Stockholm Syndrome, or “Capture Bonding,” and Hillary


download (2)The “Small Kindness” PerceptionIn threatening and survival situations, we look for evidence of hope — a small sign that the situation may improve. When an abuser/controller shows the victim some small kindness, even though it is to the abuser’s benefit as well, the victim interprets that small kindness as a positive trait of the captor. In criminal/war hostage situations, letting the victim live is often enough. Small behaviors, such as allowing a bathroom visit or providing food/water, are enough to strengthen the Stockholm Syndrome in criminal hostage events.

Love and Stockholm Syndrome: The Mystery of Loving an AbuserDr Joseph M Carver, PhD


Cl9vkPgWkAApbtBThe question is now how many Americans are in survival mode at the moment, struggling to get food on the table, a roof over their heads, medical care, struggling to find a job? How many have been denied basic rights and were subject to election fraud across America? How many Americans have a media pitted against them, as we saw in the leaked Gucifer 2.0 documents proving the DNC, with media help, helped rig the primaries? And in this mode, despite the historic unpopularity of the two running candidates, is the mainstream media selling us the small kindness of promises that don’t need to be kept, because there clearly is no accountability for Hillary, and probably Trump as well?

There s an answer for this, of course, and this dynamic is largely due to a strong correlation between belief in the profit-based mainstream media and open source-social media not beholden to advertisers. People over 45 tend to vote Hillary, and were raised viewing the world through the perspective of a profit-based mainstream media. Millennials, however, were not. They get most of their news from sources outside that paradigm, and as we saw with Bernie Sanders, it works.



[pullquote]“Taking the abuser’s perspective as a survival technique can become so intense that the victim actually develops anger toward those trying to help them. The abuser… typically [uses] multiple methods and manipulations to isolate the victim from others.” Dr Joseph M Carver, PhD A state media is one of the most powerful forms of isolating a nation from others.[/pullquote]Nobody marches for Hillary. Nobody marches for Trump, unless you count protests. How does a candidate under two criminal FBI probes still gain an unwavering support from so many women, gays, minorities and others she once marginalized?

It is not a matter of uninformed voters a lot of the time, it is a matter of cognitive dissonance.

Emotionally bonding with an abuser is a survival mechanism and there seems to be a correlation between those who believe the state media and the tendency of voters to bond with Hillary, or identify with her, even if her policies are guaranteed to kill their interests.

Hitler appealed to this even though the Stockholm Syndrome had yet to be named, except the abuser was the state as an extension of a man, and it was a survival mechanism.

Interests that would be destroyed by the TPP, such as those fighting Monsanto, big banks, the prison industrial complex, global warming, all stand to lose.

More on this soon…

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