The Fake News Silence on 9/11 Finally and Convincingly Explained

An Ongoing 9/11 Deception and Behaviorial Modification PSYOPS is a Fact, Not Speculation

Snowden NSA Files“The Art of Deception” training, tools of the trade for the NSA and British intel for attacking whistle-blowers, political opposition, hacktivists and  9/11 “Truthers.”  This protocol pertains to the “Five Eyes” better known as US, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, and New Zealand. Note Slide 8’s inclusion of Western media. (JTRIG is Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group, GCHQ is Government Communications Headquarters)

Psychologists Explain 9/11 Denial (See slide video above)

Cognitive dissonance and our inability to examine empirical evidence for fear of ostracism, anxiety, a challenge to our world view. How we appeal to denial to protect us from anxiety, and the effect of trauma on a national level after watching thousands of Americans killed on live television.


Snowden NSA Files, “Art of Deception” slide, how fear porn influences the masses. Pay particular attention to the Affect and Behavior blocks where cognitive and physiological stress is exploited for affect, and Behavior, where simulated action channels behavior. Television is a simulation, not reality. Please remember that. This creates the stress which will be exploited and used against you.When you think of fear-mongering, which network first comes to mind? FOX News? CNN?

How You Experience a Fear Reaction Before Being Consciously Aware of the Threat

How a person can experience a fear reaction before being consciously aware of the stimulus. Your brain is wired to learn to associate fear with a visual image without thought. Cable and mainstream news is visual imagery and sound, which means they can and do program fear to predict and manipulate your behavior.
Your brain is wired to learn to associate fear with a visual image, sound, smell, touch without being consciously aware of the threat. Cable and mainstream news is visual imagery and sound, which means they can and do program fear to predict and manipulate your behavior.
Terrorists are indeed living in this city: they're running FOX News, MSNBC, ABC, CNN, CBS, etc.
Terrorists are indeed living in this city: they’re running FOX News, MSNBC, ABC, CNN, CBS, etc.

“Terror is a salutary thing…The most effective method has at all times been terror or violence… terror and violence… is the weapon which most readily conquers reason.”

“Terror at the place of employment, in the factory, in the meeting hall, and on the occasion of mass demonstrations will always be successful unless opposed by equal terror….The defeated adversary in most cases despairs of the success of any further resistance.”

“Violence is broken only by violence and terror by terror. Only terror is capable of smashing terror.”

hitler“This is a tactic based on precise calculation of all human weaknesses and its result will lead to success with almost mathematical certainty… the importance of physical terror toward the individual and the masses…the psychological effect can be calculated with precision…Shameless spiritual terrorization…the hideous abuse of their human freedom…ruthless force and brutality… they always submit in the end.”

–Adolf Hitler

Hitler was right about terror. No one contests this assertion about this human weakness. However, there is a solution that also succeeds with mathematical certainty, and that is to target the actual teeth of all terror: yellow journalists. That is the real problem, and to prevail against fear means targeting them as a clear and present danger no less threatening than someone falsely crying “fire!” in a crowded theater.

With an issue of this magnitude let it be clear that everything covered is not about the speculative but about the self-evident. You will not need to Google anything, but simply be honest with yourself. Although some of the issues covered herein may be disturbing, overwhelming or even shocking; this is not cause for despair. The problems raised herein will not be presented without a credible, known solution. This is not an article about what you cannot do, it is about what you can do. It is not about futility but about empowerment and awareness, and where it starts. So put on your seat belt because this will get bumpy and the curves are sharp, but remember the terrorist psychodrama is a ride that can end when you want it to.

“There is another reason also why they will close their eyes: for we shall keep promising them to give back all the liberties we have taken away as soon as we have quelled the enemies of peace and tamed all parties… [intentionally eternal “war on terror”]

“It is not worth while to say anything about how long a time they will be kept waiting for this return of their liberties.”


“Official Washington and the mainstream U.S. media have taken on the characteristics of a male stalker who can’t understand why his female target finds him repulsive. It must be because someone is poisoning her mind with negative comments about his sterling personality. We now live in a system of delusions built upon delusions.”

Official Washington’s Delusions on Delusion

Robert Parry, Investigative Reporter

Bombarding the Amygdala with Traumatic Stimuli and Calling it “News”

[pullquote]We have all experienced trauma, and the mass media has been using known triggers to manipulate your behavior and shut down critical thinking. This is why people get angry, or go into denial when discussing trauma like molestation, rape, or what really happened on 9/11: a regime change affecting every aspect of American life.[/pullquote]Despite the inescapable offenses of yellow journalism today, one cannot expect you to stop watching the news or reading the paper.

However, as we shall soon see, trust in the corporate media should be immediately terminated with extreme prejudice. Your trust has not just been violated, it is self-evident that inasmuch as you have been manipulated or cowed through staged or exaggerated threats of Islamic terror, you have been psychologically violated via long-term, trauma-based conditioning. It is not a figure of speech.

Your brain is wired to learn to associate fear with a visual image without conscious thought. Cable and mainstream news is visual imagery and sound, which means they can and do program fear to predict and manipulate your behavior.

Your amygdala, your brain’s fear center, has been systematically targeted for “shared affect” and “channeled behavior” to keep complicit officials in office, and the media giants know exactly what they are doing. The top secret Snowden NSA files discussed herein, e.g. details on how the corporate media and social media were used to control public opinion, make it crystal clear.

“Research conducted over the past 30 years leads to the conclusion that televised violence does influence viewers’ attitudes, values and behavior (Hearold, 1986; Murray, 2000, 1994, 1973; Paik and Comstock, 1994; Surgeon General’s Scientific Advisory Committee on Television and Social Behavior, 1972). Although the social effect of viewing televised violence is a controversial topic of research and discussion, the body of research is extensive and fairly coherent in demonstrating systematic patterns of influence. In general, there seem to be three main classes of effects:

Aggression. Viewing televised violence can lead to increases in aggressive behavior and/or changes in attitudes and values favoring the use of aggression to solve conflicts (Huston et al., 1992).

Desensitization. Extensive violence viewing may lead to decreased sensitivity to violence and a greater willingness to tolerate increasing levels of violence in society (Drabman and Thomas, 1974; Thomas et al., 1977).

Fear. Extensive exposure to television violence may produce the “mean world syndrome,” in which viewers overestimate their risk of victimization (Gerbner, 1970; Gerbner et al., 1994).”

TV Violence and Brainmapping

We’ll focus on fear for now, and the insidious science of making “viewers overestimate their risk of victimization.”

Long-Term, Trauma-based Behavioral Modification of Americans

In The Brain Made Simple, we read:

When you think of the amygdala, you should think of one word. Fear. The amygdala is the reason we are afraid of things outside our control. It also controls the way we react to certain stimuli, or an event that causes an emotion, that we see as potentially threatening or dangerous.” [Italics mine]

[pullquote]After every act of terror, that fear isn’t that ISIS will kill us all but that even more rights will be taken away on that ambiguous threat, and that calls for a greater police state will be promulgated, primarily from the neocons.[/pullquote]Bombarding the amygdala with an unending nightmare of ambiguous terrorist threats “outside our control” creates stress, which then creates cortisol. In high levels, cortisol begins to destroy neurons, damage the amygdala and other areas of the brain, so we are talking of psychological and physiological damage.

What it amounts to is the long-term, trauma-based behavioral modification of Americans on an industrial scale. This shall be proven to your satisfaction. The most obvious proof of this reality is absurdly irrational behavior we exhibit without a second thought, such as not seeing the controlled demolition that is plainly before our very eyes, and if we do see it, waiting for media authorities to make sense of it for us because we are conditioned not to trust our own eyes over their pundits. For example, you may see and immediately “not see” the videos above of firefighters describing multiple explosions in the Twin Towers, or George W. Bush himself admitting explosives were used on 9/11, etc. Not seeing what you have just seen and an inability to act without “official” approval is behavior consistent with cult programming that uses fear, hate and psychodrama to tear down and rebuild members into unthinking and unquestioning  followers. What do we do? We follow the news, we are news followers.1 Objectively watching the news, and following it is not the same thing. Following the news makes you focus on whatever the media oligarchs want you to believe is news, watching it implies you control your focus.

Effects of chronic stress and how cortisol can damage the brain. 

9/11 trauma: you didn't have to be there physically if you saw over 3,000 Americans killed on live television.
9/11 trauma: you didn’t have to be there physically if you saw over 3,000 Americans killed on live television. Memory is sight and vision, as are flashbacks. Your brain will not differentiate if it knows the killing is real.

When a pilot is burned alive and you see him burn and hear him scream, then it is repeated constantly on television so you cannot forget it; please keep  in mind that television is an audio-visual experience, and that memory and flashbacks are audio-visual so in a very real sense, it is like you were there if you know the killing is real. There is no suspension of disbelief. It is the very fact you are watching someone get killed that brings a thrill to depraved criminals who pay for snuff films, but for the healthy mind it is traumatic. No one is more so affected than veterans.

That is why when FOX News aired that snuff video of the Jordanian pilot that was burned alive, they didn’t just do exactly what ISIS wanted, they aided and abetted them. ISIS makes these videos because they understand psyops well. FNC literally gave them millions of dollars of free airtime and a venue for ISIS to emotionally scar, sow fear and manipulate millions. What is meant by scarring here, though? is that hyperbole? Unfortunately, no. You cannot unsee it, you cannot unhear it, and you cannot easily dissociate the deliberate and deadly association with an entire religion, Islam, which  clearly intended to do.

NSA Snowden Docs: “The Art of Deception.” Despite the cheesy romantic layout of the slide, it bears a rule of thumb for pysops: “People make decisions as part of groups. People make decisions for emotional reasons not rational ones.”

An estimated 1/3 of Americans who question the official 9/11 story know, on a subconscious level, that the real threat to America is not coming from ISIS but from politicians attempting to establish legitimacy through that “threat” and so divert suspicion from bipartisan complicity in the overthrow of our republic. After every act of terror, that subconscious fear we truly feel isn’t that ISIS will kill us all but that even more rights will be taken away on that ambiguous threat, and that calls for a greater police state will be promulgated, primarily from the neocons as more and more revelations about 9/11 are leaked (as if we needed more for a conclusive case). In Canada, where there was no 9/11, that is exactly what we are seeing as officials that worked with the Bush Administration attempt to pass Orwellian surveillance laws such as C-51.

From blue-collar worker to high-level leaders on both sides of the aisle, what is discussed herein affects every American. All of us have been misled and manipulated to serve the interests of an enemy a thousand times more powerful, and nefarious than ISIS.

Snowden NSA Files “Art of Deception”: False flags are actually in NSA Operational Playbook.
Snowden NSA Files “Art of Deception”: False flags targeting dissent like “hacktivists,” activists, “Occupy” orBlack Lives Matterare actually in the NSA Operational Playbook.

The complicity of the corporate media (press assets) is why the mainstream media doesn’t question the legitimacy of Jeb Bush, the man who put George W. Bush in power in 2000 when he was governor of Florida. Jeb, through the infamous “hanging chads” electoral fraud that disenfranchised mostly black voters in that close election,  is thereby responsible for 9/11 as much as Bush and Cheney.

So given the obvious evidence of a false flag, why the cover-up and silence from even America’s enemies? The reason is actually convincing and sobering. This silence may very well change. Consider the Feb. 7, 2015 story in Pravda: Putin Threatens to Release Satellite Evidence of 9/11:

Moscow (Pravda): American experts believe that despite the fact that relations between the US and Russia reached the worst point since the Cold War, Putin delivered until Obama only minor troubles. Analysts believe that this is the “calm before the storm.” Putin is going to hit once, but he’s going to hit hard. Russia is preparing the release of evidence of the involvement of the US government and intelligence services in the September 11 attacks.

The list of evidence includes satellite images.

Published material can prove the US government complicity in the 9/11 attacks and the successful manipulation of public opinion. The attack was planned by the US government, but exercised using her proxy, so that an attack on America and the people of the United States looked like an act of aggression by international terrorist organizations.The motive for deception and murder its own citizens served US oil interests and the Middle East state corporations.

The evidence will be so convincing that it utterly debunks the official 9/11 cover story supported by the US government.

Russia proves that America is no stranger to using false flag terrorism against its citizens in order to achieve a pretext for military intervention in a foreign country. In the case of “the September 11 attacks,” the evidence will be conclusive satellite imagery. [Operation Gladio]

If successful, the consequences of Putin’s tactics would expose the US government’s secret terrorist policies. The government’s credibility will be undermined and should bring about mass protests in the cities leading to an uprising, according to American analysts..

And as the United States will look on the world political arena? The validity of America’s position as a leader in the fight against international terrorism will be totally undermined giving immediate advantage to rogue states and Islamic terrorists.

The actual development of the situation could be much worse, experts warn.

[pullquote]24 Hard Facts About 9/11 That Cannot Be Debunked[/pullquote]Once upon a time Russia needed America’s help in its battle against Islamic terrorists in Chechnya. Now, not so much. And even if it was offered, it hasn’t proven very effective, anyways. So what we are seeing now is a desperate attempt to unseat Putin, by any means necessary, because once the truth about the 9/11 false flag is accepted the power structure in Washington and the UK will face its own regime change. We already know about the Bush family and their ties to the Saudis who helped pay for the 9/11 terrorist attack, even without the missing  “28” pages.

This brazen Bush complicity is why the western media, from Hollywood to news assets in western Europe, are demonizing Russia.

Snowden NSA Docs, Slideshow PDFThe Art of Deception Training for a New Generation of Online Covert Operations. Associating whistle-blowers with kooks. How to control the masses with media and social media, attack informed dissent, political opposition.

[pullquote]Why is 9/11 such a powerful national trauma? You don’t have to connect too many dots to realize that Bush’s  neocons violently overthrew our republic. Accepting the reality of a lawless regime change backed by the corporate media can give one a sense of helplessness. Still, you are anything but.[/pullquote]Think about it. What do you care about the Ukraine? How is that truly relevant to your life? Will bringing them a “color revolution” save your unions? save your jobs? better your standard of living? How can it possibly, in any way, shape or form, have any relevance to the typical American? How can anyone watch national news anchors talk about events in the Ukraine, and how we are here to bring Porky and his billionaire ilk in Kiev democracy, when the Fed Chair Janet Yellen herself acknowledges we do not live in one ourselves; that America actually is an oligarchy ruled by just a handful of families? Isn’t that neat? We sacrifice blood and treasure to install democracies, when we don’t have one ourselves. Is it any wonder our help always fails? Witness Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Ukraine, Iran, Libya, or any other where we have placed dictators and oligarchs in charge.

Why would Christian leaders be led, politically and spiritually, by people in Tel Aviv who don’t believe in Jesus? Even Muslims recognize Jesus as a prophet. These Christians are led even to the point of risking nuclear war! We are truly a nation in a trance state. Television programming isn’t just a schedule.

Using Facebook and other social media for PSYOPS was a practice revealed in the Snowden files a year earlier.
NSA Snowden Docs: “The Art of Deception.” NSA Community of Interest for deception/behavioral modification includes Facebook.
New Study Links Facebook to Depression” Forbes, April 8, 2015: Even without the manipulation of news feeds by intelligence agencies as noted above, Facebook is already linked to depression.

We go to college to learn the scientific method, to think objectively, and throw all that away when we turn on the television set and watch the news. The suspension of disbelief we have for drama shows or comedies seeps into the news broadcasts. The first thing you are hit with is “fear porn.” That is when you can’t watch a single broadcast on the news that doesn’t feature the word “terrorist.”  They also make you angry. Sometimes I talk to conservative friends and they seem really upset, angry about the Russians, immigrants, people on welfare. “Liberals” are angry about abortion rights being diminished, gay marriage challenges, or whatever. The point is, they’re all mad. And they forget we’re all Americans. Nobody wants this division more than the establishment, because you’ll notice no one is then talking about Wall Street or bankers or the naked treason perpetrated by them or an unquestioning and complicit press.

Trauma-Based Exploitation, The Reality of Thought Control, The Stress Hormone Cortisol and Television

You may have already noticed that there are virtually no positive stories on the cable news. Perhaps the worst part of this all is that you are not only being deceived and manipulated to act against your interests, the cumulative effects of constant stress and anxiety from watching cable news actually exacerbates  depression or despair in a nation struggling with economic recovery.

In the video at the beginning of this article wherein psychologists discuss 9/11 denial, one reports the spike in new clients and a return of old ones after the attack. (Slide 1).

Dr. J Clive Spiegel M.D., Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, notes that there is also a link between psychotic depression and excessive cortisol levels.

All of which is to say, the deliberate and systematic promulgation of stress-inducing terrorist “news” coverage and traumatic stimuli forcing Americans to re-live 9/11 can serve no other purpose than to increase cortisol levels and shatter the critical thinking needed to question authority, especially for those who do not question the mainstream media news.

Chronic stress and neuronal atrophy, i.e. brain damage.



 Virtual Reality: Thought control is par for the course in the Western mediopoly. Because we have a media monopoly designed to replicate the function of a state-controlled totalitarian press, it is not difficult for the most intelligent among us to be deceived, and even controlled.

Why is 9/11 such a powerful national trauma? You don’t have to connect too many dots to realize that Bush’s neocons violently overthrew your republic. Accepting the reality of a lawless regime change backed by the corporate media can give one a sense of helplessness. Still, you are anything but.

The press was supposed to protect us, but instead it conducts smear campaigns on informed dissent. This is why the Bill of Rights has been so easily dismantled by men an illicit regime appointed to the Supreme Court. No judge who respected the law would do to our Constitution what Bush’s appointee’s have done: literally reverse, make from white to black, the stated meaning and intent of your basic rights, such as the 4th, 5th, 6th, and 8th Amendment.

One of the hallmarks of PTSD is the tendency for one to avoid any reminders of trauma.

The hyperarousal of PTSD. We may not all have PTSD, but we have all experienced trauma, and the mass media has been using known triggers to manipulate your behavior and shut down critical thinking. This is why people get angry, or go into denial when discussing trauma like molestation, rape, or what really happened on 9/11: a regime change affecting every aspect of American life.
[pullquote]Knowing your country has been overthrown is pretty traumatic. We now live with uncertainty and anxiety. Those who only recognize it at the subconscious level will be highly vulnerable to manipulation. This is why the networks, particularly FOX News, the Bush Channel, are obsessed with presenting a cultural patsy, the Iranian, Russian or “Islamic terrorist threat.”[/pullquote]But even for those without PTSD, who experienced trauma, that is something that is suppressed as well. For those who could see the reality of the situation, it was indeed traumatic. The Bush Administration allowed it to happen and participated in it directly. The corporate media was complicit, and even BBC was aware that Building 7 would mysteriously collapse, though no plane hit it, 20 minutes before it actually did. Americans know the truth, or sense it, yet dare not speak of it above a whisper. This comes from behavioral conditioning; from television, particularly, as we will see from the Snowden docs.

Because we do not want to remember that trauma, it is easy for the culpable to focus your attention elsewhere whenever someone brings it up and asks the hard questions.

Now, try to imagine that you had just come out of a cave somewhere and did not have to experience 13 years of propaganda. These facts, over which BBC is presently being sued by Matt Campbell, the brother a 9/11 victim exposing a cover-up, will be laid out before you:

1. Confirmed free fall of WTC Building 7

World Trade Centre Building 7 fell at free-fall acceleration for at least 2.25 seconds (105 feet/8 stories) as confirmed in 2008 by the official investigators NIST (National Institute for Standards & Technology).  This means that at least 8 stories of the building collapsed with absolutely zero structural resistance within them, and that all 80 of the core steel columns, and all of the steel beam cross connections for those 8 stories had to have been completely severed, all within a split second of each other in order to achieve the perfectly symmetrical free fall collapse that is seen in WTC Building 7. The only thing that can achieve this is controlled-demolition using carefully placed explosives and perfectly timed detonation. Controlled Demolition of a high rise tower cannot be prepared within a few hours.  It takes weeks or months to plan and implement.


Rudy’s Foreknowledge

Brooklyn reporter booted on asking about ‘foreknowledge’ of 9/11

“Mr. Giuliani, six years ago you told Peter Jennings that ‘we were told that the World Trade Center was going to collapse,’” Hicks said, quoting a remark from the former New York City mayor made during an interview with ABC News. “Where did you get your foreknowledge that the World Trade Center was going to collapse?” Also see:

[pullquote]UK’s mass surveillance program, according to MPs implicated in a child sex scandal, is essential for national security. It will be used, however, to hunt down keywords linking politicians and child abuse claims. It will be used to flag potential witnesses and leave them vulnerable to intimidation tactics or retribution. If British PM David Cameron already associates “Truthers” with terrorists, child abuse victims may face a similar fate. Please do not doubt this.[/pullquote]2. BBC foreknowledge of the unprecedented collapse of WTC Building 7

Apart from the three towers that collapsed on 9/11, no steel frame building has ever collapsed from fire in history, either before or since 9/11.  High rise towers are designed specifically so that this cannot happen.  However on that day the BBC reported on live television that WTC Building 7 had collapsed more than 20 minutes before it actually collapsed.  While the buildings collapse was being reported to the world by a BBC journalist, the fully intact building could still be seen standing in the background in what appeared to be a relatively uncompromised state and no obvious fires of any consequence. This footage is still available to see on YouTube.  This would suggest that someone likely knew that the building was going to come down in a controlled manner and that the BBC reporter had inadvertently been given this information a little too early.

How did anyone know that the building was going to collapse as a result of simple office fires, as is NIST’s official explanation, when fire has never caused this to happen to any other building in history, apart from on that day, and it is physically impossible for fires to reach even close to the required temperature to even begin to weaken steel?  Why did the BBC not actively investigate where that foreknowledge of collapse came from and inform the police or investigators, and the public?  How did the source of that information know that the building was going to come down if a symmetrical collapse at free fall acceleration is impossible from office fires and is unprecedented in history?

3. The BBC’s misinformation & refusal to notify the public about critical and incontrovertible evidence

In 2007 the BBC ran a documentary which claimed that despite what hundreds of professional engineers, physicists, demolition experts, and scientists were claiming about free fall of WTC Building 7, they were in fact wrong and there was no free fall of WTC Building 7.  Even after NIST, the official investigators, officially confirmed the existence of free fall in 2008 the BBC has refused to comply with the requirements of their own Editorial Guidelines and publicly correct their error about this absolutely vital issue.  This is despite a number of professional experts and more than 500 members of the public making written requests in 2012 to the BBC for them to do so.  The BBC still has not corrected this error and still has not informed the public of the quite incredible fact that in 2008 NIST officially confirmed the existence of free fall of WTC Building 7, which can only occur through controlled demolition.

In addition to this, a great deal more incontrovertible evidence supporting the controlled demolition of the three towers has been forwarded to the BBC by numerous professional experts and hundreds of the public, but the BBC has refused to show this evidence to the public.  This includes eye witness testimonies from 118 first responder fire fighters on 9/11 who reported hearing or seeing explosions going off in all three towers.  These eye witness reports were originally suppressed by the US government, but were later forced to be released through the Freedom of Information Act.

4.BBC deliberately misleading the public with biased and inaccurate reporting

Despite having hundreds of people demanding that the BBC show the evidence described above, the BBC has refused to do this and have instead shown documentaries which are seemingly designed only to smear and discredit the reputation of the professional individuals and organisations bringing this evidence forward, and the BBC has instead presented information that is based on methodology that runs in direct contradiction to the BBC’s own Editorial Guidelines for providing accurate and impartial information.  This has included such things as removing the sounds of huge explosions going off in WTC Building 7 moments before it collapsed during one of the BBC’s documentaries which was examining the claims of hundreds of professional experts that WTC Building 7 was brought down with explosives in a controlled demolition.  Why would the BBC remove these sounds of explosions going off in a documentary aimed specifically at examining the claims that the collapse of the towers on 9/11 may have been due to explosives?

Deliberate Censoring and Editing of WTC Blasts Proves Media Complicity Before or After the Fact

Source: BBC Foreknowledge of Collapse of WTC Building 7? Brother of 9/11 Victim goes to Court with the BBC over Alleged Cover Up

England’s Prime Minister David Cameron recently announced that 9/11 “Truthers” were equivalent to terrorists, as dangerous as ISIS. Unfortunately for Cameron, he is on very thin ice and may himself be in violation of a new Anti-terrorism act:

He [Matt Campbell ] will also claim that the BBC is guilty of an offence under Section 38B of the Terrorism Act 2000 as amended by Section 117 of Anti-terrorism, Crime and Security Act 2001.  Under Section 38B(2) of the TA 2000 if a person without reasonable excuse, fails to disclose information falling within Section 38B(1).  A person may commit this offence through total inactivity (by not answering police questions or by not volunteering information), through the partial suppression of information, or by relating a false account when the true facts are known.

So you are out of that cave and know only what you have read here. If it was any other country you might think, well, duh. It was a false flag. But, being an American, it’s not that easy, because suddenly you realize we have no media, no concerted effort by the the press, to call those responsible into account. Knowing your country has been overthrown is stressful, and pretty traumatic. Those who only recognize it at the subconscious level, as these types of realizations tend to be deeply suppressed, will be highly vulnerable to manipulation. This is why the networks, particularly FOX News, the Bush Channel, are obsessed with presenting a cultural patsy, the Iranian or “Islamic terrorist threat.”

From shielding child sex rings involving high-level British politicians and VIPs in the BBC to protecting Tony Blair’s from exposure for his complicity in the 9/11 attacks, Prime Minister David Cameron never fails to deliver.
Under Cameron’s watch a pattern of cover-ups continues.
It only got worse from there with Cameron.

[pullquote]The intensity of Cameron’s denial of an establishment role in the pedophilia scandal dissuades no one, it serves only to confirm it and incite a just suspicion of his personal involvement.[/pullquote]After Princeton released a key study finding we no longer have a democracy, and French economist Thomas Piketty rocked the world with a book detailing just how harmful such oligarchies have proven now and throughout history, Sen. Bernie Sanders asked the fed chair at a recent hearing whether we have a democracy or oligarchy (rule by a few wealthy elites). She couldn’t say.

Terminating Your Trust in the Corporate Media, with Extreme Prejudice

This is critical.  One common source of reference notes “Such states [oligarchies] are often controlled by a few prominent families who typically pass their influence from one generation to the next, but inheritance is not a necessary condition for the application of this term.”  The corporate media is already selling this to you by implying you only have a choice between the Bush Dynasty (Jeb Bush) and a Clinton Dynasty (Hillary Clinton). Jeb Bush, being governor of Florida where the “hanging chads” destruction of Democratic ballots got his brother into the White House, is no less responsible for the 9/11 overthrow than Dick Cheney or George W. Bush. Those are oligarchies, but pushed by the corporate media out of self-preservation more than anything else.

[pullquote]Among young Americans between 24-35, suicide is the second leading cause of death. This is a nation in despair.[/pullquote]One key reason is cognitive dissonance, wherein the attempt to reconcile what you know to be untrue with your world view creates denial, anxiety and anger. That produces cortisol, the stress hormone, and it has devastating effects on your mental health. High levels of cortisol are linked with PTSD and trauma, and 9/11 was a national trauma that was exploited and continues to be exploited by Democrats and Republicans alike.

High stress levels which produce excessive cortisol, the “fight or flight” hormone secreted by the adrenal glands, can affect the hippocampus, amyglada, damage neurons, and dendrites, etc. If you watch enough cable news to believe it is an accurate depiction of reality, it will assuredly affect you. If the propaganda is targeted at a particular demographic, like the unemployed or poor, it can create stress, depression, and even riots while manipulating the rest of America to scapegoat and target their fellow Americans.

Suicide kills more Americans every year than car accidents. According to the Center for Disease Control, among young Americans between 24-35, it is the second leading cause of death. This is a nation in despair. Television news broadcasts are virtual reality in every sense of the term. If people believe television is an accurate window into reality, their mental health directly affected by the hysterical and negative coverage that saturates their lives.

In describing this stimulus response system, we need to remember that the brain constantly takes photographic images of the environment around you. If this environment includes brutality, terror, shock, and cruelty, such as that which we can get from constant exposure to television presented as fact; then the mind will become conditioned to experience stress before the entire stimulus returns, like a dog can learn to salivate at the sound of a bell when it has been conditioned to expect food at the same time, or freeze in place or even urinate if it is conditioned to expect a shock at the sound of a bell.

[pullquote]Because we have a media monopoly designed to replicate the function of a state-controlled totalitarian press, it is not difficult for the most intelligent among us to be deceived.[/pullquote]Eventually, you don’t need the stimulus for the brain to experience the response, you just need a bell associated with it. An image, sound or word then becomes all you need to trigger stress. That is why many Americans can react negatively now, with hate or fear or both, simply by hearing a Muslim name or seeing anyone in Muslim garb. When one becomes a target of such manipulation, they can be easily exploited by politicians and demagogues.

Rupert Murdoch: “Slave Handler” for Western Audiences

One thing that we’ve learned from the Nazis is the power of the visual media in manipulating and indoctrinating the masses. Where Australian media mogul Rupert Murdoch stands apart from Josef Goebbels, however, is in his ability to use national traumas to furnish and corral the thoughts of the unwary. There is such a thing as trauma-based mind control (brainwashing), it is often found in religious cults, but in a population with a controlled media the perception of reality is very much what Murdoch and his ilk tells you it is. See for yourself. As more and more people question 9/11, the anti-Muslim, anti-Russian narrative gets louder and louder. They will do and say anything, now, to take the spotlight off of them and the neocons. CNN is getting desperate too. So is the New York Times.


Because we have a media monopoly designed to replicate the function of a state-controlled totalitarian press, it is not difficult for the most intelligent among us to be deceived. Only six corporations control everything you see on television: Viacom, Time-Warner, Disney, Fox Newscorp, GE, and CBS. Sinclair Broadcasting controls about 164 local stations in all major cities. Clear Channel controls the radio airwaves.

The Reality of Thought Control

Proof All of Your Local and National News is Scripted by the Same Source

Think about it. What’s newsworthy about the price of gas when you already know what it is simply by driving through town every day?  If you want to know how this is possible, the reason is Sinclair Broadcasting Group, which controls at least 164 local FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC, CW stations in 77 major markets. So if all of the stations are telling you the same thing, is it not clear how easy it is for television to become your perception of reality, how easy it is to be manipulated?

This is what a controlled media looks like. We see the same thing in the US.
[pullquote]An image, sound or word then becomes all you need to trigger stress. That is why many Americans can react negatively now, with hate or fear or both, simply by hearing a Muslim name.[/pullquote]Rupert Murdoch, in psyops terms, is a “Slave Handler.” Controlling the masses through trauma, without their knowing it, defines the term. Murdoch isn’t the only one, he’s just the most obvious and shameless about it. In trauma, there are a few key human tendencies that make one profoundly susceptible to psychological conditioning; particularly the trance state that is part of our every day lives. This is where television and radio come in, as both are designed specifically to influence us as we relax, in our every day trance state, suspending disbelief for any given show or just listening to the set while we do something else.

Trauma-Based Exploitation

In Britain, as here, the Muslim threat is hyped and inescapable, particularly among the Rupert Murdoch media empire. Murdoch is, in a very real and demonstrable sense of the term, the “slave handler” for the English, American and Australian audiences manipulated by their fear of the unknown. When news channels loop terrorist incidents 24/7 you know exactly what they are trying to do: they are forcing you to re-live 9/11 so you can experience acute apprehension and then by increasing the tension they can, as professional hypnotist Dick Sutphen writes in an article on brainwashing, “break you down until you completely submit. These conditions wipe the brain slate clean so that the mind accepts new programming.” Today, that programming is that we should surrender our civil rights to be “safe,” and that we should fear or hate Islam, Russia, Iran, the poor, immigrants, etc.

Television is a proven hypnotic induction agent that operates as the brain waves of viewers are in a relaxed Alpha state (7.5-14Hz) , wherein viewers are 25 times more suggestible than waking consciousness and reasoning (Beta).

An analogy: the Beta state knows that those are only actors on the television or movie screen, reading from a script, and that they are on a set. The relaxed and suggestible Alpha state is immersed in the plot and for a while, the characters are real. There is no set. They are watching reality unfold. So often we hear “America needs to wake up!” and there is a lot of truth to that. Inasmuch as we rely on the network news to “stay informed” we remain in that Alpha state, highly suggestible and a danger to ourselves and others. In this dream state, Muslims, Russians, Iranians all want to kill you, but an honorable Wall Street is capable of self-regulation. In this dream state torture works, so we have the moral authority to criticize and sanction other nations for human rights abuses which we celebrate here at home. In this dream state up is down and and black is white.

Rudy Giuliani was so brazen in his attempts to exploit the tragedy of 9/11 he actually had a fund raiser planned where the entry fee was $9.11. The Onion, quite presciently, publishedGiuliani To Run For President Of 9/11.” about a year before he would run for president.

Along with that, of course, we are programmed to buy a lot of things we don’t need.

That is all a classic and unfortunately, highly effective, military-grade psychological operations campaign that’s been in full effects for decades. A more recent set of programming for FOX News viewers, a set of instructions to kill a lot of peoplecame from military analyst Robert H. Scales, who argued we should start killing Russians to deal with “the crisis” in Ukraine, never mind the fact it would start World War III. Since the FOX News demo averages at 72 years old men, it is not likely they will clamor for war so that is a small comfort. In his last interview with FOX News Scientologist Greta Van Sustern, Scales certainly found it funny, along with her, that anyone would take offense, but if anyone on Russian television was saying Putin had to kill a bunch of Americans and send them home in body bags to make a point in the Ukraine, it wouldn’t be a laughing matter. It is now clear FNC has lost the capacity, or ability, to schedule respectable or non-homicidal guests.

According to the linked article, “Scales’s statement also violated article 20 of the United Nations’ International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which bans any propaganda of war and instigations for discrimination, hatred or violence.” This is how desperate the neocons are to distract you from their overthrow of our republic on 9/11. Murdoch, as Bush’s propaganda bullhorn, was in on it from day one. (So was the BBC and every major American network, some before the fact and some after.) Some may still argue “where is your proof?” but a better question may be where is it not? The evidence of Bush complicity in the attacks, Rudy Giuliani’s foreknowledge of the fall of Building 7, BBC’s foreknowledge, the ridiculous impossibility of the official story makes it clear that had it not been for a Supreme Court that had been preemptively seated, Bush, Cheney, Rice, Rumsfeld, Murdoch and more would have been hanged for mass murder and treason.

Back to FOX News, however. Former FOX News host Eric Burns describe working there as cult-like.

Now, if Burns is right and you like FOX News your immediate reaction will be something like “That’s just liberal propaganda and he’s an embittered employee or something. Beside, CNN is dogshit and not credible, as you yourself, the author, are about to write about their PSYOPS, about specialists working there at the CNN Atlanta headquarters.”

The last part of that reaction is true. The first part is a good example of a programmed trigger.

Pavlovian classical conditioning: The FOX News viewer learns to associate the word “liberal” with an astounding array of negative imagery and ideologies.

Here is where the autonomic response comes in. The keyword is “liberal.” FOX News labels all critics liberals and that is simply not true. It is a trigger word that makes you shut down cognitively, and you completely disregard the speaker once the association is made. It is a conditioned response. The FOX News viewer learns to associate the word “liberal” with an astounding array of negative imagery and ideologies: perverts, cowards, communists, traitors, you name it.

Above all, FNC will cite liberals as the true cause of your 9/11 trauma, consciously and subconsciously, by telling their viewers that weak and defeatist liberals didn’t do enough to keep us safe.

In fact, FNC labels anyone with a contradictory or unapproved thought as liberal. Dissent is a thought crime. Listen to the one-trick pony Ann Coulter, and count how many times she uses the word liberal in her speech, or her books and columns…


“Coulter, es scortum obscenus vilis, es mundus excrementi, fututus et mori in igni.”

Cicero, Roman statesman, 44 BC (attributed) after blind date with Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter C-SPAN video excerpts of an actual speech in which she refers to Native Americans as peyote smoking “savages” and refers to Arabs as “camel-riding nomads.” She also suggests that dissidents should be put in “administrative detention under John Ashcroft.”

*Latin for “Coulter, you are a vile, perverted whore, you are a pile of shit,  fuck off and die in a fire.”

Attacks on 9/11 widows will not go unanswered. Did you miss the swastika on her chest?

What Ann Coulter is doing in her speech, unrelenting repetition to embed the trigger word “liberal”, is straight out of a propaganda primer. It’s not like she has never heard of a thesaurus and doesn’t know a synonym for liberal. The point is to associate that keyword with all that is negative and offensive. Lawyers do this all the time, and surprise! She was a lawyer.

FNC viewers are drawn into a psychodrama where they are moral crusaders out to fight for God and country, the good fight against the atheist and effete liberals, against anyone that disagrees with them. If said speaker is in on a “liberal” news channel, then that person will be disregarded by association. That is why it seems you always hear that word “liberal” at least twice a minute on the FNC.

Then there is the cognitive dissonance in reconciling the fact that a press you once trusted, at least somewhat, is actually a media establishment that is a willing partner in irrefutable and blatant treason.

As for FOX News being a cult, more so than the rest of the miscreants on cable news, we know that:

“The Riverside OTO…used psycho-drama and fear to tear down the mind of the initiate and rebuild it according to the desires of the cult’s inner-circle.”

That quote, sadly, comes from an article on Aleister Crowley’s Satanic cult, the OTO, and how Satanic cults program followers. Alex Constantine further writes on how it became a science: “One order adept, Oskar Schlag, was an alleged ‘psychological warfare’ specialist from Israel.” All of which is to say, it is not the most savory of characters that appeal to what we have been seeing on television lately.

As as a direct result of a controlled media and the subsequent tunnel vision, what we have been experiencing for 13 years is a massive psycho-drama where news agencies have torn us down with fear, and we have been rebuilt to forget how to question authority.

Prove it? Okay.

If this assertion is true, then for the establishment media to exist it will require an incredible amount of psychological conditioning, and not just censorship, to exist as both a state propaganda agency and “credible” news delivery business model. The evidence that this is the case has always been there. Not too long ago Army psychological operations specialists from Fort Bragg were discovered working at CNN headquarters in Atlanta. This continues to be the case, with the networks working directly with psyops specialists on American audiences, ostensibly that they might train for operations with foreign audiences. When this is happening, and psyops specialists openly admit to using American audiences as guinea pigs, you can rest assured the relationship between you, the viewer, and the broadcasters is akin to one between master and slave. Let’s review a bit of what goes on in the mind when we are learning:


Consider your own conditioning, your own perception of reality. Is it any wonder that by now, “Truthers” and “Grassy Knoll” have become trigger words releasing a flood of negative autonomic associations with wild conspiracy theories? That was never an accident. It came after years of continuous Pavlovian conditioning, so your mind shuts down after hearing the words “Truthers” or “Grassy Knoll.” The words create a conditioned negative response, from anger to mockery, rather than a neutral one. When film or television attacks Americans holding views contrary to the official story, independent thought is thus suppressed, group conformity is appealed to, and that reinforces the negative response to the trigger words even more.

So consider your immediate associations with the following words, and remember that each association likely came from negative visual stimuli as the trigger word is constantly repeated in news broadcasts, and reinforced in the news ticker. Deliberate and common associations in the western press, both left and right, are listed below. How many of the associations below matched your own?

  • Islam- media spin- terrorism
  • ISIS- media spin- Muslims
  • Jews- media spin- holocaust, Chosen People
  • Israel- media spin- holy land, ally
  • Putin- media spin- aggression, evil, threat
  • surveillance- media spin- safety, protection
  • illegal alien- media spin- welfare cheat
  • Obama- media spin- Kenyan, Muslim, anti-Christ
  • Zionism- media spin- Judaism
  • whistle-blower- media spin- snitch
  • Snowden- media spin- traitor
  • billionaire- media spin- character, philanthropy
  • blacks- media spin- criminals, welfare cheats
  • oversight- media spin-  interference
  • capitalism- media spin- democracy
  • Saudi Arabia- media spin- ally
  • taxes- media spin- oppression
  • trickle-down- media spin- prosperity
  • global warming- media spin-  hoax, conspiracy
  • Republican- media spin- Christian
  • wealth- media spin- character
  • Bill Gates- media spin- philanthropist, mammal
  • FOX News- media spin- Fair and balanced

If you made those associations automatically, it was no accident, even though it is clear that logically the associations are arbitrary, ridiculous  or contradictory. You think in words, words that flash into images you likely saw on television or film, which in turn trigger deep-seated emotions in neural networks. Not all associations are negative, but each has a specific purpose designed to manipulate you.

[pullquote]Notice how “Truthers” and “Grassy Knoll” have become trigger words releasing a flood of autonomic, negative associations? That is not an accident. It is classical conditioning designed to mentally embed the official story and discourage informed dissent. [/pullquote]Thus, a monopolized news media is a true horror that can deceive both reporters and the public.

And it is all done courtesy of your trusted friends at every major network and paper, as they are truly the bastard children of Operation Mockingbird. If you have any doubt as to the veracity of this claim, you need to see the following video above on army psyops specialists embedded in local television stations.

Of course, one of the key specialties in psyops is demoralization. In war it is used to get an enemy to surrender. In politics, it can be used to discourage voting. When the CIA tried to overthrow Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, they used fake polls (Operation Pliers). Fake polls are used here too, to demoralize voters into believing their favored cause is a lost cause, so why bother voting?  You will be seeing a lot of phony polls, soon, suggesting the masses just can’t decide between Jeb and Hillary. The polls will come from the same pollsters that said Hillary would destroy Obama in the primaries, or that Mitt Romney was unbeatable.

Your life is hard enough. If you feel worse after watching these shows, if you feel anxious or angry, why watch them in the first place?

We watch the false dichotomy of a left and right wing media that miraculously, always agrees on selling what’s worse for Americans but great for Wall Street. Right now, they are selling war with Russia, and a war on Islam. War profiteers, reckless leaders and war criminals always have a private island they can fly to if things go bad and the nukes fly. What about you?

As for the national news anchors and dowdy syndicated columnists, these media elites from both parties, they attend a few orgies on a Rothschild estate and they’re owned. Completely. Flattered by the “real gods,” selling out their country becomes second nature. To say they lead you like lambs to slaughter is not a metaphor anymore, it is painfully real.

German journo: European media writing pro-war, pro-US stories under CIA pressure (VIDEO)

Insane Roman emperor Caligula attacks the god of the sea, Poseidon, the precursor to Bush's "War on Terror," which is a war on an emotion the media itself generates daily.
Insane Roman emperor Caligula attacks the god of the sea, Poseidon, the precursor to Bush’s “War on Terror,” a war on an emotion– fear– the media itself generates daily.

German journalist fears the media is pushing for a major war against Russia under false pretenses, claims Germany now a “banana republic.”

“I’ve been a journalist for about 25 years, I have been educated in how to lie, cheat, and not to tell people the truth. “I was supported by the Central Intelligence Agency, the CIA. Why, because I’m pro-American.”

“German and American media are trying to bring the war to the people in Europe, leading to war with Russia. We passed the point of no return, and I’m going to stand up and say it… is not right what I’ve done in the past to manipulate people to sow propaganda against Russia.”

Udo Ulfkotte, former editor of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

The Biggest Threat is In Your Home

So why the push for world war? To maintain the regime we got on 9/11. It has been a boon to the European Union and the western oligarchs, particularly the neocons and neoliberals, but the key nations would be those that created the global surveillance state designed to protect billionaires from the “unwashed masses” and “profane”: the US and UK’s shadow elites. Can they win? Nope. China and Russia have been waiting for it economically and militarily.

[pullquote]The “Truthers'” are feared by the elite because they have the means and justification for a regime change in the US and Britain. Whether that change is peaceful or violent is largely up to the elites.[/pullquote]At present, the greatest threat to America is actually the monopolized press that literally glorifies proven enemies, even admitted adversaries of, our Constitution. This includes neocons who can go on major networks and tell us that the Bill of Rights is outdated and must be “reviewed” or amended, even though the very first amendment is to guarantee the freedom of speech for George W. Bush to say idiotic things like “there should be limitations on freedom of speech.”

That is why this courageous German journalist was so adamant about speaking out: he knows how easy it is to drag an unwary populace into wars.

The press may be the greatest threat, but they are also the most vulnerable when challenged by an outraged public. All around the world, there is no regime change that takes place (peacefully or otherwise) without first reclaiming the airwaves that self-evident and irrefutable evidence of malfeasance may be presented to a people.

Crackpots are no threat to rulers. Truth is terrifying, though, especially when connecting the dots is easy enough to implicate seated leaders.

This is why “truthers” are literally considered terrorists in England under David Cameron. It is why the the “liberal” and “conservative” media are joined at the hip in “debunking” conspiracy theorists. The so-called “bad guys”, the “Truthers” fall under a strange derogatory term for people who want to know the truth, which is the whole point of critical thinking. It’s what grown-ups are supposed to do. Critical thinking and scientific inquiry seek only truth, so maybe all science should be ridiculed as well for its unhealthy fixation on facts. This as opposed to the “good” guys: propagandists, mindless conformists and “untruthers.”


So here’s a few questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you hate Russians?
  • Do you hate Muslims?
  • Do you hate poor people?
  • Do you think the Ukraine has anything to do with you?
  • Do you think Syria is relevant to you?
  • Do you believe television pundits are informing you?
  • Do you live in fear of terrorists?
  • Do you live in fear of African-Americans?
  • Do you believe that if a claim is made by both the “liberal” and “conservative media, that constitutes a fact?
  • Do you believe the Supreme Court, Congressmen, Senators, etc. cannot be challenged and removed?
  • Do you believe there is nothing you can do about this unspeakable injustice; the trauma-based, long-term behavioral modification of Americans on an industrial level, even when the hardest part– you finding out about it and exactly how it’s done, has been presented to you? This along with a simple and effective countermeasure?

If so, it’s time to ask yourself how and why you have learned helplessness2, and if anyone is doing you a favor by putting those aforementioned thoughts into your head.

 A Lawless Supreme Court

So, given that a republic has been overthrown…

You might expect something odd from the highest court in the land, such a court tasked with dismantling the Constitution rather than interpreting it. You would expect to see the radical re-interpretation or invalidation of key constitutional protections. Bush’s Supreme Court did the following:

Invalidated the 4th Amendment. “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

Edward Snowden proved once and for all we have no protection against unreasonable search and seizure, or spying without a warrant.

Invalidated the 8th Amendment: “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.”

  • The Supreme Court made torture legal. That is cruel and usual punishment.

Invalidated the 6th Amendment: “In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the state and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the assistance of counsel for his defense.”

  • One word: Gitmo. There is no right to a speedy trial, prisoners have been detained without charge for over ten years, prisoners have been detained without a right to counsel. What’s worse, it was also going on in America, in the Chicago police department they had a “black site” at Homan Square.

In addition to these and other glaring violations of Constitutional and international law, such as the practice of torture and rendition, the Supreme Court made corporations people.

If our republic is overthrown, then…

  • This is why police departments have been militarized.
  • WilliamBinney-700x460This is why every phone call, text, email was and is collected by the NSA. The unconstitutional surveillance state is not to protect against terrorists, but to protect billionaire elites from you, as they are now engaged not just in treason but wholesale international and domestic terrorism, with many acts  admittedly and demonstrably staged but concealed by the state media. (Yes, our media is a state media.) That’s why, as NSA whistle-blower William Binney warned, The ultimate goal of the NSA is total population control.
  • This is why Muslims were tortured to extract false confessions implicating them in 9/11.   Up to that time, intelligence services in first world countries actually looking for reliable intel never appealed to it, because it was notoriously unreliable. This is a key reason it is a war crime. Dick Cheney changed that. He needed false confessions the same way crooked prosecutors and third world dictators need theirs. We have long known that people can be convinced they did something they didn’t do, even without torture, under certain interrogation techniques. See: Most people easy to convince they committed a crime that never happened – study
  • This is why the only person ever prosecuted for Bush’s torture program was the CIA whistle-blower, John Kiriakou, who blew the whistle on the war crimes.
  • This is why the CIA destroyed the torture tapes under Michael Hayden. They were useless as evidence, whereas normally, the tapes would be the first thing introduced in court when it came to confessions.
  • This is why the anti-Muslim narrative is still strong as ever, this to the point that FOX News, the Bush family’s loudest mouthpiece, was forced to apologize for bogus “no go zones” stories about Islamic “sharia law” areas in France and England; zones where even ambulances and police would dare not tread. The mayor of Paris is actually suing the network for defamation.
  • This is why Guantanamo Bay was never closed.
  • This is why the media is selling you a candidacy of Jeb Bush versus Hillary Clinton, because both families are complicit. Bush, of course, plans to increase every aspect of the surveillance state to “keep us safe.” But read between the lines. By “us” he is talking about the Bush family and the billionaire elites, which includes the corporate media. Bush’s candidacy is selling a promise he can’t keep. As for Hillary, the recent HSBC hack that exposed the billionaire tax cheats in Switzerland demonstrated her campaign was getting money from Saudi Arabia, the same country implicated in the 9/11’s report’s “28 missing pages.”
  • This is why Saudi Arabia’s role is concealed. They are the “middle east state corporations.”
  • This is why the corporate media conspired to manipulate the public and discredit whistle blowers and “truthers”, from the BBC to FOX News, ABC, CNN, CBS, NBC, etc. In a literal sense, for the media moguls implicated, it was a matter of self-preservation and not just saving face. We’re talking about complicity in war crimes.
  • This is why the New York Times forbade the use of the word “torture” when describing the torture program under Bush. Only recently was that policy reversed. Openly advocating torture could risk liability in case the neocons were brought to justice, so they stuck to the term “Enhanced Interrogation Technique.”
  • [pullquote]”Truthers” fall under a strange derogatory term for people who want to know the truth, which is the whole point of critical thinking. It’s what grown-ups are supposed to do. [/pullquote]This is why we find headlines like this regarding peaceful protest movements addressing Wall Street criminality:  FBI Refuses to Uncover Plot to Assassinate Occupy Leaders
  • This is why the greatest threat to your freedoms now are newspapers, news agencies, and radio shows infested with servants of the new oligarchy and surveillance state, and inasmuch as you watch unquestioningly, they literally control your perception of reality, and thereby imprison your mind via fear-based propaganda. Whether “liberal” or “conservative” that agenda is the same: convince Americans the police state protecting billionaire elites from you is actually what’s in your best interest. To imprison your mind is much easier than the use of force alone, and this tactic relies on the monopolization of the media, which has long been in effect.
  • This is why the media, in particular news shows from “liberal” MSNBC to “conservative” FOX News, that air, honor and promote the people responsible for 9/11: Bush, Cheney, Rice, et al do so not because they are ignorant, but complicit and hope to present the illusion that those parties are completely innocent. It also protects news executives from scrutiny for their role in selling oil wars.

Having television’s “liberals” and “conservatives” agree on the Bush Administration’s innocence in war crimes creates a false consensus effect wherein such agreements imply a fact. That was the case even before 9/11:

9733246_orig“We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries.”

David Rockefeller, speaking at the June 1991 Bilderberg meeting in Baden, Germany.

That was Rockefeller in 1991. Who controls the US now? The world? Bankers. Who paved the way and convinced us that we needed that banker-run world order? The press you trust: The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Washington Post, and every broadcast network. What class of criminals has never gone to jail? Bankers. World bankers.

So in this quote Rockefeller makes it clear who made it all possible, the press, and who could have stopped it: the press.

The Bush Family’s Greatest Hits: What Rockefeller Means by “Discretion”

This is what the media soon ignored or attempted to discredit. Eventually, you heard nothing about it…


“A coalition of multinational corporate executives, big-city bankers, and hungry power brokers… want to give you George Bush… their purpose is to control the American government.”

– Ronald Reagan, 1980.

C1426-26President Ronald Reagan did not want George H.W. Bush on the ticket in 1980. It took threats and a lot of persuading, and after that, with the bad blood out in the open, we had this. The man who shot Reagan and several others, John Hinkley, came from the Hinckley family; a very wealthy supporter of Bush, Sr. when he ran against Reagan for the Republican nomination…

Rhawn Joseph, Ph.D writes “Another ‘coincidence.’ In the days before the assassination attempt, plans had been made for Vice-President Bush to assume the presidency on March 31,1981, should Reagan die or be killed. Reagan was shot at close range on March 30, 1981. As recalled by Bush ally, James Baker—one of the ‘Texans’ mentioned by Nixon when discussing the Bay of Pigs-Kennedy Assassination—: ‘there had been a FEMA [Federal Emergency Management Administration] exercise scheduled for the next day on presidential succession.'” The suspicion that fell upon Bush was palpable and immediately afterwards,  in an unheard of development, Gen. Alexander Haig declared “I’m in charge here” after Reagan was shot; ignoring the chain of succession that would put Bush in charge.

An interesting, albeit anecdotal aside from Fritz Springmeir

[pullquote]”We wanted George Bush to get it.” ‘Whose we?,’ the Christian asked to this rich lady who kept tossing her furs back and forth. “The Illuminati,” she said, “We’re the enlightened ones, and George Bush was trained by us.”[/pullquote]“Two weeks after Reagan was elected, a beautiful Mercedes pulled up to where this Christian brother was working. The guy who got out was obviously rich-his suit had to be in the neighborhood of $800 and his wife had fox furs around her neck. They said their son was going to work for the state and they wanted to look for a home for him. The woman was being Independent and said, “I don’t want to go see the houses. I want to talk to this nice man.” The houses were done by Donahue Construction. The men went on to look at the houses, and the woman remained behind and talked.

This Christian is an easy talker with people. He struck up a conversion naturally. He said, “I think its great Ronald Reagan got elected, he’s going to be a good president.” The woman replied, “We wanted George Bush to get it.” “Whose we?”, the Christian asked to this rich lady who kept tossing her furs back and forth. “The Illuminati,” she said, “We’re the enlightened ones, and George Bush was trained by us.”

Unfortunately, the men had just returned at this point and were entering the room. The man with the expensive suit was livid. “Shut your ….. mouth,” he yelled. She huffed back, “Well, if you insist.” He then turned to the Christian, who he didn’t know, and politely told him that they had failed to find anything that suited them. “Thank you very much everything is secure.” and handed him the keys. Then he dragged the woman to the Mercedes giving her hell all the way for talking, and when they got in proceeded to physically slap her around. This was an extremely rare incident.”

Adam Weishaupt, Illuminati founder, aka “Spartacus”

So was George H. W. Bush in the Illuminati? The cold hard fact is yes. He was in the Skull & Bones, and that powerful Yale fraternity is itself a chapter of the Bavarian Illuminati.

This sentence becomes of interest when the Illuminati aspect is discussed in Memorandum Five below. Here’s another interesting paragraph from this pamphlet: “Bones is a chapter of a corps in a German University. [Inglestadt University, birthplace of Illuminati] It should properly be called, not Skull & Bones Society but Skull & Bones Chapter. General R——(Russell), its founder, was in Germany before Senior Year and formed a warm friendship with a leading member of a German society. He brought back with him to college, authority to found a chapter here. Thus was Bones founded.” Think about this: Skull & Bones is not American at all. It is a branch of a FOREIGN [German] secret society. “Presumably this is one reason why intense secrecy is vital. It also raises the question of just who and what this foreign organization is and whether its objectives are compatible with those of the Constitution of the United States.”

America’s Secret Establishment: An Introduction to the Order of Skull & Bones, by Antony C.Sutton


What isn’t clear right now is if the Bush family has fallen out of favor completely with the Black Nobility in Europe. Here’s what we heard from the Bilderberg Meeting, best described as the Illuminati parliament, in 2014:

And those who work for their own greediness, success and hunger for fame, who have sold their nations like the Bushs, Mugabe, Orban, Al-Bashir, Kim Jong-Un, are traitors. Not only traitors of their people and their nations, but for humanity as a whole entity.

William Van Duyn, Illuminati’s Opening Remarks at Bilderberg Conference, 2014


When NBC and FOX News Really, Really Lied


Behold Bill “The Uncorruptable” O’Reilly. News moguls are focusing on small lies to distract you from the big lie. If the moguls can convince you they have a zero tolerance for the slightest falsehood, they can present the illusion they would never lie about something as big as 9/11, the Kennedy assassination, etc. Those two key events, for example, created two major regime changes that could only be sold with media complicity. And while the networks are ridiculing the credibility of one another, let us all remember that FOX News went to court for the right to lie in its “news broadcasts” by arguing it was “entertainment.”  They won. If you can make up racist stories about Muslim war zones in major European cities with Sharia Law or stories about President Obama being born in Kenya, and it is legal to air it, you certainly do have the right to lie. Despite Snopes’ tacit implication that networks couldn’t legally lie when addressing the FOX News case precedent, or that Snopes is a the final authority on anything, they or ANY network most assuredly can because of the National Security Act’s provisions for allowing psychological operations to provoke (draft preparations), pacify (e.g. protests) or mislead Americans. As an aside, Snopes is a pet peeve because it operates on a logical fallacy, a major one: the appeal to authority, and they have been selling themselves as an authority. For example, they claimed that networks could not not legally lie, but what about the concerted effort to sell the “weapons of mass destruction” lie that got us into Iraq?

The Garrison Rebuttal to NBC Propaganda Campaign: NBC Destroyed



The moment this picture was taken, RFK had just been handed a slip of paper by an aide, hit the post, and asked LBJ directly“Why did you have my brother killed?”” Note the expression on Johnson’s face.

Brian William’s little fibs were nothing to compared to the CIA propaganda campaign waged by NBC on critics of the Warren Commission. For those of you unfamiliar with the man, Jim Garrison was the only prosecutor to most successfully challenge the Warren Commission, and as facts suggest, he was responsible for Lyndon Johnson refusing to run again in 1968 after Garrison exposed a link between the CIA and the JFK assassination, before and after the fact. This is important, because only Johnson had the authority as president to protect, control and manipulate the CIA. On July 15, 1967, Jim Garrison was granted thirty minutes of national television time to respond to an NBC documentary which was highly critical of his investigation into Clay Shaw’s role in the plot to assassinate President Kennedy (see video slideshow above). By the time Garrison was done he destroyed the Warren Commission and laid out the path to the only possible suspects. As a result, Robert F. Kennedy would famously come to confront President Lyndon Johnson and ask “Why did you have my brother killed?” (See his complete address.)


The Illusion of Free Choice

The entire role of a controlled media is to present the illusion of free choice. Creating false oppositions presented as “liberals” and “conservatives” that serve the status quo, in particular Wall Street bankers, is what it is designed to do. When they agree on an absurdity, such as advocating torture, they can present the illusion that there are some “truths” everyone agrees on. It is, in more formal terms, a Hegelian Dialectic, wherein two opposing sides are controlled by the same party, and crisis upon crisis is created to present a pre-chosen “solution” favoring the latter. For example, a junta may want to overthrow a democracy. A false flag act of terror (thesis) is created to instill fear in the masses, and an entire religion is blamed (antithesis).

Opposition parties, being controlled wittingly or unwittingly, gravitate towards the initial objective disguised as a solution; a cynically titled “Patriot Act” essentially repealing the Bill of Rights on the grounds it will be temporary until the threat is over (synthesis). Because terrorism is a tactic and not an army it cannot be defeated, so the Constitution is effectively destroyed and the government is overthrown. Because Islam cannot be defeated militarily, being a religion, that too, is a deliberate ruse for eternal war favoring Wall Street, in particular bankers and defense contractors.

GE, which own NBC, is a major defense contractor so that should explain why they are no less hawkish than FNC. In Slide 1 below in the Meet the Press panel, in the background, in plain sight, is another defense contractor plastered on the set like a sponsor on a race car: Boeing. They are discussing a presidential race wherein Hillary Clinton, herself a Boeing lobbyist and war hawk, is the inevitable and only electable Democratic candidate. Another hawk, Jeb Bush, is also discussed along the same terms. These panels are not there to inform you, they are designed to corral your choices into establishment favorites by dismissing the electability of more popular candidates, and often with phony polls, as discussed earlier in the example with Operation Pliers. In an ideal world, none of them would talk about their favored candidate. That’s why polling booths have curtains.

[easyrotator]erc_75_1426091698[/easyrotator] [pullquote]The whole point of having pundits on “news” shows is to imply that only smart people agree with them, and if not that, then a “majority” of people. For example, pundits may argue as to why 2+2=5 rather than if it is the right answer at all, while you already know that is the wrong answer. [/pullquote]Voting Democrat or Republican is the ultimate illusion of free will. Free will requires informed consent, and knowing that you have a choice. You are not informed, you are consistently and methodically misled and told that you have a choice between bad and worse. In other words, you are told you have no choice. But what other choices do you really have? Target the first line of defense in an oligarchy: target the corporate news. Protest. Strike for editorial autonomy. Boycott. Think for yourself.

The news boycott, for example. Lots of products that you see on television happen to be things you don’t need. That means if you never have the television on, you are never tempted to buy those things. Same thing with radio, especially talk radio. Since it is too inconvenient to list the sponsors of all news broadcasters, it’s best to just shut down the set until alternative voices, and significant reforms, are made, starting with the shattering of media monopolies. It is better to be uninformed than misinformed. An uninformed man can be harmless, a misinformed man can be convinced to wage war on an innocent neighbor. The networks are doing exactly that right now. Around the world, however, from Thailand to Ireland, the networks and stations are being called on their propaganda.

After the Supreme Court eliminated limits on campaign donations, and the Koch brothers alone are pledging to spend at least a billion for the next election cycle, it is important to keep in mind that most of that money will go into radio and television ads, which is perhaps the best reason to stay away from television and radio.

You need to understand that it is not in the interest of the corporate media to tell you the truth. Watching the news on television always presents a staggering disconnect, because when it comes to terrible realities, such as the regime changes that came with the Kennedy assassination and 9/11, a child can reason the official story cannot make sense.

Again, most Americans know the truth, or sense it, yet dare not speak of it above a whisper. Who taught us that, if not television and a monopolized print media? Who taught us to fear our own capacity to reason, to never question the “experts” on television?

Let us never commit the fashionable stupidity of assuming we can be educated on complex geopolitical, legal and economic issues with a couple of soundbites from some self-infatuated pundit.

Let us not forget for one second that corporate media has waged an undeclared war against you, the American people. It is demonstrable and unchecked psychological warfare waged not just for profit but for its own existence as an institution; waged ferociously to support the house of cards that is their credibility, as agents of state propaganda, in an age where viewers have finally come to question not just their integrity, but the true extent of their danger.

This illusion of free will is what makes the media monopoly the nightmare that it is. Trust the networks, and the major papers, at your own peril. You have seen where that has gotten you.

  • Did they throw sand in your eyes for all these years, or have you seen clearly?
  • Did they disparage and attack those that tried to stop torture and horrendous abuses of power, or did they defend them?
  • Did they try to make you feel stupid for questioning absurdities, or did they encourage informed dissent?

Isn’t it obvious by now that the most important stories regarding our nation have to be covered by the international media before our media gets to it, if those stories are embarrassing to the political and corporate elites?

Wouldn’t they be ignored otherwise, as they were before the internet came along?

The Reality of Free Will: You Have the Numbers, the Chains are Shadows and You Can Shine the Dreaded “Lights of Publicity”

[pullquote]Just by approaching the corporate media with the skepticism you would give an abusive pathological liar, we can go a long way. [/pullquote]While at first glance the problem seems insurmountable, it isn’t. Here’s the problem: we’re dealing with ridiculously wealthy and powerful European and American families that have been entrenched for a very long time, the former as far back as 800 years. They want war, and literally fund and arm both sides of a conflict. As we are seeing with ISIS right now, we are attacking them, and yet report after report keeps coming in from Iraq and the UN that the Israelis, British, and even Americans are supplying weapons to the enemy.

Still, with all that power, David Rockefeller did acknowledge that:

It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government.

Back then we had no internet to bring our own lights of publicity. Now it is possible to march away from that “supranational sovereignty of world bankers” and we must to have any hope of world peace.

The world is marching away from a unipolar world order dedicated to rule by multinational corporations, and we must march away as well. Just by trusting ourselves to instinct when we are asked to swallow another “black is white” media absurdity, such as the though secret agreements like the TPP that essentially surrenders national sovereignty to multinationals is constitutional, we can go a long way.  Just by avoiding the airwaves, or regarding everything you hear and see with the skepticism you would give an abusive and hateful pathological liar, we can go a long way. We now know exactly how we have been controlled and it reaches the highest levels of power imaginable.

To ensure that horrific vision of voluntary enslavement will never see the light of day is not only the order of the day, it is now an awakening that is now firmly in our grasp.




1) Here’s the media arm of the American Israeli Political Action Committee, or AIPAC lobby, controlling both the “left” and right” on your television set: News Corp. President Peter Chernin, Paramount Pictures Chairman Brad Grey, Walt Disney Co. Chief Executive Robert Iger, Sony Pictures Chairman Michael Lynton, Warner Bros. Chairman Barry Meyer, CBS Corp. Chief Executive Leslie Moonves, MGM Chairman Harry Sloan, NBC Universal Chief Executive Jeff Zucker. Then you had the print media, particularly the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and Washington Post. These were assets in play fromlong before, since the advent of Operation Mockingbird and the CIA infiltration of the US media to plant cover stories, conduct PSYOPS.

2) To be itemized and expanded upon in update.

3) Seligman, M.E.P., Maier, S.F.  (1967). “Failure to escape traumatic shock”. Journal of Experimental Psychology, 74(1), 1-9.

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