Body Language… That Moment You Realize it’s Over

Eyes, Body Language Show the Obvious: She is Lying About Virtually Everything

Expects yes.
Gets “I’ll keep you in suspense.” Sad trombone.

download-1The eyes, chico. The eyes.” Hillary got some bad news before the debate and at many points her eyes seemed to well with tears. She seemed to get triggered when Trump said he’d keep us in suspense in terms of accepting results of a possibly rigged election, citing:

  1. overwhelming Project Veritas video evidence of planned vote rigging and fraud
  2. that the fired DNC organizer Bob Creamer met with Obama 47 times
  3. that Creamer organized violence at Trump’s rallies by paying off  the mentally ill to attack and provoke Trump supporters
  4. that Pew reports there are 1.8 million dead voters, etc.

She also seemed triggered when he pointed out the Loretta Lynch-Bill Clinton meeting on the tarmac in the middle of her FBI investigation, which cast a pall on the entire investigation, and when he pointed out she shouldn’t have been legally allowed to run in the first place.

Violence funded by Hillary campaign (Bob Creamer, now fired)  at Chicago rally, which was cancelled.

To be fair this vote rigging was not exclusive to the Democrats so Trump-hating GOP elites like Paul Ryan and John McCain (backing Hillary) and other neocons are trying to pretend the system is not rigged, lest they get exposed too. The problem is, unlike 2000 when Gore was cheated, there was no smoking gun like now. It’s odious either way, but evidence is evidence, and voters now know before the election. Had Gore been given dynamite like this, he would have won.


Here is Hillary at debate finish. Don’t cry, it’s okay. Your pals in the media still say you won. CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, Washington Post and NYT, especially. (They’re in denial too.) To demoralize Trump supporters and condition voters for fraudulent election results, Jeff Bezos is running pre-suasion tactics by assuming Clinton presidency is already here and are using that narrative, but man, who would have seen that coming?

And if Clinton believed that, would she look like this? She’s smiling like she’s at a funeral. In an age where every news agency is allowed to lie, all we have is body language. No poll in the world says more than this image of her after the debate. We’ve all seen confident Shimmy Hillary, triumphant Hillary, but this ain’t it.

How Team Hillary is using faked media polls to influence voters.


Oversampling is a popular way to rig media polls. It’s essentially calling a bunch of Democrats and asking who they will vote for, and then making it appear they sampled all voters equally. Nate Silver from 538 relies on this.18a21c817b1

Nate Silver is a dick.

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