Donald Trump

Body Language… That Moment You Realize it’s Over

“The eyes, chico. The eyes.” Hillary got some bad news before the debate and at many points her eyes seemed to well with tears. She seemed to get triggered when Trump said he’d keep us in suspense in terms of accepting results of a possibly rigged election, citing overwhelming Project Veritas video evidence of planned vote rigging and fraud, that the fired DNC organizer Bob Creamer met with Obama 47 times and organized violence at Trump’s rallies by paying off  the mentally ill to foment it, and that Pew reports there are 4 million dead voters, etc. […]


Prison Break’s Funniest Moment

This should have been tragic but wasn't. In fact, it was funny, and it got funnier inasmuch as the scene called for pathos. The character was so one-dimensional, her actions so predictably stupid and incongruous with a gifted defense lawyer, it was more like watching Wile E. Coyote getting shot in the face with his own cannon after laying a trap for the Road Runner. […]