Was Seth Rich the DNC Leak? Ask John Podesta

DNC Related Deaths

In the Dutch interview, the anchor is trying to focus on the alleged source of the verified leak exposing election fraud rather than the content, quite possibly because he is a fucking moron. CNN, you are not alone.

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A better question to ask is what would you do if an anonymous hacker let you see emails of a friend’s plot to kill you? Would you take action on the plot or look for Russians under your bed? This interviewer would clearly choose the latter.

Another repugnant element is where the very biased anchor claims Julian Assange is trying to influence the election because he exposed bias in our election. No shit, that’s why he’s a hero, that’s what journos should be doing. Only scum bags diddle themselves to rigged elections.

I have no idea why any piss ant corporate media stooge would believe they are not only more credible than these guys below, but more popular.

Snowden, Assange and Manning statues unveiled in Berlin
Snowden, Assange and Manning statues unveiled in Berlin

At the same time he shows his own bias on what is supposed to be a neutral show by saying Hillary will inevitably win but Assange wants Trump to win, which is the anchor’s own confirmation bias suggesting Hillary won the primaries fairly, which is 100% false. He is also pushing the Russian leak conspiracy theory, which was discredited by the top spy leader in the US, James Clapper, to the extent his talking points are so amateurish and silly they are painful to watch.

From VL: Pentagon Insider Latest Info – August 8, 2016

As of this morning, here is the latest information from our Pentagon insider ANON.

John Podesta

Seth Rich was murdered by a hitman connected to Mossad and was hired by John Podesta. ANON tells VL that Huma and Hillary are both aware of the hired hit for Seth Rich.  This happened because Rich leaked documents to Wikileaks.

On June 1st, Rich’s email was hacked. Then his Linked in was hacked, as well. The hitman was hired out of Chicago.
Wasserman Schultz is also aware and even Washington Post owner, Jeff Bezos, knows about the hit. If hackers are able to work as a team to uncover Seth’s tracks, they can receive the $20k reward money offered by Wikileaks, but even more so, they can uncover a number of recent deaths tied to DNC and Hillary.

“People who cross the path to Hillary are dying, the US regime is getting nervous.“

According to ANON, this information goes all the way up:  

“Obama himself is getting briefings and wants Assange killed.  The administration is in a real pickle. Mossad sent a kid to do the hit and he did a piss poor job.”

This “kid” left many clues, says our ANON. “This murder will be the undoing of the Democratic mafia.

Keep checking back for the latest leaks and REAL NEWS from our insider.


I know your playing

But SHTF in 48hrs

Huma Abedin is the leak

Private videos of Hillary shot by her to be released

EBS hacked videos will be aired

The world will see the real Hillary

RT already has copies that were given to them by J.A.

Will air on RT Saturday

That’s what she gets for trusting a Saudi


Watch the Olympic Opening Ceremonies

Many Black Hats at convention are passing around copies of the Huma videos. They were shot for the Saudi Royals by Huma and intercepted by an ANON while she was transferring them to Saudi via file sharing app. When confronted she agreed to give the anon info about the DNC from a DNC insider if he would agree not to expose her. She kept her promise by putting anon in contact with the DNC employee that Hillary just had killed. He provided the emails and the anon gave Assange the emails and the Huma vids.


A good example of confirmation bias is what I am doing right now: painting that Dutch reporter as an idiot by only looking at evidence supporting my belief that he is a moron and ignoring reality, but the truth is probably that he is a nice guy and simply isn’t seeing the contrast we have here. However, there is no point in doing anyone the disservice of pretending yellow journalism doesn’t piss me off, this to the point I am not looking at the good things he was doing, like shutting the fuck up long enough for Assange to make a point or two or simply having him on his show.  At least it wasn’t an editorial.

It is true that the Russians have Hillary’s private emails, because they were unsecured, but so does everyone else. That is no secret. However, Hillary still continues repeating, to this day, that Russia didn’t hack her private server. Not only is that not a secret, this was disclosed as far back as early 2016, when these emails were used in a Russian court case involving a Ukrainian pilot.

In the first week of August several news boards alleged that Huma Abedin was the leak, and that she had Seth Rich contact Wikileaks and Anonymous. Now, in a recent interview, Julian Assange hints that Seth Rich was indeed the murdered source. To be fair, the term “hint” was the characterization of the the “unofficial cover” propagandizing on behalf of the Clinton assets, but it backfired. Either way, Assange has the following statement.

Wikileaks has offered a $20,000 reward leading to the capture of the suspects. According to independent journalist Michael Trimm, Huma Abedin is presently out of the country and somewhere in the middle east. Yet another source, SVR intelligence analysts, claim that the hit team was captured in a shoot out with the FBI on July 12, 2016.


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