The Lincoln-Kennedy Parallels That Really Matter

When Kennedy was shot, Hoover officially disowned Oswald. So in comes Jack Ruby, a mob lackey and friend of the Dallas police chief.

To be fair, some in the CIA were aware of the plot and rebelled against it. In Texas, on September 20, 1963, three days after Oswald alerted the FBI of the plot, Richard Case Nagell entered an El Paso bank and calmly shot holes in the ceiling. Then he simply waited for the police to arrive. He said he wanted to be in jail when Kennedy was assassinated. His registered letters to J. Edgar Hoover which warned of the plot were read but not answered.9 police to arrive. He said he wanted to be in jail when Kennedy was assassinated. His registered letters to J. Edgar Hoover which warned of the plot were read but not answered.9 (According to Assistant FBI Director William Sullivan, Hoover took special care to read all of his mail. For every letter received the sender or organization was checked out in the FBI’s Central Files before his staff answered it. Thousands and thousands of man-hours were spent and millions squandered on these background checks.)

Nagell knew Oswald, having met him in Texas. What Nagell was hired to do, but refused, was “arrow”, or kill, this patsy after setting him up for the shooting. This job eventually went to Jack Ruby.

The Assassins

At first they were secret guilds, entrusted to build the eariest Christian temples in Europe. That is, until the Crusades, when Templar Order became a larger secret society steeped in heretic Egyptian and Jewish sorcery (the cabala), and later, eastern heresy such as Johannism and Islamic mysticism and sects– particulalrly the Hashishshin, or Assassins. The Templars were quite powerful at the time the French Council of Vienne disbanded them in 1311– they encompassed France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and England.  At the time of the Templar trial, circa 1313, the Order consisted of 15,500 knights, a vast number of squires and a host of lay brethren, who were all responsible to the Grand Master. It possessed more than 10,000 manors and several fortresses, including that of the Temple of Paris.  The first military-industrial complex was a highly militant covert establishment rich enough to loan money to the European governments, which it did at exorbitant interest.

Church and state soon found itself challenged by an unaccountable institution.  When King Phillip inherited a near bankrupt French kingdom, and attempted to tax the enormous wealth of the Templar Order, a series of mysterious political assassinations of leaders, clergymen and nobles supporting his efforts followed. By 1306, King Philip discovered the root of these assassination lay in the teachings of the Hashschin (or Assassins), an Islamic sect who revolutionized political subversion by introducing the first “programmed assassin.”

According to the CIA assassination training files for “Operation PB Success” :

“Assassination is a term thought to be derived from ‘Hashish’, a drug similar to marijuana, said to have been used by Hasan-Dan-Sabah to induce motivation in his followers, who were assigned to carry out political and other murders, usually at the cost of their lives.”

The Templars had adopted the teachings of Hasan-Dan-Sabah in their travels to the middle east, and employed them upon their return when they realized efforts were underway to tax their enormous wealth.

Realizing the string of mysterious deaths surrounding the attempts at taxation were linked directly to the Templars, King Phillip and Pope Clement V soon realized that the sovereignty of church and state was in immediate peril, and they united forces to attack the Templars. When the secret rituals of the Templars were exposed and the nature of the political assassinations surfaced; other charges and confessions followed; including sodomy, trampling the cross underfoot, alterations in the canons of the mass, idolatry– the worship of Baphomet, abnormal sex acts like kissing of the anus to demonstrate sub ordinance, etc. In addition to this there was the worship of Solomon’s gods, those for which he was condemned.

Remember that King Solomon lost favor with the Lord because his wives led him astray, and he followed other gods, including Ashtoreth, the goddess of the Sidonians, Chemosh, the god of Moab, and others. (Albert Pike once decribed a seance he attended in which the same devil Astoreth was summoned, accompanied by 330 naked spirits.) Solomon also built a temple for Moloch, a god worshipped with the mass incineration of children. *  For such rebelliousness the glory of the Lord would depart from Solomon’s Temple, never to return.**

But these were the same gods the Templars appealed to, and still do. The freemasonic obsession with secrecy makes disturbing sense when you realize the worship of Moloch, of course, necessitated the sacrifice of children.

The adoption of Johannism, a heretical belief which claimed St. John denied the Virgin Birth, Christ’s resurrection, and set John the Baptist as the Christ figure; remains a significant part of Scottish Rite theology. Johannism remains entrenched in Templar indoctrinations, and it is still practiced by Democratic and Republican political leaders in masonic halls and temples in Washington DC.

The Templars in England, and those who fled there, would become the Scottish Rite, and they felt betrayed by the those Templars who were tried and found innocent: those in Portugal and Spain.  (These Templars became new Papal Orders, Spain’s Order of Montessa and Portugal’s Order of Christ.)

Pike and DeMolay

As far back as 1848, in his Arkansas mansion, Albert Pike began formulating his plans for Luciferian global domination. And because his wealth was considerable, he had in his possession the very skull of Jacques de Molay. This skull, once Pike had found it, would then be used in magic rituals involving the transference of power or special attriubutes, or “magical current”. Pike did, in fact, believe he was the martyred Jacques de Molay in a previous incarnation. It is for this reason that one key ritual in freemasonry involves drinking from human skulls, as duly noted by President John Quincy Adams in hisAddress to the People of Massachusetts.

The Order of the Templars were and are known for heretical initiation rites such as ritual murders, trampling the cross underfoot, and even urinating and spitting on the crucifix as a sign to their brethren of their total denial of Christ and his compassion. This fact remains fiercely contested by freemasons, but consider: Whether or not the charges leveled against the Templars were true in the beginning, they are now. By 1865, the terrorist arm of the Scottish Rite–the KKK, actually went one step further in the desecration of the cross by burning it. Pike created this cross-burning ritual to symbolize his vengeance against Christianity– particularly Catholicism, for the death of Jacque DeMolay, who was burned at the stake.

And it was to this ancient Scottish Rite, this British freemasonry, to which Albert Pike, Nathan Bedford Forrest, Andrew Johnson, John Wilkes Booth, Edwin McMasters Stanton, Lyndon Baines Johnson and J. Edgar Hoover belonged. Ronald Reagan also belongs to this rite. On February 11, 1988, a group of high-ranking Freemasons gathered in the Oval Office of the White House to honor and be honored by President Reagan. He was made an honorary Scottish Rite Mason by the Grand Lodge of Washington D.C. Curiously, Reagan was reelected exactly 100 years after the release of Pope Leo XIII’s Humanum Genus Encylical on Freemasonry of April 20, 1884. Five years to the date of its release, on April 20, 1889, Adolf Hitler was born.

It’s easy to see why legitimate Christianity opposes Freemasonry. Pike’s legacy plays into both the Lincoln and Kennedy assassinations. Scottish Rite freemasons were critically involved in both.

After Lincoln died, Andrew Johnson soon enraged the Radical Republicans (who were the left wing back then!), when he enabled the creation of the Black Codes– the Jim Crow laws that would oppress Southern blacks for the next hundred years.

Lyndon Johnson escalated the war in Vietnam, and made his peace with the Mafia– leaving the nation to be raped and plundered by organized crime until Hoover died, and Nixon resigned.

The Use of Doubles

In both plots, a double was employed for the killer– for Oswald and for John Wilkes Booth. Oswald’s double was seen in Mexico City and Dallas.

Booth’s double was allegedly killed by Scott Corbett or committed suicide in a barn. But the corpse shown to Booth’s doctor and dentist was not recognized. Moreover, Booth had a tattoo with the initials JWB on his wrist, which was not present on the corpse. The dental records didn’t match. Two fillings that Booth’s dentist made weeks earlier were not on the corpse.

And Scott Corbett, who supposedly shot Booth but actually murdered a patsy, died insane; just like Jack Ruby, who shot the patsy Oswald.

In a modus operandi betraying the coup, the general public, including families; had unusual difficulty accessing the corpse of Booth and Oswald. In an unambiguous attempt to prevent future identification of the body, Booth’s double was buried under tight security in a jail cell at the Old Penitentiary Building in Geeseborough Point, and the key given to Edwin Stanton. Booth was also spotted in such widely scattered places as Mexico, Oklahoma, and London after his alleged death.13

Like Booth, Oswald was also buried under extremely tight security. A huge force of Secret Service men and police stood on guard as Oswald was buried in a pine box at Rose Hills Cemetery, Fort Worth, Texas. He was placed in a vault with reinforced steel bars. A policeman was left on duty to protect against any possible desecration. Or grave robbers.

The Issue of Culpability

In both assassinations, the new presidents would eventually face charges of conspiracy by members of their own party. Andrew Johnson, having been left an incriminating note by John Wilkes Booth, would be accused of conspiring to murder Abraham Lincoln before Congress.14 Booth’s diary, left in Stanton’s care, had several missing pages in the days leading up to the assassination date: April 14, 1865. This implicated Johnson because Stanton was in his Cabinet, and both knew Stanton was the sole reason Johnson was in power.

Lyndon Baines Johnson did not escape suspicion, either. He, too, was in power only through the complicity of FBI Director Hoover, and LBJ would come to be accused by members of his own party as the Clay Shaw trial exposed the Warren Commission’s mockery of justice.

Among those to implicate LBJ directly and die soon afterwards was Lee Harvey Oswald15 and Jack Ruby 16. Coincidentally, in late 1967 and early 1968, just as Jim Garrison’s case against Shaw had effectively debunked the Warren Commission and more evidence implicated LBJ and J. Edgar Hoover; Johnson took the highly unusual step of refusing to run in 1968. This happened at a time when Jim Garrison stated that ultimate responsibility for JFK’s murder rested on Johnson’s shoulders.17

This would be the second time in a decade that Lyndon Johnson would be a key suspect in a federal murder trial. As for Lincoln: in one of Lafayette Baker’s coded messages, he revealed that:

“…at least eleven members of Congress were involved in the plot, no less than twelve Army officers, three Naval officers, and at least twenty-three civilians, one of which was governor of a loyal state. Five were bankers of great repute, three were nationally known newspapermen and eleven were industrialists of great repute and wealth…eighty-five thousand dollars was contributed by the named persons to commit the deed”.

Lee Harvey Oswald and Clay Shaw’s phone books both contained the same false addresses that were actually sliding ciphers with numbers to the local CIA office and Jack Ruby18 (The same post office address to one “Lee Odom”, e.g., was used to denote Ruby’s telephone number, and found in Shaw and Oswald’s books). Oswald used a sliding cipher similar to the one Lafayette Baker used in his coded confession; the latter which wouldn’t be discovered until 1957.19

A Governor’s Complicity

In Lincoln and Kennedy’s murders, at least one governor was involved. In Kennedy’s case it was John Connally. Besides urging the unnecessary trip to Dallas, Connally argued vehemently with Kennedy’s point man, Jerry Bruno, over proposed changes in the route to the Dallas Trade Mart. It was Bruno’s job to travel to the site in advance of the president to insure everything would go smoothly and safely, and he expressed due concern for the president’s safety. He told Connally that the route through Dealy Plaza left Kennedy vulnerable to sniper fire. The sharp left turn on Houston and Elm Street would slow the motorcade to a crawl as it approached the Grassy Knoll. So a direct drive to the Dallas Trade Mart was suggested by the White House; essentially scrapping the parade route.

But Connally demanded that the route through Dealy Plaza not be changed, and he even threatened to boycott Kennedy’s visit if he didn’t have his way! When Bruno continued to object, Connally got on the phone and in Bruno’s presence, he faked a call to the White House. Bruno was tricked into complying.20 Moreover, a letter from Oswald to Connally written in January of 1962 revealed the governor– like several of Johnson’s naval appointees that participated in the conspiracy– had previous contact with Oswald.

Coupled with the fact that Johnson’s last argument with Kennedy on November 21, 1963, was over Johnson’s insistence that Connally ride with him in the rear vehicle rather than in the president’s lead car, it becomes obvious both knew of the conspiracy 21. Johnson must have known his good friend was in danger; just like he knew Kennedy planned to drop him from the ticket and end his political career.22His argument with Kennedy on the night of November 21 was so heated the First Lady could hear it from outside the presidential suite, room 850 of the Hotel Texas in Fort Worth. Johnson finally stormed out of the suite when he didn’t get his way. 23

Ironically, Kennedy’s final dictated words to Evelyn Lincoln were: “Johnson will not be on the ticket”. 24

And as the shots were fired at Dealy Plaza, Senator Ralph Yarborough saw something even more interesting than the puffs of smoke coming from the Grassy Knoll. In the midst of the commotion he turned and saw Johnson was listening to a walkie talkie radio hanging over the rear seat; which was “turned down real low”. After David Ferrie’s death, four rifles and a radio transmitter tuning unit would be found in his apartment.

Johnson, Hoover and the Mafia

Though religious and racial intolerance played a major role in motivating Hoover’s role, much of his actions can also be explained by the fact that he was being blackmailed. Miami Mafia don Meyer Lansky controlled J. Edgar Hoover and therefore quietly controlled the Mafia and FBI, and he did so with a cherished photograph of a cross-dressing Hoover performing oral sex on his partner and Associate Director, Clyde Tolson.

It was for this reason only that Hoover claimed the Mafia didn’t exist, and let the Mafia triumph. That, and the fact that the Mafia fixed the horse races for him to keep him happy.25 So it was no surprise that people like Frank Sturgis, E. Howard Hunt, Edgar Eugene Bradley, G. Gordon Liddy and Jim Bradin were dutifully protected by Hoover. Hoover went out of his way to insure the killers would not be extradited from those states were they found refuge. These executioners were at the Texas Schoolbook Depository Building, Dealy Plaza, Parkland Memorial Hospital, and Bethesda Naval Hospital dressed as Secret Service men– three were dressed as tramps. Many of the conspirators escaped to California and found protection under then-governor Ronald Reagan– in Santa Ana, Bakersfield, El Monte, and Northern California. 26 Some conspirators fled to Canada, others, like Sam Giancana fled to Mexico. Lansky eventually went to Israel, and was therein protected by right-wing Jewish freemasons and the ADL, a right-wing front and odd extension of the Scottish Rite. The Anti-Defamation League.

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