Russia Warns “Abyss Has Opened” As “Deep State” Protects ISIS Terrorists Fleeing To Saudi Arabia

November 15, 2017

 Russia Warns “Abyss Has Opened” As “Deep State” Protects ISIS Terrorists Fleeing To Saudi Arabia

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A gravely worded Ministry of Defense (MoD) report circulating in the Kremlin today is warning that the American “Deep State” has just “opened the abyss of chaos” by directing their loyal elements within the US military to begin providing air cover protection for ISIS terrorists fleeing the battlefields of Syria—and whom “Deep State” aligned elements within the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) are rapidly funneling into Saudi Arabia (where nearly 4,000 have already returned) and who are expected to soon unleash a bloody civil war to oust Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman from power.  [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

According to this report, less than 72 hours after President Putin and President Trump agreed to maintain the existing military communication links between US and Russian armed forces in order to prevent dangerous incidents involving the final destruction of ISIS terrorists, “Deep State” aligned US military forces refused to carry out airstrikes against, at least, 3,000 these terrorists who were fleeing from the Syrian town of Abu Kamal—with these US forces then absurdly claiming that these radical Islamic barbarians fleeing with their vast weapons arsenals and armored vehicles were “voluntarily surrendering” and now fell under the provisions of the Geneva Convention on the Treatment of Prisoners of War.

The MoD notes in this report that this shocking action by the US in protecting these ISIS terrorists proves that the advancing Syrian forces in the Abu-Kamal area have crippled US plans to create a zone to the east of the Euphrates River that would be controlled by pro-American forces rather than by Damascus—and that the American’s, also, had been funneling into thousands of ISIS terrorists fleeing from Raqqa—who were stunningly given protection under a secret agreement they signed with the Americans

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At the exact same time the US was protecting these barbaric ISIS terrorists from being obliterated, this report continues, US Secretary of Defense James Mattis bizarrely stated that the Americans had no intention whatsoever of leaving Syriaas long as ISIS wanted to fight—which is impossible to do when the US won’t fight them, protects their armed convoys, and signs secret agreements allowing them to flee the battlefield without harm—with General Mattis further claiming that Washington received a mandate to operate in Syria from no less than the UN itself—with the problem being that the UN never did any such thing as it does not even have any legal capacity to do so.

The Americans nevertheless, though, this report says, illegally constructed 13 US military bases in Syria in order to accomplish what Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov calls “unknown reasons” as the US clearly doesn’t want to fight ISIS—with his further warning these “Deep State” aligned Americans that their illegal presence in Syria violates the Geneva Convention.    

While Foreign Minister Lavrov may be forced to use diplomatic terms like “unknown reasons” to describe what the Americans are actually doing in Syria, the MoD is not so constrained, this report says, and who document that at the exact same time Syrian army forces, under cover of massive Russian airstrikes, have cornered ISIS inside their last Syrian stronghold, Albukamal—where these Sunni Arab Muslim terrorist barbarians find themselves nearly encircled in this part of the southeastern countryside of the Deir Ezzor Governorate—the US, instead of fighting ISIS, has been protecting their Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) who have just seized the second largest oil field in the Deir Ezzor Governorate, and who now control two of the largest oil fields in Deir Ezzor.

By the US using its SDF terrorist forces to seize Syria’s vital oil fields this war torn country needs to rebuild itself, this report explains, the “Deep State” has set up a needless “showdown, as neither Syria or Russia will ever allow the Americans to illegally possess these oil fields—and if negotiations fail to dislodge them, war will then be the only option. 

To fully understand why the “Deep State” is so desperate to ignite a global war over the Middle East, this report says, one must first know about the two most critical, and catastrophic, events now occurring that have shaken the world to its very core—Saudi Arabia warning that its water reserves are nearly all gone, and, equally as worse, China gravely concluding that it will reach peak oil production by next year—which is an event that will destabilize every nation on Earth.

In order to protect itself once it water resources are completely gone, this report continues, Saudi Arabia, in 2014, began production at the largest desalination plant in the world located in Ras al-Khair on the Persian Gulf—and who in their calculations on how much it would cost to build enough desalination plants to service the needs of their over 30 million citizens, business and agricultural needs, realized it would cost them nearly $1 trillion.

Having nearly $750 billion in cash reserves in 2014, this report details, Saudi Arabia disastrously decided to start an oil war with the United States hoping to keep the Americans from reaching energy independence due to the US “fracking revolution”—which they believed would keep the US as one of their largest oil customers, while at the same time forcing the price of oil upwards to fill their coffers—but that catastrophically backfired because US oil giants would give in (no matter what the cost), thus causing the Saudis to burn through their cash reserves at an unsustainable rate that by early this year saw their cash reserves plunge to just over $500 billion, and that shows no signs of letting up.  

In 2015, this report continues, the Saudis began to realize that the Americans were winning this oil war, and that began to cause their kingdoms ruling elite to begin “coming apart at the seams”—and to such an extent, Germany’s Federal Intelligence Service (BND) felt forced to issue a blunt December 2015 gravely worded warning that Saudi Arabia was at risk of becoming a major destabilizing influence in the Arab world.

To exactly how destabilizing to the entire Arab world Saudi Arabia actually became, this report notes, was realized in its full horror after the Saudis signed a secret agreement with the “Deep State” aligned Obama regime—and that wed the Saudis to supporting the Americans ISIS terrorists in exchange for the “Deep State” aiding Saudi Arabia in overthrowing the nations of Syria and Yemen—thus giving the Saudis unlimited access to build oil and gas pipelines to both the Mediterranean and Arabian Seas—and that would allow them to bypass the volatile Persian Gulf controlled by Iran.  

Deep State” promised Saudis pipeline access through Syria and Yemen, but failed to deliver as these nations refused to be destroyed like Iraq and Libya

Like their disastrous oil war with the US that has cost them hundreds-of-billions, this report notes, the Saudis wedding themselves to the “Deep State” warmongers in America in order to destroy Syria and Yemen, likewise, backfired on them too—with RussiaLebanonIraq and Iran coming to defense of Syria, and the Iranians defending the Shiite Arab Muslim peoples in Yemen, too.

With Saudi Arabia facing defeat on every front due their siding with the “Deep State” against nearly all of the civilized world, this report continues, King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, in late 2015, sent his son, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (known as MBS) on secret missions to both Russia and China in order to find a way for their kingdom to extricate itself from the American warmongering monsters that were leading their kingdom to destruction—and that so enraged the “Deep State”, last October (2016), they tried to initiate a coup against King Salman

Crown Prince bin Salman’s efforts to forge an alliance with Russia and China against the “Deep State”, though, this report notes, achieved a stunning success with King Salman making his historic visit to China in March, and his then following that by his making an historic visit to Russia in October, too—and that has shaken the entire global power structure.

What has shaken the world’s existing Western dominated power structure, this report explains, is Saudi Arabia agreeing to the Russia-China master plan of its publically selling its Saudi Arabian Oil Company (ARAMCO) in order to destroy forever the “Deep State’s” hold over them—with ARAMCO being the world’s largest oil company valued between $2 and $10 trillion, and whose initial public offering (IPO) has been finalized to take place next year

With China nearing its peak oil, after which its own oil supplies will drastically fall jeopardizing its entire economy, this report details, its “nearly indestructible trillionaire government” is poised to buy ARAMCO outright—and who have, also, just last month, offered to buy 5% of ARAMCO directly from the Saudis in order to guide this oil company behemoth through its IPO process—but with none of the American people being told that his momentous event will forever change their nation as China is targeting the US petrodollar for destruction by its switching to the “Petro-Yuan” backed by gold or other precious metals.

The basic framework of the US petrodollar system being targeted for destruction, this report explains, is strikingly simple to understand—and is the 1973 agreement between the US and Saudi Arabia that said the Americans would buy oil from Saudi Arabia in US Dollars they would print out of thin air and provide the kingdom military aid and equipment, and in return, the Saudis would plow billions of their petrodollar revenue back into US Treasuries and finance the “Deep States” spending—all of which “Deep State” used to fight disastrous wars all around the world to expand their empire, not help the American people who needed it most.

Knowing that the “Deep State” would never accept Saudi Arabia selling ARAMCO via an IPO to China, that would destroy their US petrodollar warmonger scheme, this report continues, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman struck first against them—and who arrested hundreds of his kingdoms “Deep State” aligned princes and government ministers and froze over 1,200 of their bank accounts holding billions-of-dollars—with President Donald Trump supporting him by his knowing that ARAMCO being bought by China will destroy the “Deep State” forever—and whose support Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman acknowledged by his then ordering the entire Palestinian government to either immediately support Trump’s plan for peace, or resign.

With the CIA now funneling their ISIS terrorist fighters into Saudi Arabia in order to ignite a civil war to destroy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, this report grimly states, the entire Middle East region remains uncertain as to if President Trump can gain control over the “Deep State” elements embedded in the US military before they can ignite a global war—and that was shockingly displayed, yesterday, in the US Congress when numerous former US military officers testified that they would refuse to obey Trump’s orders to use nuclear weapons—and has caused the nations of TurkeySyriaIran and Saudi Arabia to rapidly arm themselves with Russia’s fearsome S-400 missile system (the most capable and lethal long-range air defense missile system on the planet).that can destroy any “Deep State” aligned US military aircraft sent against them.

As this S-400 “ring of death” begins to encircle the entire Middle East in order to protect itself against an expected “Deep State” counterattack, this report continues, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is, also, rapidly seeking to end his kingdoms disastrous associations with these US war monsters—and that includes his placing under house arrest the “Deep State” aligned Prime Minister of Lebanon Saad Hariri and President of Yemen Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi—his welcoming Lebanon’s Maronite Catholic Patriarch Beshara Al Rai, who openly wore his Christian Cross never before allowed in Saudi history—and who, most importantly, ordered the Saudis genocidal blockade of Yemen to immediately be ended—with his further ordering Saudi medical forces into Yemen to combat the worst cholera outbreak ever witnessed in modern times.

Forces loyal to President Trump are, also, now aiding Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, too, this report says, with the US Congress “suddenly realizing”, after 3 years, that “Deep State” elements within in the US military and CIAhave been illegally aiding the Saudis in bombing Yemen—but that the US House of Representatives just stated was “not authorized under legislation passed by Congress to fight terrorism or invade Iraq”.

There’s a War Crimes Act in the United States passed by a Republican Congress in 1996, which says that grave breaches of the Geneva Convention are subject to the death penalty.  And that doesn’t mean the soldier that committed them – that means the commanders.” Noam Chomsky

With the “Deep State” having now “opened the abyss of chaos”, this report concludes, the only people in the world not knowing of these grave dangers that lie ahead for our entire world are the Westerners—who have now apparently all gone insane—and as evidenced by:

The people don’t want war, but they can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. This is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and for exposing the country to danger. It works the same in every country.”  Nazi leader Hermann Göring


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