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Another method of determination of a subject's modal frequencies is through anatomical estimation. This procedure is by measurement of the subject's cephalic index and the lateral dimensions of the skull. In this method, the shape is determined in prolate spheroidal coordinance. Purely anatomical estimation of sub ject's modal frequencies is performed by first measuring the maximum lateral dimension (breadth) L FIG. 1, of the subject's head together with the maximum dimension D (anterior to Posterior) in the medial plane of the subject's head. D is the distance along Z axis as shown in FIG. 10.

The ratio L/D, called in anthropology the cephalic index, is monotonically related to the boundary value E0 defining the ellipsoidal surface approximating the interface between the brain and the skull in the prolate spheroidal coordinate system. E0 defines the shape of this interface; E0 and D together give an estimate of a, the semi-focal distance of the defining ellipsoid. Using E0 and a, together with known values of the conductivity and di-electric constants of brain tissue, those wavelengths are found for which the radial component of the electric field satisfies the boundary condition that it is zero at E0.

These wavelengths are the wavelenghts associated wi ith the standing waves or modes. The corresponding frequencies are found by dividing the phase velocity of microwaves in brain tissue by each of the wavelengths A subject's microwave modal frequencies may also be determined by observing the effect of external microwave radiation upon the EEG. The frequency of the M equal I mode may then be used as a base point to estimate all other modal frequencies.

A typical example of such an estimation is where the subject is laterally irradiated with a monochromatic microwave field simultaneous with EEG measurement and the microwave frequency altered until a significant change occurs in the EEG, the lowest such frequency causing a significant EEG change is found. This is identified as the frequency of the M= 1 mode, the lowest mode of importance in auditory perception. The purely anatomical estimation procedure (FIGS. 8, 9, 10) is then performed and the ratio of each modal frequency to the M 1 modal frequency obtained. These ratios together with the experimentally-determined M - I frequency are then used to estimate the frequencies of the mode numbers higher than 1. The prolate spheroidal coordinate system is shown in FIG. 9. Along the lateral plane containing the x and y coordinates of FIG. 9. the prolate spheroidal coordinate variable 4 (angle) lies FIGS. 9 and 10. Plots of the transverse electric field amplitude versus primary mode number m are shown in FIG. 11.

The equation is

The "elevation view" FIG. 12, of the brain from the left side, shows the primary auditory cortex 10. The isotone lines and the high frequency region are toward the top of 100 and the low frequency region toward the bottom of 100.

The formula I, set forth below is the formula for combining modes from an isotone line at ø= øj being excited to obtain the total modal field at some other angular location ø. For this

formula, if we let J= 1 (just one isotone single frequency acouistic stimulus line), then it can be shown that ALL modes (in general) must be used for any ONE tone.

FIG. 13 shows the resulting total modal field versus angle ø for source location ø at 5.25 degree, 12.5 degree, etc. With reference to the set of curves at the left top of this figure. A spacing of approximately 7.25 degree in ø' corresponds to a tonal difference of about I octave. This conclusion is based on the side lobes of pattern coming from ø=5.25 degree, etc. The total filed (value on y-axis) falls considerably below the top curves for source locations well below 5.25 degree (toward the high acoustic stimulus end) and also as the source of frequency goes well above 10 degree frequency end) ø is plotted positive downward from the (at lateral location as indicates in FIG I 11. Resistor weightings are obtained from the (unreadable word) (m[ø -øj]). Formula I. The scale between acoustic frequency and ø must be set or estimated from experiment. Approximately 5.25 ± 1 degree corresponils to a tonal stimulus at about 2 khz. (the most sensitive region of the ear) since this source location gives the highest electric field amplitude.

The apparatus of FIG. 7 may also be used to determine values for a hearing device which are required for a particular subject. Once the modal frequencies have been estimated, the device of FIG. 7 which includes variable microwave oscillators may be used to determine values for the oscillators which match the subject, and to determine resistance values associated with the mode partition devices of the mode control matrix. In FIG. 7 manual control of the amplifier gain is achieved by potentiometers 76. In this manner the amplifier gains are varied about the estimated settings ror an acoustic tone stimulus in the region of two thousand Hertz (2 khz) until maximum acoustic perception and a purest tone are achieved together. The term purest tone may also be described as the most pleasing acoustic perception by the subject.

This process may be repeated at selected .frequencies above and below 2 kHz. The selected frequencies correspond to regions of other acoustic filter center frequencies of the subject. When modal frequency (oscillator frequency) and gain set values (setting a potentiometer 76) are noted, it is then possible to calculate fixed oscillator frequencies and control resistor values for the adjusted hearing device for this particular subject. In the event the subject has no prior acoustic experience, that is deaf from birth, estimated resistor values must be used. Also, a complex acoustic stimulation test including language articulation and pairs of harmonically related tones may be developed to maximize the match of the hearing device parameters for those of this particular subject.

Typical components for use in this invention include commercially available high fidelity microphones which have a range of 50 Hz to 5 kHz with plus or minus 3 dB variation. The audio filters to be used with the acoustic filter bank 12 are constructed in a conventional manner, and have Q values of about 6. The filters may also be designed with 3 dB down points (½ the bandwidth away from the center frequency) occurring at adjacent center frequency locations. The diodes 17 in the mode control matrix which provide isolation between the mode partition circuits are commercially available diodes in the audio range. The microwave oscillators I through N and the microwave amplifiers 20 are constructed with available microwave transistors which can be configured either as oscillators or amplifiers. Examples of the transistors are GaAsFET field effect transistors by Hewlitt Packard known as the HFET series or silicone bipolar transistors by Hewlitt Packard known as the HXTR series. All the cable between the oscillators, the microwave amplifiers, and the antenna should be constructed with either single or double shielded coaxial cable. The antenna 24 for directing microwave signals to the audio cortex 26 should be approximately the size of the auditory cortex. A typical size would be one and one half CM high and one half to one CM wide. The antenna as shown is located over the left auditory cortex. but the right may also be used. Since the characteristic impedance of the brain tissue at these microwave frequencies is close to 50 ohms, efficient transmission by commercially available standard 30 ohm coax is possible. The invention has been described in reference to the preferred embodiments. It is, however, to be understood that other advantages, features, and embodiments may be within the scope of this invention as defined in the appended claims. What is claimed is: 1. A sound perception device for providing induced perception of sound into a mammalian brain comprising in combination: means for generating microwave radiation which is representative of a sound to be perceived, said means for generating including means for generating a simultaneous plurality of microwave radation frequencies and means for adjusting the amplitude of said microwave radiation frequencies in accordance with the sound to be perceived; and antenna means located in the region of the auditory cortex of said mammalian brain for transmitting said microwave energy into the auditory cortex region of said brain.

  1. A hearing device for perception of sounds comprising in combination: means for generating a signal representative of sounds; means for analyzing said signal representative of said sounds having an output means for generating a plurality of microwave signals having different frequencies having a input connected to said output of said means for analyzing said signals,

    having an output; means for applying said plurality of microwave signals to the head of a subject, and whereby the subject perceives sounds which are representative of said sounds,

  2. The apparatus in accordance with claim 2 wherein said means for generating a signal is a microphone for detecting sound waves.
  3. The apparatus in accordance with claim 2 wherein said means for applying said plurality of microwave signals is an antenna.
  4. The apparatus in accordance with claim 4 wherein said antenna is placed in the region of the auditory cortex of the subject.
  5. The apparatus in accordance with claim 2 wherein the subject is a human being.
  6. The apparatus in accordance with claim 2 wherein said means for analyzing said signal comprises: an acoustic filter bank for dividing said sounds into a plurality of component frequencies; and a mode control matrix means for providing control signals which are weighted in accordance with said plurality of component frequencies, having an output connected to said means for generating a plurality of microwave signal inputs.
  7. The apparatus in accordance with claim 7 wherein said acoustic filter bank includes a plurality of audio frequency filters.
  8. The apparatus in accordance with claim 8 wherein said audio frequency filters provide a plurality of output frequencies having amplitudes which are a function of said signal representative of sounds.
  9. The apparatus in accordance with claim 9 wherein said amplitudes are the weighted in accordance with transform function of the signal representative of sounds.
  10. The apparatus in accordance with claim 7 wherein said mode control matrix device includes a voltage divider connected to each of said plurality of said audio frequency filters.364
  11. The apparatus in accordance with claim It wherein each of said voltage dividers has a plurality of outputs which are connected in circuit to said means for generating a plurality of microwave signals.
  12. The apparatus in accordance with claim 2 wherein said means for generating a plurality of mirowave signals comprises a purality of microwave generators each having a different frequency and means for controlling the output amplitude of each of said generators.
  13. The apparattus in accordance with claims 2 wherein said means for generating plurality of microwave signals comprises a broad band microwave source and a plurality of filters.
  14. The apparatus in accordance with claim 13 wherein said generators each comprise a microwave signal source and a gain controlled microwave amplifier.
  15. The apparatus in accordance with claim 13 wherein said means for analyzing output is connected to said means for controlling microwave amplifier output amplitudes.
  16. The apparatus in accordance with claim 13 wherein analyzing includes K audio frequency filters.
  17. The apparatus in accordance with claim 17 wherein there are N microwave generator.
  18. The apparatus in accordance with claim 18 including a mode partitioning means which provides N outputs for each of said K audio frequency filters.
  19. The apparatus in accordance with claim 19 wherein said N amplifiers each have K inputs from said mode partitioning means.
  20. The apparatus in accordance with claim 20 wherein said N amplifiers have K inputs less the mode partitioning means outputs which are so small that they may be omitted.365
  21. The apparatus in accordance with claim 20 wherein said mode partitioning output device outputs each include a diode connected to each microwave amplifier gain control to provide isolation between all outputs.
  22. The apparatus in accordance with claim 20 wherein said K audio frequency filters are chosen to correspond to the critical bandwidths of the human ear.
  23. The apparatus in accordance with claim 20 wherein said N microwave generators are each adjustable in frequency output.
  24. The apparatus in accordance with claim 18 wherein the frequency of each N microwave generators is determined by anatomical estimation,
  25. The apparatus in accordance with claim 18 wherein the frequency of the lowest frequency microwave generator is chosen by determination of the effect of external microwave generation on the EEG of the subject.
  26. The apparatus in accordance with claim 18 wherein the frequency of each of said N microwave generators corresponds to the subject's microwave modal frequencies.
  27. The apparatus in accordance with claim 27 wherein the subject's modal frequencies are determined by measurement of the subject's cephalic index and the lateral dimensions of the skull.
  28. The apparatus in accordance with caim 28 wherein the subject's lowest modal frequency is determined hy varying the freqtaency of the lowest frequency microwave generator about the estimated value until a maximum acoustic perception is obtained by the subject

In 1989, James C. Lin wrote Electromagnetic Interaction With Biological Systems which deals with transmitting ideas and words via electromagnetic waves. Brief cases, stereo speakers and boxes are some of the disguises that the CIA has been caught using to hide their ELF microwave emitters that plant thoughts in people. One victim who spent time talking to Fritz Springmeier reported how they had repeated tried to trick him into going to free hotel rooms and other traps, where they tried to bombard his head with the idea that he should sell drugs. He cleverly dismantled their devices which they hid in the ceilings and other locations in these rooms to protect himself from the thoughts they were tryin~ repeatedly to beam into his head. He was on the run as a fugitive to protect his mind. Naval Intelligence and other groups have conducted research into ELF waves upon the human body and mind. Some of the many things that can be done to the human body and mind with ELF waves include:

  1. put a person to sleep
  2. make a person tired or depressed
  3. create a feeling of fear in a person
  4. create a zombie state
  5. create a violent state
  6. create a state of being sexually aggressive
  7. change cellular chemistry
  8. change hormone levels
  9. inhibit or enhance M(RNA) synthesis/processes
  10. control the DNA transaction process
  11. control biological spin and proton coupling constants in DNA, RNA & RNA transferases.

Unfortunately for us humans, ELF waves can penetrate almost anything. The U.S. Military has built a Ground Wave Emergency Network (GWEN) all over the U.S. with several hundred 300-500' GWEN towers that broadcast a very-low-frequency wave (VLF) for mind control of the American public. A single GWEN tower can broadcast up to 300 miles in a 3600 circle. Plus 8 secret powerful

ELF transmitters have been established and 3 of them operate on the west coast.

Prozac and Slaves and Microwave Towers

Some of the Monarch slaves are receiving Prozac. Prozac (fluoxetine hydrocloride-a serotonin re-uptake inhibitor) is dangerous for everyone. Prozac is now the second most used drug in the world.

Three examples of the ongoing nightmare now happening worldwide: September 14, 1989--Joseph Wesbecker on Prozac went crazy and got a gun and opened fire in the Standard Gravure Building in Louisville killing eight and wounding twelve others before killing himself. 20 suits against Eli Lilly were filed by victim in this case. July, 1990--Rhonda Hala of Shirley, NY filed a $150 million suit against Eli Lilly charging that Prozac had driven her repeatedly to attempt suicide. August, 1990--CCHR called on Congress to ban Prozac and 3 widows in Louisville, KT filed $50 million lawsuits each, charging that a man on Prozac had been driven insane to kill by the Prozac and had killed their husbands. Two other lawsuits were filed in this time period, one from Indianapolis, and one from Chicago from people driven to attempt suicide by Prozac.

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