The Lincoln-Kennedy Parallels That Really Matter


I would be… protected by himself (Mr. Johnson) absolutely in my escape, and that on the death of President Lincoln, he (Vice-President Johnson) would become president of the United States, and that in this official capacity I could depend on him for protection and absolute pardon…

The Assassination Template: Andrew Johnson and Lyndon B. Johnson

President Andrew Johnson escaped impeachment in 1868 by just one vote. He was under a cloud of suspicion for complicity in the Lincoln assassination after it was established he had met with John Wilkes Booth before the killing. Exactly 100 years later, another Southerner named Johnson, President Lyndon Baines Johnson, would quit politics under the suspicion of complicity in the Kennedy assassination.
Some coincidences not really coincidences. Key conspirators like J. Edgar Hoover and President Andrew Johnson were in the Scottish Rite, for example. President Andrew Johnson escaped impeachment in 1868 by just one vote. He was under a cloud of suspicion for complicity in the Lincoln assassination after it was established he had met with John Wilkes Booth before the killing. Exactly 100 years later, another Southerner named Johnson, President Lyndon Baines Johnson, would quit politics under the suspicion of complicity in the Kennedy assassination.

The first thing one needs to understand is that this exact scenario happened once before, in 1865, but in that case conspirators were hanged, albeit all were patsies or small, disposable players. In that case, the assassin got away, was declared dead, but eventually he committed suicide decades later. Chalk it up to unwritten history, because the people who killed Lincoln wrote the history books, but it would hold up in any court.

The three key players in the JFK assassination were President Lyndon Johnson, President Richard Nixon, and FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover.

According to witness Madeline Brown, FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, Howard Hunt, Clyde Tolson, Lyndon Baines Johnson, John McCloy and Richard Nixon were present at a meeting regarding the assassination of President Kennedy at the home of Clint Murchison the night prior to the killing. Nixon would himself appear in Dallas on the day of the killing. Behind them were a cadre of right-wing military officers, such as Gen. Edwin Walker, intelligence officers like Allen Dulles, oilmen like Howard Hunt and bankers like John McCloy. Dulles and McCloy would be appointed by Johnson to a “blue ribbon panel” later known as the infamous Warren Commission to investigate Kennedy’s death, so the findings were, of course, absolutely misleading, and insultingly absurd. At the time, the Justice Department wanted an independent commission to investigate the assassination but Johnson stopped it. This particular plot was big enough that it leaked to Klan members like Joseph Milteer, a rabid segregationist like Gen. Walker who was caught on tape boasting of a plan to kill Kennedy in Dallas, November 22 1963, “from an office building with a high-powered rifle” and that they would arrest a patsy immediately afterwards to throw off the public.

In 1977, the House Select Committee on Assassinations was also investigating the Kennedy and King killings. The curious parallels between the Lincoln assassination and Kennedy’s was noted because the latter seemed a copy cat coup.

The plot could have only succeeded if Johnson, upon becoming president and assuming control of the armed services and the CIA and FBI, agreed to protect conspirators after the fact, which he clearly did. One often speaks of the unusual Lincoln-Kennedy parallels, but the most obvious one of all is this:

Andrew Johnson’s presidency almost 100 years prior was the result of conspirators who also knew they could count on his pardons and assistance after the fact, when his presidential powers could ensure immunity. As Lincoln’s assassin, John Wilkes Booth is said to have put it in a conversation with Vice-President Andrew Johnson:

“I replied, ‘I will shoot him in the brain.’

“‘Then practically, from this time I am President of the United States,’ replied Vice-President Johnson and he added, ‘goodbye.’

Don’t Ask for the Truth if You Plan to Look Away

fbi dir booth
FBI interest as far back as 1923, FBI Director William J. Burns sees “very strong evidence” that Booth escaped and lived for many years after Lincoln’s murder.
CIA memo to media assets on how to discredit and attack critics of the Warren Commission’s Lone Gunman Theory and a note on how suspicion of President Johnson’s involvement in the assassination is now becoming problematic in European circles. Whenever you hear the term “conspiracy theorist” remember that this is the document that created the term to smear informed dissent. For an unsettling and infamous example of network media control, click here.

If there was any truth to this assertion, the first thing you would expect after a coup would be endless cover-ups with witness intimidation and disappearances. You would expect to see things like Kennedy’s missing brain and x-rays, which along with the Zapruder film which demonstrated conclusively there were shots from the Grassy Knoll and underscored the absurdity of the Lone Gunman theory, all designed to distract you from Johnson. President Johnson was terrified of being implicated in that conspiracy, as you can listen to here, discussing the assassination with John Connally, who was also shot in Dallas. They were discussing mobster Jimmy’s Hoffa’s threat to “tell all” in 1967 prior to Johnson’s re-election campaign, which he eventually  withdrew from. Johnson talks about a statute of limitations for conspiracies regarding that assassination but it is already clear he knows there is none for murder.

You would expect to see things like Kennedy’s casket being dumped into the sea, in a munitions dump, and widespread destruction of evidence. You would expect to see Johnson seal records relating to the assassination for over 50 years, more than enough time to ensure those documents would be destroyed before the seal was lifted. You would expect Nixon to do the same. You would expect to see things like Nixon using code terms like “Bay of Pigs” to refer to the assassination and of course, you would expect 15 minutes of Watergate tapes erased numerous times by an idiotic secretary.

You would expect powerful media assets controlled by wealthy conspirators to tell you black is white, up is down, to do everything they could to mislead and confuse Americans.

You would expect a state-mandated disinformation script. You would expect a widespread and continuing effort by the CIA and FBI to conceal all evidence pointing to a conspiracy or Johnson’s involvement. As with any coup, you would expect a national and concerted media campaign attacking anyone who came close to the truth, and we saw that.

You would expect to see the corporate media use the national trauma that was the Kennedy assassination to manipulate our cognitive dissonance as we saw painfully contradictory evidence to the official story; to use the psychological defensive mechanisms of denial and anger to shut down our rational thinking and rather than question the actions of our government, trust them even more.

As you can see from the CIA’s 1967 memo to media assets in the broadcast and print media, from the New York Times to Washington Post, ABC, NBC,CBS, etc. this is exactly what happened and continues to this day. It was this memo from which the term “conspiracy theorist” emerged as a calculated derogatory label for anyone who connected the dots leading to Johnson. There is no jailer more potent than one which can imprison your mind, and that is what the corporate media does and will continue to do. It is for this reason that the greatest threat to American freedom has been, and will always be a controlled and unaccountable media that won’t tell you the truth because they are now parties to treason.

Reagan’s shooter, John Hinckley. Jr. He is in front of Ford’s Theatre, where Lincoln was assassinated. His brother was to meet with Neil Bush, George H.W. Bush’s son, the day he shot Reagan. Bush Sr. was in Dallas on Nov, 22, 1963, when JFK was killed. Bush Sr. is also Scottish Rite, 33rd degree.

As there is no jailer more powerful than one who can imprison your mind, the corporate media is an active conspirator in the cover-up still protecting the resulting secret government. Your slave masters behind the petrodollar are not elected but are now extremely vulnerable, and until we rip the tongue out of the corporate media’s gaping maw, you will never be free. Had they been on our side since the assassination, the guilty would have been tried, and this would still be a democracy. Even living conspirators admit as much.

FBI Files on John Wilkes Booth

On January 23, 1923, William J. Burns, by then the acting director of the Department of Justice wrote “I have gone over with considerable interest the volume entitled “The Escape and Suicide of John Wilkes Booth” by Finis L. Bates of Memphis, Tennessee… The work contains very strong evidence in support of the old belief that Booth did escape and live many years after the assassination of President Lincoln…”  Here’s a relevant portion:

All the conspirators against President Lincoln met here with Andrew Johnson conversant of the purpose to kidnap the President. On arriving at the hotel, about 3 o’clock, I called on Vice-President Johnson, when we talked over the situation and the changed conditions because of the surrender of Gen. Lee; and the Confederate forces at Appomattox, which had made the purpose of the kidnapping of President Lincoln and his delivery to the Confederate government at Richmond, to be held as a hostage of war, impossible, as the Confederate government had abandoned Richmond and the war between the States was considered practically over, which left, to my mind, nothing that we could do but accept defeat and leave the South, whom we had made our best efforts to serve, to her own fate, bitter and disappointing as it was. When Vice-President Johnson turned to me and said, in an excited voice and apparent anger:

[pullquote]I shall not forget to my dying day the clasp of his cold, clammy hand when he said:” ‘Make as sure of your aim as I have done in arranging for your escape. For in your complete success lies our only hope.”I replied, ‘I will shoot him in the brain.'” ‘Then practically, from this time I am President of the United States,’ replied Vice-President Johnson, and he added, ‘goodbye.’[/pullquote]” ‘Will you falter at this supreme moment?’

“I could not understand his meaning, and stood silent, when with pale face, fixed eyes and quivering lips, Mr. Johnson asked of me:

” ‘Are you too faint-hearted to kill him?’

“As God is my judge, this was the first suggestion of the dastardly deed of the taking of the life of President Lincoln, and came as a shock to me. While for the moment I waited and then said:

‘To kill the President is certain death to me,’ and I explained to Vice-President Johnson that I had just been arrested by the guard as I was coming into the city over the East Potomac bridge that morning, and that it would be absolutely impossible for me to escape through the military line, should I do as he suggested, as this line of protection completely surrounded the city. Replying to this Mr. Johnson said:

” ‘Gen. and Mrs. U. S. Grant are in the city, the guests of President Lincoln and family, and from the evening papers I have learned that President Lincoln and wife will entertain Gen. and Mrs. Grant j at a box party to be given in their honor by the President and Mrs. Lincoln at Ford’s Theater this evening.’

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