Dear Media Oligarchs, Don’t Prove Guccifer 2.0 Right About DNC Collusion


[pullquote]You don’t contest something that is already lost, and even the DNC has never said Bernie Sanders has officially lost and that super delegates do not yet count. That’s why the pressure is on by Hillary supporters for Bernie to quit. [/pullquote]Every time you hear about Hillary being the “Democratic nominee” that is actually false, according to the DNC itself. Super delegates don’t vote until July 25, and as it is now Hillary doesn’t have enough delegates. That is why there will be a contested convention. You don’t contest something that is already lost, and even the DNC has never said Bernie Sanders has officially lost. This, even with the fact that so many in Hillary’s campaign are now “transitioning” her for the general election. What you are seeing is continuing proof of media collusion with the Clinton campaign, which supports and plays right into the leaked Guccifer 2.0 documents that outlined a plan to use the mainstream media to rig the election in her favor.

This “transitioning phase” is part of a multi-pronged approach to the present Clinton crisis. This is being done to both mislead the public and donors, who just got leaked, as to everything being a-ok happy happy fun time, but also for the highly unlikely event the email scandal disappears, or if Sanders and his global movement drops out of the picture. This won’t happen without severe consequence to national stability, in the face of a federal lawsuit for election fraud from the same election fraud specialists that saved Obama from Karl Rove in 2012. (Ohio was rigged, it was discovered and called off. That is why Rove was insisting Romney had already won, and kept insisting, when FOX News called it for Obama. He didn’t know the fix was called off.)

Internal polling for Hillary isn’t what you see in the media, and anyone with half a brain that covers politics knows what she knows: there is no way she can beat Trump, or any dark horse replacing him, while under an FBI criminal investigation. Another danger she faces is the carefully timed Benghazi report that will probably be released right before the election, if she runs against Trump and she is not indicted yet and the new Wikileaks documents don’t destroy the campaign entirely.

What is a possibility, now, is that Hillary is trying to get nominated by any means necessary so that she may appoint her emergency successor after the convention, when she drops out for health reasons or something akin to that. This may be Biden, or Warren. It would need to be someone that can beat Trump and will pardon her if she is indicted and convicted.

Anyone who thinks the Clintons are untouchable needs to remember that President Clinton faced impeachment over something far less serious.


The AP, in attempting to suppress voter turn out in the California primary the next day, falsely announced Hillary had already won by equating super delegates who haven’t voted yet, with delegates. They knew exactly what they were doing.
May 5, 2016 headline, about three weeks before the State Department, hopefully, ended her political career. Dead wrong. Wanna try again, Nostradamus?
May 5, 2016 headline, about three weeks before the State Department, opened the door for a criminal indictment. The suck up was dead wrong. Wanna try again, Nostradamus?

You’re kinda walking into this one.

Google’s Eric Schmidt has also been on this act by manipulating search results to favor Hillary. Use another search engine instead. Have a look:

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