Enraged Pope Fires Knights Of Malta Leader As President Trump Media Grab Begins

Now fired Knights of Malta Grand Master Fra’ Matthew Festing (left) and Pope Francis (right)

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

Another stunning Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin detailing the America coup being led by Freemason leader President Donald Trump states that when Trump’s Freemason forces began their planned takeover of the US mainstream “fake news” propaganda media this week, Pope Francis became so enraged at the Order of Malta (Knights of Malta) for their aiding of this new president, he ordered the immediate firing of this ancient orders Grand Master Fra’ Matthew Festing. [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

According to this report, Roman Catholic Church “demonic Anti-Christ  globalist forces” being led by Pope Francis are presently engaged in a global war with Freemasonic “nation state” forces being led by President Trump—and that in just the past week has seen President Trump “anointed” during his 20 January inauguration by American Knights of Malta leader Cardinal Timothy Dolan, who read from the Freemasons-Knights Templar most holy book called the Wisdom of Solomon, and the following day, 21 January, Rabbi Fred Raskin, at the National Prayer Service, likewise, invoking these ancient orders devotion to Solomon by his reading a passage in Hebrew from the Old Testament’s Book of Kings, in which King Solomon, just beginning his reign, asks God for wisdom — “an understanding mind to judge Your people, to distinguish between good and bad.”

In retaliation against the Knights of Malta for their support of President Trump, this report continues, Pope Frances ordered the Knights of Malta to immediately expel all Freemasons, compared President Trump to Adolf Hitler, and whose Papal forces participated in the arrests of two top Freemason spies Italy, nuclear physicist Giulio Occhionero and his sister Francesca Maria Occhionero.  [Note: The legal term expulsion from the Roman Catholic Church is not to be confused with excommunication, which is exclusion from the communion.]

From the electronic computer files obtained from Freemason spy Giulio Occhionero, this report details, Papal forces loyal to Pope Francis were able to uncover a vast global Freemason-Knights Templar-Knights of Malta empire that has existed for centuries, and since the Bush-Clinton Crime Families 11 September 2001 attacks upon America, have worked to retake control of the United States—and that these Freemasons actually created in the first place.

Particularly to be noted from the computer files of Freemason spy Giulio Occhionero, this report explains, are them revealing that the American multi-billionaire David Koch has been the Freemasons US financier for decades—and who critically aided President Trump’s victory through a secretive group called the Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity.

Funded nearly entirely by Freemason financier Koch, this report continues, Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity Board Member, and Vice President, Erik Telford, is credited with devising one of the most successful social media campaigns in US election history that allowed President Trump by bypass the billons-of-dollars spent by Hillary Clinton, and then win the US presidency.

Equally as critical to President Trump and his Freemason forces retaking control of America, this report says, is the massive Koch funding of Ohio University—and that Trump has used for decades to train “interns, and whose current White House is one-third staffed by “loyal” Koch associates.

One of the most loyal Freemason Trump-Koch Ohio University trained interns, however, this report continues, is 1980 graduate Perry Sook—who this past week completed one of the largest media takeovers in American history giving the Freemasons total control over the second largest local broadcast television operator in the United States with 171 stations reaching 100 markets, or approximately 39% of all television households.

With just 6 large globalist corporations controlling 90% of the American mainstream media, this report notes, President Trump’s Freemason forces takeover of local US television markets ensures his messages to the people of his nation will not be filtered and/or distorted—and who remain angered after of the top rated television personalities named John Stewart was forced off the air prior to the 2016 election for his daring to tell his own liberal factions that Trump supporters weren’t racist.

And as to how actually ingenious President Trump’s seemingly bizarre Freemason media strategy has been against his elite globalist enemies, this report concludes, when his leftist opponents began saying his election was not legitimate, Trump retaliated by saying that millions of illegal aliens voted for Clinton—thus causing his leftist enemies to declare that the election was legitimate after all—and none of them realizing how their sudden flip-flop made them look utterly foolish and exposed them for the charlatans they really are.



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