9/11 Steel Equals Air Propagandists Bring Noodle to Gun Fight


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In above video, architect Richard Gage offers a compelling visual aid to help Trenton “The Erudite” Pudendum comprehend basic physics.

Huffington Post Editorial Staff

alphabet-fAgain, special thanks to the “debunker” blacksmith on YouTube that The Huffington Post kindly introduced us to, although it may have been prudent to fact check a little, and test the critic’s hypothesis.

For example, when playing with their alphabet blocks in school the next morning they could have observed what happens when they stacked them into a little tower. Had they done so, it might occur to these special little guys that the blocks actually support one another and that wood does not equal air, and neither does steel and concrete.

In the inset, The Stacked Alphabet Block Experiment: Look Trenton, it’s still standing when, under the weight of the top “F” block, the stack should be collapsing into itself into the path of most resistance as per your complex mathematical predictions that are the hallmark of the blacksmith’s skill set! Indeed, please pound some sense into our feeble wits with the mighty hammer of your unschooled, child-like mind and astonishing calculations. Verily, oh most sagacious troll, unravel this mystery as to why even the eternal laws of physics must flee before the presence of  your cognitive dissonance; that is, psychological defense systems like denial and anger typically unseen in grown fucking men.

As for this much heralded blacksmith savant: to this man, Larry the Cable Guy minus the sophistication, The Impious Digest offers this detailed rebuttal. Regardless, thank you, sir, for pointing out that jet fuel could have done everything here. Thank you for pointing out that it explains away all the tell-tale classified photos of melted granite and ground zero radiation evidence. Thank you also, sir, for pointing out that you’re probably illiterate. I hope this picture book helps.

Eat a dick,Trenton, you embarrassingly gullible, conformist twat. Your argument was a cry for help, and died a death worthy of the Darwin Awards.

Trenton’s mad hammering skills made physics his bitch. Or so said the Huffington Post.

UPDATE: Trenton the Erudite confesses the obvious regarding Ground Zero craters where steel remained molten for three months and there were swirls of melted granite, notes lack of jet fuel therein

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