The Lincoln-Kennedy Parallels That Really Matter

Johnson and Hoover Knew They’d be Fired

The are some in the mainstream media who claim that “rumours” about J. Edgar Hoover hating the Kennedy brothers and Martin Luther King, Jr. are unfounded or exaggerated. You should take special note of any element of the print and broadcast media that ignores or downplays Hoover’s legendary hatred of the Kennedys and King.

Now consider the fact that Hoover knew President Kennedy planned to fire both him and Johnson if reelected in 1964; largely at Attorney Gen. Robert Kennedy’s prompting because of Hoover’s ties to Mafia chieftain Myer Lansky and others. Had this come to pass, Hoover would have lost the immunity from prosecution he enjoyed as Director of the FBI. His ties to Lansky and other mobsters exposed; Hoover stood to be prosecuted for using federal law enforcement funds and personnel to protect the interests of the Mafia.

Lyndon Johnson, already named as an accomplice before a Texas Grand Jury by his friend Billy Sol Estes; stood to be prosecuted for the murder of Henry Marshall, a federal agricultural agent about to expose Johnson’s link to the mob and defrauding of the government in an illegal cotton allotment scheme.

Nor was Hoover’s crackdown on the KKK any more credible than his hunt for JFK’s assassin. William Sullivan, his assistant director, remembered a racist in word and deed who had to be pressured to investigate crimes against Jews, blacks and other minorities.27 When Hoover did infiltrate the KKK, the paramilitary/terrorist arm of the Scottish Rite; he did so not to bring anyone to justice, but apparently to insure the link between both secret societies would never be exposed.

Even as Lyndon Johnson passed important civil rights legislation, Hoover undermined their implementation at will be using a covert establishment of racist judicial and law enforcement agencies inclined to impede the prosecution of the Ku Klux Klan. Why? Because at the time, at least two Supreme Court justices were members of the Ku Klux Klan. Not to mention several Senators and Congressmen (Dixiecrats).

To be fair, Lyndon Johnson was no racist. He did give us the Civil Rights Act.  Andrew Johnson, in comparison, fought tooth and nail against the proposed Civil Rights acts during reconstruction.

Johnson’s actions on the day of the assassination, from a call to Rose Kennedy from aboard Air Force One, were unusual and contradictory.  As he called Rose Kennedy to console her, he was drinking Kennedy’s bottled water, and calmly eating vegetable soup while  Jackie Kennedy sat by her husband’s casket and wept. Prior to landing he then argued vehemently that he be allowed to disembark before President Kennedy’s casket as he was now the Commander in Chief. (Appalled at his callousness before the slain leader, he was ignored by the passengers, and Johnson stewed over this for days.)

That weekend he also ordered Mrs. Kennedy to vacate the White House by Monday– the day of the funeral.

  The Manchurian Candidate

As a professional assassination specialist fired by Kennedy after the Bay of Pigs fiasco, Allan Dulles had an active role in every stage of the planning and cover-up. He engineered the deaths of several foreign leaders before his failed attempts on Fidel Castro. The study of historical assassinations was his forte, and by 1961 Edwin Stanton’s set-up of Lincoln was already known; and because it was a successful plan, it was about to be revisited. Regardless, Lafayette Baker’s confession was discovered purely by accident.

While director, Allan Dulles was in charge of various mind control programs in the CIA such as MK-ULTRA’s Operation Artichoke and Radio Hypnotic Intracerebral Electronic Dissolution of Memory (RHIC-EDOM).29

The CIA hoped to use hypnosis to program specified psychological profiles into assassins that would stand up to possible interrogations and torture by forgetting who sent them and why; a “Manchurian Candidate” akin to the brainwashed American soldier returning from the Korean war that was first popularized in Richard Condon’s novel of the same name, which then became a popular film.

In “The Manchurian Candidate”, the North Koreans use hypnosis to program Raymond Shaw (Laurence Harvey) to act as a hit man using an ordinary deck of playing cards as his remote control. Once back home, when he hears the key phrase “Why don’t you pass the time playing a little solitaire?” he starts laying out the cards until he comes to the queen of diamonds, which is the second key that will clear the way for final instructions, after which he kills and then can’t remember doing so.

On July 19, 1975, Sam Giancana was found shot to death five days prior to his appearance before the Church Committee. The federal government was investigating the CIA/Mafia plots for the first time.  Giancana took seven shots to head, mouth, and throat, and in a subsequent search police found movie equipment and a film starring his friend Frank Sinatra stored in his basement. That film was “The Manchurian Candidate”, a box-office hit pulled from release after President John F. Kennedy was assassinated shortly after its premier. It remained locked away for almost 30 years until its re-release in 1987.  The movie stars Sinatra as Shaw’s deprogrammer, and  Angela Lansbury.

Much of the information the CIA had on hypnoconditioning came from Nazi Germany; who under a former SS Officer, Wilhelm Wulff, hoped to program the perfect assassin: one who would kill without regard for his personal safety. A western version of the suicide bomber, so to speak.  Dulles wanted the same thing.

To achieve these ends everything from hypnosis to mind-altering drugs were employed. And from the SS war criminals the CIA hired to hunt down the Communists, we got what they knew about Hitler’s mind-control program.

Oswald associate David Ferrie was a CIA operative, and a skilled psychologist and hypnotist. Witnesses attest he sometimes hypnotized Oswald.30 This is very significant. In the Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. assassinations, because both killers had links to the same CIA hypnoconditioner.

James Earl Ray and Sirhan Sirhan in fact, may have been programmed by the same hypnoconditioner– a Los Angeles CIA consultant by the name of Dr. William Joseph Bryan Jr.31 Interestingly, Bryan was also the technical consultant for the Sinatra film “The Manchurian Candidate”.

Soon after his visits with several Los Angeles hypnotists, one of which Bryan claimed was himself, Ray went to Memphis and allegedly killed King. (Unlike Sirhan, however, Ray may never have fired a gun, an argument so compelleing the King family believed Ray innocent)

Dr. Bryan, like many other figures directly involved in the murders of the Kennedy brothers and King, would die under mysterious circumstances in the spring of 1977; this at a time when the JFK case was reopened and key witnesses and conspirators everywhere conveniently died (e.g. John Rosselli, Sam Giancana). In Bryan’s case, the coroner determined he died of natural causes before any autopsy was performed. Johnson was dead, but again, the pattern of suspiciously timed deaths and spurious autopsies that shadowed every major investigation remained. Ray, when he was arrested, apparently took several books on hypnosis with him after escaping the police dragnet in Memphis. These were found by Canadian investigators in the Toronto boarding house where Ray had been staying before his arrest.

TV Can Kill

heaven-gateAs election year campaign ads and party-driven network “news” broadcasts aptly demonstrate, television is the weapon of choice in regards to social manipulation (see table above).

If you remember the fall of the Soviet Union on August 19, 1991, when there was an attempt to destroy the emerging Russian democracy; the first target of the communist hardliners was not an oil field, a nuclear silo, or an army base.  Communist tanks headed for a Moscow television station, which illustrates the role of broadcast stations ascritical military assets; powerful weapons of disinformation and psychological warfare.  Without the airwaves to provide their own brand of “Radio Hypnotic Intra-Cerebral Electronic Dissolution of Memory,” the task of making the masses forget their misery under Communism and turning them against the new regime proved  impossible for the hard-liners.

When NATO bombed Serbia in early 1999, knowing Slobodan Milosovic had full controll of the airwaves, they bombed railways, oil field, factories, etc. But they forgot a crucial military target that nearly brought a fatal confrontation with Russia. They left Serb television stations alone, and these,  predictably, polarized support for a leader that just months earlier, wanted Milosovic of office.

Segments of the population particularly susceptible to electronic biomanipulation includes, but is not limited to, disassociative personalities such as schizophrenics (which can be targeted specifically with a more predictable reaction).  Indeed, the first experiments in mind control and creating programmed assassins (Project Artichoke, MK-ULTRA) involved prisoners and mental patients. Of  particular interest here are the experiments in Radio Hypnotic Intra-Cerebral Electronic Dissolution of Memory  (RHIC-EDOM) of the early sixties– mind control experiments which after a government crackdown in the 1970s, was moved into the private sector.

However, Spahn Ranch, Jonestown, and Heaven’s Gate demonstrates that a combination of calculated isolation, hypnosis, and psychoactive drugs can make anyonesusceptible to mind control. Charles Manson isolated his followers in a California desert, Spahn Ranch.  Jim Jones isolated his followers in Guyana.  Marshall Appewhite had a home in San Diego, where his followers lived carefully  isolated lives and male followers castrated themselves.  The castration was not without  purpose.  By drastically eliminating testosterone, the subjects became submissive and reduced to a commonpsychological bandwith. Thus, the critical role of isolation as a prerequite for programming is clearly demonstrated.

It has been estimated that twenty percent of the population can be unwittingly hypnoconditioned– even through the airwaves; and would rate a Grade 5 on the Hypnotic Induction Scale used to preselect a programmable assassin. Such a person would have a dissociative ego state (like an imaginary childhood playmate) that could easily be recalled and built up into a second personality.  This second personality could then be programmed to kill through “trigger mechanisms” implanted by the hypnotist, such as visual or verbal cues that activate the programmed response.


IIn August of 1976, John Roselli would be found with his legs sawed off, and stuffed in a 55 gallon oil drum. His last meeting was with one of the conspirators in the Kennedy assassination– Santos Trafficante. (Trafficante worked directly with Dulles, John Rosselli, and Sam Giancana in the attempts to kill Castro). The barrel was weighed down with chains, sealed and dumped in Dumbfoundling Bay off the Florida coast, but the gasses from the decomposing corpse caused it to rise to the surface.32 Just a few months before in April of 1976, he was grilled before the Church Committee on earlier claims regarding the Castro retaliation theory– that Fidel Castro turned the CIA/Mafia hit teams against JFK when Robert Kennedy cracked down on the Mafia at home. The Mafia felt especially embittered and wrongly assumed that Dulles informed the Kennedys that Mafia hit men would be used in the attempts.

As Attorney General Robert Kennedy seriously attacked the mob for the first time in American history, a wily Castro would have enough of a case to turn these killers against Kennedy– their unwitting employer at the Bay of Pigs. All Castro had to do was send the killers back to exact revenge, and he did, starting with Trafficante and Rosselli’s men.

Thus it should be no surprise that the last attempt to kill Castro occurred during a motorcade using high-powered rifles, a triangulation of cross-fire, and a sniper on the roof of a tall Havana building. This modus operandi repeated itself exactly in Dallas.33 It bore the mark of Allen Dulles; who simply modified the same ambush he used in Cuba. The subsequent cover-up, the most complex phase involving key police, medical and forensic personnel that had to be planted or controlled beforehand, seemed based on the Stanton plan.

The Price of Success

After Lincoln and Kennedy’s murders, a grim fate befell most of the conspirators. Much to his surprise, Booth survived only to die universally detested after a life in hiding. Stanton died four years after Lincoln; disgraced and alone, just like Laffayette Baker wrote in 1868.

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