Self-Evident Proof Observation and Light is the Key to the Universe


What kind of butterfly effect would you like to see?

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Observation is perception. A wave function is neither a wave or a particle until it is observed.

Once observed it becomes the particle that is the heart of all matter.

If you observe, or perceive a kind world, you create one.

From nothingness a reality is constructed.

For instance, a smile and word of kindness at a stranger creates a friendship. That friendship creates a great bond. Your friend helps you build a house. So your perception of the world, as kind, made you smile, you thereby created a friend. It created a butterfly effect to lead you to this reality.

In real terms, at the subatomic level, the observer’s positive interpretation of


became a reality, a house.

Had you not not smiled, this positive reality would never take place.

Conversely, had you approached the stranger negatively, there would be no friendship.

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