Why This Election Year Most Stressful Ever: Cognitive Dissonance

A confident and winning team doesn’t do this.

Undercover video of mentally ill paid to incite violence at Trump rallies.

[pullquote]Cognitive dissonance is the mental stress or discomfort experienced by an individual who is confronted by new information that conflicts with existing beliefs, ideas or values.[/pullquote]That means a conflict between observed reality and the corporate media narrative that makes people angry, stressed and confused.

Plato called this faux reality the shadows on the wall. Today, some wags call it a “safe place” that is, at least for members of the mainstream media, a media based reality. For them, since they spend so much time watching themselves and peers on television and in film, they seldom see the real world most people go through. This is the echo chamber all of us look for, but more so when we’re paid to do just that.

In the coming  days, you will see this aforementioned stress, anger and denial affect news personalities in real time, on live television. Exposure is new ground for them all, and it will be a rude awaking as they see what Americans really think of them. In other words, you will see their cognitive dissonance become impossible to hide. In the video below, the CNN panel is discussing the impossibility of a Trump win amidst chants of “lock her up!” Interestingly, there were no pro-Hillary signs to contrast this, which is strange if she is winning by a “landslide.” Look closely at their faces.

Annoying Maddow dude reacts to 28th October 2016 surprise: FBI reopens Clinton criminal investigation.

Prestige? they’ve lost it. Job security? lost that too. Credibility? none. That would make anyone uncomfortable. Honestly, I’d hate to be associated in any way with CNN right now, especially as a reporter or anchor. Don Lemon will need some good therapy referrals soon, no one is going to take his “safe place” if he can help it. (Yours truly has one that’s no less serious, too, but I’m not on television.)

[pullquote]When anyone argues that the emails are a Russian hack, it is an admission of guilt, don’t let them deflect from there.[/pullquote]On one side, they’re losing. First ridicule, then denial, then anger, then acceptance. We are in the denial and anger stage, especially the MSM. Still, it all comes from the jarring reality that the real world is nothing like what you see on television or what the polls are telling you. Rally size says everything. For those of you vets or those in the military, law enforcement, consider the facts:

An army scout who would compare the two camps would realize that the numbers are ridiculously lopsided towards Trump, 30 to 1 or 20-1, which means that is where they must side also. Trump rallies of 30,000 (over a division!) to Clinton’s 1,000, or even rallies of 50 people to 100 are telling. These rallies are so anemic that cell phones are banned, to avoid embarrassment, and that means no contest. Who do you think would win if Hillary induces war abroad, which then immediately means China or Russia can split our already divided nation to destroy a unified front?

What all that concerted media hate and shaming has accomplished: backlash.
In Team Hillary and media’s “safe place” Hillary is winning by 10 points. But in reality, not so much. Compare with the Trump rallies.

People hate her!

She’s reckless, untrustworthy and frankly, she’s very ill. Everyone knows it.

It’s also a very dangerous moment because to distract us from leaks that could bring down the Clinton campaign, they’re ready to launch world war three. This is in hopes of suspending the election, it appears, running not for office but to stay out of jail. When anyone argues that the emails are a Russian hack, you need to acknowledge it is an admission of guilt and they need to be called on it. If these are fakes, why call them hacks? If they admit our own spooks leaked them, it means there’s simply not enough dirty cops and spooks willing to give up our country without a fight. It is the contents that matter, that it is verified, and that it tells you what you probably suspected: the media is condemned within them. Wikileaks exposed the media so it hard to see any of them reporting it.

It’s like some hacker leaking info that your wife is cheating on you with your best friend, and then you going after him instead of asking your wife about the video of her giving your friend a blowjob. You don’t attack the messenger if the information is painful but can save you, and you don’t pretend the marriage is fine.

“But that video of me cheating on you was private! Why aren’t you mad about that?”

That’s the gist of the DNC narrative. It’s repugnant, enraging, and an admission of guilt with no hint of remorse. It’s evil.

Hillary Clinton: Ghost candidate


“Have you seen Donald Trump’s rallies? There are 5,000, 10,000, 15,000, 20,000 or more at each event. Often there are thousands more waiting outside who can’t get in.

“I am a witness to Trump’s packed events. I’ve either been master of ceremonies and/or opening speaker at all five of Trump’s events here in Las Vegas since December. I opened the South Point rally in February with about 12,000 attending. Some called it the largest crowd for a political rally in Las Vegas history.

“Just last week I was an opening speaker at Trump’s rally in Henderson with an overflow crowd attending. These aren’t just political events. These are once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Trump rallies are like Woodstock for working-class conservatives.

“Hillary often has 200 people at her rallies. She can’t fill a local high school gymnasium. Worse, of the 200 people attending, many of them are local Democratic Party leaders or staffers.”

by Wayne Allen Root, Las Vegas Review Journal, October 11, 2016

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