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[pullquote] Subproject 54, MKULTRA, which involved examination of techniques to cause brain concussions and amnesia by using weapons or sound waves to strike individuals without giving and without leaving any clear physical marks. [/pullquote]Project MKULTRA, The CIA’s Program of Research in Behavioral Modification

Senator SCHWEIKER. Subproject 54, MKULTRA, which involved examination of techniques to cause brain concussions and amnesia by using weapons or sound waves to strike individuals without giving and without leaving any clear physical marks. Someone dubbed it “perfect concussion” — maybe that was poetic license on the part of our staff rather than your poets over there. I wonder if you could just tell us what brain concussion experiments were about?

Admiral TURNER. This project, No. 54, was canceled, and never carried out.


Senator SCHWEIKER. Well, I do believe the first year of the project in 1955 was carried out by the Office of Naval Research, according to the information that you supplied us. The CIA seems to have been participating in some way at that point, because the records go on to say that the experimenter at ONR found out about CIA’s role, discovered that it was a cover, and then the project was transferred to MKULTRA in 1956. Again, this is all from the backup material you have given us.

Project MKULTRA, The CIA’s Program of Research in Behavioral Modification

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A CIA MKULTRA subject that underwent 6 months of ECT, heavy doses of LSD, and sensory deprivation. She is an 8-10 year-old with the brain of a newborn baby.

MK-ULTRA and Project Artichoke

DAVID ROTHSCHILD, DONALD J. VAN GORDAN, and ANTHONY VARJABEDIAN (U.S. electroshock psychiatrists), “Regressive Shock Therapy in Schizophrenia,” Diseases of the Nervous System, May 1951.

1951 — The CIA in 1951 apparently conducted human experiments using electroshock techniques despite warnings from an expert that they were “extremely painful and could reduce subjects to the vegetable level.”

The CIA carried out human-behavior and mind-control projects, including the use of unwitting subjects, from 1951 until they were ordered discontinued in 1973….

The documents included a Dec. 3, 1951, memo on the conversation a CIA officer had with a psychologist [sic] on the use of electroshock in interrogations and for other purposes.

Names were blacked out in copies of released material.

[The article concluded with a summary of the memo’s content.]

UNITED PRESS INTERNATIONAL, “CIA Once Tried Electroshock, Though It Created ‘Vegetables,’” San Francisco Examiner, 8 January 1979. The following excerpts are from a copy of an anonymous CIA agent’s memo cited in the article:

[pullquote]“..All others present, discussed the use of electroshock at considerable length and it was [blacked out] opinion that an individual could gradually be reduced through the use of electro-shock treatment to the vegetable level. [/pullquote]“‘Artichoke’ — [blacked out]….

  1. “[Blacked out] is reported to be an authority on electric shock. He is a professor at the [blacked out] and, in addition, is a psychiatrist of considerable note. [Blacked out] is,in addition, a fully cleared Agency consultant.
  2. “[Blacked out] explained that he felt that electric shock might be of considerable interest to the ‘artichoke’ type of work. He stated that the standard electric-shockmachine (Reiter) could be used in two ways. One setting of this machine produced the normal electric-shock treatment (including convulsion) with amnesia after a number of treatments. He stated that using this machine as an electro-shock device with the convulsive treatment, he felt that he could guarantee amnesia for certain periods of time and particularly he could guarantee amnesia for any knowledge of use of the convulsive shock.
  3. “[Blacked out] stated that the other or lower setting of the machine produced a different type of shock. He said he could not explain it, but knew that when this lowercurrent type of shock was applied without convulsion, it had the effect of making a man talk. He said, however, that the use of this type of shock was prohibited because it produced in the individual excruciating pain and he stated that there would be no question in his mind that the individual would be quite willing to give information ifthreatened with the use of this machine. He stated that this was a third-degree method but, undoubtedly, would be effective. [Blacked out] stated that he had never had the device applied to himself, but had talked with people who had been shocked in this manner and stated that they complained that their whole head was on fire and it wasmuch too painful a treatment for any medical practice. He stated that the only way it was ever used was in connection with sedatives and even then its use was extremely painful. The writer asked [blacked out] whether or not in the ‘groggy’ condition following the convulsion by the electric-shock machine anyone had attempted to obtain hypnotic control over the patient, since it occurred to the writer that it would be a good time to attempt to obtain hypnotic control. [Blacked out] stated that, to his knowledge, it had never been done, but he could make this attempt in the near future at the [blacked out] and he would see whether or not this could be done.
  4. “[Blacked out] and [blacked out], as well as all others present, discussed the use of electro shock at considerable length and it was [blacked out] opinion that an individual could gradually be reduced through the use of electro-shock treatment to the vegetable level. He stated that, whereas amnesia could be guaranteed relative [to] the actual use of the shock and the time element surrounding it, he said it would obtain imperfect amnesia for periods further back. He stated several instances in which people who had been given the electro-shock treatment remembered some details of certain things and complete blanks in other ways.
  5. “…. [Blacked out] said that the standard electro-shock machine is a very common machine in medical offices and in the major cities there must be several hundred of them in use at all times….”

According to the CIA assassination training files for Operation PB Success:

Project Artichoke and the Programmed Assassin

“1. The ARTICHOKE Team visited [redacted] during period 8 January to 15 January 1954. The purpose of the visit was to give an evaluation of a hypothetical problem, namely: Can an individual of ****** descent be made to perform an act of attempted assassination involuntarily under the influence of ARTICHOKE?


a. The essential elements of the problem are as follows:

(1) As a “trigger mechanism” for a bigger project, it was proposed that an individual of ****** descent approximately 35 years old, well educated, proficient in English and well established socially and politically in the ****** Government be induced under ARTICHOKE to perform an act, involuntarily, of attempted assassination against a prominent ****** politician or if necesssary, against an American official…

Source: Page from a CIA memorandum from 1954. Published in Phil Melanson’s The Robert F. Kennedy Assassination, (New York: Shapolsky Publishers, Inc, 1994). In the exhibits (page not numbered).


From Sirhan’s pre-assassination diary notes on the Illuminati, Star of David sketches, evidence of hypnoconditioning strong enough to lead the LAPD to search for a programmer. See slideshow. In 1968, Sen. Robert F. Kennedy’s assassin, Sirhan Sirhan, wrote of the Illuminati and Master Kithumi in his notebooks prior to the killing. Kithumi is a reference to an occult master who gave Madam Helena Blavatsky her Secret Doctrine, a theory of 7 root races, particularly the supremacy of the Aryan race, upon which Nazism was founded.

Sirhan under hypnosis in search for programmer.

Sirhan Sirhan’s brainwashing hearings.

If you listen closely, you’ll realize the hypnotist is more concerned with implanting memories rather than retrieving them. “You’re shooting Kennedy, now, huh? You’re shooting Kennedy. You’ll remember taking the gun out, and pulling the trigger, again and again.”

You can hear Sirhan become very upset at the suggestions, because the very first thing programmed alters do is become suicidal when deprogrammed. See witness testimony above.

Sirhan shot at RFK from in front, but the fatal wound was an inch behind his ear. The only armed man behind RFK was Thane Eugene Caesar, a hired security guard that detested the Kennedys. He was also a member of the Ku Klux Klan, a hate-powered wind-up automaton designed to be manipulated and controlled by the very people he hated most. What is clear is that the assassination was designed to sow enmity against the Palestinian people because that’s exactly what Sirhan was, and ostensibly why Sirhan killed Kennedy. At the time, Israel had just attacked the USS Liberty and killed 34 Americans and wounded over 170. For insiders, this was the second time Israel was implicated in a major attack against Americans, as MOSSAD (e.g. Polka Dot Girl) and CIA involvement in the RFK killing was obvious from the beginning. As for the USS Liberty, some interesting notes on the belief that the jets were unmarked in attempt to blame the sinking on Egypt, thereby forcing American intervention:

The Israelis clearly knew it was an American ship, tried to sink it, and tried to frame the Egyptians for the attack, as shown by the following evidence:

(1) The Liberty was flying a huge, brand new American flag. The flag was 5-by-8 feet.  The weather conditions were ideal to ensure the flag’s easy observance and identification, because it was clear and sunny, with a wind-speed which made for a constant rippling motion in the flag.  After the flag was shot up by the jets, the Liberty’s crew replaced it with a giant 7-by-13 foot American flag, which flew during the entire duration of the attack.

(2) The Liberty had a unique profile and didn’t look like any other boat, since it had more and bigger antennas – including large, high-tech dishes and giant towers – than any other boat in the world (it was an NSA spy ship).

(3) The Liberty was marked with uniquely American numbering and colors in front.

(4) The Israeli pilots shot out the Liberty’s communications equipment first, and specifically jammed the ship’s emergency radio signal … unique to American naval vessels in the 6th Fleet. The ships from other fleets and other nations used different frequencies, which the Israelis did not jam.

(5) The Israelis used unmarked fighter jets and unmarked torpedo boats during the attack.

(6) Recently-declassified radio transcripts between the Israeli attack forces and ground control show that – at least 3 times – an Israeli fighter jet pilot identified the craft as American, and asked whether ground control was sure he should attack.  Ground control repeatedly said, yes, attack the vessel.

(7) The Israeli torpedo boats methodically destroyed all of the Liberty’s liferafts one by one (which is a war crime).

(8) The only reason the Israelis did not successfully sink the Liberty and kill all of its crewmen was that one sailor duck-taped together antennae – and took many bullet wounds in the process – which enabled an emergency SOS to get out from the Liberty to American 6th Fleet.

(9) The Israelis later claimed that they mistook the Liberty for an Egyptian vessel.  But the Egyptian ship – the El Quseir – was an unarmed 1920s-era horse carrier out of service in Alexandria, four times smaller than the Liberty, which bore virtually no resemblance to the Liberty.

(10) President Lyndon Johnson believed the attack was intentional and he leaked his opinion to Newsweek.

See: An Attempt to Drag America Into Israel’s War




Project MKULTRA, The CIA’s Program of Research in Behavioral Modification

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