Sorcha Faal

Putin Weighs Arctic Ocean Travel Ban After Russian Military Questions American Sanity 

The final budget proposals for the building of the gigantic railroad artery to connect Arctic regions with the Russianmainland, took an ominous turn when President Putin said he is weighing a ban on foreign-flagged ships from the strategically critical route across Russia’s Arctic waters—and is in response to the Ministry of Defense (MoD) questioning the very sanity of the United States who, just over a week ago, had President Donald Trump agreeing to work with Russia in aiding Syrian refugees, but whose top US military commanders are now refusing to obey his orders  […]


How to Time Travel with a Rubber Band

Let’s say you have two telescopes: a regular one, and another that views faster than the speed of light. To our right we have a regular-ass telescope. I won’t embarrass the garage door manufacturer adorning its entrance or university it comes from by naming it, but I will gives you a hint: it rhymes with University of Schmalabama. This telescope is pointed at a solar system of let’s say, 300 years away, at Planet A. This telescope relies on light to reach its lens and it will take 300 years to get here. […]