Indict Now, Obama, Regardless of Risk; Updated With DNC Trump Playbook



[pullquote]Like Sanders, he hasn’t been using his unsecured cell phone to order drone strikes or compromise national security by identifying, de facto, every intelligence officer in the middle east and elsewhere for any enemy nation to arrest, “disappear,” or turn.[/pullquote]Congratulations, President Obama. You just made history. You endorsed the first presidential candidate under a criminal FBI investigation over another candidate, Sanders, that has a better chance of beating Trump. What a remarkable legacy to end eight years. What an amazing addition to your presidential library! You put a political party before your country, your legacy, your honor.

But in Warren and Obama, did we see an endorsement, or did we see fear?

The unspoken reality in the White House right now is that if Obama allows Hillary to be indicted, it is said he will be taken down as well. Now when you have otherwise trusted leaders endorse Hillary when they know she is under a criminal FBI investigation, thereby risking their careers and legacy, this doesn’t sound like something that was easy to do. It sounds like fear, like racketeering, the very thing the DNC and Hillary have become embroiled in. The FBI has already indicated that even if no indictment comes, trial by media is certain and it has already started. Through leaks alone, racketeering has already been proven beyond any reasonable doubt. Here’s the latest leak: the DNC playbook for attacking Donald Trump. It’s back from December, 2015 but it is not surprising that so may of the attack strategies have already been used, and are being used:

Click to access djtdncgucc.pdf

Dem’s Divide ad Conquer Plan: Portray Trump as Too Liberal for Republicans

Surprisingly, nothing in this playbook makes him look worse than Hillary, mainly because, like Sanders, he hasn’t been using his unsecured cell phone to order drone strikes or compromise national security by identifying, de facto, every intelligence officer in the middle east and elsewhere for any enemy nation to arrest, “disappear,” or turn. Nor is he, like Sanders, under a federal criminal investigation by the FBI for racketeering and espionage.

ClDVno2VAAAt5ZbIt does contain what many people already know. Trump is an asshole and bigot, he does have the support of white supremacists, but also that he is a closet Democrat. That is important, a point to be leaked to alienate him from Republicans, but the key points demonstrated someone that was, in the eyes of the DNC, a bad guy for not wanting to cut Social Security, or a bad guy for asking the wealthy not to collect on theirs! Hillary s more than willing to privatize Social Security, because she is never held accountable for lying and betrayal. Trump talks about building a wall and mass deportations, but Hillary talks about launching nuclear weapons at Iran should Israel simply ask, though they have over 300 nukes themselves. The big difference is, Hillary is capable of doing that, and it is a tried and proven threat versus a potential one. Much of what Trump promises was designed to bring the far right to his corner, but he’s been in court so many times he should know what requires a repeal of an amendment and how hard it is follow through. Now he  is in the stage of the election where he has to return to the center. It is also surprising that Trump’s moderate positions on Medicare and Social Security are portrayed as a weakness by the DNC!

Aside from that, Sanders, for some odd reason, is portrayed as a greater threat than Trump by the Clinton’s propaganda machine.

[pullquote] Is it not better to face great risk for doing what is right, than face great risk for doing what is wrong?[/pullquote]As for the Sanders playbook, it is probably something so short it is just a memo, something like: “For a Jew he’s too much like Jesus.”

Jesus was, of course, a Jew.

It is also interesting to note that the people Hillary endangered, and betrayed, include experts in regime change, and they are not going anywhere. If there is any doubt about that, it would be wise to consider how the entire DNC came toppling down to the extent that they relied on blatant voter fraud, from state to state, to continue in its present form.

All great leaders who ask their people to make the ultimate sacrifice should be the first to make that sacrifice themselves. Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy are famous examples of leaders who made the ultimate sacrifice but it is a mistake to assume courage is a death sentence. Nelson Mandela survived and eventually prospered, for example. However in this case, at stake is a legacy, not so much a life. Besides, no one is asking Obama to actually risk his life or make the ultimate sacrifice, not like our troops were asked to when fighting Hillary’s wars or those of Bush.

Indeed, what is it, what great injury have the American people done to you, Obama, that you would inflict upon this troubled nation the cruelty, incompetence, and shame of Hillary Clinton?

What could any of us, individually or collectively as Americans, have done to you, Obama, that you would inflict such a staggering affront and peril? It is now self-evident, through Hillary’s arrogance and contempt for the law, that the DNC is a multi-billion dollar Clinton crime syndicate, pure and simple, that is what it is at bottom and what all the democrats are fighting to preserve.

[pullquote]Stanford University Confirms Democratic Election Fraud[/pullquote]We are not yet Syria, but we can be. We are not yet Libya, but we can be. We are not yet Iraq, but we can be. We are not yet the Ukraine, but we can be. We know that because Hillary has already had a hand in all of that, grew rich by secretly arming both sides of the conflicts, and now faces an implacable outrage and dissent from tens of millions of Americans she could only try to stop by using violence, and we know that is exactly what she would appeal to. She is an expert at fomenting civil war, and in our case, is risking it  simply by running after stealing an election and then asking the wronged voters to support her in November because she is a woman (seriously!) or because “Trump is worse.”

Really now? Is Sanders worse too?


Trump, xenophobic miscreant and demagogue that he is, didn’t steal my vote, or that of millions.  Fuck you Hillary, and anyone who knows this and backs you.







drowned syrian boy5

Faced with a potential threat versus a known one, which one do you think is preferable? Liberal activist and actress Susan Sarandon is right. Hillary is worse than Trump, because she has, as Jill Stein notes, done everything Trump only threatens now. Maybe Trump is worse, since he and Hillary are both neocons, but that is ultimately a stupid question because Trump doesn’t have blood on his hands, at least not right now, let alone Sanders. All we know is what Hillary has actually done, and that is more than enough.


Saudi Arabia funds Hillary and ISIS. To strike an ISIS supporter, you must therefore target Hillary.
  1. Orlando Shooting Investigation Expands To Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia June 15, 2016
  2. Orlando Terrorist Worked As DHS Contractor June 14, 2016

Does Clinton Have Ties to Orlando Shooter’s Father?

The father of the Orlando shooter turns out to have been a frequent visitor to Hillary Clinton’s office at the State Department, according to newly released pictures. Seddique Mateen, pictured above, is also a candidate for President of Afghanistan.

That creepy moment when you know even Trump is right…


Knowing Hillary Clinton’s Record…

Hillary describes Iraqi war as a business opportunity.

Here is what will happen, and this is a promise, like the kind of promise you make when you know that night follows day: defense contractors, and Hillary, will get rich as money flows into the Clinton Foundation and funds both sides of a conflict in the US. She will get rich from an internal war, just like she got rich by arming both sides in the middle east wars. There are two reasons why she would do this, greed, and a massive consolidation of power that comes from martial law and crushing dissent. With the Presidency of Bill Clinton, the US suddenly had a record number of militias. They didn’t wage an active war, but with Hillary, that would probably change because much more is at stake, and actual armies would probably be involved. You think demands for secession were constant and bad under Obama, wait until you see what could happen under Hillary.

Iraq_VetsShe will betray the military, as she betrayed them in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, et al. She will secretly arm the people fighting US troops because it will make the Clintons more powerful, and she will continue to be able to do that as long as tax havens and offshore accounts exist to launder money from defense contractors and oil interests. (Panama Papers)

Once she gets that power, it becomes a monarchy, a dictatorship. Read her emails regarding Vanguard and the Ukraine, Victoria Nuland, Maidan, the counterfeit currency to arm the opposing fighters until they were exposed and we went straight to the Minsk Accords, and you will see this is true. Hillary, like countless bankers and industrialists before her, helped create unwinnable wars because they are profitable. It’s that simple, and the profits were hidden through the massive charity fraud that is the Clinton Foundation.

Bernie Sanders is risking it all right now by taking on the oligarchs that will stop at nothing, including murder. We can all learn something from that.

For now, Obama may only be remembered as the first black president, or that he gave us Obamacare. If he allows Hillary to escape punishment, he will be remembered as the greatest coward to ever sit in the White House, because his nation needed him in a moment of great crisis and he thought only of himself. He had the means to prevent a coming bloodbath abroad and perhaps here, too,  and failed. But is it not better to face great risk for doing what is right, than face great risk for doing what is wrong?Ck9-ZGQWYAYfANW

[pullquote]If he allows Hillary to escape punishment, he will be remembered as the greatest coward to ever sit in the White House, because his nation needed him in a moment of great crisis and he thought only of himself.[/pullquote]These are new times, and what was always hidden before is now always in the light. And though justice may be slow in coming it will come, judicially and, unfortunately, extra-judicially; because those that were wronged know who did it now. That is the paradigm that changed. It used to be that Americans were struck time and time again by the hidden hand of oligarchs and tyrants, never knowing who to blame, but that is no longer the case. That hidden hand is exposed, we know the names of the entire criminal syndicate, and all that stands between them and the people is an army of complicit press. The first on that dishonorable list? The Washington Post and The New York Times.

Hillary’s Shittiest Newsletters: The New York Times and The Washington Post

Not all the media is on board with the pro-Hillary narrative. We are seeing slivers of dissent among long time assets like ABC, CBS, MSNBC.

No one trusts that press, and they are vulnerable, as are any that are truly hated but with good reason. Is that not clear by now, since Sanders created a global movement with absolutely no press coverage? and if he got any at all, wasn’t it was negative and dismissive? is it not clear that even with the complicity of Google, that gamed the search results for Hillary  so that only positive results returned, that even they couldn’t silence the implacable voice of dissent and desperation?

Though the race was clearly won by Sanders and stolen though fraud, which is painfully self-evident, to be honest it doesn’t matter at this point who the Democrats choose when they drop Hillary: Biden, Warren, anyone. Anyone but Hillary. Sanders won, clear and simple, and for their sake, they should crawl on their hands and knees asking for Bernie’s forgiveness and salvage what’s left of the party, if any of it is worth saving.

The fate of the nation is literally at stake, on the verge of a collapse unseen in our history that can only be prevented if somehow, some way, the people find a way to regain even a modicum of trust in their government. Why can this be said in all earnest? We are literally in the midst of a great Constitutional crisis.

We have a presumptive presidential candidate under a criminal investigation by the FBI. How in the fuck could that be possible in America?


Do the right thing, Obama. Let justice take its course. Obama, you have exhibited great courage before, and you can do it now and leave that legacy. This would be a profile in courage, and nothing you have done eclipses what the Clintons have already done in terms of criminality and treason.


For Republicans, Hillary is the Gift that Keeps on Giving

Best case scenario nothing happens to Hillary, no indictment, she wins. The GOP will not ease off of Clinton after November. They will have massive gains in Congress regardless. The DNC is already fatally wounded, and it was self-inflicted.

If Bernie himself can’t get his followers to back Clinton, Obama can?

If Cenk was surprised, imagine MSNBC, Hillary’s gaping maw, when their online poll gave an 84% NO response to the same question, at 17,000 votes:


What is extremely likely is that every Democrat now endorsing Hillary feel they owe her one for the money they got through Hillary’s super pacs to stay in office. This all goes back to the Clinton Foundation, and what may be the largest charity fraud ever: 100 billion dollars worth collectively. That is already being exposed by the most unlikely sources.




“It’s a simple yes or no question.” 

The question was “Do you believe Clinton should release transcripts of her speeches to Goldman Sachs?” The evasive answer, the panic in her eyes, that says everything you need to know. Warren clearly wants Clinton’s transcripts to remain secret and has taken her position. As you watch Warren squirm, you can safely assume the answer is no, as disclosure would likely expose Warren as well. Sad end to her career.

She really does come off as a brown-nosing, evasive simpleton that doesn’t understand the difference between a talking point and yes or no question.

Warren is a cautionary tale. Back Clinton at your peril, she is political poison now. She is…

  • The first major candidate to run as a suspect in a criminal FBI investigation. That’s not hyperbole, not a joke, admitted by the White House on the same day she was endorsed.
  • Running under a criminal FBI investigation THAT WILL NOT END BEFORE THE ELECTION or after.
  • Bribery and racketeering already exposed on all networks, historical in and of itself because it signals a major breach on the political flanks.
  • Influence peddling.
  • Election fraud.
  • Suppression and intimidation of Sanders supporters backfires.
  • Mass defection of Democrats from party after rigged election, drop in popularity of most popular figure after she endorses Clinton.

The Warren Effect
The Warren Effect

This just keeps getting worse and worse, so Trump doesn’t even have to try anymore.

What we are seeing from the Clintons right now, is not just arrogance but desperation. Bill Clinton, or Slick Willy, was a master politician.

He was never known to fly off the handle and insult voters, or threaten them. Especially Democratic voters. That is what he did when he called Sanders supporters “toast” on the day before the California election was “called” by the AP.

We’re seeing Hillary becoming unhinged as supporters experience a staggering cognitive dissonance. Clinton supporters can now see the same news outlets glorifying  the Clintons also expose them as frauds the same day. Have a look at what a nice donation can buy you, a seat at a critical International Security Advisory Board, even if you have no training in intelligence and make a living off of day trading.

Drop Google as Search Engine, Switch to Any Other

As Julian Assange of Wikileaks noted, Google is indeed working with Hillary and has changed the algorithm so search results return only positive results when you type in “Hillary.” You can thank Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt for that.

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