Sen. Ted Cruz Guilty of “Unspeakable” Crime…

Too much eye shadow!!!

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz Busted

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz


On a serious note, he does seem to wear an awful lot of makeup in public appearances and masonic lodge donkey shows. Have a look sometime. It appears he wears eyeliner and eye shadow as do many performance artists. The Bitch of Babylon indeed.


We didn’t touch this picture. No Photoshop. That’s some serious Maybelline abuse. Friends don’t let friends let Ted Cruz get near their eye shadow. Tammy Faye Baker eat your heart out. Your clown make-up devotee has surpassed the teacher.


Tammy Faye Bakker, disgraced televangelist and apparently, make-up consultant and inspiration for Ted Cruz. Same eye shadow. Compare.


I didn’t touch this picture either. No Photoshop. Eye shadow? Eyeliner? Even in this blurry enlargement you can see it. Gross.


Tammy Faye Bakker rose from the dead just to advise Ted Cruz on the subtle art of eye shadow techniques.


Here’s Ted with colored contacts before servicing the Koch brothers.


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