEOM, EDOM, and for blocking memory)
Amobarbital (hypnotic sedative)106
Amobarbital sodium (hypnotic sedative)
Amphetamine (addictive)
Amphetamine sulphate
Anectine (succinylcholine, a strong muscle relaxant that makes one feel suffocated and drowning. The person feels terror at thinking he is dying.)
Aphrodisiacs (sexual manipulation by programmers)
Aprobarbital (hypnotic sedative)
Atropine (speeds heart rate given with l.V.) Atrosine
BZ (designer drug ten times more powerful that LSD, produces amnesia)
Baradanga (truth serum which makes people willing to follow any command)
Belladonna (a traditional drug of witches since the middle ages)
Benzidrene (Benzedrene, stimulant used w/ other drugs)
Bulbocapnine (causes a catatonia and stupors)
Butabarbital sodium (hypnotic sedative)
Butyl-bromallyl-barbituric acid
Caffeine sodium
Calcium Chloride
Can nabinol
Cannabis (aka Marijuana, a sedative, change in perception, colors and sounds more distinct, time distorted. This drug is not used much in Monarch Programming because it IMPEDES mind control. It has been experimented with in combination with other drugs as an interrogation tool. The CIA listed it as being used in MK-Ultra, but it served as an experimental drug rather for programming.)
Chloral hydrate (a hypnotic sedative, the active sedative ingredient is the metabolite trichloroethanol, goes to work in about 30-60 minutes, aka Noctec)
Cocaine (addictive, blackmail, the availability of cocaine may pull up certain alters who are addicted to it)
Curare (to paralyze the body)
Delvinyl sodium
Demerol (a hypnotic, also given as a reward for good learning after an induced headache, is used in the Scramble programming where the victim must overcome its effect to concentrate on what is being said)
Desoxyn (used with Sodium Pentothal for hypnotic trance)
Dexedrine (amphetamine)
Di benzo pyran derivatives
Dramamine (aka dimenhydrinate, stops motion sickness)109
Drobinal (for quick access)
Ecstasy (aka XTC, Adam, MDMA, this is an illegal designer drug, but it's used by the government & cult programmers. Empathogens, like Ecstasy, enhance trust between the recipient & the programmer. It's effect lasts for several hours.)
Ephedrine (stops hypotension)
Epinephrine (adrenaline)
Ethanol (to inebriate the victim to induce certain behavior)
Ethchlorvynol (hypnotic sedative)
Ethyl harmol
Estazolam (hypnotic sedative)
Ethclorvynol (hypnotic sedative, effect begins 30 min. after digestion, addictive, aka Placidyl)
Ethinamate (hypnotic sedative, aka Valmid)
Evipan sodium
Flurazepam hydrochloride (hypnotic sedative)
Glutethimide (hypnotic sedative, has withdrawal symptoms, aka Doriden)
Halcyn (blocks explicit memory by impairing hippocampal processing)
Haliopareael (tranquilizer)
Harmine methiodide
Histamine (causes changes in the skin)111
Hydractine (or Hydrastine)
Hypoloid soluble hexabarbitone
Indole methyllarmine
Insulin (shock for amnesia)
Ipecac (to induce vomiting for eating disorder programming)
Largatil (a powerful tranquilizer)
Lorazepam (sleep induction, may destroy memory of previous day)
LSD-25 (Used to program alters to cut their veins; they want to end their nightmare by cutting what seem like white rivers w/ black threads or other scary delusions. Can cause psychosis& other effects. It's used in small amounts for interrogations. Its active ingredient is psilocybin which can create anxiety & a fear of death.)
Lyscorbic acid
MDA (this is a cross between mescaline and amphetamine speed)
MDMA (also known as Adam, this is Ecstasy, see under Ecstasy for more information)
MDE (aka Eve, puts someone into a strictly intellectual head trip)
Manganese chloride112
Mellaril (mood changer)
Methaqualone (hypnotic sedative)
Methotrimeprazine hydrochloride (hypnotic sedative)
Methy-prylon (aka Noludar, helpful for hypnosis, side effects are a hangover & skin rashes.)
Midazolam hydrochloride (hypnovel, versed, hypnotic sedative which can cause amnesia)
Morphine hydrochloride
Niacin (helpful to stop an LSD trip)
Nicotinic acid (stops LSD drug effect)
Nitrous oxide
Paraldehyde (hypnotic sedative, produces sleep in 15 mm., has a strong odor & disagreeable taste)
Pentobarbital (hypnotic sedative)
Pentobarbital sodium (hypnotic sedative, if mixed with dextro amphetamine sulfate it will half the stage 1 dream time when REM sleep occurs)
Pentothal acid (helpful for hypnosis)
Pentothal sodium
Peyotl (interrogation, hallucinations)
Phenolic acid (injected into expendable children's hearts to kill them)
Propranolol (calms the mind so it can function better)114
Quazepam (hypnotic sedative)
Scapalomine S. (good amnesia drug)
Scopolomine (truth serum that makes people willing to do whatever they are told)
Scopolomine aminoxide hydrobromide
Secobarbital sodium (hypnotic sedative)
Sodium Amytal (hypnotic sedative that reduces R E M sleep time)
Sodium barbital
Sodium dielvinal
Sodium evipal
Sodium pentobarbital (nembutal)
Sodium Pentothal (truth serum for interrogation, can be used with hypnosis, can be used with Desoxyn, given in an IV)115
Sodium phenobarbital
Sodium rhodanate
Sodium soneryl
Sodium succinate
Sodium thioethamyl
Styphnic acid
Tetra-hydro-cannabinol acetate
Temazepam (hypnotic sedative)
Thallium (confuses thinking)
Thorazine (helps bring one out of an LSD trip)116
Tranquility (a designer drug for programming that makes the victim compliant, like Baradanga)
Triazolam (hypnotic sedative, somewhat rapid)
Yohimbine sulphate
Zolpidem tartrate (hypnotic sedative)|


When the victim's body is saturated with all the drugs they can assimilate, they will receive herbs, which often have a drug effect.

Ayahuasca (a vine of Brazil whose alkaloids such as Telapatin are said to produce a telepathic state where the recipient can see through people like glass and read their minds.)
Bayberry (hemorrhaging)
Calamas (part of a cerebral tonic)
Cayenne Pepper (stimulant)
Charcoal (absorbent cleanser)
Caladium sequinum (injected into body parts to cause excruciating pain)
Clove Oil (placed in nose for relief from the pain of dental tortures)
Hemlock (a poison, used more to kill than for programming)
Hops (sleep aid aka Beerflower)
Lady's Slipper (relaxant)
Kava Kava (sedative)
Mistletoe (for dizziness, and lower blood pressure)
Narcissus (anaphrodisiac for males)
Opium (enchanting trip)
Potions (made from roots, powders, dried blood and animal parts are given.)118
Rosemary (mild heart tonic)
Saffron (sedative)
Sage (part of a cerebral tonic)
Sandlewood & henbane (when burned the fumes cause convulsions & temporary insanity)
Skullcap (relaxant)
Sunflower Seed Oil (this may be used to help with brain stem scarring)
Valarium Root (works just like Valarium, also helps cramps)
Witch Hazel (hemorrhaging)
Yerba Mate (part of a cerebral tonic)

A Brief History of the Use

Religious groups, shamans, medicine men, witches and cults have been using mind altering drugs throughout history. The medieval witches used potions of hemlock and aconite for their flying ointments. These are herbs (natural drugs) which will create delirium. Contemporary witnesses reported that covens during the medieval ages would apply the potion of hemlock and aconite to cause their new witch to go delirious, and then would transport the person to the Sabbat, where they would be told they flew there.

The Haitian satanic Vodoun cult, which has been manipulated by the CIA/Illuminati, has sorcerers called bokors. The Vodoun cult in Haiti is being used for trauma-based mind control. One of the items of the cult is to take the plant Datura stramonium and add this plant with other things. The plant is the active ingredient of a potent psychoactive drug, the "zombi cucumber" which produces amnesia and a pseudo-death of the victim. The brain doesn't die, but the mind is shut off. The victim is brought back to life as a zombie--a slave of the bokor. The powder to create a zombi is called zombificant in French-creole. The ceremonies to kill and resurrect the zombie are full of magic and demonology also.

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