GOP Pushing For Weakest Candidate, Betting Against Horse With Fractured Leg


[pullquote]H.A. Goodman raises a good point when he points out that if she even tried to get a job at McDonald’s, and they did a background check, she would not be hired because she is at the center of a criminal FBI investigation.[/pullquote]Let’s get one thing straight: like many biped mammals, I don’t like Donald Trump. He’s a bigot. I don’t like Hillary Clinton either, because from the beginning she was the weaker of the candidates of those fighting Trump. Because the Democratic establishment was more than happy to risk the presidency by pushing the weaker candidate, it seems their opposition to Trump is a bit insincere. You need to remember, and never forget, that no presidential candidate in the midst of a criminal FBI investigation, with an indictment hanging over his or her head, can hope to win in November, no matter what fairy tale any amount of press assets can spin. They couldn’t make Bernie Sanders disappear, and this, being a matter for the courts, will be running 24/7 with the Rupert Murdoch media empire and others finally getting into the ring


MSNBC Notes Some in the White House Now Worried About Indictment

The Republicans are not helpless here, they are waiting. Even in the White House, and here in Hillary’s most flattering news asset, MSNBC, talk of indictment is being heard. Observe:
HRC private server violated at least 4 federal criml laws: #18USC1924 #18USC793f #18USC2071 #18USC1519

Is it not odd that many Republicans who complained they can’t vote for Trump because he is too close to Hillary Clinton plan to endorse her now? Do they know something we don’t? Not really. They want a broken horse to run in November, one to run against any other, and all it has to be is healthy; that is, not under criminal investigation.

Hillary Violated 4 Federal Criminal Laws with Server Scandal Alone

Author and journalist H.A. Goodman raises a good point when he points out that if she even tried to get a job at McDonald’s, and they did a background check, she would not be hired because she is at the center of a criminal FBI investigation. The GOP knows this full well, but will allow and encourage, in contained glee, for the Hillary camp to push her nomination and will do everything possible to ensure this. Afterwards, when it is too late to change horses, they will go all out on exposing this simple fact and much more, along with a major media campaign demanding an indictment.

How Hillary’s Private Server Breach Could Have Compromised CIA Director Brennen’s Hacked Email Account

[pullquote]Is it not odd that many Republicans who complained they can’t vote for Trump because he is too close to Hillary Clinton plan to endorse her now?[/pullquote]Since we know she lied about her private server ever being hacked and we know there were major breaches in national security, it is not surprising that CIA Director John Brennen’s private email account was also hacked not too long ago, and worse, a list of his CIA assets and contacts were dumped on to the internet. The Romanian hacker Guccifer said her private, unsecured server was like “an open orchid,” and if Hillary or someone pretending to be her did send email to Brennan and he answered, that would be enough to hack his account. If the prevailing consensus at the time was that the private server was an exception and allowed, as Hillary claimed, there would be no reason for Brennen not to open those emails.

Worst of all, it has been reported that Hillary shut down the security systems on all State Department  servers when her emails were being marked as spam.


How Long Does it Take to Hack an Unsecured Computer? 8 Seconds.

Hillary’s server was unsecured for three months, or 7,776,000 seconds.


Screenshot_1 (3)
Less than an hour after Obama endorses Hillary, the White House admits she is under an FBI criminal investigation. Federal Judge Emmet Sullivan, a Clinton appointee, later confirmed this.

Many in the GOP remain wary of Trump’s ties to the Clintons so it is really in their interest to see Trump fail, and then move in a dark horse candidate to run once Republican insiders go all in for indicting Hillary. It’s all about timing, and it always was. This candidate runs against Clinton, now hobbled by that indictment and further leaks, or conversely they stick with Trump knowing he would also have to be facing indictment to lose to her.

Honestly, at this point, things have never looked so bright for GOP presidential hopefuls. Hillary alienated about half her base, can’t scare them into voting for her since the election was rigged and their is no basis for trust, and the DNC knows it. This is not a hollow allegation, it is a fact and what the left cries now the right will thunder later to remind them of that betrayal. This will be in the courts, that is a certainty, it is done. There is also a class action lawsuit in the works against the DNC for collusion with the Clinton campaign, and the evidence is damning since the Guccifer 2.0 leaks are likely admissible since their authenticity has been tacitly confirmed.

If you are a Hillary supporter, please let that sink in: you are facing some serious cognitive dissonance, because you must know, in your heart, that if Trump was in her shoes he could never hope to win, if he ever even got to be the nominee. You must know, in your heart, that even if he did, the investigation and indictments would follow well into his presidency, and make any governing impossible. You must also appreciate you chose a candidate facing a possible criminal indictment over one that wasn’t, and likely just because she was a woman (which was the “first woman president in history” psyop/media spin outlined the leaked DNC docs, specifically the counter-Trump playbook). See DNC Donald Trump Report below. The “history making first female nominee” narrative and deflection can be seen played here by a human roll-on at CNN. Observe the clip towards the end, before he gets spanked by a real journalist.

This human roll-on makes your pit hair disappear.

They couldn’t suppress Sanders, and they won’t suppress the media bullhorn of the far right once Hillary becomes the official candidate.

In other words, methinks some of her backers neither care if she loses, or hope she does lose in November, because big business will be favored either way.

This may explain why the indictment is being stalled, but the investigation itself is being expanded and more leaks are being spread. Hillary’s brother is now under that investigation, as is Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe (super delegate). Yesterday,  Chaka Fattah congressman (super delegate)  from Pennsylvania was convicted, a Chicago commodities trader turned nuclear expert Raj Fernando (super delegate) was exposed. Don’t forget Gov. Dannell Malloy, CT. who is the chair of the Dem Convention. He’s now under investigation for assisting the Cigna Health care merger. Then Hillary’s IT man Brian Pagliano plead the fifth 130 times on Wednesday.

The Clinton Foundation’s leaked donor list is pretty much a list of suspects, now, more than it is a ship of fools.

You have #Guccifer2 and Wikileaks to deal with, the latter which, if true, has enough to prove that the middle east wars were never meant to be won, only to destabilize Europe in a larger scheme for a Pax Americana, the Project for a New American Century, and that Google’s Eric Schmidt was part of that plan and we have already seen, in this election, that Google has been manipulating the search queries to favor Hillary Clinton. There is enough, already, to prove what many believed and that is that the Clintons, and their cronies, were arming both sides of the conflicts and laundering the proceeds through the Clinton Foundation.


It is interesting to note that among the Clinton Foundation donors, we had Donald Trump himself, a friend of the the Clintons who gave $100,000. This lends a great deal of credence to the widely held belief that Trump was planted by the Clintons as a foil “to make voters dance with the ugliest girl at the prom.” Naturally many in the GOP revolted because of those ties, so it remains to be seen if this is one of those situations where good friends have a serious falling out in the face of political ambitions.


However, with the latest DNC leaks from #Guccifer2, which made the Panama Papers look flattering in comparison, we see carefully orchestrated media/DNC collusion and election fraud, along with the rigged results across the nation. Not only is the DNC unable to deny this charge, they are tacitly admitting the leaks are valid but blaming the Russians, as if that made it any difference, as if it changed the fact that the DNC had decided Hillary would be the nominee since May of 2015.

WE FIGHT BACK: Nationwide Class-Action filed Against Democratic Party and Debbie Wasserman Schultz

DNC Donald Trump Report  Is Actual Evidence of Electoral Fraud, Rigged Primary

Aside from that, coupled with election results, the case against the DNC is damning.

For all of you who canvassed, and made all those calls, and who fought so hard and tirelessly for Bernie thinking you had an honest election, this is what the DNC did to you. You have proof. You can sue the DNC and many will.

The DNC conspired with the Clinton campaign before the primaries to rig the elections. This is the basis of a coming class action lawsuit and definitive proof of electoral fraud in the Democratic primaries.
The entire focus of the DNC was frame Hillary as the only candidate, and media assets would be used to sell that narrative.


[pullquote]GOP strategists have ensured a vote for Hillary is now a vote for Trump, even if Sanders endorses her, because voters don’t forgive election fraud.[/pullquote]Because they cannot deny this charge, a major class action lawsuit is being launched against the DNC, and the evidence is overwhelming.

So now Bernie Sanders is in a pickle. He is now in a position where the party he’s in has been exposed as totally corrupt and he is demanding change, or respect, from a den of vipers.

If Hillary is nominated and he endorses her, he will be asking his supporters to vote for a party that conspired to rig the primaries and suppress their vote.

He will be asking his supporters to vote for a party that no matter what he asks, has already been, and will continue to be exposed for the electoral fraud in the Democratic primary elections. This scenario also favors the GOP, albeit the party suing for fraud is impartial and actually helped Obama win in 2012. More than anyone, they will want to see this lawsuit go through, so it can leave the DNC shattered and subject to class action lawsuits and as well as charges of civil rights violations through the Voting Rights Act championed by, ironically, none other than the Black Caucus that threw their weight behind Clinton when they rallied for the much detested super delegate system.

But they think you’re too stupid to figure that out. They thought a lot of things. Look at these DWS miscreants now.

Odds Hillary Won Without Widespread Fraud: 1 in 77 Billion Says Berkeley, Stanford Studies:  Study this graph, Do you see the vote flipping so palpable the shapes are exactly the same if you folded it from the middle and superimposed them ?
Odds Hillary Won Without Widespread Fraud: 1 in 77 Billion Says Berkeley, Stanford Studies:  Study this graph, Do you see the vote flipping so palpable the shapes are exactly the same if you folded it from the middle and superimposed them ?

Click to access Geijsel_CortesBarragan_2016_A_Dishonest_Election.pdf


If you couple this with the leaked DNC playbook below, no one can possibly doubt the election was completely rigged. This means that even if a Republican operative or other party applied the software patches, the evidence of a rigged primary remains. Also appended below is a response and further data from the authors of the study.

Note the Normal Irregular Patterns in the Graph



Note the Mirror Symmetry Consistent With Electronic Vote Flipping:

Do you notice the graph on top mirrors the shape of the bottom one? That’s not chance. Notice the same vote flipping in the following…
Do you notice the graph on top mirrors the shape of the bottom one? That’s not chance
Do you notice the graph on top mirrors the shape of the bottom one? That’s not chance
Do you notice the graph on top mirrors the shape of the bottom one? That’s not chance
Do you notice the graph on top mirrors the shape of the bottom one? That’s not chance
Do you notice the graph on top mirrors the shape of the bottom one? That’s not chance
Do you notice the graph on top mirrors the shape of the bottom one? That’s not chance


For the First Time Ever, the Media Will be Sued for Being Complicit in the Crime; of Course They’ll Say The Charges of Fraud Are False.

This begs the question as to how many Republicans would love to see the Clinton media go down with the Clintons.


How ironic that the people who fought for the Voting Rights Act were key participants in denying them in 2016 and are about to get nailed for it through DWS.

The question is then a simple one: knowing your vote was rigged and thrown away in the primaries by the DNC through confirmed internal, secret documents from the DNC dating back to at least May off 2015, would you vote for the person responsible, Hillary Clinton? Would it matter if even Bernie Sanders begged you to vote for her? Wouldn’t the disillusionment remain too great?

As a result a great deal of his supporters won’t turn to Hillary, simply because they can never forgive Hillary for stealing their votes, nor would they because she is also the subject of a criminal FBI investigation which the Republicans can only fully exploit soon after she becomes the official nominee in July 25, 2016, provided things go that far. The Republicans can then use their full weight to demand an indictment, and they will get it. The FBI report will also be released, regardless, as well as the Wikileaks documents promised to ensure that indictment comes before November. In the meantime, there may likely be more leaks. there is also the Benghazi report the Democrats were hungry to get a preview of. That will be released in full. If Trump toes the line with the GOP, then we have a very different scenario in terms of coverage. Up to this time, and for a few weeks perhaps, we will see media attacks on Sanders for not endorsing Hillary, and they will even, tacitly, fund them.

The #NeverHillary or #BernieorBust movement is not just an empty protest, it is the inevitable outcome of knowing your vote means nothing at all in the DNC. It may be just as bad with the GOP. The point is, someone got caught with enough evidence at hand to get nailed, and this time it wasn’t Republicans.

DNC Survival Bid: Pivot to Republicans

With Hillary catering to Republican donors and getting the backing of the Bush cabinet, we are seeing a DNC pivot to the GOP as clearly reflected in the anti-Sanders platform, and in the support of the TPP and opposition to worker rights and expanded Medicare. In essence, in terms of platform, they are the same party now. It is virtually a corporate merge of the two parties to fight Sanders supporters.


Another thing to remember is that a national election is not a primary election: the Republicans will be extremely wary of any hint of electoral fraud, and will challenge anything. Just as they couldn’t win in 2012 through patching the electronic systems, they won’t allow it now and would recognize any effort to do so since they became so good at it themselves.

The polls will change with an indictment, however, or when we see Hillary plead the fifth like her IT man Brian Pagliano did 130 times on Wednesday, June 22, 2016.

Bill Clinton faced impeachment for something far less serious, and if Obama gets tied up with Hillary’s mess, it’s not beyond imagination that we’ll see serious collateral damage when the GOP plays their cards. It is rumored, and maybe this is a stretch, that the GOP really, really hates Obama.

Above all, remember what the Republican National Committee admitted: they would much rather face Hillary than Bernie. The reasons should be obvious to all. It is for this reason they have done everything in their power to ensure this comes to pass, and the Democrats have only added fuel to the fire. It doesn’t matter if the leaks are publicized or not: if they are real, they will be acted on by affected parties to the full extent possible, and that makes all the difference in the world.



“Important Note: We know many of you have many questions, concerns, supplemental analyses, counter-analyses, and other types of feedback. Please email us. We will respond to you as soon as we are able (we have received lots of email, so this may take a while). However, our aim here is to encourage more people to be critical of “reality.” We want to encourage a free and open discussion about the potential for fraud in American elections. Also, please know that this document is a living document. The numbers are not settled – because it’s not even clear what the numbers should be and notably, we are waiting on California ballots. We will update the numbers as they become available. Please contact us if you have any questions or suggestions:,

“Statement on peer-review: We note that this article has not been officially peer-reviewed in a scientific journal yet. Doing so will take us several months. As such, given the timeliness of the topic, we decided to publish on the Bern Report after we received preliminary positive feedback from two professors (both experts in the quantitative social sciences). We plan on seeking peer-reviewed publication at a later time. As of now, we know there may be errors in some numbers (one has been identified and sent to us: it was a mislabeling). We encourage anyone to let us know if they find any other error. Our aim here truly is to understand the patterns of results, and to inspire others to engage with the electoral system.

“June 14th, 1PM PST: We will have an updated analysis with new data later this week. A response to (some) of our critics:

“Most recent version of short write-up:

Guccifer 2.0 Leaks

Click to access djtdncgucc.pdf

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