Chuck Todd Has No Respect for Women

[pullquote]Chuck Todd truly believes that he speaks for each and every one of us by implying that all we’re concerned about right now is how mean President Trump is to the media, which is another way of saying that our most pressing national concern is Chuck Todd and how President Trump hurt his feelings. [/pullquote]If you want to see what Chuck Todd really thinks about women, have a look at the condescending way he treats Kelly Anne Conway, the most powerful woman in the world at this moment in history. You want to see what “man-splaining” is? This is it. Look at the way he talks down to her as if she were a child. She has the ear of the most powerful man in the world because she helped place him there, and he talks to her like she’s beneath him. Is it because she’s a woman? Or does a woman have to share your political affiliation to be treated respectfully, Chuck? And you still wonder why the media is held with such low regard?

You want to see a man faced with his own irrelevance in a world that no longer trusts him, lashing out at a powerful woman that’s trying to make a point; futilely attempting to tear down his real-world superior to build up his fragile and broken ego, have a look at this. He owes her an apology.

She deserves the respect he would give Hillary’s more erudite and sophisticated surrogates, like spirit cooking Lady Gaga or Madonna, the latter who said she wanted to blow up the White House, leading to a Secret Service investigation, and said so on the same day he chose to focus on “real news” like contested crowd size and a media scolding.

“They’re all gonna laugh at you!” 

[pullquote]Despite your big soap box nobody cares what you think, it is of no consequence and the election proved it, your words and commentary are meaningless, you’re petty, your political analysis is the verbal defecation of a giant ass.[/pullquote]You made this all about you, Chuck, and tried to play it off as some sort of noble and grand endeavor to reaffirm the dignity and integrity of an establishment press that has long been discredited. It was like a hooker defending the honor and chastity of all prostitutes, appalled anyone would question their virginity right after he hosts a media circle jerk he calls a news panel.

But by all means, please, continue. You call this reporting, but the wary just see the rage and impotence your post-election trauma counselor might see as you sit there crying on the couch, obsessing over that mean old Donald Trump and how he’ll sooner do a YouTube video with an unknown fashion blogger than deal with the unholy, neurotic likes of you.

This interview had absolutely nothing to do with issues of national concern such as the fact the TPP is now officially dead, a great victory both Bernie and Trump fought for tooth and nail. This was clearly a news anchor and drama queen dealing with personal issues; playing out his melodrama on a national stage. Watch how, in his grandiose delusion, he truly believes that he speaks for each and every one of us by implying that all we’re concerned about right now is how mean President Trump is to the media, which is another way of saying that our most pressing national concern is Chuck Todd and how President Trump hurt his wittle feelings. 🙁

By everyone, that would  include Trump supporters or people who think Chuck Todd is a brown-nosing simpleton. Chuck, seriously man, you could use some professional help. Keep that petty drama for your therapy sessions, it has no place on a national stage. You’re on Meet the Press, not a Facebook page.

Before the election and post-election trauma, Chuck Todd in happier, gayer times.
How many of you men out there would embarrass yourselves by talking to a powerful woman this way, your manhood so threatened you’re more focused on proving that you’re smarter than her rather than politely listening to what she has to say? Not only did he fail, Todd bared his deepest insecurities about his self-worth now that his career, and identity, have been exposed by Wikileaks as a sham. We know now how much he colluded with the Clinton campaign; that he gave up his journalistic integrity to tilt the scales towards Hillary and that he uses his platform to assassinate the character of her opponents, even now that she’s off of the national stage.

Chuck Todd offers to kill story critical of Hillary Clinton at the behest of the DNC, particularly Luis Miranda, who was disgraced in the rigging scandal and fired along with Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.

In his line of questioning Chuck falsely portrays the corporate media as an unbiased, victimized institution no man has a right to disparage, but succeeded only in baring his deepest insecurities about his self-worth, which is clearly based on his identification with that institution as he begins to personalize the issue and gets melodramatic. It is a fragile belief that he is a respected and influential journalist, a Washington insider, a power player. But he is none of those things. On this point, you fail miserably, Chuck, you do fall short ethically and professionally. Like Jim Acosta at CNN, he knows he peddles fake news on a daily basis, and he thinks a great show of indignation would somehow conceal the obvious, but by berating a woman that has only been polite and gracious to him, he failed and was abusive to boot. Chuck, you see a fraud in every Trump official now, but “Methinks thou doth protest too much.”

Despite your big soap box nobody cares what you think, you are unreliable and therefore of no consequence, and the election proved it. Your words and commentary are meaningless, you’re petty, your political analysis is the verbal defecation of a giant ass, and your mindless babbling is usually ignored unless you’re hurting and disrespecting people, and you disrespected Mrs. Conway.

Fooled into delegitimizing a serious march: people march around in pussy hats so men won’t objectify them as walking pussies. Imagine a men’s rights march where clever COINTEL 2.0 tactics are used to fool them into wearing dick hats and penis costumes.

Inspired by the Pussy Hat theme, Nate Silver will lead a Dick Hat men’s rights march, but like many in the women’s march, some may wear the full genitalia ensemble.

Your skill set is that you can actually read from a teleprompter (granted, I am in awe). It’s clear that you’re also a master of disguise that can even grow a goatee to conceal, somewhat, that double-chin, and you’re also a practiced shill so convincing you’ve convinced yourself you are a journalist, but you’ve forgotten you abandoned journalism to do PR work for Hillary and we know that from the Wikileaks emails. And I hate to break it to you, pal, things will only get worse for you if this is the path you choose, this path far removed from journalism, since no one watches your shitty network anymore but people who march around in pussy hats so men won’t objectify them as walking pussies. Rude and stupid people never fare well when they eventually annoy superior minds to the point of action. You’re only being humored now, it seems.

Chuck the cuck is accusing her, and the Trump team, of focusing on a small and petty thing by being incredibly petty because once again, he is coming to face the reality that 2/3 of Americans don’t trust the media, nor should they trust the fear-mongering, shit-eating gaslighters.

What… what? You’re crying now Chuck? Why you cryin’? Is there a doctor in the house? This poor man could use some help. Because this is what you sound like…

The Top 100 Most Damaging Wikileaks (so far)

List of reporters that Hillary wined and dined, including biggest journalists and pundits of CNN, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, NY Times, and a lot more. Off the record.

“20 reporters who will closely cover the campaign (aka the bus)”

“Off the record” dinner with 25 press attendees.”

“Hi John – I just wanted to thank you again for your hospitality last night. You were so kind to open your home to us, and the food was as fantastic as promised (everyone at the White House raves about your dinners). I really appreciated the opportunity to connect with a number of folks from Team Clinton. The evening was a great way to kick off this crazy adventure. Thank you, and I hope we’ll cross paths again soon. Best, Colleen Colleen McCain Nelson The Wall Street Journal”

No wonder the mainstream media has been shilling so hard for Hillary.

The first link is the list of media personalities who went to the “off the record” private party in the personal home of John Podesta. Includes many corrupt, in-the-tank-for-Hillary journalists like John Heillman, Mark Halperin, Maggie Haberman (colluding in other emails with the Hillary campaign) and many others (Diane Sawyer, George Stephanopoulos, Mika Brzezinski, and so many more).

The largest amount of invitees who said yes to the private party are from the New York Times, Bloomberg, MSNBC, and CNN. Seems to nicely reflect the level of corruption and pro-Hillary bias. This is April 2015 so they were influencing journalists for a long time and their investment has clearly paid off.

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