Monarch Mind Control Programming

If we think of the Tree as three pillars--the right, center and left pillars, then we start with describing the right pillar from the top room down--an Illuminati system will have Ishtar! Venus/The Morning Star/Lucifer in the top room. The next room below this will be an alter of destruction, an alter of change, unbinding and freeing. The final right pillar room at the bottom is associated with virtue/white/victory/endurance. In the middle pillar at the top is The Crown. This is the Bride of Saturn (Satan, and the Anti-Christ). The room in the middle pillar one down from the top is the Blue Room. Sometimes front Mother alters are in the blue room.Keha-Throne-Die-Young-Video-Illuminati

Other rooms have other colors assigned, which then tie in with the computer color coding. The blue room is the balancing point, an important room, the center of all things, associated with the twinning.

The next room down is the Foundation. This room is the meeting point for the ethereal and the earth. The next and final room down on the middle pillar is the Kingdom. It has the life force of the first male child who was sacrificed by the slave. This is the feet on the earth room. The far left pillar has 3 rooms. The top left is associated with Midnight/the Mother/and water.

The next room down is associated with Discipline and control.

The next room down is an alter that performed an eating the dove ceremony. Each of these 10 rooms will not only have its own name, but each room's alter will have its own magical name, which is not to be confused with its access code. The alter associated with Wisdom "Chokmah" (and maybe even named Wisdom) is usually full of good information. In the occult literature, the tree is said to be attached upside down--that is its roots are in heaven. This applies to the internal programmed tree. Malkuth is the top of the tree. Malkuth is the "Gate of Death".

There seems to be more gatekeepers at these lower levels. The Lord of the Earth is the power of Malkuth. How it is put in? Our answer applies to Illuminati Mother-of-darkness level systems. Before a Mother-of-darkness system is 16 years old they will have gone through all the ceremonies involved in the creation of the alters which correspond to the rooms of the Cabalistic Tree of Life which is placed in each system. There is one alter assigned to each of the 10 rooms of the tree. Each one is created by a particular Illuminati ceremony.

After the age of 16, the System will be guided on a personalized pathway by the system's own demons and the life force of the sacrificed baby under the tree which relates to the story of Lilith. Lilith is not a single driving force, but the demon Lilith is joined with Zerodieth and Lucifer. Between age 16 and 19 the deep Satanic alters are working on "pathworking." This pathworking will be completed before they are 19. The ceremony at 19 will include the 1,000 points of light ceremony at the super secret Mother-of-Darkness castle of Chateau des Arnerois (Castle of Kings) close to the Belgium-French border in Europe and about 20 kilometers as the crow flies west from Luxemburg. This will be a sealing ceremony with the Mothers dressed in black. Guards and heavy forest protect the large castle from view.

The people in the nearby spooky village of Muno, Bel. basically belong to the castle. The castle has a cathedral inside with a dome with 1,000 lights. The words 1,000 lights is an Illuminati buzz word. When the President used it to describe the White House's Christmas tree, hierarchy people knew what he was signaling. The cathedral has a great hall with columns on either side, and the Queen Mother's throne will be set up there. Only a single male waving an incense ball and robed in white with a red mantle with gold symbols will participate in 1,000 lights ceremony. Down in the secret basement is where an innocent child is sacrificed everyday to provide blood to write in a hugh book the record of how Satan is bringing his plans to fruition. The strongman protecting the tree of life is Lilith/Zerodieth/Lucifer spirits amalgamated. Behind the 1st line of the tree are 880 demons, and tens of thousands more are attached to this whole apparatus. For 24 hours after one of the Queen ceremonies, the Queen alter is a queen and can have anything she wishes. As previously stated, at 19, three keys are given, and the back part of the System begins to be worked. The System has an alter lay on a throne (like in Egyptian days) with a lily. The death, burial and resurrection ceremony also is done sometime in here. There are 9+10 doors to the tree which make up the number 19 (which is the year the system is sealed).

This is tied to an astrological event. Note that every 19 years the full moon appears on the Summer Solstice day and this relates to the internal sun dial and what is called "moon swing." The Cabalistic tree needs balance and becomes operational with balance. Special rituals are chosen for each individual, so the rituals from one alter in one system to another will vary. Individualization may actually be a choice from a selection --that is menu of options--rather than actually totally unique.

The "Becoming" ritual at 19 begins in the ceremony of inhaling a dying mother-of-darkness's breath. Consciousness of the tree is achieved by balance. The Prana children are attached to the tree and its ceremonies. Lily became white when Moon child drew down the moon & exchanged herself for the goddess. She then drew down the stars of heaven (milk from the breast of the goddess). The lily she held in ceremony was the female challis to hold this essence or light of light. (this ceremony has sexual tones to it...) As Lily died in the ceremonies--drinking something from a special cup and laying down on an altar with candles at her head and feet) night was born. The liquid was wine with lily essence in it as well as Rue, which is a strong smelling European plant. Two things happen as lily is consumed--one conceives and one dies from poison. Does this death and conception relate to moon cycles? Night = Nuit Noir= Black. She has names in two terms. She is death, permanence which preserves earthly attainments i.e. position, glory, possessions, etc. What other items are involved with this programming? The rooms of the tree of life have names. Essentially, every Illuminati hierarchy victim, has the Cabalistic tree of life placed in them. This tree lies below the other trees. The circles that make up the internal Cabalistic Tree of Life are called rooms or quads by the various survivors. Alters can use the internal Tree of Life to work magic internally. It also reminds deeper alters of cult control. The circles of the tree are rooms that can be entered into. Mt. Qabbalah is a figurative mountain in the Cabala. What kind of demonology is programmed in with this? In the Cabala, demonology is important. Ashmedai is Asmodeus which means king demon. Lilith is an important demon in Kaballah and is found in Ill. Mother of darkness systems. Lilith's story from the Cabala about mating with Adam and killing her son, is used in Ill. ceremony and programming. The blood of 1st born is placed in a box in the System under each tree.

This according to the programming gives the "eternal life force to the tree." This is in line with occult doctrine of the power of blood, and also serves as a misapplication of the biblical "life is in the blood" concept. Metatron is a lesser top god of the Kaballah, and is receiving lots of Hollywood attention in recent movies. The four mothers of demons are Lilith, Naamah, Agrath, and Mahalath Rahab). In the Cabala each demon has its own seal. Samuel & Amon of No are important demon leaders in the Cabala. At least one System of the Mothers (and we can assume others do too) uses the Bilair, Bilar, Bilid cabalistic names for Satan, rather than Satan. The Shekinah rules the Cabalistic Tree of Life. This is not the Shekinah of God Almighty, but from the self-proclaimed "father of light" Lucifer. There is a "Tree of Evil" said to be below the Tree of Life which is all spirit and not alters. This Tree of Evil has spirits attached to each room rather than alters. In contrast, both alters & spirits are attached to the 10 rooms of the Tree of Life. Various precious stones are attributed to each of the sephiroth rooms, as well as occult archangels. Again if we look at the right pillar at the top is Beelzebub with Chaigidel as assistant. The Knowledge Abyss separates this room from the room below.

This next room is Astarte with Gamchicoth as her assistant. The final room on the right is Baal with Hareb Serapel. The middle pillar at the top is Satan & Moloch in joint rulership. Below that is the Daath room. The room below is Belphegor, and the bottom room on the middle pillar is Lilith with Gamaliel as assistant. The far left starts at the top with Lucifuge. Then below that is Asmodeus. And the final room on the left is Addramalech. Finally, below the bottom middle pillar live the four elements of life; air, water, wind, and earth. Note that what is at the bottom is really at the top. On the other end, the pyramid with the all-seeing eye rests on the two Cabalistic Trees. Ratzkiel is the archangel of Chokmah. The angels which carry out Ratziel's directions are the Auphanim (the wheels), a name full of symbolism and programming possibilities. Tzafkiel, the Archangel of Binah is the Keeper of the Akashic Records, where all the System's days, lessons, and lessons to learn are kept. Since the library records are spiritual, during deprogramming they will have to be wiped out.438However, I'm told that there is someway to retrieve them. Some therapists are using sodium pentothal or whatever to get access codes--but there is another way to recover some of the records.What Are The Codes Like?Gematria might play a role in Monarch codes. Gematria is a Cabalistic teaching about numbers meaning letters.

Gematria is used a lot by Moriah. These are the magical numbers that also serve as letters to the Hebrew alphabet. Certain deeper alters are good at working at astral levels. These alters have "ASTRAL" or "CRAFT' codes, and code names, which will include codes from the names of herbs, spices, jewels, and alpha-numeric codes. Simple equation codes are also used in the deeper levels. HOW does this program relate to the twinning? Many survivors have roses incl. red roses. The Red Rose in the Cabala is associated with the Tree of Life. The Red one is assoc. with one part of the tree and the white with the other part. When paired together they make a blue rose which is the Rose of Malkuth. It may be possible that Red Rose and White Rose were used in the twinning and that a Cabalistic blue rose results in such a Monarch twinning. That last statement is only a supposition. Speaking of roses, Rosemary (the Rose of Mary) is an occult term for a woman who conceives a dark child. It is also associated with a fragrance of the Mint family.

The Willow Tree Vs. Oak Tree


As A Programming Hanger For Moriah's Programming

Alters of an Illuminati System, due to programming, will perceive a tree growing in them which has roots in their feet and its trunk and branches extending throughout their body. Upon this tree, fruit (programs) are placed. Illuminati programs may be to cut a "tree" limb off (which is actually the victim's arm), or for a certain part of the body to get hot, or for a certain part of the body to physically change in some way. These are attached via the tree imagery. Both oak and willows are trees are used. Why might a programmer choose a willow tree rather than an oak tree in the basic programming? The answer lies in why a tree is used in the first place.

A tree is used because of its imagery and because of its magical powers according to Druidism. There are a number of images a tree provides and there are a number of magical powers too. We will discuss the contrasts to develop our answer. The oak is a well-known powerful Druid item, but the willow tree is also sacred. The oak is so well-connected to the Druids that some of the other sacred trees of the Druids are not quickly recognized as sacred. Let us look at the intrinsic imagery advantages of the willow and then the magical properties it might contribute. The combination of the two, will then provide us with the complete answer as to why a willow tree rather than an oak tree might be used.


The imagery of a tree is used because it has branches, leaves and a root system. These items are manipulated for programming purposes. For instance, in the Alice In Wonderland programming, the girl jumps hypnotically into the tree and falls (hypnotically falling deeper and deeper) into the roots of the tree. The deep root system of the willow is an advantage over the shallow root system of the oak. When a storm comes the willow bends and doesn't break, while the oak is rather stiff and breakable. Since these trees are programmed into a person a flexible tree that can't be broke is an advantage. The wrapping around imagery of the branches gives a great deal of flexibility for programming and a stronger imagery than the oak. The willow draws water from deep below. The tree is "the tree of life" (the programs are the life of the system), and the Bible is used to "validate" the programming. For instance, the tree of life by the river (REV 22) is used.

There are some other images that are important too. During Illuminati rituals the willow branches are used as whips to "cleanse" people the victims of programming. The image of a willow branch could easily trigger the memories of being punished (whipped and being cleansed), and this in turn would help hold the programming in place. The fruit of the trees are the programs--and440some of the fruit can be eaten and some not. Sometimes children's stories about lunch pails hanging from trees or fruit in the trees is used to create a place for the individual programs are hung--or this could be a place for the front programs, and the more important programs are stored away somewhere more secret. Bear in mind, the trees in the programming sing and are able to wrap themselves around people if they are going where they aren't supposed to go. The willow has that flexibility naturally, so it is easier to imagine it wrapping itself around a person.

Magical Properties

Most everything that is done programming-wise has a dark spiritual significance to it too. The programmers will look for things that serve their purpose both here and in the spiritual realm. The willow tree is used to make witches wands, and help to make witches brooms. (Birch can also be used.) It is planted around Druid/Celt graves to protect them spiritually. It is believed to also have magical sexual powers. It is possible that some of the programmers might prefer the magical sexual powers of the willow, rather than those properties said to come from the mighty oak. This is not all of the willow's magical powers. It is connected with February and April in different ways, and magically connected with spring. It's possible that the person receiving a willow tree might be born in this time period. Is it possible that what type of tree is selected could sometimes be related to when a person is born. Some programmers might be into being time appropriate--this would depend upon the beliefs of the programmer(s). The imagery of the willow's magical sexual properties could be worked into the programming, as certain alters might be asked to make certain brews, or taste of certain things hypnotically. This would be done at such a deep level it might not be known. Just as in the case of the Alice In Wonderland programming, when the person drops clear to the bottom of the tree roots they find themselves small and they go through a door. But when they come back the alter is not going to remember the trip and what they ate on the hypnotic trip down the tree.

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