The Lincoln-Kennedy Parallels That Really Matter

“This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but men loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil. Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that his deeds will be exposed. But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what he has done has been done through God.”

Most of the suspects spotted and even photographed in Dallas on the day of Kennedy’s murder fled to California, where Gov. Ronald Reagan refused to extradite them for the Clay Shaw trial. This should put President Reagan’s controversial visit to Bitburg in perspective; back when he honored dead SS officers– Nazi war criminals– at the German cemetery and outraged the world.

Though there were six founding members, the actual creator of the KKK, Nathan Bedford Forrest, was a Grand Master Freemason; as well as a war criminal for the slaughter of more than 300 Union prisoners of war at Fort Pillow in the Civil War.

From the Masons, the KKK adopted the circle of the lodge in their formal meeting arrangements. The single All-Seeing Eye of Masonry, (Eye of Horus) which you can find on the back of a one dollar bill– that became the Grand Cyclops. There were hand signals, secret passwords, secret handgrips and recognition signals, and even a sacred oath all adopted from Masonic experience.

The Nazis: Born of a Freemason

On November 9, 1918 Baron Rudolf von Sebottendorff, a Grand Master Freemason and founding leader of the Thule Gesellschaft; made an impassioned plea for armed resistence against the Communist threat in Germany. Within one year, a coalition of the Order of New Templars, the German School Bund and the List Society brought pitched battles to Munich streets against the Communists. The secretive Thule cultists had a symbol consisting of a dagger superimposed on a swastika. By November of 1923, the Thules will have evolved ino the NSDAP: the National Socialist German Workers’ Party. The Nazi Party. Under Adolf Hitler, they will borrow the swastika from the Thule cultists and place it on their flags and armbands. However, when Hitler became Fuhrer a division arose, and the Freemasons were outlawed and persecuted by the same monster they created. It would not be the first time, nor the last, that Hitler would kill those who helped bring him to power.

Before induction in a Lodge, the candidate agrees to risk death if he ever gives away the secrets of the Masons. Is this oath much different than the Mafia omerta, or code of silence?

Political Psychodramas

When William Shakespeare said all the world’s a stage, and we the players in it; he spoke in a very literal sense. This is the way the Grand Masters and their “unknown superiors” in the spirit and material world have perceived the earth– as a global chessboard. That’s why chess wizards are traditionally called Grand Masters. If you’ve ever been in a masonic temple, you’ll also notice the floor is often laid out in a familiar chessboard pattern. Both the mason and the “profane” non-masons are pawns and unwittingly moved on this allegory chessboard by carefully staged political psychodramas. Thus, political assassinations, or “King-Killings”, e.g. those of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and John F.Kennedy, two “Catholic Kings”, have been carried out in covert efforts to drag the whole world into a calculated psychodrama whose outcome will always play into the hands of masonic instigators, in both cases each was an attempt to launch a world war.  In the first attempt, they succeeded.

Those masonic instigators, in our case, is the same CIA JFK hoped to scatter to the “four winds of the earth”.  Such psychodramas, in keeping with the outlines of Pike and Mazzini, have already provoked two world wars. (The second psychodrama, the Reichstag fire, brought Hitler to power.)

It should be noted that Hitler’s invasion of Poland in September of 1939 was justified by a staged act of Polish terrorism. The “attack” left several dead, and these were actually murdered German prisoners in Nazi uniforms. Hitler used the new medium of news reels and radio to mislead and inflame the Germans into a calculated outrage. The attack, of course, was orchestrated by SS men in Polish uniforms who attacked a German radio station a shortly before Hitler invaded. Unaware that the dead Nazi martyrs in that attack were actually German prisoners murdered by the SS itself, the nation was led to believe that Poland was the first to draw blood in World War II. The German print and broadcast media plastered images of these dead “Nazi martyrs who died in defending the station”; and cited this staged incident as proof that Poland was thirsty for German blood. It worked like a charm.

The Reichstag Fire, which we now know was actually orchestrated by the Nazis to bring a democratic Germany under martial law, was also such a psychodrama, a Helgelian Dialectic wherein Hitler secretly created the crisis– the Reichstag fire, and then offered the solution– martial law.

When the government is prepared to try Lyndon Baines Johnson posthumously for this deed, we won’t get our president back.

The thought of even a mock trial strikes fear into the hearts of broadcasters or your pals at CourtTV. But the objective is not punitive; but to wake the dead conscience our present government and the mass media it uses to defraud Americans of their birthrights, their Constitutional rights and freedoms.

Is that fear rooted in the thought we as a nation could entertain the possibility that officials appointed by Johnson have no  legal right to maintain office as members of a secret society that demands covert obedience to tyranny of unknown superiors?

The presidency Kennedy administered was literally acquired through the blood of an earlier American president, President Lincoln; and that office was, through an impeached  Scottish Rite mason implicated in Lincoln’s murder, was used not just to conceal the true scope of the conspiracy the Lincoln assassination, but to establish the present system. President Andrew Johnson, in fact, was masonically subservient to Confederate Gen. Albert Pike, who was sought by the military for complicity in the assassination plot. Andrew Johnson pardoned him, and promptly returned from exile in Canada to run KKK operations in the South.

Did George Washington Fight Against Himself?

Our first president, George Washington, is often cited as a freemason. This is not contested. He did, however, refrain from lodge meetings in the last 30 years of his life, and had converted to Christianity by a Baptist minister before his death. He did in fact warn Americans of their potential for evil.  It was a philosophy perhaps  most evident in his opposition to groups most likely to embrace the corruptive wealth and influence of the freemasons: political parties.

Even so, Washington was a renounced freemason from domestic fraternity, which though not freed from corruption, had at least avoided embracing outright treason by subjecting American masonic leaders to the will of British leaders who hoped to retain States as a colony. Crown sympathizers, the Tories who formed America’s Scottish Rite branch in 1801, were precisely the same people Washington fought against in the Revolutionary War.

In the War of 1812, the Scottish Rite’s political apparatus in the north, the Federalists, would make the first bid for the dissolution of the Union.  Often called “the second battle of independence”, this time Britain actually burned the White House in a march on Washington. The Northern and Southern Jurisdiction of the Scottish Rite was Britain’s  fifth column.

British torching of Washington DC.

The War of 1812 grew from the practice of impressment, or the seizure of American seamen for service in the British navy. The British government claimed that it only seized subjects of the Crown who sailed under the American flag to avoid wartime service in their own navy. But in fact, the British seized not only their own deserters, but also impressed a sizeable number of United States citizens—estimates suggest 6000 or more.

In the Trent Affair, the British would disingenuously cite the practice of impressment against its own citizens andlikewise threaten war over the capture of two Scottish Rite ambassadors, John Slidell and James Murry Mason, who hoped to enlist European aid for the Confederacy.  These two prisoners, however, were not British citizens.   They were Southerners. The Union captain who boarded the Trent did not subject any British citizen to impressment, let alone naval service for the Union.  Yet it was acted upon as such.

When President James Madison declared war on Britain, it was vehemently opposed by the Scottish Rite’s political apparatus in the North, the Federalists.  The reason cited was a fear that such a war would severely harm American trade. The Federalists, who were pro-British, actually led an opposition to the war that was so strong in New England that the governors of Massachusetts and Connecticut refused to call up their militia in response to President Madison’s request for troops.

By late 1814, delegates from the New England states, dissatisfied with the handling of the war, had met at the Hartford Convention in Connecticut (December 14, 1814-January 5, 1815). This group, which was dominated by disgruntled members of the Federalist political party, was reported to have formulated demands that amounted to a dissolution of the Union. Ironically,  this was decided upon after the War of 1812 ended with a peace treaty negotiated in Ghent, Belgium, and signed on December 24, 1814.

Unaware that a treaty has already ended the war,  and just three days after the Hartford Convention adjourned, an outnumbered Andrew Jackson dealt a crushing blow to British forces in New Orleans on January 8, 1814.

Because the meetings of the convention took place behind closed doors, and because the members were pledged to absolute secrecy that is the hallmark of freemasonry, word spread to the effect that the New England states were contemplating secession from the Union. This irreparably damaged the reputation of the Federalist Party, already in disfavor because of its pro-British, aristocratic tendencies. The party did not survive the presidential election of 1816.

By its history, we know the Scottish Rite is prone to outright treason, and it’s sympathies and conduct so manifest their very secrecy can only serve to confirm our worst suspicions. But the issue now is, since they used force to attain power (i.e., a paramilitary coup in 1865), will military force be needed to return it to the people?

Call no man Master

If history serves to teach us anything, freemasonry, in preserving the eternal night of secrecy; preserves only blindness to tyranny. And devoid the light of truth, the tree of liberty can only perish. Tyranny fears nothing more than an educated nation, and inasmuch as a nation neglects the education of its people, tyranny flourishes proportionately.

Martin Luther King, Jr. often said that “truth pressed to the earth will only rise up again someday…”

That someday, now more than ever, is today…

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