The Lincoln-Kennedy Parallels That Really Matter

Baker’s decoded confession in Colburn’s United Service Magazine, an English military journal, was dated February 5, 1868 and read as follows:

“I am constantly being followed. They are professionals. I cannot fool them. In new Rome there walked three men, a Judas, a Brutus and a spy. Each planned that he should be king when Abraham should die. One trusted not the other but they went on for that day, waiting for the final moment when, with pistol in his hand, one of the sons of Brutus could sneak behind that cursed man and put a bullet in his brain and lay his clumsey [sic] corpse away. As the fallen man lay dying, Judas came and paid respects to the one he hated, and when at last he saw him die, he said ‘Now the ages have him and the nation now have I’ But alas, fate would have it Judas slowly fell from grace, and with him went Brutus down to their proper place. But lest one is left to wonder what happened to the spy, I can safely tell you this, it was I.”

It was signed Lafayette C. Baker. And he wasn’t as safe as he thought. Numerous attempts would be made on his life until he was finally poisoned with arsenic in 1868. His personal physician confirmed the poisoning by applying leeches behind his ears. Sure enough, as they became engorged, they dropped off dead.

General Lafayette Baker, chief of the National Detective Police Force and fellow conspirator, wrote Stanton’s plot was a vast, well financed gned Lafayette C. Baker. And he wasn’t as safe as he thought. Numerous attempts would be made on his life until he was finally poisoned with arsenic in 1868. His personal physician confirmed the poisoning by applying leeches behind his ears. Sure enough, as they became engorged, they dropped off dead.

General Lafayette Baker, chief of the National Detective Police Force and fellow conspirator, wrote Stanton’s plot was a vast, well financed attempt to seize control of the federal government.

According to witnesses who aided in John Wilkes Booth’s escape, Booth told them this conspiracy involved fifty to one hundred; and thirty-five in Washington alone.

The Body

This eyewitness account came almost a century before Baker’s coded journals were ever discovered, and matched Baker’s confession almost word for word. Likewise, in the Kennedy assassination it can be easily demonstrated that dozens were involved– most of them trusted officials from both parties; and chillingly, the Supreme Court’s Chief Justice, Earl Warren. In 1865, Andrew Johnson was not trusted by the president; in fact, actually avoided. During his term, the vice-president only had two meetings with President Lincoln after taking his oath of office in a disgraceful ceremony that smeared the entire Lincoln presidency. Andrew Johnson was totally drunk at the time he was sworn in, and it took years for the Lincoln administration to live it down.

Published in Dallas Morning News, on day of assassination.
Published in Dallas Morning News, on day of assassination.

Likewise, Lyndon Johnson was scarcely trusted by Kennedy. LBJ attracted even worse scandals, and still complained that the Kennedy brothers kept him out of important Cabinet meetings; this when Johnson was undermining the Kennedy’s war on the Mafia with his own connections to the underworld. In fact, a close friend of Johnson, Billy Sol Estes, would come to testify before a Texas grand jury that vice-president Johnson was directly involved in the murder and cover-up of a U.S. Agricultural Agent. On June 3, 1961, Agent Henry Marshall was found shot to death in his car in Franklin, Texas. On June 8, 1961, a local Justice of the Peace declared Marshall had committed suicide, but found next to Agent Marshall was a single-action bolt action rifle which the local authorities had alleged he loaded, shot, reloaded and shot into his head five times.2

When he died, Agent Marshall was on the trail of a multi-million dollar swindle of the federal government’s agricultural division. The scandal became known as the Billy Sol Estes Affair with LBJ a named conspirator by Estes himself, and moreover, Johnson’s own personal legal counsel.

 Johnson, Estes testified, had ordered Mac Wallace (pictured below) to do the hit.

A 14 Point Fingerprint Match Links Johnson

Malcom Wallace, in 1951, had already been convicted of murdering Doug Kinser. With Johnson’s legal assistance, i.e. his personal attorney John Cofer, Wallace would walk away with a five year suspended sentence for murder…

According to the Warren Report t, there was a single fingerprint lifted from the carton designated “A” in the “sniper’s nest” which could not be linked with Oswald, any other employee of the Texas School Book Depository, or any law enforcement officer that had handled the carton. The fingerprint remains in the National Archives, labeled “Unknown.”

Mac Wallace

However, by 1998, a 14 point match with Malcolm Wallace’s prints would be made, thereby directly linking Johnson to the assassination. (Wallace’s prints were, of course, on record after his conviction.)

On March 9, 1998, A. Nathan Darby, A.L.C.E., a Certified Latent Fingerprint Examiner, and a member of the International Association for Identification, signed a sworn affidavit stating that he found a positive match between the “Unknown” print from Carton “A” and the 1951 print of Mac Wallace.

For easier comparison, the “Unknown’ print from the sniper’s nest on the right has been duplicated and superimposed in red over the Wallace print on the left. The match becomes obvious even to the layman.


 Complicity of U.S. Navy

We now know a decoy ambulance was employed in the transport of Kennedy’s body.4 The body was supposed to be in a black hearse, but it entered the Bethesda Naval Hospital through the rear entrance in an ambulance driven by Admiral Calvin Galloway, the man in charge at the hospital and an appointee of none other than Lyndon Johnson. Kennedy gave Johnson this special privilege to appoint the Secretary of the Navy to appease a monstrous ego. Indeed, Johnson once suggested the idea of a dual presidency, which Kennedy at first assumed was a joke. But Johnson was serious.

That unusual power given to Johnson meant the authority to control the whole navy itself. In terms of illicit deals with Mafia contractors, this could prove very profitable. One such contractor was the Pelican Tomato Company, an operation headed by a key figure in the JFK assassination: New Orleans Mafia don and Johnson associate, Carlos Marcello.

Throughout his years in the Senate, Marcello, via Johnson’s Texas bagman Jack Halfin, gave some $50,000 a year to Johnson, and these contracts were one reason why.5 Around the time of the murder, Ruby and Ferrie both collected some $7,000 from Marcello.

Ferrie’s library card would be found on Oswald upon his arrest for the murder of Officer J.D. Tippet and President Kennedy.

Ruby was also a friend of Chief Curry and Captain Fritz. (Chief Curry, in fact, was present when Johnson was sworn in as president on Air Force One.)  Johnson’s right to appoint the Secretary of the Navy actually plays a critical part in the assassination. This is how Johnson controlled high-level officers like Admiral Calvin Galloway even before the murder.

Like the Texas coroner in the Marshall case, the Bethesda coroner, James Humes, would present a deliberately misleading autopsy to throw off honest investigators. Again we see the hand of Johnson.

By Texas law, the President’s body could not be removed from Parkland Memorial Hospital until Dr. Earl Rose performed an autopsy. But before that could happen Johnson ordered that the body be immediately flown to Washington, where his own coroners would be in charge.  The first priority– make sure it would look like the work of a single gunman.

The Decoy Ambulance

When the First Lady arrived at the Bethesda Naval Hospital at about 6:55-7:05 p.m., November 22, 1963– she arrived at the front of the building with a heavily guarded casket that was actually empty.

empty_JFK_casketAnother navy ambulance had arrived earlier, which was driven by a man in a white surgical smock. That driver was Admiral Galloway. It pulled up at the rear of the building, and a greyish-pink shipping casket was unloaded. In Dallas the president was tenderly wrapped in a white linen shroud and placed in a bronze ceremonial casket. By the time Kennedy’s body arrived in Bethesda it was in a cheap shipping casket, and wrapped in a body bag. The final, cruelest indignity was that Kennedy was stripped naked and bereft of his shroud when they unzipped the bag.

You can imagine the surprise of the doctor falsely attributed with the original autopsy. At the Bethesda Naval Hospital, autopsy assistant Paul O’Conner could only describe Cmdr. James Joseph Humes as uncharcteristically “scared to death” when he unzipped the body bag, looked into Kennedy’s skull, and he saw no brain. Naturally. The brain contained evidence of trajectory and bullet fragments.

“Moreover, we know the identities of several of the individuals who were involved in the cover-up. These persons could be subpoenaed and finally asked tough, probing questions about their disgraceful behavior–and, if caught lying under oath, could be prosecuted for perjury. Who are these individuals? In my opinion, the list includes former WC counsels Arlen Specter and Wesley Liebeler, the three autopsy doctors, certain active and retired FBI agents and CIA officers, and former Dallas police lieutenant J. C. Day.”

From Preface; “More than a Reasonable Doubt” by Michael Griffith

The Propagandists

Catholicism is a religion perennially opposed to freemasonry, and is virulently despised by them since 1314; when the original freemasons, the Order of theTemplars, were forced underground by the French King Philip de Belle and Pope Clement V for charges ranging from ritual murders to trampling the cross underfoot/urinating on it as a sign of their contempt for Jesus Christ and his compassion.

JFK, LBJ and Catholicism

The Dixiecrats in the Democratic Party wasted no time in appealing to their common intolerance of Catholics when Lyndon Baines Johnson ran against JFK for the Democratic presidential nomination in 1960. Johnson actually attempted to label the entire Kennedy family as a “Catholic conspiracy” in speeches throughout the US. The mudslinging failed, of course, but this attempt revealed an under-current of religious intolerance. Johnson appealed to this religious “wedge issue” to woo Protestant Conservative votes in the South when campaigning against JFK.

Complicity of Intelligence Apparatus

In both cases, the federal detective force (FBI and CIA in Kennedy’s case) were warned in advance of a plot to kill the president, and in both cases the warnings were deliberately ignored by those in charge of security; Edwin Stanton and J. Edgar Hoover, respectively.

In Lincoln’s case Louis Weichmann, a lodger at Mary Surrat’s boarding house, reluctantly reported to government officials in March of 1865 that he believed there was a conspiracy afoot to kill Lincoln. He was ignored. But after the murder a scapegoat was needed, and on the basis that Booth and conspirators met at the boarding house, Mary Surrat was hanged.

In Kennedy’s assassination, FBI Director Hoover was personally alerted numerous times of a plot to kill him in Dallas. A letter from the Oswald imposter to Valery Kostikov of the Soviet Embassy in Mexico City was intercepted November 9, 1963. Kostikov was the KGB officer in charge of assassinations in the western hemisphere. Ironically, Lee Harvey Oswald tipped off the FBI on September 17, 1963 that an assassination was being plotted. William S. Walters, a security clerk employed in the Bureau’s New Orleans office, gave D.A. Jim Garrison an affidavit stating that on the morning of November 17, 1963, he read a TWX that warned “an attempt to assassinate President Kennedy would be made in Dallas on November 22, 1963.”

When he was arrested, Oswald had the name, telephone number, and license plate number of FBI agent James Hosty. And after Kennedy was shot, Hosty was ordered to destroy a note left to him by Oswald; which he tore up and flushed down the toilet.

Nor did Hoover reveal that Jack Ruby was also an informant for the FBI, as was Lee Harvey Oswald; who was hired upon his return from Russia. Oswald was a double agent in military intelligence– that’s why no charges were pressed against him for his “defection.” The Russians themselves were suspicious of him as he walked into the Russian Embassy and denounced his citizenship, and offered classified radar data.

Although it was claimed that Oswald provided the information– flight paths and altitudes, e.g., that led to the downing of Gary Power’s U-2 spy plane; U.S. authorities made no effort to prosecute him upon his return. It’s possible the Russians downed Powers on their own with information provided by someone other than Oswald.

By 1963, a man claiming to be Oswald  will offer to kill JFK in the Cuban Embassy in Mexico City. The Mexican government will warn U.S. officials, and they will be ignored. A man is photographed outside the embassy that day, and the man that claims he is Oswald bears no resemblance. As an undercover “defector” for the CIA, Oswald was the perfect patsy. The military-industrial establishment wanted to launch a war with Cuba.

Lee Harvey Oswald was told by intelligence officers that they wanted him to infiltrate a Communist conspiracy to kill JFK in Dallas.  His FBI contact, one of several, was Special Agent in Charge James Hosty. To convince Castro sympathizers and agents he was genuine, he was given airtime to promote the communist agenda.  A much publicized  fight was staged between Oswald and a so-called “angry patriot” as he handed out “Hands off Cuba” flyers.

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