Monarch Mind Control Programming

Further considerations on the choice of Trees. It is possible that the we can question the question. That is perhaps the question is not that the oak or the willow tree was used to the exclusion of the other--but that BOTH trees were used in the programming. Generally, this seems to be the case. In one particular case, it is possible that in a double system (with a dormant third system as a final backup), the oak tree being the more obvious Druidic symbol and quite strong was used in the front system, and the totally secret second system has the willow utilized. When the one person attempted to snap the oak tree at ground level in a crude attempt to deprogram themselves, the root system regenerated itself through the first mirror image, and what came back was more spirit and more deadly. Remember, the tree serves as an umbilical cord linking via its roots the person to their spiritual life force (which are the evil spirits which command and drive the system.) However, when the oak tree and its mirror images and the spiritual protectors (hideous spirits) were properly done away with, and then further deprogramming was done, a crack seems to have developed behind the pyramid crystal which allowed the person's original set of alters to experience a new or double system! Since that has happened it seems there has been an increased drawing to willows. In other words, for this particular victim it is conjectured that the front system (the fully operational set of alters) has an oak, and the duplicate set of alters which were each broken off of each of the original set) have a system with a willow tree. The trees roots of course are the umbilical cord to the source (the waters) that spiritually feed it. These relate to the soul ties. These roots have to be dealt with spiritually. They are so interwoven that they tie a person completely up with their roots and programs that are interwoven and wrapped around each other. Other high level Illuminati survivors also have a front tree and a back tree.

Another consideration is that the trees have flowers planted around them. Uprooting the trees are not sufficient for deprogramming, because the flowers are the deeper generational material and will regenerate the trees. Touching Lilith's box under the tree can release owls and monkeys and other animals that are dangerous. A generic code often can be used to take out the flowers.

What Are The Other Trees?

Other important occult trees are the Tree of the Knights Table, and the Tree of Alchemy. There is such a thing as Tree Magic, which involves many kinds of trees and tree spirits. The Axle tree according to world wide occult belief has the earth revolving about it. Many survivors of course have the oak, willow or ash trees placed in as their principle tree or as their back up tree. The final back up tree in an Ill. System might be the occult Yggdrasil tree (ash tree). The Yggdrasil tree has 3 roots (spiritual, terrestrial, and infernal) and has a cosmic egg attached to it. Generally only one tree is mentioned, but a back up tree exists, and then third tree which is a back-door back-up tree. Therapists should be cautioned that these trees often come in groups of 3.

What are the Backups?

Beside the principle tree, the programmers will often plant a flower that represents the generational ties. If the tree is taken out the flower will regenerate the tree. The petals, the flower center, the stem and roots represent different generations of the victim.Understanding the Maiden-Mother-Crone combination in the Mothers-of-Darkness. Therapists are going to find Illuminati slaves having 3 alters placed together. This is part of how these systems are structured. The maiden is set up on the pedestal as the "a" alter. The first programming chart which shows all the "a" alters in the system consists only of the young maiden mothers. The mother or second figures are close behind the a's. However, the crone part of the triads is meant to hide in the background. They serve as the power of advice behind the scenes. These Mother of Darkness triads participate in various ceremonies. Their initial initiation ceremonies included water torture with electroshock, which is the death, burial and resurrection ceremony. There are the full range of Satanic holidays for the Mothers and a look at the frill range of holidays will provide a person with the type of ceremonies that the Mothers carry out, which include the two solstices. Different Mother-of-Darkness alters participate in different ceremonies. The inside of their black velvet gowns are color coded so that within the ranks of the Mothers are a whole series of ranks (grades).

All of these Mother parts have been told they are divine goddesses. The following information will clarify this further.

The Mother or "A" Parts

The Mother part of the Goddess Trinity is the high point in all cycles. Traditionally her color is red, the color of life force. The Mother is associated with adulthood and parenthood. The Mother is ripeness and balance. Mothers actively work magick. She is a nurturer. She is confident and has no indecision. The Mother knows what she is. She is the full moon. Summer is the Mother's time of the year, the full moon is her monthly point of power. She is honored by Beltane (May 1), Summer Solstice, and Lunasa (Aug. 1). As stated before there are certain rituals which call for Mothers rather than a maiden or a crone.

Maiden Or "B" Parts

The young maiden part of the mothers is the equivalent to the "apprentice" level of the mystery schools and Freemasonry. The myth holds that the maiden will be eternally youthful. Even with the aging process, the goddess can experience youthfulness in the mind. The maiden is the creatress of new ideas. She also is the armed hunter of the Mother's laws. She is the Guardian of the Balance. She is aware of her sexuality. She is independent and not controlled by men. She is the Way-Shower, the Keeper of the Keys. You will find the maiden in the following rituals:

  • New beginning rituals
  • Plans for conception
  • The birth of a child
  • The first menstruation for girls
  • Puberty rituals for boys

The Crone or "C" Parts

These alters rarely show themselves. They stay in the shadows and pass on advice. The crone aspect of the Triad of Goddesses has been called the Terrible Mothers, the Hag, the Dark Mother, and the Wise One. She is associated with black, death, winter, menopause, wisdom, counsel, reincarnation, and the initiator into the deepest of the Mysteries. The waning Moon is her monthly time of power. The crones number is 9. 9 is a number of wisdom and sacred magick. Nine is also a moon number, which means spiritual completion and wholeness. The crone has a cauldron. She is the great recycler. She is the ultimate teacher. She contacts the Spirits and is an expert on demonology. She is the Keeper of the Spiritual Records. She is the shadow behind the Mother's throne. According to the occult, she is the elder of unlimited wisdom. There are certain rituals which call for the crone, such as Winter Solstice. The crone completes the wheel or cycle of existence of the Mothers of Darkness. She is most likely in the system the most dehumanized of the three that sit on the pedestal.

The following are a sampling of the goddesses you will find. Since the names of these goddesses are not secret, it is possible for people who are not in the occult to track down what the popular goddess names are. Here are a few that are placed into systems:

ASET (Isis) (Maiden)--She dwells in the sky as the silver sheen. Isis or Aset is the best known of the Egyptian goddesses. Her name means throne. She is a ruler. She is the mother of the Anti-Christ figure of Horus. She has a horned crown or a solar crown. She has lots of titles.

BAST (Maiden)--Bast is the mother goddess of all cats. Bast looked like an 18' giant with a cat head. Internally, in the system she will look hugh. Black cats were sacred to Bast. The internal Bast may like obsidian and cats-eye. Bast corresponds to Yesod (the Foundation) on the Cabalistic Tree of Life.

CAILLECH (Crone)--Caillech was the Scotch and Irish Crone figure. She is known as the black mother. A derivative of her name is Caledonia. She was the Spirit of disease. Caillech means an old woman, a hag, or a veiled one. California is named after a version of her name. Some think her name is a derivative of Kali.

HAT-HOR (Mother)--Hat-Hor is also known as Het-Hert. She is the womb of Horus. She is Queen of the Dead, or Queen of the West. In mythology, Hathor, when turned loose on the earth, slew humans until blood ran in the rivers. She is the avenging Mother. She is identified with the heavenly cow who made the Milky Way, and the Nile Goose, who laid the Golden Egg.

ISHTAR (Mother in the swamps)--Ishtar is Lady of heaven, goddess of the moon. Istar had a lion throne and a double serpent scepter. Ishtar went down through 7 gates into darkness and then returned in order to try to find her lover Tammuz. Sometimes Istar is accompanied by dragons. She was originally a Babylonian goddess.

V0045118 Kali trampling Shiva. Chromolithograph by R. Varma.KALI (Crone)--Kali or Kali Ma is the best known Crone goddess. She will be deep in an System. One image of her in mythology is squatting over the dead Shiva devouring his penis while physically eating his intestines. This is an actual Satanic ritual that Mothers-of-Darkness participate in. Kali has both creation-& destruction abilities. Kali's necklace in Indian legend consists of skulls with magical sanskrit letters. Kali was and is worshipped by a great number of people, especially the Hindus. One group of worshippers has been the Thugs, who relate to the Assassins and the Knights Templars. Another group of Kali worshippers are the gypsies who left India in the middle ages and over the next following hundreds of years travelled all over the world. Originally, blood sacrifices of male animals or men were made to her. There is a reported decrease in India of such blood sacrifices from what it was a century ago. The favorite view of Kali is the black Kali named Dakshinakali. She is usually shown black and naked, full-breasted with dishevelled hair and a wild grimace.

KORE-PERSEPHONE (Maiden)--A great mother of Greek myth. Kore means "maiden" in greek. In mythology, she watched the grain grow among the wildflowers, especially red poppies. She became the mistress of the underworld. She guards the chasm that goes into the earth. She marks each spirit of the dead on their forehead with pomegranate juice. Pomegranates are used in ritual. Kore returns in Spring to see her mother Demeter. According to Greek legend Kore was raped in Hades. She is also known as the Queen of the Dead. A similar Illuminati ceremony takes place where a male wearing a mask acts like Satan. Kore makes the journey to Hades by herself without her mother. The Greek mystery schools, which included many great Greek thinkers, have had rituals around Kore.

MAAT--Maat's name means "She whose name is Truth". Her symbol is a red ostrich feather. A ritual vow is "by the Feather of Maat." Maat's presence might explain why a System is infatuated with feathers. Maat is the one in legend who "is the pattern" --the one who "will find a way to weave us back into our proper places in the tapestry."


The Carousel in real life is used as a device to teach dissociation, and how the alters are to go up and down in trance. Sometimes you will see parents who seem to be so loving having their children ride for long periods on a carousel. They might actually be programming them in dissociation.

An internal carousel is built into an internal system. Mirrors and shadows are placed around and perhaps in it. The carousel spins and moves up and down repeatedly. In the center of the carousel, the Programmers often place something or someone important. They will often put this at the bottom of the DNA double helix and have the double helix elevator shaft coming up the center of the carousel. The carousel's bottom side will set on top of the system's switching mechanism. And the core will sometimes be placed in the center of the carousel somewhat underneath it. The switching mechanism is the main control for turning the system (the Grandfather clock so to speak.) The carousel may have umbrella programming immediately on top of it. (This could be Illuminati Delta alters, which can be one of the deepest things put in.)

The carousel must be approached from the back side. At times an internal key, which often looks like an old key is needed to enter the Carousel. Many Illuminati systems are given a key or set of keys, and at times when they enter therapy the front alters give this to their therapist not knowing what the key is, but knowing it is important. The co-authors believe that these keys are carousel keys. A false trinity will be assigned to guard this, which will consist of the False Prophet, The Beast or Dragon, and the Hoofed One. The false prophet and the Beast (dragon) come out of the book of Revelations.

The Hoofed One is a rare occult term for Satan, not to be confused with the popular usage of the Horned One in the occult. The two terms are different. If several carousels are built into a system, then they will have other guards than the false trinity. In many Illuminati systems, there are 13 silent splits made from the core called silences, and at this time during the splitting process guards are made to the Carousel/core. The method of doing this is to place black covers over the eyes of the victim, and then probes are inserted into the base of the skull, as well as electric shocks being applied body-wide and in the subcortical part of the brain.

The victim has their mouth restrained from screaming. The pain from this is about as excruciating as a human can stand. First, the fear part of the brain is activated. Then the logic part is activated, and the victim is told repeatedly "Be good, obey." Next, the fear is stimulated, and then the pain. The head will have excruciating pain, and so will the body to the point of nausea and sickness. An alter will be created to carry the pain, and one to carry the fear, and one to carry the anger. These will be identified and used to guard the carousel. Six alters will guard the carousel. They will be identified and linked to the most important carousel, which guards the core. To attempt to think about the carousel, on the part of an alter, may bring up these guards, and the system will abreact in memories that are almost unbelievably painful.449If a therapist accidently triggers this, get the little child guard to back up or go to sleep. Make sure the heart of the victim, and lungs continue to function.

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