Sorcha Faal

FBI Blacks Out New York City During Raid On Clinton Office As Democrat Party Child Sex Empire Crumbles

A bombshell new Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that the massive power blackout striking New York City a few hours ago, which left the famous Broadway road in Manhattan without power, was, in fact, caused by a covert operation conducted by elite FBI commandos belonging to their Critical Incident Response Group (CIRG) exploring tunnels located under a building at 1633 Broadway—a building that houses the offices of the Clinton Foundation—three of whose top child sex predator Democrat Party mega-donors, Jeffrey Epstein, Terry Bean and Ed Buck, who constitute what’s now being called “The Democratic Donors’ Sex-Creep Club”, are being targeted for destruction by President Donald Trump.  […]

Sorcha Faal

Trump Walks Down Path To History—Democrat Train Chasing Him Flies Off The Rails

An analytical new Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) report states that the biggest winner of this gathering of the world’s top leaders could very well be global peace—most particularly because the United States is beginning to crack under the strain of nearly 20-years of unlimited war—evidenced this past week alone by the US Army warning it’s having difficulty recruiting millennials to up its active forces to 500,000 and the US Navy crashing yet another of its newest multi-billion-dollar warships as it struggles to find new recruits, too—and in response to, saw President Trump leaving this summit to make an historic walk into the territory of North Korea—another step Trump is making on the “path to peace” for an American nation where “forever war is so normalized, opposing it is isolationism”—and whose Democrat Party defenders of continuous war racing to the 2020 Presidential Election deadline to defeat Trump and global peace, beyond belief loaded up a virtual train load of their top 20 candidates this past week and put them on full display before the American people—a display so horrifying and shocking, Joe Scarborough, the rabidly anti-Trump top anchor for MSNBC, was forced to declare to his stunned nationwide audience: “With apologies to our friends and watching, last night was a disaster for the Democratic Party…My only hope is people were not watching”.  […]

Sorcha Faal

Democrat Party Wasteland Grows After Trump Nukes China Economy For Arms Talk Refusal 

Within hours of China refusing President Donald Trump’s offer to join talks on a new trilateral nuclear arrangement with Russia and the United States, he nuked their economy by firing into it 25% tariffs on over $325 billion of their goods being sold in the US—an economic war action that caused an initial 500-point dive on the American stock market it will “shrug off with a yawn” in a few days—but has plunged the already collapsing Chinese stock market into an over 5% loss—and one of whose main victims of is Trump’s nemesis Democrat Party whose clueless leaders, already losing hopes of ever making gains in the US Senate because of their failure to understand what’s occurring, can’t find a single candidate to run for the US Senate in 2020.  […]

Sorcha Faal

Democrat Mueller Conspiracy Faces Multi-Billion Dollar “Barr Bomb”

With the Executive Branch now having at its disposal tens-of-billions of dollars to investigate anything it so chooses without either the knowledge of or oversight by Democrats in the US House, this report continues, US Attorney General Barr has already declared that this entire branch of government consists of President Trump, and Trump alone—and in whose 21 June 1989 legal memorandum having the full force of law titled “Authority of the Federal Bureau of Investigation To Override International Law In Extraterritorial Law Enforcement Activities”, documented the full and awesome power now held in Trump’s hands […]

Sorcha Faal

Terror Settles Over Washington As Trump Rampage Against Democrat Party Claims Top State Governor

To the reason Trump’s secretive intelligence network didn’t use these racist photos to destroy Ralph Northam before he won his election, this report states, became evident over the past few weeks when the Democrat Party began a massive effort to change laws in the states they controlled to allow the abortion-murder of babies right up to the very second before they are born—a demonic effort led by now Governor Ralph Northam who shocked the entire world by his even advocating the outright murder of babies even after they had been born. […]

Sorcha Faal

President Trump’s “Tennessee Miracle” Met With Media Blackout And Democrat Party Horror 

The rise of this Bolshevik plague in the US that began in Russia and caused the greatest catastrophe in human history leaving over 100 million dead in the past 100 years, is entirely due to the radical leftist-socialist American mainstream propaganda media establishment and their Democrat Party allies being in fear and horror to the extent that they refuse to tell their citizen’s the truth about President Trump’s “Tennessee Miracle”—that is the term used to describe how one of the most deeply Christian, conservative and lowest taxed States in America used capitalism to give all of their citizens free college without their having to raise taxes.  […]

Sorcha Faal

Trump Forces Assassinate CIA/Democrat Fundraiser In Retaliation For Plot To Murder 3 US Senators

The battle now occurring in the United States between radical leftist Democrat Party operatives and President Donald Trump backed Republican Party forces over the appointment of US Federal Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court took a deadly turn this past Thursday when the home addresses and personal information of three top Republican US Senators (whose votes are vital to Kavanaugh’s appointment) were dangerously released to the public endangering their lives, should leftist murderers find them—and that loyal Trump forces quickly retaliated against by assassinating a CIA-linked Democrat Party fundraiser named Philip Trenary. […]

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton “Turns To God” As Trump Plea Deal Looms And Democrat Death Scandal Erupts

Hillary Clinton is now “turning to God” and contemplating becoming a preacher as reports surface that the US Department of Justice has offered her a plea deal, while at the same time her “death list” continues to grow—the latest death being a black male prostitute turning up dead at the home of one of her top white Democratic Party donors.  […]