Hillary, Key DNC Members Stand to Make Millions if She is Elected, TPP Passes

    1. [SMOKING GUN] DNC Members Held Millions In “Green Technology” Company;
    2. Add “Climate Change” To Campaign; Rig Election For Clinton; (self.DNCleaks)

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Another Democrat connected to Energy Pioneer Solutions has died. This is turning into a death watch.

[pullquote]Now I would suggest looking into the following questions: why are the major banks funding Hillary’s campaign by the millions? Is there something in the recently linked TPP document that might benefit/implicate the major banks? How about George Soros? What’s his role, and what does he stand to gain by “donating” $25m to the Clinton campaign?[/pullquote]Hillary had to get elected to execute this plan. She wasn’t counting on such a tough battle from an outsider, Bernie Sanders, which added the complications that necessitated rigging of the election. Given what was at stake (and the reward), the DNC happily colluded to keep Bernie down in polls, and when that wasn’t working they tampered with the electronic voting results leading to significant differences between actual vs. exit polls. A DNC staffer named Seth Rich caught on to the plot and was going to expose it, so he was murdered while on his way home one evening. By doing it on the street it could look like a simple mugging, but they didn’t take his wallet, cell phone or watch.

Suddenly the DNCLeak happens, DWS resigns to try to take the fall for keeping Bernie down. Hillary immediately offers her a job to keep her close and make sure she doesn’t go public. Her replacement was also implicated in the emails, so she had to step down as well. Suspicious delegates catching on to shenanigans then become a problem, so the DNC focuses the entire convention on “Unity” in spite of the constant booing and protests and growing distrust of the party. Seat fillers are employed to displace the protesters to help maintain the image of unity, and noise machines are installed to cancel out the sound of boos.


It was an awful lot of work, but what even was the plot to begin with? Let’s start from the beginning.

Boston Herald headline.

Bill Clinton’s friend Scott Kleeb started a business called Energy Pioneer Solutions in 2008 (after a failed house and senate run as a Democrat). Energy Pioneer Solutions aims to use technology to make homes more energy efficient, and partner with governments to provide tax incentives to customers and to tie in electronically with building codes that improve energy efficiency.

Hillary runs for president in 2008, but loses the primary to Barack Obama. She continues on to serve as Secretary of State for Obama’s first term.

Another friend of Bill and Hillary named Terry McAuliffe also invested in “green” technologies, founding GreenTech Automotive in 2009. Terry McAuliffe eventually became governor of Virginia in 2013, and in late 2014 Terry fought to purchase new electronic voting machines statewide – previously each polling district acquired their own polling machines. A significant discrepancy has been noted between exit polling and results in Clinton’s favor in districts that use electronic voting machines. Virginia is a very important swing state in the 2016 election. Hillary also won the Democratic primary in Virginia.

Terry McAuliffe also attempted to restore voting rights to convicted felons (later overturned.) and abolish voter IDs.

Note Tim Kaine (D-VA). That’s Hillary’s pick for Vice-President.
[pullquote] The TPP’s key provision grants new rights to thousands of multinational corporations to sue the U.S. government before a panel of three corporate lawyers that would be empowered to award the corporations unlimited sums to be paid by America’s taxpayers, including for the loss of expected future profits.[/pullquote]As we return to the smoking gun, we meet another friend of the Clintons’, Andrew Tobias. This is an email from 05/14/2016 from Andrew Tobias to Luis Miranda of the DNC. Andrew has served as the DNC treasurer since 1999. In this email, Andrew admits that Clinton had been giving “insider tips” to friends within the DNC about a company called – you guessed it – Energy Pioneer Solutions. Now Andrew also admits that he went all in on this company ($1,000,000), even suggesting that was a lot of money for him, so the tip was given with a great deal of confidence in return on investment. Relevant quotes:

“What Clinton did do was inspire some friends to make this green investment, because the more green investments we make, the better it will be for our economy, our energy independence, and combatting climate change. PS – I own a chunk of the company in question: I’ve put in more than $1 million (a small fortune to me), hoping to profit from making old homes more energy-efficient with better insulation, caulking and stuff like that. We may or may not succeed, but isn’t it a good thing that we’re trying?”


  1. As you’ll note in the email, the Wall Street Journal got ahold of this story about prominent members of the DNC buying a majority stake in a random energy efficiency company from Nebraska. Though they were looking for a CGI/Clinton Foundation connection which Andrew disputes on his blog.
  2. The Wall Street Journal, however, failed to find a lead for insider trading because it turns out they had bad intel relating to the Clinton Foundation and a mysterious donation to EPS in the amount of $2m. The Clinton Foundation turned out to be a dead end, but folks, what we’re seeing here is much more insidious. Let’s keep going.
  3. The Democratic Primaries are not going to plan. Bernie Sanders is proving to be far more popular than Hillary anticipated. The DNC began to panic, and started to help Clinton stack the deck against Bernie from the inside, and we started seeing manipulation of the media to benefit Hillary in what was still a hotly contested primary.
  4. As primaries and caucuses were held for the Democrats throughout the United States, people began reporting voter suppression and discrepancies with exit polling in districts with electronic voting machines. In fact, reports are now suggesting that Bernie may have won in pledged delegate count in districts with electronic voting where the results show Hillary won. He may have even won the primary.
  5. In June of 2016, the DNC drafted a new, updated Democratic Platform. A new part of the 2016 platform is combating climate change through tax incentives that promote building energy efficiency and updates to building codes. Are you keeping up? Clinton has given insider trading tips to members of the DNC that will make them millionaires when a company that creates new technologies that integrate with government to improve building energy efficiency to be used as a foundation for automatic tax incentives.
  6. At the same time the Democratic Platform Update was being Ratified, a persistent thorn in Clinton’s side that threatened to ruin everything if he challenged her to the party nomination suddenly decided to suspend his campaign, endorse Clinton, insist his voters support the very person he has been demonizing for months. Later on at the convention, many report he appeared a defeated man, emotional and sunken, and some even suggested he may have a wound on his face.
  7. The day before the DNC, Debbie Wasserman Schultz steps down as chair of the DNC. Instead of distancing herself from the drama unfolding within the DNC, Hillary shocks the world and hires DWS to lead her campaign. Had she not hired DWS, perhaps DWS might’ve gone public with the scheme.
  8. The DNC opens to disharmony, protests, boos and heckles, disrupting the first 2 days of the convention. DNC leaders take measures to block Bernie Supporters including hiring seat fillers, blocking delegation seating sections and installing audio equipment to interfere with the noise they make.
  9. Long time friend of the Clintons, Democrat activist and another investor in EPS, Mark Weiner, died while getting dressed for the convention. Mark also knew Scott Kleeb and owned a 5% share in EPS. While it was understood that Weiner was suffering from leukemia, the cause of death is not understood at this time.
  10. Hillary Clinton accepts the nomination.

Folks, this isn’t over. We now have the leaders of a major political party with individual investments at stake (read: their entire lives at stake) banking on Hillary getting elected in November, and they have already demonstrated that they will stop at nothing to make that happen. If Hillary is elected, she can carry out the Democratic Party Platform, institute programs that will ultimately result in contracts for companies like EPS (which once again is majority owned by prominent members of DNC leadership), providing subsidies with taxpayer dollars and many of your elected officials will become instant millionaires.

While some of this is speculation (I did my best to ensure I backed up each point with something substantial), one thing is indisputable: members of the DNC stand to make millions if Hillary is elected, while they stand to lose millions if she isn’t, and plenty of people have killed for far less.

The following people may have had ties to this plot in some way and their interactions should be scrutinized:

  1. Andrew Tobias (DNC Finance)
  2. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (former DNC chair)
  3. Scott Kleeb (failed Nebraska Democrat, founder of EPS)
  4. Seth Rich (worked on Scott Kleeb’s campaign, DNC staffer for voter engagement, deceased)
  5. Mark Weiner (Democrat fund raiser, invested 5% into EPS, deceased)
  6. Luis Miranda (DNC staffer)
  7. Donna Brazile (DNC staffer, briefly DNC chair)
  8. Terry McAuliffe (former DNC chair, governor of VA)
  9. Tim Kaine (former DNC chair, former governor of VA, senator from VA, VP pick – see other connections between Tim, Clinton and DWS)

READ THIS. Share this, spread this, promote this, copy and paste it every where you can before it’s removed and we all end up like Seth Rich

 Six Things You Should Know About the TPP

Click to access Six-Things-About-TPP.pdf

EDIT: TL;DR Many prominent DNC members are helping rig the election for personal gain by investing in specific green technologies of a friend of the Clintons that will receive subsidies, support and very lucrative national contracts under new aspects of the DNC platform. May have murdered to cover it up. Individuals within the DNC have MILLIONS of dollars at stake hinged on Hillary winning the presidency.

Now I would suggest looking into the following questions: why are the major banks funding Hillary’s campaign by the millions? Is there something in the recently linked TPP document that might benefit/implicate the major banks? How about George Soros? What’s his role, and what does he stand to gain by “donating” $25m to the Clinton campaign?

submitted by noleak_onlythrowaway

/u/UpdatesIowa found the smoking gun.https://www.reddit.com/r/DNCleaks/comments/4v8ew0/the_wall_street_journal_reported_this_week_that/

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