Sorcha Faal

Russia Goes On “Full Combat Alert” After 2 Oil Tankers Torpedoed Off Coast Of Iran

President Putin has just placed all Russian military forces on “Full Combat Alert”—a war stance last ordered in June-2014 when the Russian peoples in Ukraine came under direct threat—and which comes six months after Putin’s ominous warning that “the United States is raising the risk of nuclear war”—with the reason for this occurring being the unprovoked torpedoing of two oil tankers by an “unspecified state actor” while they were sailing in international waters off the coast of Iran in the Gulf of Oman.   […]

Benjamin Fulford 

As Theresa May loses battle of Britain, West Coast oligarchs sue for peace

The forced resignation of British Prime Minister (and Hitler daughter) Theresa May marked a decisive turning point in the battle for the planet Earth, multiple sources agree.  Already, her resignation has forced high-tech oligarchs Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, and Elon Musk to seek peace negotiations with the White Dragon Society (WDS), according to P2 Freemason sources. […]