NASA Lawsuit – Extraterrestrial Extremophiles, Microbes and Censorship

The lawsuit includes 4 Exhibits, one of which proves NASA has been tampering with scientific evidence and adding 4 layers of visual noise to space shuttle film footage to hide and obscure evidence of anomalous life-like structures engaged in complex life-like behavior 200 miles above the planet. NASA has a 50 year history of maliciously attacking, and encouraging and funding fraudulent, slanderous, defamatory attacks on discoveries of microbial extraterrestrial life, and lying about the evidence, and has committed these crimes in service of their religious beliefs which they masquerade as science, and so there will be no calls for the expenditure of funds to investigate. […]


How to Time Travel with a Rubber Band

Let’s say you have two telescopes: a regular one, and another that views faster than the speed of light. To our right we have a regular-ass telescope. I won’t embarrass the garage door manufacturer adorning its entrance or university it comes from by naming it, but I will gives you a hint: it rhymes with University of Schmalabama. This telescope is pointed at a solar system of let’s say, 300 years away, at Planet A. This telescope relies on light to reach its lens and it will take 300 years to get here. […]