Monarch Mind Control Programming

Defenses In Death

What would happen if a slave physically got away from its master or handler? This has happened countless times and the mind-control is so solid that the handlers don't have too much to worry about. Mind-controlled slaves have gone to therapists for years and never gotten free of the mind-control. The therapeutic process that the establishment has schooled them in and then requires them to adhere to, prevents the therapist from doing things that might really set the victim free. Therapists are often loath to give any help in any thing that smacks of spirituality. The spiritual issues in many of these slaves are the most crucial issues facing them. If they don't resolve these spiritual issues, the deeper alters will continue to adhere to their blood oaths of allegiance to their Satanic abusers and their oaths to serve Satan loyally.

Each cult which programs, makes sure that they place in lots of loyal alters, which therapists call persecutor alters because they torment the alters who want freedom. If therapists try to eliminate these persecutor alters, they will fight back with the full tenacity and strength that the survival instinct gives to anyone. Their persecutor role needs to be validated, and then redirected toward productive ends. Many persecutor alters see life simply as following their instructions and that they are protecting the system from greater harm by stopping therapy. During programming that was the case, but if their System has reached a good therapist and has good support team of other people, their fears no longer apply. The cult will attempt to show them that their fears do still apply. Hopefully, the support team for the system of alters will work as hard at protecting as the abusers do to reinforce the fear. Many of the programmers have been associated with the military.

One of the tricks that the military learned is a defense in depth. The Russians employed defenses in depth with great success in 1943 in the big battle of Kursk during W.W. II. The first defense is that the slave has no awareness of the MPD (DID) or that they are being used as a slave. Some of the alters will realize that something is wrong, but the mind control is too strong for them to see clearly. Essentially the System is in trance all the time, even the front alters, they do not perceive reality like people who are not in trance all the time.

The next line of defense is that the fronts of an alter System don't have a clue about the abuse or what their system has been designed for. The front alters will have alters which are loyal to the master, and alters who are full of craziness and disinformation. If the victim keeps probing (which many don't) they will discover an occult involvement. Even if they discover that the System is related to the occult world, the programming is still intact. If the person finds out he is MPD, and finds out that the System was part of the occult world, then he still is captured by all the programming which is intact. Walls, fire walls, mazes, suicide programming, internal armies, programmed craziness and many other tactics sap the strength of the front alters if they try to deviate from the straight and narrow programmed way of behaving. WHEN THE FINAL CALL BACK IS GIVEN--many Monarch slaves are programmed to kill their therapists because the Illuminati will be able to hide/protect them once they leave their place in society and return for the final callback.

Reporting alters hidden well in the System, observe and secretly report back to the Network everything a therapist does. The alters have fix me codes to call for help such as "FIX ME", "QUEEN OF HEART", "THREE LITTLE KITTENS WHO LOST THEIR MITTENS", "THE COWS IN THE CORN, LITTLE JACKIE HORNER WON'T YOU PLEASE BLOW YOUR HORN." The jokers and internal programmers will work night and day to stop or reverse any work done toward freedom.

There are so many levels, suicide programs and so many other defenses a person's body is not strong enough to attack the programming head on. There are for instance Bells of Destruction programming, The War in the Heavens suicide programming, the Gethsemane Suicide Programming, the Octopus suicide programming, the Injection of Bleach, the overdose of drugs, the go insane program, just to mention a few. The slave will be given a whole batch of these types of programs which may all go off at once if the slave doesn't comply with keeping the mind control secret.

One internal protective programming line is The Man without a Country story. Another is a water program but in with Scripture from Jer. about Ahab stomping the grapes. Another is for the slave to think they have been turned into a fragile paper doll. The paper doll programming is put in by making the skin very sensitive to any touch, and then attaching that memory to the hypnotic suggestion of being a paper doll. An octopus suicide program chokes the slave if they are disobedient. A mush the brain is triggered by a fanning movement. If the slave touches the programming, Armageddon programming is activated in those who have Bible programming.

The four horsemen on their different horses ride out and bring their different mental tortures to the slave's mind. Winged monkeys (possibly alter fragments) from the Wizard of Oz story programming are called "watchers". They watch alters.

The slave is conditioned that if any programming or demonology is taken out, it will come back seven times seven stronger. The Bible (MT 12:43-44) is used to put in this programming. Actually, this is more than programming, there is a principle in operation here. Therapists need to be cautious about pulling things out, if they do not understand what the ramifications will be. We want the victim to have hope, not to make the task look harder. One of the primary protective programs is the JUDAS PROGRAMMING. Anyone who betrays the abusers is labelled "Judas" and is programmed to go out and act like Judas by hanging themselves. If that mind control program doesn't happen, the Illuminati warn their people "Remember Tom Collins", who was the son of an Illuminati Grand Mother, who became a Christian, started exposing the Illuminati in churches, and was gunned down in a grocery parking lot.

Finally, the members are warned that they will be sacrificed on a cross like Christ in what is termed "a traitor's death." Usually, mind-controlled slaves will police their own actions and thoughts. The therapist may hear their Monarch client talk about the Dove, fire, Moriab, and water as protectors. They may talk about a little bird dove who is part of protection which flies iftto the ebony trees. The basic defensive programming placed into the early Illuminati models was based upon the 4 BASIC ELEMENTS--fire, wind, water, and air. When the programming is touched by anyone, the elements of the earth come alive. For instance, if the programming is touched the following programs based on the four elements come alive:

WATER--victim will freeze like ice, will suffocate like inhaling water, will boil like being placed in boiling water, will feel a drip drip drip on the head, and will flood with memories. This is why some Monarch slaves do not like to swim.

FIRE--Victim will burn inside and outside. The victim will remember fire torture, and perhaps their face melting. This is why some Monarch slaves don't like to light a match or a fire. Slaves will have their programming reinforced with the warning, "If you disobey us, Satan will take your ability to resist burning away, and you will burn in hell." The alters have no way to conceive that God could love them, so they feel if they are to have any chance not to burn in the afterlife of hell they must obey. The fire programs which activate when they disobey reinforce this warning. Often victims report a "Ring of Fire" burning within.

EARTH--the victim will remember being dropped down a well, being buried alive in either hot sand, or a casket. Earth means "life or death". The earth "swallows people up." The victim may feel dehydrated from memories of being buried in hot sand (hot earth). This is why some victims have a fear of being buried alive. In fact, this can be done internally where alters are internally placed in caskets and buried. Alters are also internally thrown into internal wells. The Illuminati programmers say, "ASHES TO ASHES, DUST TO DUST' to mean that the earth will bring death. Sometimes even volcanos erupt (earth and fire) out of the ocean (water) and destroy parts of a system. Internal earthquakes also happen quickly and then the entire system will be shifted and shuffled.

AIR or WIND--Vortexes suck the person down and away, a strong wind takes the alter(s) into the Rubicon of Outer Space and the body dismembers itself as it goes away. The mind doesn't understand why it is being torn apart, only that it is being torn like a tornado. The alter may also go into a bubble and float away.(This effect is put in w/ drugs and hypnosis.) They will dissociate and nothing is real.

How does one place into a child these types of programs? Let's say the programmers want to put in the Tumbleweed Program where the child feels like it has become a tumbleweed & can't ground and get its bearings on anything. Let's say the programmer also wants the child to lose his arms & legs while being blown away. The child is dehydrated so the mind is overheated and hallucinating. Special drugs are also given to the child to make it more delirious, make it more suggestible, etc. The little child by this point has no mind of its own. Heavy fans with hot air are placed upon the child. It is hypnotically told that it has no arms and no legs. The child is too weak to think for itself. It is almost comatose. The child will be left for perhaps 8 hours as a script which keeps repeating itself is played on a voice box. The child will hallucinate the script or the video it is being shown. When the child can give the script back to the programmer exactly like it is meant to be, then the programmers know they can stop. The child alter is to take on the identity of the tumbleweed. If it responds like many Main alters--it will pass this ability on to splits that it creates for this purpose. These splits created for the tumbleweed script will be clean slates for the programmers to manipulate. By the way, smelling salts are used to wake up child victims who are too comatose.

Overview Of The Princess Programming

The Omega programs prevent integrating the Multiple personalities, and they hold the body programs, and run the computers. If major tampering is done with the System, which threatens to totally wipe out the Omega programs, then one of the backup programs is the Princess programming.

The princess programming is a back up program. It can be triggered several ways. One method is by astral communication between loyal alters and their Illuminati programmer. However, the main triggering factor is that the System has recognized that serious tampering has been done to the System. If serious deprogramming occurs, the Princess program with "Sleeping Beauty" kicks in.

The programming is contained within a box, which is opened up upon the appropriate cues. The way it operates is that it kicks in when the handler loses control over a system. The princess who is kept sleeping by spiders which bite her in a coffin, wakes up and looks for the prince to come. Daddy demon and the dark princess are now ruling from the castle dungeon. A System's dwarfs and Thor continue to guard as well as the big guard cats like Bast. Darkness sets in on all the top sections of alters, and thick walls and pain come, then a webbing much like a body-suit-cocoon will envelope all but alters loyal to the master. It becomes hard to breathe and the alters who had sought freedom from the programming, now find themselves being tranced out.

Alters who are cold and in lots of pain are called up by code to torment the body. The Outer Darkness of a System (sometimes called the Rubicon) gets thicker.

If Gatekeeper and Kitten alters have porcelain face programming, then they will get their porcelain masks back as the Omega programming kicks back in. The porcelain masks have cords back to the black princess. The black princess's coffin has cords to Papa.

The core will give her energy to the dark side, and alters who want freedom will receive very little energy. They will be very tired. Those alters who liked the light side and freedom are now under attack. They will be isolated by walls and then incapacitated by a cocoon which leads to death.

The alters who do not want to be part of Satanism will be worked over, and they will continue to be worked over until they shatter. If need be, they can be taken to the castle dungeon and played movies of torture which have been coded and entered into the mind via codes.

Internal voodoo will be carried out to scare alters into complying. The worlds will reestablish their compasses. The internal BEAST computer along with the dark princess run the show. The box which opens up, sets off the suicide programming.

The primary tool in fighting the suicide programming is the will to fight. If the will to fight is strong, a way to fight through the walls can be found. If the walls are broken down, then a strategy of isolating the castle's programming can be carried out, and eventually the black princess can even be retrieved. Since the princess and daddy demon are running things via spiritual and demon processes, the battle at this point involves spiritual warfare, although there are probably other methods to solve the situation.

The castle programming will be isolated by closing the portals, and other safeguards. The Black Princesses can be turned from their course. The Black Princess can be retrieved. The castle's power can be shut down. The Princess programming can be beat, but it takes hard work. A system must make decisions to continue fighting the programming with all their creativity, strength and will power.

A rebirthing program will go off. This rebirthing program is controlled by a System of clocks. The clocks are the stabilizing heartbeat and are tied to the eternal life force. There are also clocks which control the steps to the Princess Programming. These clocks bring about steps which will take the System down the road to no-return. These clocks can be frozen and by freezing them, one can stop the next step from taking place. In the rebirthing program, umbilical cords and strings run from alters back to the black princess. The black princess is in the torture chamber of the dungeon and the strings carry the torture memories to alters in sections wanting freedom, especially those holding the body. If those alters want to stop the intense pain to the body they need to freeze those strings and stop the torture memories from coming up from the torture chamber.

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