Monarch Mind Control Programming

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End-time Activation Codes

Most slaves have end-time programming. When a slave is called in with end-time programming they have pages upon pages of coded messages. A number of Monarch slaves have been de-programmed enough that they began accessing and spewing out pages and pages of these activation codes. Part of a sample of one of these is as follows:







3.7 LC


Written in the blood of victim at the Tate murder scene on a refrigerator, “Helter Skelter” spelled incorrectly.








A team leader will have a down line of around 4 people–which are coded red ray, yellow ray, green ray, blue ray. When the activation code hits a slave team leader during the end times, they will in turn activate their people, who in turn will have people who are team leaders and have a down line. At least two false callback alarms will be sounded (tested) before the real one.

THETA (Psychic Warfare)


TINKERBELLE PROGRAMMING (never grow up/alien)

Capt’n or Cap’n (captain) represents the programmer in Peter Pan programming. Tinkerbelle is a young alter created under Peter Pan programming.


Alien programming by NWO

(also involves Peter Pan programming): “RIDE THE LIGHT” -Peter Pan programming meaning to go into hypnotic induction attached to a light that is seen when given a high voltage shock. This is given to make experiences seem like in another dimension.

Twinning (Teams)


MansonTHC-KeyArt4Not as stupid as he looks. Charles Manson, Monarch programmer of Family killers.

CROSS PROGRAMMING– (With for instance a mother and a daughter team) Two seals are placed on this cross programming, a “seal of cover” and a “seal of rain”

Code: mother – [minus] mother = 3/4 – daughter holds 1/4

daughter – mother 1/4 – daughter holds 3/4

Teams will be given code words for each alter who is part of a 2-System team. One System may serve as a father figure to the other System. Teams will be trauma and sexually bonded, as well as having mirror images with each others names. A leader will have an upline and a downline for the colored rays. A leader will call the different colored rays, to activate their programming.

An Illuminati team ritual to create oneness & open their team boxes up to work together (Illuminati twinning ritual): the team kneels face to face, draws a magical circle on the ground, joins Delta team hands forming a clasp ring. (Blue is associated with this.)

Then they all say,

“Star within a star Circle within a circle Mind within a mind body within a body Soul within a soul”

Then the team places Palm, their hands Palm to Palm, and then speak 4 times, “Bone to Bone flesh to flesh

Spirit to Spirit

Forever together- never apart.”

Then a 5 pointed star is traced in the air.

To close the Delta team twinning box, the reverse is done.

Then other things are to be said in the joining and opening ritual.

A double deck of cards is used to program an Illuminati team of “twins”.

One type of Criss-cross programming involves 1. a flower, 2. the stem, & 3 the root. The root involves blood sacrifices. This programming ties two generations together such as mother-daughter

Solemetric Military


Songs & Nursery Rhymes

Songs & Nursery Rhymes Used As Triggers (note all of these songs have been used on other slaves too.)

Songs with Monarch programming meaning & access parts soliciting behavior or thinking include:

Nursery Rhymes


  • Brahm’s Lullaby
  • Hickory, Dickory Dock (flips the system)”Hickory, Dickory Dock, The Mouse Ran up the Clock [computer], the clock struck one [time for system rotation], The Mouse ran down, Hickory Dickory Dock.” “INTO THE MOUTH [vortex] RUNS THE MOUSE, AND FLIPS THE HOUSE [turns the system over).
  • Froggy Went a Courtin’ He did Ride
  • Hickory, Dickory Dock
  • I had a little pony
  • I’m in Love With a Big Blue Frog
  • Jack and Jill
  • Mary Had a Little Lamb (call to ritual connotation)Tones of “Mary had a little Iamb” or other telephone created tones, such as high pitched noises to call people to meetings.
  • Mary Mary Quite Contrary (reminds the slave that abusers are all-seeing)
  • Old King Cole (Old King Cole was a merry old soul, . . . he’d call for his masters 3 [the 3 programmers])
  • Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater
  • Puss in Boots (this story is porn programming)
  • Ring Around the Rosy
  • Ten Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed
  • Three Blind Mice (omega programming connotation with hour glass)
  • Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star (Sometimes associated with “I’m dead.”)


(Most of the Beatles’ songs were used for programming. Charles Manson was programmed with Beatles’ music. The programmers know ahead of time what are going to be the next hits, and they regularly call in slaves and hypnotically make the lyrics to be cues for the slaves before the music comes out. For instance, the lyrics of “Ain’t that a Shame” will make certain alters angry. For another slave the lyrics “Everything is relative, in its own way” reminds the person of the cult family & obedience.)

  • Angie (popular song for programming)
  • A Mighty Fortress is Our God
  • Back in Black Blue Velvet
  • Butterfly
  • The Candyman Can (Candyman represents drug use for Monarchs, plus other things.)
  • Christmas Carols (Christmas carols were used a lot on Monarchs.)
  • Country Roads (song with the programmed meaning take me [the slave] “home” to a meeting site.)
  • Crazy (to reaffirm loyalty to the master)
  • Deja Vu
  • Die Walkure
  • Fire and Rain
  • Frere Jacques (Catholic “Father John”, sexual abuse connotation)
  • Get Me A Ticket on a Fast Train (substitute “master” for “baby” in song)
  • Grandma’s Feather Bed
  • Ghost Riders
  • Green Green Grass of Home (go home program, slave is not happy ’til they go home to green fieldsGreensleeves
  • Hallelujah chorus (many Christian songs like this one are played while the victim is tortured.)
  • Handel’s Messiah
  • Have Thine Own Way Lord (“thou art the potter, I am the clay, mold me & make me…” III. Charismatic slave programming.)
  • Heartache Tonight (song used to announce a ritual over the radio)
  • Hotel California (sexual/ritual connotation, the song says, “go to the chamber of the Master’s Feast, We are programmed to receive.” This song also tells the story of how LaVey started the Church of Satan in 1966.)
  • I Surrender All
  • Imagine (John Lennon presents the New Age script for people to be “nowhere people.”)
  • John Brown’s Body
  • Lucy In the Sky with Diamonds
  • Little Red Riding Hood (song played with hunts of slaves)
  • Mary was an only child (from Art Garfunkel’s Angel Claire album)
  • Moon River
  • Over the Rainbow (obvious Wizard of Oz programming)
  • Playing with the Queen of Hearts, knowing that it really smarts, the Joker is the only fool who’ll do anything with you” (reinforces the warning not to play (tamper) with the programming. The Queen of Hearts is the emergency Mayday signal to a handler. To play with this will really smart-hurt.
  • National Anthem
  • No More Mr. Nice Guy191
  • Revolution 9
  • Rivers of Dreams (by Billy Joel. words are about “walking in the dark, going through a river.. .turn on the light on your internal world.”
  • Satin Sheets
  • She’s Leaving Home
  • Sins of the Fathers
  • Southern Nights (loyalty to the programs–the leaves and trees)
  • Stairway to Heaven
  • Teddy Bear (Programmer, helpless teddy bear slave connotation)
  • Tennessee Waltz (handler is “forced” to prostitute slave)
  • The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power
  • Tom Dooley (suicide, “hang down your head Tom Dooley, hang down your and…)
  • Victim of Love
  • When you wish upon a Star
  • White Rabbit (Alice In Wonderland Theme–made into a triggering Karaoke CD.)
  • Wooden Heart
  • Yellow Submarine (drug connotation)

ZETA (Snuff Films)

Zeta is the sixth letter, and it’s ancient meaning was a sacrifice.

Sample Codes for Alters of a Hypothetical System Named Mary

These codes are purely a representative model-not any particular real system. The overall system code at times consists of [birthdate + programming site codes + birth order + number of generations family was in the Illuminati.]

For our hypothetical system Mary we have the hypothetical system code of:

6-13-51- 14 -02- 12. In order to give the codes for a hypothetical alter system we will have to explain some things as we go.

The Programmers have for each slave both medical programming files, and a grey or black binder with the programmed access, trigger, codes & cues, & structure. A typical Illuminati system will be a cube (although spheres and pyramids are also used).

The principle alters will be the “a” alters. A typical section of alters will consist of a 13 x 13 grid of alters. These are alters who live in a world together and must function together. A 13 x 13 section will have 13 families of “a” through “in” alters. The “a” alters will be the primary alters that the Programmers will interact with.

The Programmer may call up an “a” alter and ask it to go get the “c” alter in its family, rather than directly asking for it. This initial page of alter codes will be the primary or “a” alters. If we are dealing with a 13 x 13 x 13 cube of alters, then the initial page has 13 “a” alters of each section.

Each of these alters will have an access code which will often include the following components: An Assigned Color + An Alpha Numeric Code + A Personalized Magical Name. This will equal 1/3 their access code.

These code words must be repeated three times to pull the alter up. However, if an alter is trained well, and hears his master’s voice, an alpha-numeric code can pull the alter up.

For many of the alters, the reversal of their access code puts them back to sleep. This is an important point, because some alters would be dangerous to leave in control of the body. The “a” alters are regular alters. Many of them have been hypnotically age advanced to see themselves as teenagers or adults. Sometimes “b” and “c” alters are also aged. The “d” through “n” alters are generally left as they were split and most of them are infantile, with little concept of how old they are.

The little ones will be the ones who often remember the programming very well, and know things about the system. The top alters will also sometimes receive personal names from their handler. This is in addition to all their codes. If the alter is responsive to its master, the personal name might pull the alter up too. Do all of the alters get charted?

There are several groups of alters which get charted separate from the rest or don’t get charted at all. Because of the competition and distrust between the different programmers, they often place in secret back doors into the person’s mind that only they know about. Worlds of secret alters loyal and devoted to the programmer may be built into the system and not appear on the regular charts. The core, and some of the primal splits from the core will not appear on the regular grids. They will be placed on a separate sheet, and their codes will be in some magical language.

The Illuminati commonly employs 20 magical languages, and Hebrew, Latin and Greek are also often used for charting the core and its primal splits. Enochian is a good example of a magical language used by the Illuminati.

Some alters will be created solely by the slave in order to cope with life. For instance, say the slave is travelling with someone who is not a handler, but who is a dangerous person. This dangerous person murders several people and forces the slave to help. The slave is likely going to have front alters out, and they are simply going to have to create new alters to meet the demands of the situation. These alters made to deal with one-time emergency will just slip into cracks in the system.

Lots of odds and ends alters end up in the nooks and crannies within a system just detached and floating. The programmers and the victim work hard at structuring and cleaning up things–but the honest truth is that trauma-based mind-control is messy. Any time you shatter someone’s mind into thousands of pieces with horrendous torture, you have a shattered mess, in spite of the good fronts that the programmers are able to construct.

Some of the more elaborate access methods are for alters that are not on the “a” chart. Hour glass alters have entire sentence access codes. Deaf & blind alters need their access code signed on their hands by moving their fingers up and down, etc. End time alters may have access codes that may entail reading an entire page. Reporting alters are often small children, that are hidden in each section, and may require slaps to the face or jabs with a needle to pull them up. Spinner kittens will be accessed via their mama cat, who acts like a Madam in a “cat house”. The codes for this was given in the Beta section codes.

The reader will be given the hypothetical codes (which resemble closely the actual codes of an actual scenario) for our hypothetical Mary.

A Sample Chart of the “A” alters–these are the primary alters– has been prepared here in the same fashion as it would appear in the handler’s 3-ring binder.

Mary’s Core Protector 1 will have a shutdown code of “REVERSAL 1 BEGINNING” and the second Core Protector will have the shutdown code of “REVERSAL 2 CREATION”. Of course, these codes are said 3 times.

The first three alters on the far left section at the top of the chart are Silences who can be woken up by singing. Also at least one of these, will wake up by a kiss from the prince (programmer) to the third eye area. The first alter can be shut down by “COSMOS 15 31 06 2BAB PINK”. One of the groups of alters attached to one of these early alters is “MA.C3.10-53 Rejects (7) 10-53”. To shut this alter(s) down just say the reverse of the access code.

A mirror image of each of these alters exists too. The mirror images can be pulled up via a three step process.

The birth memory in our example will be coded as A5 10 79. The spider torture memories that are attached to these alters is A5 10 79. The reader will notice the following on the hypothetical chart on the previous page for the first Section (which is numbered 6 to be deceptive): This section is front alters.

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