NASA Lawsuit – Extraterrestrial Extremophiles, Microbes and Censorship

UPDATE: ‘Alien Bugs’ Discovered In Earth’s Atmosphere: British scientists believe they have found small bugs from outer space in the Earth’s atmosphere.

Extraterrestrial Extremeophiles Averaging Several Meters to Kilometers in Length

Comparison of object filmed by STS-75, with algae
Above: Pulsating nucleus. Filmed by STS-75.

Comparison of structure filmed by STS-75, with diagram of cell structure.
Structures filmed by STS-75, swarming toward the tethered satellite (TSS-1R) from all directions. Tether is 12 miles in length.
Structure (upper left, first frame) filmed by STS-75, moving toward tethered satellite. Object dips at a slight angle toward the right (upward on its left side) as a second object approaches from above, and rapidly passes by.
Source: Rhawn Joseph, Ph.D

Such Life Predicted by Carl Sagan

“The existence of algae-like organisms in the upper atmosphere can also be predicted from the theoretical work of Carl Sagan. In the 1960s and 1970s, Sagan published a number of hypotheses about the biology of Jupiter and the possibility of life in Jupiter’s upper atmosphere and theorized as to the growth, metabolism, movement and behavior patterns of these upper atmospheric organisms. In 1976, Sagan (and E. E.Salpeter) argued that these hypothetical upper atmospheric Jovian organisms would have the “metabolic and photosynthetic parameters typical of terrestrial algae” “but must, however, be adapted to the Jovian environment.” “The best terrestrial analogy seems to be the surface of the sea” (page 747). Sagan proposed three ecological niches within Jupiter’s upper atmosphere, and each of which would be populated by species adapted to those atmospheric environments, i.e. primary photosynthetic autotrophs (Sinkers); larger organisms which might be either autotrophs or heterotrophs (Floaters); “Hunters” which hunt Sinkers and Floaters; and “Scavengers” which could be considered identical to “Floaters.” Sagan hypothesized that Floaters and Sinkers could obtain free energy from sunlight and were “filled with gas,”which provided buoyancy and a means of propulsion, and which enabled them to move about and engage in various behaviors. Lastly, Sagan and Salpeter (1976), hypothesized that these upper atmospheric “Hunters” could grow to be many kilometers in size. [Italics mine.]
“Likewise, many of the structures filmed during missions STS-80, STS-119, STS-75, resemble algae, and appear to be many kilometers in size. Size can be inferred in relationship to the 12 mile tether attached to the satellite. Although some of these objects are in the foreground, others are more distant and some appear to pass beneath the tether.”


PRESS RELEASE: June 14, 2012

On June 14, 2012, Rhawn Joseph, Ph.D. served NASA with a 60 page Federal lawsuit for a variety of criminal, civil, ethical, and other offenses including fraud, deceit, censorship, slander, defamation, negligence, incompetence, altering and lying about scientific data, misappropriation of public funds, and flagrant violations of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Defendants named in the suit include NASA employees and administrators. The lawsuit includes 4 Exhibits, one of which proves NASA has been tampering with scientific evidence and adding 4 layers of visual noise to space shuttle film footage to hide and obscure evidence of anomalous life-like structures engaged in complex life-like behavior 200 miles above the planet. NASA has a 50 year history of maliciously attacking, and encouraging and funding fraudulent, slanderous, defamatory attacks on discoveries of microbial extraterrestrial life, and lying about the evidence, and has committed these crimes in service of their religious beliefs which they masquerade as science, and so there will be no calls for the expenditure of funds to investigate. NASA’s primary agenda is the commercialization of space not the exploration of space and NASA has spent over $100 billion on ventures with little scientific value while simultaneously cutting the space exploration budget. NASA is not only lying to us, but stealing from us.

Because of NASA’s history of deceit, harassment, censorship, slanders, malicious attacks and lies, it is impossible to resolve these issues and to expose the truth except in a court of law.

As detailed in this lawsuit and as summarized here:


NASA has waged a terrorist campaign of lies, deceit, fraud, defamation, libel and slander, to discredit all discoveries which demonstrate the existence of extraterrestrial microbial and other forms of extraterrestrial life, including evidence of 1) microbial microfossils discovered in over a dozen meteorites by five separate teams of independent investigators(Claus & Nagy 1961; Hoover 2011; Pflug 1984; Nagy et al. 1963a,b; Zhmur and Gerasimenko 1999), 2) a single microbe and organic matter of unknown origin discovered on and within a lunar camera retrieved from the Moon (Mitchell & Ellis, 1971; Flory and Simoneit, 1972), 3) Evidence of biological activity on Mars (Levin 2010; Levin and colleagues 2012), 4) Evidence of Martian microfossils and extraterrestrial biological activity in three meteors which originated on Mars (McKay et al 1996), 5) Evidence from 12 Space Shuttle Missions demonstrating, conclusively, the existence of anomalous life-like plasma-like structures engaging in complex life-like behaviors, and which congregate near sources of electromagnetic activity over 200 miles above Earth. See: Extraterrestrial Extremophiles.

The first reports of the detection of microbial fossils in meteorites were published in the prestigious scientific journal, Nature by Claus, Nagy and others (Claus and Nagy, 1961; Nagy et al, 1962, 1963). These included an assortment of fossilized bacteria in meteors older than this solar system, including algae and cyanobacteria. Defendant NASA immediately launched, directed, and funded a vigorous campaign of refutation and denial, and funded a slander campaign and defamatory attacks on these scientists and their discoveries (NASA Grant NsG-366). It was fraudulently claimed in NASA publications that the findings of microfossils were “a deliberate hoax” and due to “deliberate contamination” (pages 4,5). However, there was absolutely no evidence that the findings were in any way due to contamination. These were NASA funded lies. Rather, it was Defendant NASA which was engaged in a deliberate hoax.

During that same period, particles of biological origin were discovered in the upper atmosphere, and with an infall rate of tens of thousands of cells per year (Greene et al, 1962-65). The only scientific explanation is that these are extraterrestrial in origin and were falling to Earth from space. However, once the discovery was made, Defendant NASA again attacked, and this exciting programme of work was suddenly halted by funds being withdrawn by NASA.

In 2011, when the Journal of Cosmology published Richard Hoover’s peer reviewed discovery of microfossils in meteors, NASA again orchestrated a campaign of lies and slanderous, defamatory attacks which were voiced by NASA administrators and employees who had never examined the evidence and had no expertise in the subject matter and who were jealous of the Journal of Cosmology which had over 430,000 readers.


In 1976, 1977, NASA again engaged in a campaign of fraud, lies, and deceit after the Viking landers detected evidence of biological activity on Mars and Martian life (Levin 2010; Levin and collagues 2012). Levin’s instrument, known as the Labeled Release (LR) experiment, yielded positive results at Chryse Planitia and Utopia Planitia, the two Viking landing sites. However, after evidence of biological activity was reported, Defendant NASA denounced the discovery and then postponed, sabotaged and cancelled all future life-detection experiments despite the minimal costs involved; and they did so to prevent additional discoveries of extraterrestrial life.

Specifically, the “Labeled Release” (LR) experiment took a sample of Martian soil and added a nutrient that contained radioactive carbon. The purpose was to detect the presence of radioactivity in the gasses released that would indicate biological activity. A control experiment treated a second sample that had been sterilized. In every experiment conducted, positive results were obtained from the unsterilized sample, and negative results were obtained for the sterilized sample. Thus, the LR experiment proved there was life on Mars. Nevertheless, NASA, and NASA administrators (e.g. Vance Oyama, Ames Research Center, NASA), publicly stated that “there was no need to invoke biological processes” to explain the results obtained from the experiments. NASA is lying. Gil Levin and colleagues (2010, 2012) have demonstrated that the Viking experiments revealed a “robust biological response. These analyses support the interpretation that the Viking LR experiment did detect extant microbial life on Mars.”


In addition to scientific fraud, NASA has altered, censored, and sought to destroy evidence of extraterrestrial life, a crime known as Spoliation of Evidence. Defendants have a duty to preserve and protect material evidence and records. See 32 ATLA L. Rep. 230-33 (Aug. 1989) (citing Wilson v. Beloit 97 Corp., 869 F.2d 1162 (8th Cir. 1989) and other cases). California recognizes spoilation as a tort. Smith v. Superior Court., 151 Cal. App.3d. 491, 198 Cal. Rptr. 829 (1984). The spoliation of evidence is purposeful. NASA added 4 layers of dense visual noises to all nighttime film footage shot by space shuttle missions and the International Space Station and they implemented a 20 second broadcast delay to stop broadcasting when anything unusual appears (Exhibit 4).

NASA is hiding, distorting, obscuring, tampering with, and lying about evidence which demonstrates conclusively the existence of anomalous objects engaging in complex life-like behaviors and thus evidence of extraterrestrial alien life 200 miles above this planet.

As compiled by this Plaintiff, Rhawn Joseph, Ph.D., and as detailed in Exhibits 1,2,3, there is over 30 minutes of NASA film footage shot from a dozen shuttle missions showing these anomalous life-like structures engaging in complex life-like behaviors 200 miles above the planet, but only under conditions involving the generation of electromagnetic and other powerful forces of energy. To use an analogy, large numbers of these extraterrestrial life forms are attracted to and congregate around and above and near these energy sources much like a moth is attracted to a light or a flame. By contrast, there is little or no evidence of these life-like structures or these life-like behaviors in the absence of these powerful energy sources. If these structures were “ice”, “space junk”, or were due to any of the fraudulent explanations provided by NASA and other Defendants, they should appear in large numbers regardless of conditions, and not just when powerful energy sources are present.

As detailed in Exhibits 1,2,3, and despite Defendants censorship and distortion of this scientific data (Exhibit 4), Plaintiff Rhawn Joseph, Ph.D., has documented the following based on frame-by-frame plotting and computerized analysis of flight path trajectories: 1) dozens of those life-like extraterrestrial alien structures are several meters in size, 2) these structures have four distinct shapes, i.e. sperm shaped, cloud-shaped, donut-shaped, cone-shaped, 3) these structures suddenly or gradually change direction including making 45 degree shifts, 90 degree shifts, and 180 degree shifts in their angle of trajectory, 4) some of these structures turn 90 to 180 degrees and follow one another, 5) some approach, contact and physically interact with one another, 6) some speed up and slow down, 7) some make sudden sharp turns and accelerate to great speeds, 8) some accelerate to great speeds and intercept other structures passing through them completely, 9) some speed toward and congregate 200 miles above hurricanes and electric storms and slow down and descend into these storms, 10) they have converged upon and congregated around and crawled upon an electrified satellite and satellite tether, 200 miles above Earth, 11) computerized analysis and frame by frame visual observations and tracking proves conclusively these structures are engaging in complex behaviors which would be impossible for “space junk”, “ice”, “shooting stars”, or any of the other lies NASA offers up to explain away what is in fact one of the greatest discoveries in the history of science.

Per Plaintiff Rhawn Joseph’s request, an internationally recognized expert on “space debris” who has consulted with NASA, has written or co-authored reports for NASA and is a principal investigator in NASA STTR program, i.e. removal of debris from space, reviewed footage of the 1996 broken tether incident (Shuttle Mission STS-75). Because of fears of repercussions from NASA, he was promised anonymity and that his report would be confidential, and he concluded the structures were not space junk or other debris, and were a mystery and “mysterious” and thus, what they really were, was unknown to him. However, after determining this material was not space junk, because of fears of reprisal from Defendant NASA, this expert withdrew from further participation and declined to comment further.

NASA, and the other defendants, have never conducted any investigation, refuses to investigate these discoveries, have never examined any of the evidence, have offered up bizarre lies when confronted with the evidence, and have instituted a 20 second delay before film footage is broadcast and has added 4 layers of visual noise to block, obscure, censor, distort, and prevent scientific research or analysis of these life-like structures, and has engaged in a campaign of scientific fraud, bizarre lies and deceit, by falsely telling the public and the scientific community that these objects are “shooting stars,” “ice,” “space junk,” and distortions created by the camera when these explanations are completely false and are refuted by the evidence. NASA has not instituted a 20 second broadcast delay and is not adding 4 layers of visual noise to hide “space junk”, “ice”, “shooting stars”, and so on. There is only one explanation for a 20 second broadcast delay and the insertion of 4 layers of visual noise: to censor scientific data demonstrating extraterrestrial alien life 200 miles above this planet.


NASA is lying about the evidence of extraterrestrial life not just to divert funds for private profiteering and the commercialization of space, but because of religion, and religious beliefs. The Jewish religious book, the Tenakh, and the Christian Bible make no mention of extraterrestrial life, and state that life arose on Earth under super natural conditions, and thus NASA and other defendants claim life originated on Earth under super natural conditions and there is no evidence of extraterrestrial life. Further, they use the government to force their religious beliefs on the public and the scientific community, and to punish, slander, defame, and libel those scientists who conduct research, make discoveries, or publish theories which Defendants believe are contrary to their religious beliefs.

The official position of NASA and the other Defendants, is that life originated on Earth; a position without any scientific foundation, which is refuted by the evidence, and which is based on the Jewish and Christian religions; specifically the religious belief that after its formation the Earth had special life producing powers and thus life emerged from Earth under super natural conditions. The religious dogma that life began on Earth and originated from special properties possessed by Earth, is the official position of Defendant NASA and the other Defendants, and is detailed in chapter 1 of the Tenakh, i.e. the first of the five books of Moses known as the Torah, and which is also known as the “Old Testament” of the Christian Bible. According to these religious books and chapters, their “god” did not create life, but rather life emerged from the Earth and sea because the earth possessed the essential ingredients and powers to create life from non-life: “Let the land produce vegetation” (Genesis 1:11). “Let the water teem with living creatures,” (Genesis 1:20). “Let the land produce living creatures,” (Genesis 1:24)

As summed up by an early “father” of the Catholic Church, Saint Augustine, the Earth had special life giving powers for producing life: “The earth is said to have received the power of producing” (Augustine, 1957). This view on the origin of life, which is based on chapter 1 of the Tenakh, Torah, and “Old Testament” is identical to that of the various Defendants and Defendant NASA. NASA is promoting religion masquerading as science, religion dressed up in the language of science, and maliciously attacks those who present evidence of extraterrestrial life, because the existence of extraterrestrial life directly challenges these religious beliefs.


NASA and other Defendants have slandered and defamed the Journal of Cosmology whose contributors and authors include astronauts, men who walked on the Moon, and dozens of scientists from NASA including two NASA senior scientists science directorates who published 5 articles which they were required to revise after peer review. Although NASA senior scientist science directorate Joel Levine praised the Journal of Cosmology’s rigorous peer review process at a NASA press conference at NASA headquarters in January 2011, and discussed the Journal with Paul Hertz of NASA that same month, two months later Hertz slandered and defamed the Journal by falsely claiming it does not peer review its articles, and Hertz did so to destroy the reputation of the Journal for publishing peer reviewed discoveries of extraterrestrial microfossils and extraterrestrial biological activity found in meteorites.

NASA administrators and employees including David Morrison, Rocco Mancinelli, and Paul Hertz, joined in these slanderous, defamatory attacks, although, as detailed in this lawsuit, none of them had examined the evidence nor were they qualified to speak about the evidence or the Journal’s editorial policies. Mancinelli, for example, admitted his experience was limited to looking “at thousands of microbes through a microscope, and done some of my own electron microscopy.” A droplet of pond water, or a single droplet from a sneeze or a cough typically contains hundreds of millions of diverse bacteria, and even a child looking through a microscope at such samples has had more experience as admitted to by Mancinelli. Likewise, experience limited to “some electron microscopy” hardly qualifies Mancinelli as an expert. Further, Mancinelli and Morrison are directly associated with two obscure journals whose combined readership is estimated at less than 10,000 whereas in March of 2011, when they were attacking and slandering the Journal of Cosmology, the Journal’s readership was over 430,000. As alleged in this lawsuit, their motives for these slanders included jealously and their allegations constitute defamation and trade libel.

NASA and its employees also encouraged a host of charlatans and frauds to join in these slanderous attacks, and these individuals are also placed on notice that they will be named as defendants. As summed up by Plaintiff Dr. Rhawn Joseph, NASA fostered a mob mentality of “frothing at the mouth lunatics, with their torches and pitchforks, lumbering forth, hooting and grunting in fear, seeking to destroy what frightens them and what they don’t understand.”

As stated in this lawsuit the Defendants engaged in these slanders because the Journal of Cosmology was the only popular scientific journal (with over 430,000 readers) which was willing to publish theories and evidence which challenged the Defendants’ super natural religious beliefs and NASA’s agenda which is private profiteering and the commercialization of the space program.


NASA has a 50 year history of lying about the evidence of extraterrestrial life and has cancelled life detection experiments and exploratory programs including the Apollo Program, so funds could be diverted for commercial financial gain.

Consider, for example, in 1971, a TV camera from the lunar Surveyor Space Craft was retrieved by Apollo 12 astronauts, after sitting nearly 3 years on the moon, and a single dormant bacterium (Streptococcus mitis) was found within (Mitchell & Ellis, 1971). In addition, the lunar camera was discovered to be covered with a film of “organic material of unknown origin” (Flory and Simoneit, 1972). The possibility of contamination prior to sending the camera to the moon, or after it was returned, was ruled out by the scientists who made this discovery. Defendant NASA immediately launched a campaign of fraud, slander, and deception, and senior NASA administrators and Leonard D. Jaffe (Project Scientist, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory) who were not present when the discovery was made and who was not in any way associated with the analysis, fraudulently claimed “that a dirty work bench was responsible” and perpetuated a hoax the discovery was due to contamination and thus negligence on the part of the scientists.

The fraud, lies, distortions, misinformation campaign, and hoax perpetrated by Defendant NASA is easily disproved. A dirty work bench would have contained trillions of diverse and thriving bacteria, not a single bacteria which was dormant and belonging to a single species. Nor could the microbe be the result of some other form of contamination, such as a sneeze or cough. Since a droplet of saliva contains an average of 750 million organisms, if contamination of the lunar TV camera was due to a scientist’s inadvertent cough or sneeze, a multitude of related bacteria, and a “representation of the entire microbial population would be expected,” rather than a single species and a single dormant organism (Mitchell & Ellis, 1971). Moreover, this Streptococcus mitis was not only dormant, but came back to life. Contamination would have resulted in billions of diverse bacteria, not a single dormant species. Defendant NASA lied and engaged in fraud, and committed slander and defamation in order to dispute this solid evidence.

To prevent any investigation into life on the Moon, Defendant NASA not only lied about this discovery but then cancelled the Apollo program, allowing only one last mission the following year in December 1972. Defendant NASA was motivated to lie about this discovery for two primary reasons: 1) religion, and 2) their intention of defunding the scientific aspect of the space program and turning it into a commercial venture which would enrich private profiteers.


After the discovery of the moon microbe, NASA cancelled the Apollo program and began diverting public funds to what would become a 100 billion dollar boondoggle with little scientific value, and which is known today as the International Space Station (ISS), but in the early 1970s was to begin as a modular space station called “Freedom.”

As recently summed up by Steven Weinberg co-recipient of the 1979 Nobel Prize in physics, the ISS is a waste of money and “has produced nothing of scientific value….The International Space Station is an orbital turkey. No important science has come out of it. I could almost say no science has come out of it.”

As concluded in 2011, by the influential magazine, The Economist: “the benighted International Space Station (ISS) [is] surely the biggest waste of money, at $100 billion and counting, that has ever been built in the name of science.”

The ISS was never meant for the purpose of science. Almost half of its so called “science lab” and “science racks” sit empty and have never been used. The fact is, the ISS was built as a model for the space tourism industry, to benefit commercial enterprises which constructed the parts for this “orbital turkey.” Moreover, corporations and private companies are being paid or offered tax payer dollars to ferry supplies and eventually astronauts to the ISS; a job which could have been handled by the space shuttles but which NASA retired for disputed reasons.

The discovery of life on the Moon was a direct threat to their intentions to commercialize space, as it would have resulted in funds being spent instead on scientific investigation and more manned missions to the Moon, then to Mars which NASA opposed. Defendant NASA lied about this discovery and other discoveries of extraterrestrial life, to prevent the advancement of science or the making of discoveries which refuted their religious beliefs or interfered with their intentions to commercialize space.


The scientific community, the American tax payer, have been swindled and defrauded by defendant NASA which has engaged in wide spread fraud, libel, slander, defamation, censorship, and a terrorist campaign to discredit discoveries of extraterrestrial life. Given NASA’s 50 history of lying about the evidence, and its malicious attacks on legitimate scientists, it is impossible to resolve these issues and to expose the truth except in a court of law.

Plaintiff Rhawn Joseph is confident this lawsuit will be easily won. Facts and hard evidence will easily prevail over NASA’s lies.

This lawsuit 1) will force NASA to reallocate funds and increase funding for space and planetary exploration and restore programs which have been cut, 2) will launch a paradigm shift in scientific thought, an explosion in scientific research, and contribute to the advancement of science, 3) will establish there is convincing evidence of extraterrestrial life and that claims of “contamination” are fraudulent and baseless, 4) will demonstrate there is no convincing evidence life originated on Earth and that, instead, life has extraterrestrial origins, 5) will prove there is evidence of anomalous life-like plasma-like structures engaging in life-like behaviors 200 miles above the planet, 6) and it will established that the Journal of Cosmology and scientists who have published in this peer reviewed scientific journal, were slandered, libeled and defamed by NASA and its employees, in violation of the United States Constitution and those laws which protect citizens from government agencies and government employees who abuse their power to cause harm, commit fraud, suppress free speech, or force their beliefs on others.

It is recognized, of course, that the Defendants and their supporters, will fight this the only way they know how: by lying and through character assassination and slanderous, defamatory attacks. Their message is: “be afraid.” My message to them is: “See you in court.”

Ultimately this lawsuit is in the best interests of science and will serve to advance science and will usher in a paradigm shift and a scientific revolution so profound, it will shake and reshape the scientific foundations of the 21st century. Only those who fear the truth and the consequences of their lies, slanders and crimes, would oppose efforts to have these issues, and these ultimate questions as to the origins of life and the existence of extraterrestrial life, resolved based on factual evidence in a court of law. Because of NASA’s history of deceit, harassment, censorship, slanders, malicious attacks, and lies, there is no other way.

I welcome your support.

Rhawn Joseph, Ph.D.






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